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TouchPad Easter Egg: HP gets Angry (Birds) [Update:Video!] 57

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Mon, 27 Jun 2011 2:28 pm EDT

You're probably not gonna find this tip in a manual somewhere, but the next time you have a chance to go to Wal-Mart to demo one of the TouchPad's that are on display, try out this Easter Egg for a good laugh. HP has licensed some sound clips from Rovio, the maker of Angry Birds, and included them in the TouchPad for people to enjoy. This is, without a doubt, some really good fun.

Here's how it works: First, flip the TouchPad completely upside down so that the USB port is on the left side of the device, rather than the right. Open any app card if you don't already have one on the screen, and switch to card view. Once you're there, if you pull the card down into the launcher (rather than flipping it up off of the screen), you'll hear the elastic band of a slighshot being stretched tight. Let it go and the app flies off the top of the screen, along with the sounds of a thousand Angry Birds screaming towards the enemy pig fortress.

When we first saw it, we giggled like little schoolgirls for the rest of the day. It's these little things in life, after all, that make it so enjoyable. Have you had a chance to check this Easter Egg out yet (or maybe you've found some others)? Let us know in the comments so we can share it with the world.

UPDATE: Eli has alerted us to a video from bluenowte on YouTube of this Easter Egg in action, and we've added it here for your viewing pleasure after the break.

Source: obob's Blog


LOL... so awesome. I can't wait to try this...

I hope this is the first of many cool surprises to come.

Ive been looking for a video clip of this. Why post an article on it with no pics or vids?

LOL - that's hilarious

Way to go Palm! Glad you've been able to keep a sense of humor dispite everything you've been through. :)

not palm

Whoa, that's not just humour sense, that is support for Rovio.

By the way, can somebody post a video of this?

This way the review of TP would be done before 1st of July


Let's see the iPad do that.

oh don't worry, there's an app for that. wait, what? no app for the ipad? SUCKAS!

...except the actual fully updated Angry Birds app.

Better delete your comment before you get sued for saying, "there's an app for that" (all rights reserved, please don't sue me also Apple!!)

Friday, Friday, gonna get mine on Friday!


Angry Birds...yawn.

Yes, it was fun at first, but it has long wore out its welcome. Shouldn't we be pushing for more game developers on WebOS rather than yet another edition of the game everybody on the planet has played.

Agree. They are definitely overplaying the Angry Birds availability. It's like if you have Angry Birds then you have "games like Angry Birds"

Are those two things mutually exclusive?

And did you read the article?
This is not about the game it is about a cool little feature.

Reading comprehension and complex thought is a real problem on this message board.


Well, I guess Angry Birds will be one of 300 native apps... right?

Some one needs to post a video of this! Sounds awesome!

Fun.... but this doesn't justify the $500 price.

To the people that gave my comment a thumbs down. Do you care to explain why you think this easter egg does justify the $500 price?

I think people just thumbs down negative statements.

The reason it was thumbed down, I'm guessing (I did not thumb it down, although it deserves it) is because your statement has no relevance to the article or discussion thereafter and flat-out doesn't make sense. What you've written there is called trolling. What's more surprising is that you didn't even realize you're own trolling and questioned people for marking you down when you did, in fact, do so.

Tim makes no mention of the fact that this Easter egg justifies the $500 price. It is simply a neat Easter egg and it's cool that HP is showing some sense of humor and putting something like that into the OS for users to find.

If you still don't get why, I've done everything I can...

well that's a dumb reason. So you're telling me if i say "HP should release the 16GB touchpad for $400 with a free touchstone charger." People would thumb down the comment because it's viewed as a negative to HP's actions?
I would think people would want to thumb it up to show they agree. Maybe people actually do want to pay $580... what do I know? OH I know that Ipad 2 is the same price, thinner and has all the apps.

Wow... You don't get it at all...
The operational words were "Relevance to the article" and "doesn't make sense". You're off topic and no one has posited that this easter egg merits anything but a chuckle.
Happy to discuss the price in the correct threads on the Forums or in articles about pricing.

because no-one is saying that this is a selling feature of the's simply a cool little thing that most people would enjoy.
if people need something like this to justify their purchase, they need some serious help!

Well I didn't click thumbs down, but to be honest you come off as a troll. No one thinks this justifies the $500 price. We think the truckload of other amazing things the device can do justify the price.

Coming in here as a Debbie Downer and making glib comments caused you to get a thumbs down. Lighten up and have a chuckle.

Again, you are another one with no ability for complex thought processes.

Does a product have 1 feature that justifies the price?

Do my 17" machined alloy wheels justify the $50K price of the car?

It sure doesn't, but the rest of the device does!

I swear I have seen it in a demo video before. This has been explained before or demoed somewhere. It's not a surprise at all to me, like deja vu. Let me do some digging.

I agree, I have already heard of this previously. I'm not quite sure where, maybe over at webOSroundup but I also remember reading about this previously.

Regardless, it's a fun little tidbit and it's cool to see that kind of detail included.

Wow. Angry Birds sounds with an easter egg. Well, at least there's that.

Thats cute. Now how about announcing carriers or a release date for a phone, or even a date to announce the future anouncement of a release date.


careful, you'll get thumbed down because this has nothing to do with the post.

good god some of you guys are **** annoying. I'm sorry, but the comments on this site drive me **** crazy. I've never seen such whiny **** little kids **** about every little thing.

Yes, I wish they would just go buy an iPhone or Android and leave this site forever.

And then there are the trolls, who just need to get a life.

apparently you never saw the original screaming palm guy video before the Pre was released. Its a joke.

Fun! And I bet that something simple like this translates into a bunch of sales.

I just played it at my local Best Buy...Walmart didn't have a Touchpad display.

It was way kewl.

However, the touchpad was really slow as though it lacked memory. I even rebooted it and it was still terribly slow. Okay, it's a demo unit and might be missing some stuff, plus it's loaded with HP demo software. Still, that's not the kind of unit you want potential consumers to use to compare tablets.

Not good :(

Don't worry! It's just a demo unit! Pre-optimization!


that's pretty cool haha

It'd be nice if we can patch it to use other sounds.. like a "ba-rum-bum-ching" or drumroll for those spur-of-the-moment things.

Vid. Google is your friend

Is this PreCentral's way of hinting that they now have a TP review unit?

Wow, something so obvious you'd think I would have already run across that. That was a cool catch by someone.

when are they going to fix the mobile site so that i can post from my pre- running 1.4.5????????????????????????????????????

In the coming months... LOL

it sure seems that way. whats with the hold up?

I played with the touchpad at a walmart in ohio and i did do the lunch card off the screen but i didnt hear a sound. i must have had the volume turned down or something.

You have to make sure it is rotated the right way. It must be landscape, and minimize button has to be left (if I remember right)

heres the video of it in action

I just tried this on my local Best Buy's demo unit. The card flies off the screen, but no slingshot or bird sounds.

UPDATE: Eli has alerted us to a video from bluenowte on YouTube of this Easter Egg in action, and we've added it here for your viewing pleasure after the break.

"I'm not eli."

I had no idea this was a secret when I first got my Touchpad, and thought it was the normal way to get rid of a card. Lol.