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TouchPad gets more displays at Wal-Mart and Best Buy 76

by Derek Kessler Tue, 07 Jun 2011 9:02 am EDT

Everybody seems to be getting display materials for the HP TouchPad, even though we’re still lacking an official release date and pricing for the webOS tablet. A few weeks ago we broke that the 32GB Wi-Fi TouchPad was priced at $599.00 at Wal-Mart (at least in their distribution system), and our friends at webOSroundup got a photo of a pricetag at the retail level confirming that price.

Additionally, they received a look at the display layout for the TouchPad at Wal-Mart, which as with Best Buy, isn’t going to be lumped in with all the other generic Android tablets. It seems HP’s taking display space very seriously for the TouchPad and has gone out of their way to secure large swaths of shelf space for some pretty big displays. Even if they have just two or three TouchPads on display, the big white displays with all that negative space will attract plenty of shopper attention.

We’ve already seen one take on the TouchPad display at Best Buy, and thanks to an anonymous tipster we’ve got a look at an alternative arrangement that puts it front and center in the Best Buy Computers Department. It meshes well with what we were told earlier, all the way down to the new more open and Apple Store-like layout. Like the Wal-Mart display, the placement and design of these tables is sure to attract attention. (Ignore the pricetag on the table - that's not related)

Also going to attract attention is an HP product we think is deserving of more: the HP Veer. To call the Veer’s launch “soft” is an insult to down pillows, but things have been ramping up with regards to advertising. A new “end cap” display at a Best Buy store reveals that even the Veer is getting some lovin’. The “end cap” is a display piece that goes on the end of a row of shelves, in essence capping it off with more display space (hence the name). In the Best Buy Mobile areas, the end caps are set up facing out into the store space, with several facing right into where customers first step into the store. The Veer getting this space is kind of a big deal, and we were stoked to hear that the display is meant to hold real live phones, not the dummy devices that haunted so many previous webOS displays. Check out photos of it all after the break.

Source: webOSroundup; Thanks to anonymous for the Best Buy pics!


Man I wish HP would announce a release date for the TP So I can hurry up and wait some more.

they did, "Summer"

We still have two weeks before that starts and Best Buy is already setting up displays. No reason to pay Best Buy for the floor space if you aren't using it any time soon.

But HP has a habit of announcing actual release dates on the day of the release. I'm expecting the same here.

Summer is not a release date it's a season.

Worked for Apple yesterday. They always give a time frame. Most iOS updates are never given an exact release date. It just appear.

For physical products though, they generally give an exact date

I want an announcement (or even a leak/rumor) for the Pre3! Hopefully they release them the same time..

I so agree! I want them to release the phone this friday.

im going on a plane friday morning! i was hoping top have my touchpad by then :(

"i'm going on a plane" - that is what my 6 year old says - - -made me laugh.

I'm on a boat, don't you ever forget.

Can anyone read the "On Sale" sign on top of the display?

Well, I see an Acer logo anyway, so I've lost interest in it :P

the article said that sign is NOT related to the TP.

sounds like standard military sop @quizzle... Lol I am glad they're finally getting the product placement right though!

Standard military standard operating procedure?

but what about the pre 3? :(

I need a new phone, not a new tablet.

Nah, you need both :P
Preferably for sale in a bundle ;)

I'm thinking November for pre 3, which will be great timing, can't wait!

that would be horrible timing.. sooner the better!

No Way, waiting is awesome, i love the anticipation!

Maybe great timing for you but not for me - my launch day Pre Minus is dying from cancer and all of the chemo/radiation can't save it - It probably is down to a month or two at best.

Once it dies - who ever have the best phone will unfortunately win. Hope it is the Pre3 but only time will tell.

What Blazinfly said.

Is there a club for dying Sprint Pre- owners?

Can you imagine anything more pathetic?!?

I'm in the club of Dying Sprint Pre owners. The HTC EVO 3D coming out June 24th is looking good.

Seriously If there isn't an annoucment by then I probably will get that. My pre- is getting frustrating to use. I really like webos but every day it's slipping further behind. Thank goodness mango isn't out till the fall.

I was a part of this club until about 3 weeks, after giving in an accepting I'd have to pay $100 to replace my pre for a refurb, they told me if it's hardware failure - the sprint store will actually try to fix it, and if they can't, they'll order you a new one.

So now I have a new refurb, which will last me until the next webOS phone hits Sprint.

So if you pay for the insurance, go into a sprint store and let them fix it. Don't forget to put everything back to stock, and remove preware app as well, otherwise they won't honor warranty.

November would put the Pre 3 behind by nearly 2 cycles, that would be a horrible release for it. They also need to show off Touch to Share, and most people just aren't going to be into the small form factor of the Veer. I'd expect the Opal (7" tablet) to come out in November, in time for Xmas sales at a $350ish price point.

Pre3: July or Bust.

Nooo! Nov is definately to late. June 10th :)

Yeah there is hardly any news about the Pre3. TouchPad is nice but a lot of us need a new phone.

The Pre 3 is supposed to arrive in Germany around midle of this month (you can already pre-order it).

And as there are also no announcements for the Touchpad I expect them both to come out more or less around the same date.

It just seems, that at the beginning (at least in Germany) there will be only 8 GB Pre 3s :-(

It's impossible for now to pre-order anything else and every retailer is refusing to tell me when it will finally be available.

8GB may actually be just fine if they release the cloud music player.

It's odd that you can pre-order it in Germany but there is hardly anything about it here in the US.

Add me to the list of complainers. Enough with the TouchPad, give us the Pre 3! HP is a big company, can't they work on two releases at once?

And please make sure it's available on Sprint while you're at it.

Not the place for this comment, this article is not about Pre3. HP Touchpad only comments please. Thank you in advance!

June 27th release. Mark my words.

I'm betting on the 20th, purely based on this page:

Well if your eagle eye on that demo screen turns out correct, that would be the clue that is literally "staring us in the face"!

If only I could take credit for it. Someone else spotted it and posted a comment on another post a while back

Wow! Awesome, looks like the TouchPads are already sold out! Any word on when more will arrive? Looks like the Veer is sold out too!

This is awesome, I'll check my local Wal-Mart & Best Buy today and report back if they are sold out already!

PS. Can't wait till next year's WWDC when Apple shows the OS pie charts and WebOS is the largest pice of the pie!

Yep, 2 Wal-marts here and one best buy have no inventory, these things are selling like hotcakes!

I have a hunch that it will be released within the next 7-10 days. I can't imagine why BB or Walmart would create displays that would sit empty for 2-3 weeks.

I hope the big retailers pay more attention to the Touchpad demo devices than they do those for Xoom and PlayBook. I've been in Best Buy and Staples several times and the demo units for those tablets were not working.

I did notice in BB yesterday that while the Xoom and Playbook units were inoperable, the iPad2 units worked just fine.

Big endcap displays are great but if the demo units don't work sales will not happen.

Not to mention actually putting a device on it. BestBuy has had the Veer endcap since the launch day and still doesn't have an actual Veer sitting on it.

Maybe it's because they are sold out, derrrrrr!

HP has merchandisers that visit the stores to make sure the displays are working. I don't think manufactures or android tablets or Blackberry provide that level of retail support.

Even if the demo units are working, they need to make sure persistent and (to the customer) invisible wifi is being fed to all floor models. Far too many Xoom and Honeycomb tablets at different retailers are saddled with no internet or internet that you have to sign into the store using some unknown password. Makes it rather difficult to "demo" anything other than the touchscreen actually working.

I tried a Xoom at Sam's Club last weekend. I can see why they're not selling well. The UI may look nice, but in operation it sucks compared to webOS and iOS.

There's that shelf space HP loves to tout. Things are starting to happen, folks.

Yeah, and they're empty...

Just like their promises.


They will be filled. They're not gonna stay empty like that forever. HP wouldn't waste money like that!

oh boy! I can't wait for something I don't need. Give me the damn pre 3 on Sprint!

My local WalMartians don't have a display yet, and I asked them about "a new HP tablet, like the iPad" and they said they usually find out the day before or day of delivery. I am going swing over to Best Buy to see if they know any more. I may have to do some traveling to find one on launch day and my wife wants one too.

Side note on my local WalMart: Apple has special displays, but almost nothing else does. The Moto Xoom was not even mounted properly and was kinda squeezed in between the smartphones at the iPad display. HP is doing the correct thing with dedicated displays because that's going to be the only way to draw eyes.

When I asked at my local BB about the Touchpad they told that it would be coming in July. Although that may vary by store and I don't know why other stores are getting the displays out with that kind of lag.

they should have a opening day discount(of like $20 or whatever, just to push people who are borderline to line up infront of the store)..

that way the get news coverage of lines and sold out TouchPads..

Note: If they do sell out, give people rain checks to honor the discounted price, so everyone is happy.

That would be awesome! Brian Williams live from a best buy to cover the Touch Pad sell out riots.

Can you imagine the civil unrest if HP does not ship enough and all the people have to wait for their touchpad!?!

cool story bro

The reason why there is not a release date yet because no carrier wants to support the POS anymore. They had to many customers complaining about the cheap pre.

I still have my pre since day 1 I regret I paid $200 for that **** I still get the "too many card error" message, no flash like were promise, to 2.0 like were promise, and still no real apps.

The new phones are still basically the same. They were announced back in feburary and now the phones are outdated because they waited too long.

Who ever buys the new webos product after owning the pre is completing stupid.

I already gave a $50 deposit to pre-order the HTC EVO 3D. I'm not taking any chances this time with POS phone. However, I might go to webos in two years when my contract is up if they improve.

OK.... There is a site called Android central, that is where you belong, not here. Positive posts only please.

Go get your ZOOM and pretend like Android is more relevant than WebOS. The facts are that WebOS will be larger than Android in a year or two!


couldn't have said it better. don't let the door hit you on the way out. Web Os will dominate "in the coming years"

Veer may not have the best specs out there but if you actually use it you realize it works much smoother than majority of top spec phones.

On top of that Pre3 is still at the top of the list as far as specs go if you are really concerned with those things.

Outdated is hardly the case here. The only complain is that most of us are at our 2 year end of agreement and need a replacement phone which hasn't really been announced properly.

You know there's a patch for that right?

I haven't seen TMC in a year.

They don't need carriers for wifi only, genius!

Browsed the local BB in Austin yesterday evening. They had a display table much like the one pictured in this post, but sales techs had no info on launch date. Also had a working Veer on prominent display in the phone section. My teen had a blast playing on the Veer, and said it was much better than the big brick smartphones due to its small size. Touchpad, come soon...

As already reported the Pre3 can be pre-ordered in german store, however new is that the delivery date is now available
It's 30.June!

with regards to the end cap at Best Buy, the store I was in this past weekend had moved a display in front of the endcap, thus completely mitigating any effect the display might have had.

HP put in the effort, but it still comes down to individual store and salespeople.

HP is coming very close to missing the corporate / government end of year purchasing cycle for those entities with a July-June fiscal year. That would be a huge lost opportunity I'd think. Come on HP... I'd like to send some end-of-year dollars your way in exchange for some TouchPads!

The purchasing cycle for governments largely ended in May. Most of the purchasing departments take a few weeks to process, and close down all but emergencies mid- to late-May. (I work in a government office, and we got our notices from the purchasing department a month ago.)

Probably old news, but even Amazon seems to be getting ready for the HP, with a little bit of an expansion of their initial basic info page. The description is still a missing a few bits of information, but looks like they are getting set. Also, no mention of a 64GB model. It'll be worth the wait (and what a long wait it has been).

IF amazon releases a tablet this year, things are going to look very bleak for a webos tablet.
HP doesn't have an ecosytem like Amazon doesn't for movies,books,music,apps. I don't have to count to tell you the amazon app store will have more apps than the touchpad will have. Yes I know both devices are not out yet, but HP needs it's tablet out there before the true Apple IPAD competitor emerges.

My best buy has the veer display on the opposite side of the touchpad display. Right in the middle of the new open floor layout.

I saw the Veer at Best Buy yesterday. I knew it was small, but when I saw it in person I couldn't believe how tiny it was. It made me want one.

I saw a Veer in person and was pretty impressed too. UI was really responsive, web browsing worked well, hardware felt solid.

It doesn't quite meet my needs (lack of headphone jack and the lower screen resolution are show-stoppers for me, and the lack of built-in micro USB is disappointing), but it is cute and capable phone.

The thing feels small in the hands, even when compared with my Pre-, but not too small.

starting to get seriously pumped for latest tech toy!
No more web surfing on phone at home.. TouchPad me, HP!

dont know if anyone noticed (didnt read all comments) but is that a visual voicemail app on the far right on that Veer poster?? since when?

All very exciting, but when are we going to see something in the UK - I'm a reseller, none of my distributors, or carriers have any news on any new HP products (except for a small press release about the touchpad a month or so ago) - Not seen any adverts, nothing!

That aside, my contract is up in December, any news on O2 (UK) getting HP devices?

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I don't think this is going to sell too well. It'll sell to the core WebOS market. To the average buyer, I feel they'd rather opt for an Ipad.