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TouchPad fire sale hitting the UK today 59

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Mon, 22 Aug 2011 3:59 pm EDT

The accidental userbase is about to start growing even more as the TouchPad fire sale is moved across the pond to our friends in the UK. According to TechRadar, HP UK has come to an agreement with Dixons Online to sell the tablet device at the same extreme cuts that the US, Australia and other regions have seen this last weekend. Once the website goes live later today (we'll update this article once it does), you'll be given the (very quick) opportunity to buy a 16GB TouchPad for £89, and a 32GB model for £115. And yes, you should also be seeing refunds or partial refunds coming to those of you that had already bought the TouchPad at full price.

So keep your eyes peeled for updates; it won't be long before these tablets are sold out over there, too.

Source: TechRadar; Thanks, Pikestra!



Amazon keeps changing their price every 10 minutes for some reason.

Still 200 + pounds.


Is Russell Brand going to get a refund?

Old news - Dixons online is down, PC world and Currys online stores allow you to get to checkout and only offer in-store delivery - except no stores have stock, Carphonewarehouse website crashed and I spent 20mins on-hold to buy one over the phone only to be told they had sold out, Comet website after a 10min wait ina queue gets you to checkout then God, where were all these WebOS fans when the Pre was released???

They're not fans, they're people out for a bargain! I have my order number from Carphone Warehouse but I don't hold out much hope for them fulfilling it.

All I have to say about that.... They're fans now!

Went into Currys and PC World about 7pm. Guy in Currys said the following...
Out of Stock.
Larger stores may have more.
Online reservation stops when their level drops below a certain level (not zero) and just says out of stock.
Stores only centrally update stock every 24 hours. Website is instant.
They may get more, but he doubts it.
Incidentally, he also had a guy trying to buy more than one, he was refused.

Agreed about the Pre fans though. What's the betting there's an increase on eBay.

Every new site that drops the price almost immediately crashes. It's like Touchpad Treasure Hunt!

Oh - and now Comet has them out of stock - hopefully Amazon/Dabs/expansys will drop their prices soon

Ok. Answer me this: I know that you can get the thing for cheap but why buy it? It won't be supported and there is not way of knowing what will happen if the device breaks.

It will be supported and the warranty will remain active.

HP has assured that the WebOS will be supported and updates will be issued...Only that no more devices are going to come out with WebOS...!!!

You'll forgive me. I believe that as much as when they talked about the webOS 2.0 update. I had a Pre minus.

WebOS will still be DEVELOPED not supported, and don't think for a minute that development necessarily includes phones and tablets, but instead the interconnectivity that Mark Hurd tried to tell everyone about last year ("We didn't get into this for the smart phone business...")

LOL, yes....I am so sure that other hardware manufacturers will be so excited by he prospect of creating great hardware and knowing that all they have to do to sell it is to offer it at 60% below cost. Yep, great business model there.

The problems HP faced have not gone away. Those basking in the "I GOT ONE!!!" moment certainly got their money's worth, after all it is fantastic hardware for under a hundred dollars, even if there was no way to Homebrew it. Even as just a web browsing, email getting, Angry Birds playing tablet it is still a nice "get" for a hundred dollars.

The problem is, once these are gone, they're gone. And there was a reason HP didn't initiall offer them at their current price, or even double that......because they cannot sustain that kind of loss for an extended period of time. They are selling these at a huge loss for one reason and one reason only: It is a sell down and they can write those losses off, knowing they will never have to do so again.

Looking back it would seem that if HP really wanted to "double down" on WebOS they should have put the TP out there initially at $200 for the 16gb and $250 for the 32 and sold out in days, not months. Then supported those existing devices for however long it took for them to come out with a truly competitive tablet. By then, Devs would have seen an interest in the platform and might have actually gotten some new apps out there.

My belief, though, is that WebOS itself is adrift. It's become more of a UI than an OS. The development team hasn't been able to get it to function as they wanted through three iterations of the "OS", and finally met a roadblock with Enyo.

THAT's why I believe that they have pulled the plug. It's an elegant UI, but in the long run it just can't compete with Ios, Android, and soon even WinPhone will have overtaken it (once Mango is released).

A $99 TP is great, do doubt about it, but not because it's a WebOS device. A $99 TP is great, DESPITE WebOS being on it. As fast as they sold out, imagine the demand if it was an Android device! In fact, a lot of those TP's sold with the fervent hope that they will one day soon actually RUN ANDROID, rather than WebOS.

I think it's time to say our farewells and remember the fond days of yore when we all participated in one of the longest Beta programs ever. Unfortunately WebOS never actually came out of Beta.......

'you should also be seeing refunds or partial refunds coming to those of you that had already bought the TouchPad at full price.'

Looking forward to that! The App Catalog credit mentioned here a few days ago never materialised. 8-(

After waiting for many months, paying full UK price and hearing the latest news from HP, I feel like joining the Angry Birds cast.

So the birds are angry customers, hurling various HP devices at Leo Apotheker :)

It would be nice to be treated fairly and not get the rough end of it.

One of the reasons I bought from the retailer I did - customer service! :)

I got my app credit only spent 25 of it holding for some better apps to spend it on now it will not let me use it. Try this site

good luck

Best Buy UK were a piece of shite !!! They changed their price at like 7pm and by 7.15pm it was all sold out !!! NO WAY !!! I don't want to believe this !!! I reckon its all the BB staff and they flogging them off ebay !!! I hope they have a slow and nasty horrible death :P

Yes, I just found out that I did not need to return my Touchpad as BestBuy would honor the reduced price. Unfortunately, returned it Saturday and they decided that Sunday.

Have had no luck in getting a replacement which makes me very sad.

Where are the 64GB white ones? Will they even sell those?

My question...if I'm lucky enough to purchase one in Britian will I have issues in the States....will have region lock issues?

Just make sure the region you want it to work in is the region you activate it in.

Don't want a touch pad. I want Pre3. Where is the firesale for them? Come on HP I know you got thousands of them laying around. Leggo already!!!!!!

Agree sell them for like 150 off contract and they will be huge sellers. The pre 2 is 49.99 on their site and do something similar with the pre3. I think that is the only way they are going to get decent sales. i mean look at the touchpad. This goes to show make a tab with specs like this for 99/150 heck even make it 200 and it would sell a ton and they would make their money in the long run.

Where did you see the Pre 2 for £49.99??

What about fire sale on the Pre3? and accessories?

ok does that mean that we will get it in the uk soon?

After spending entire day checking (using the very useful PreCentral forum thread), it went from not on sale anywhere to, about after 6pm, being on Dixons, Curry, CarPhone Warehouse and finally Comets, for all to crash and then be sold out. I tried and failed to get a single one.

What makes me angry is I know a LOT of these buyers just want to put on ebay (and some already are) whereas folks like me are true webOS fans just wanting to own a webOS Tablet :(

Yes I know and I wanna kick their a$$ !!!! Seriously....

Guys. Find it online ANYWHERE and buy it. Distance trading regs allow you to return it so long as its not opened. So, you can afford to hold on for a few days until the retailer drops the price. All decent retailers (including BB) will refund you the difference. I did this on PC World and it was fine.

EG: Order for instore collection on Argos.

Would this work if I just reserved it? Are Argos obliged to honour the reservation if a load of rabid bargain-hunters empty their shelves (or fill out endless crappy squares of paper to order staff to empty Argos' shelves for them)? Do you think Argos are likely to follow suit? I'm not expecting a serious answer to that that last one, I'm sure you don't know. Unless you work at Argos.

All of the UK retailers are for In-Store pickup. How would someone in the states buy one and have it ship over???

What is annoying is that it may not be available close to you, but lets say you got a friend who lives in liverpool and it is available in liverpool, but the online stores wont tell you where the available devices are !!!! grrr

I feel your pain Chirugie, I have spent three hours refreshing and searching and got nothing for my troubles. I thought I had one for a few minutes on Comet, it was in my basket (and I was so frantic I ended up with four)...but the website crashed and I was repeatedly thrown in a 404 page after that.

Check out eBay, it's full of American TouchPads, wait a couple of days and they'll be from the UK too. Opportunists...can't blame them I suppose but it smarts a bit knowing that the majority probably didn't even know what a TouchPad was three days ago.

i have checked dixon, currys, pcworld, bestbuy UK, carphone ware house. They are all out of stock, both models.

went into best buy in bristol on my way home from work, and they were full price, but they let me reserve one to buy later. An hour and a half later I was walking out of best buy with a £115 32gb touchpad. Typing this on it now, and I love it! Makes me really want to upgrade my pre- to a pre3!

Everybody's reporting that the Pre3 will be $75 unlocked in the UK, but it's not coming to the US! Who says they don't show ya'll love over the pond?,2817,2391519,00.asp

I will believe it when I see it....cause how many of you managed to get a cheap Touchpad today in the UK?

first post with my new touchpad. Bought from pc world in the uk, bought for full price of £349 in the anticipation of them goin down tomorrow. Stock was very limited but the interest in the touchpad was huge.

I am a huge webos fan and will be keeping this with my pre plus waiting for a pre 3. I just now hope the developers continue the brilliant homebrew support and we can continue to get updates and apps. Not expecting anything, but would be nice

The Dixons site is confused. On some pages it says
£429.99 (strike)
Save a total of £314.99

But clicking gives "product unavailable"

What's going on? £89.00

sold out :(

It just allowed me to order one!!!.

I hope that they don't cancel it later on!!!

Yer it allowed me to order one.

Its been taken away from the website. Might of reached there limit?

it did for me as well (I think because I had it in my basket). somehow I don't think they will honor it though

It's back up to £382.36 now...what's going on?

I took part in the rush last night and managed to reserve one from my local PCWorld to collect today, if it is indeed in stock.
Also managed to order from Comet for delivery tomorrow.
Let's hope something materialises.

All gone from all the shops, and I've been told by our reseller that the HP warehouse is empty.

I contacted HP and was told that there would be no partial refund as they are no longer selling it - so they have no "price to match." What a cop out.

I paid £399 plus bought every accessory. Total was £558. Not a penny back???

How long ago was that? You should still have full 30 days return and go buy one yourself from Argos...

Ok guys listen up...
I have been trying all morning to get one from BT, Dabs, Amazon etc and all the sites mentioned above. I just ordered one from Argos for £420.

Now the deal is this... if the item gets reduced within 30 days they will refund you the difference and it takes a week.

If the item does not get reduced (which really I cannot see why - the lady on the phone said to me they having lots of ppl calling etc and they checking with HP, but since everyone else is reducing it my gut feeling says that it will be reduced in Argos too) you can always return it and they will give you full price refund within 30 days !!! I will keep mine in the box until the device drops in price !!!

Go buy one now !!! I have been trying all day yesterday from BestBuy and this morning from the others and I could not get hold of one cheap. Get one from Argos. Being a big company they will honour the discount. I do not trust Amazon resellers (when it is not amazon itself) when the price keeps fluctuating and they are much smaller companies.

Ok worst case scenario, the item will not get reduced but no money lost...ok I will miss the tablet but really I'm 99.99% sure that by the end of the week they will also drop its price...

Just some news for all of you still trying to get one. Now I hope we see the Pre3 soon cause my Pre- needs replacing...


I've done exactly the same Vas, got mine ordered for a Saturday delivery and it'll stay sealed in the box until I either get the difference or take it back to get a full refund.
If in the meantime I can get my hands on one elsewhere then it goes straight back for the refund.
As for the Pre, remember Pre 2 is still on sale from ebuyer for £144. I got one of these and really chuffed with it compared to my Pre-!

I am tempted about the Pre2 but I dont want to rush it in case the Pre3 goes really cheap !!! I could do with the bigger screen. I'm not so bothered about the 8gb vs 16gb. It has more memory and faster cpu and I don't carry all my music with me anyway....

If Pre3 doesn't show up I will get a Pre2 instead. I did like my wife's droid but I think webOS is far far far more usable....

Absolutely, there's a display Pre3 at my local Carphone Warehouse (just a dummy) and it's truly a lovely looking/feeling phone. SIM Free from $479!!
In any case, my sister in law's Pre2 from (£149) arrived yesterday, but it's sitting unopened for the next week or so, just in case the Pre3 comes down (or the Pre2 for that matter!), in which case it's going back for a refund.
I'm so gutted I missed out on a cheap Touchpad...

Just received a recorded message from Argos telling me that the price has been reduced and I'll get the refund within 7 days!
I really thought I'd missed out, so chuffed!

I just called them today to double check about the refund. They said yes no problem. Th eonly stupid thing I didnt do is that I didnt order a sleeve case and a touchstone charger. I will shop around for those...

Currys have the case for £19.99, just got mine ordered.

Argos just dropped the price....It is the last place in the UK that sell it as far as I know so hurry up and get one !!!

too late... Anywhere else?