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TouchPad emulator Beta 2 taken for a video stroll, found to be darker, more sophisticated 57

by Derek Kessler Fri, 15 Apr 2011 5:40 pm EDT

In a video that we’re sure won’t be long for these YouTubes, the apparently new and latest version - Beta 2 - of the webOS 3.0 TouchPad emulator is given a walk-through that shows off some new skinning to Enyo apps that’s different that what we’ve seen from the start. The new "theme," if you will, is darker and a touch glossier, ditching the light gray flatness we’ve seen since Think Beyond for a near-black pseudo-3D look. The operation of most everything has stayed the same, but a number of icons have been replaced or refined (for example, the email multi-select button is much clearer in meaning now). Check out the video and a gallery of screencaps after the break.

Source: YouTube; Via: PoderPDA; Thanks to oravla for the tip!


Haha, dude leaves his e-mail address in the Gowalla email screenshot? That's a fast way to get kicked out of Early Access.

+1 for lots of guts or lack of brains.

Just to let Precentral know, there is a big and major forum going on at the HP developer site about these leaks. Just know that not one developer on there is happy about this stuff.

Stop while you're ahead, as one developer said, "HP is not Palm and HP is not Apple" so I guess we will what happens.

How about you let HP handle it how they see fit and you lay off the threats, mkay?

Just what threat did bring? I solely informing that devs aren't happy. Then I simply made a suggestion to stop. If that makes you feel threatened then you buddy got a low self esteem.

Looks much better. Better than iOs I think.

The NDA has to be enforeced fully. If it isn't, what's the point of having one? This time, with such blatant evidence, there needs to be civil penalties. Give the NDA some teeth cause this is getting ridiculous.

Um, do you really think that this is really him/her?

Back on topic...

WebOS keeps looking better and better.

I agree. Something needs to be done, and they need to make a public example of someone to stop this...

This is why I've never wanted to sign up for one of these things. Because of the NDA. If you have to sign away your right to free speech in exchange for something, you've already paid too high a price.

Dude, chill. No one is taking away anyone's right to free speech. They're just asking you to keep a secret. If you don't want to, don't sign up.

Now it looks less "iOS-like".

Umm Sound????

Wow, the guy must be crazy. Full name, email address, website, friends, photos of himself... He shows everything off.

Orale wey, we got him this time!!

Looking through the email shot, tenia que ser un hispano!! And he is trying out some online dating thing because they are sharing photos!!

Oh wow!! This person has no brain, no ethics nor a girl!!

"Adobe Reader". Nice!


hey, didn't you do the EXACT same thing and leave your email address in the video you took of a confidential SDK as well? I'm thinking you did (in case you don't remember... you did)

wasnt my email, smart ****

I like. :) Also, it seems the "Advanced Gesture" is still in tact which is good, but odd since the gesture area has been removed? Or has it? Maybe they have implemented a new way to activate the feature?

Perhaps they're leaving the door open so that future devices can have gesture areas? One can only hope.

Maybe the "advanced gesture" will work like in iOS 4.3: with a 4 finger swype.

I'd prefer to give him the middle finger gesture!

That gersture is also known as the 'Angry Bird'.

My iPad already 4.3.1 and enabled MultiTouch Gestures. IMO 4-5 fingers really not as easy as it seems, especially swipe between running apps. I prefer 2-3 fingers. Far easier. I'm quite sure WebOS will be much better then iOS in MultiTouch Gestures.

the touch pad isnt the only device that will be running 3.0. the pre3 and veer will still have a need for the advanced gesture.

I'd like to see some more color to the keyboard and take away the Ios look. Palm/HP, define your product by being new; don't copy please.

Cue arthurthorton's outrage in 3..2...

@NinjaSinc: Got a problem with the outrage? Cause I don't and anyone who is a fan of HP and Palm should respect their wishes and honor the NDA. It's not hard really.

Notice the Adobe Reader app? Finally no more crappy PDF reader :D

I cannot wait for the new products to come out!!!

On a different note....I have been reading all the comments the past week about the NDA and there seems to be a lot of outrage and disgust. I don't know much about the NDA or how the leaks cause problems for the developers. Why is it a problem? (if you could hear my inflection it would be a questioning voice not a jerky one). Just curious. Thanks.

The NDA stated that anything provided inside the Early Access Program must not be distributed. And all things inside the Early Access Program are under NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)
And by people providing the things under the NDA to people who have not joined the Early Access Program, might make Palm close the reigns on the Early Access Program..

That makes sense. Thank you for the clarification.

As I watched this video, I thought to myself "Are we supposed to be seeing this?" At any rate, I'd love to see a REALLY good demo of the Adobe Reader & Office editing apps on the TP. I'd also love to know if some sort of automatic sync can be setup between my Pre3 and the TP for photos? It looks like we've got music covered.

NDA's are for little **** s!!! Great job Derek! All these people **** ng about the NDA get the stick out of your **** s

No, NDAs are for people that have access to things provided by some party that is uncomfortable with the details of those things being made available to the general public. You know, non-disclosure, as in "don't distribute this at all."

man i love seeing the webOS 3.0 UI in action, NDA be darned. this stuff is making we want a touchpad and 3.0

Well, it looks as if someone has removed the video.

video go bye bye

And we still have to wait for the card to flash before loading? EVERY other OS can get things to load immediately, WHY?

Because it was an emulator on a PC not webOS on production hardware.

Because the other OSes use compiled apps while we mostly use HTML+JS+CSS. It takes more time to render a web page (which is what our apps really are) than to run a compiled program. For this same reason the PDK apps load faster.

none of the OS load things immediately. they just have ways of hiding the loading process that is more visually appealing to you.

and.... it's gone :) just time time for the YouTube download to finish saving. while on principal this is certainly a breach of NDA, it certainly does provide a glimse of excitement for a community that's been patiently waiting... and waiting... and waiting.

so, i guess this is going to have to be my response:

Shame on you for, and thank you for, breaking the NDA! :-)

Video is already gone :/ Did anyone grab it and can you mirror it?

Yes, anyone grab it?

hi what up with the video guys it already gone did anyone download it did hp make you take it off/ wassup?? lol

i need to have this thing in my life, ASAP

my only fear is that when hp releases webos 4 they will be like you know last time we gave these developers early access they kept on leaking it, so this time lets just not give them early access. so in the end the developer has to pay for people not being able to wait.

At least he's smart enough to have a private twitter acct:!/JainuX

Nothing a federal subpoena can't get through if they're so inclined.

its a matter of trust. He broke that trust, without trust not much left.

Lol, what's the problem with leaking this exactly? HP/Palm need to chill out if they are indeed phased by it (my guess, they're not).

Geez, Apple orchestrate this kind of leak all the time (even so far as that phoney lost/stolen iPhone nonsense a while back) - don't HP want to build any buzz around the platform?

Got to say, having to sign an NDA to get access to an SDK seems stupid to me, just get it out there and let folks hack!

There's nothing in webOS that Blackberry hasn't already stolen for their playbook anyway and if there's anything in their APIs that they don't want Google or Apple to find out about then they should have it patented.

really wanted to see the new transitions..

"Just to let Precentral know, there is a big and major forum going on at the HP developer site about these leaks. Just know that not one developer on there is happy about this stuff."

We also are not happy for cards on playbook and gestures on ipad, so it's better for those guys in HP to concentrate on patenting their IP, than to chase emulator leaksters.

You can't say they beat out the competition if the app is only in theory and the Touchpad isn't even being sold yet.

Honestly, publicity is publicity. This is probably the Genius of HP and the early access program. First, drum up some hype and unrest and grab attention. Second, let people take some small peaks at the program Beta. Thirdly, let HP/Palm monitor these forums that are occupied by enthusiasts and see what they say. What features do they like? What are they complaining about? What ideas has anyone said that we could implement in this build? Do not be surprised to see some minor tweeks in the next leaked beta, possibly inspired by someone here. Finally, these leaks garner enough attention then they start being covered on non-palm centric blogs (ie. recent top story on engadget or top stories in technology on pulse newsreader). Should we abide by the NDA, yes. Has this been leaked, yes. Was this intentional, unknown, but take advantage of this situation, inspect and examine. Put some input on what you think, because you are the consumer and I am sure HP and developers alike would like to know what you are thinking :)