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TouchPad Go charity raffle gets a little sweeter 26

by Ryan St. Andrie Mon, 17 Sep 2012 11:21 am EDT

TouchPad Go raffle gets a little sweeter

Several days ago we let alerted you to an awesome charity raffle put together by webOS community member Rich Dunbar (@RichDunbar) in which the winner would receive a TouchPad Go, Since the TouchPad Go is one of the rarest gadgets in existence we had to feature this raffle on webOS Nation. All the money put towards for the raffle will be donated to two great causes, so not only do entrants get a shot at winning a TouchPad Go but they can also rest easy knowing their money will be helping a lot of people in need. As a webOS fan and a charitable person willing to help out their fellow man things couldn't be better... until now that is!

Rich managed to stumble onto a webOS treasure trove of devices and accessories courtesy of webOS Developer Relations that he would like to add to the raffle to sweeten the proverbial pot. So now instead of having the chances of only winning a TouchPad Go you will have the chance of winning a lot more. There will now be two winners drawn at the end of this raffle instead of just one.

One lucky winner will receive a 16GB 9.7-inch TouchPad, an AT&T Pre 3, an HP webOS bluetooth keyboard, a spare TouchPad wall charger, a HP TouchPad folio cover, and a Touchstone phone charger.

The ultimate prize will be an HP Veer (black), Bluetooth keyboard, Touchstone chargers for both the phone and tablet, a spare TouchPad wall charger, and of course the TouchPad Go in all of its 7-inch glory!

So now instead of only having one shot at winning something sweet, your $10 raffle entry will give you a shot at two awesome piles of webOS goodness - one of big devices, the other of small. All the same rules that applied to the raffle in the beginning apply now with the exception of two winners being drawn instead of one.  Chances can be purchased during the entire month of September. The winners will be selected by random drawing from all of the entries received up to midnight (US Central Standard Time) on September 30th. The winners will be announced and notified on Monday October 1st via the email they used to purchase the chances. The winners will have the option of remaining anonymous if they request it.

As before, proceeds will be split evenly between the community outreach branch of hurricane-hit Plaquemines Parish in Louisiana and longtime Texas HIV/AIDS community volunteer Sally Johnson. The recipients of the donated proceeds will be publicly reported in order to show thanks as well as provide accountability to the webOS community for the donation.

Raffle entry chances can be purchased via PayPal to in US $10 increments only. They should be made by selecting "Send Money" and "Personal" and "Gift". This will ensure all of the proceeds are available to the recipients. Any transfers received not in US currency or in $10 increments will be returned with no entries secured. Personal Checks or money orders will not be accepted for this opportunity.

So get out there and buy some raffle entries folks! You'll be helping out some very awesome causes and get two chances to snag some sweet webOS gear. There's only two weeks left to enter and Rich would like to raise as much money as possible for these causes!



Got my ticket!

I was already in, but this is really cool!

I need more money! Damn being broke

I'm still waiting for my 2011 tax return... :( being poor smells

Can a fellow HP touchpad and HP veer owner from Uk partecipate?Tickets will be paid in $ dollars and in case of winning i would cover the postage expenses.Thanks.Danilo

By all means, but I'll cover postage. It's open to anywhere USPS ships worldwide.

Could we know how many people have entered so far?

The number of people entered is irrelevant. It's the number of entries that effect your odds. Right now there are over 340 entries. But a chance is a chance and ultimately it's about helping others.

Beat the game, not the purpose. Just think you're doing it for the good causes that... Oh what?!... Can we know which player has more tickets and ultimately, which ticket will be the lucky one? ;-)

That's easy, the lucky ticket will belong to a webos nation staff member if past competitions are anything to go by. I won't be entering another contest on this crooked site. The only question is which member of staff's turn is it to win?

Seriously... I resent your insinuation that my offer to give up my TouchPad GO via a raffle that I organized and am conducting of my own free will which I receive no benefit personally from is somehow a crooked scheme for someone on the webOS Nation staff.

This raffle is not run, managed, or affiliated with webOS Nation. They were just kind enough to write the story so that webOS fans could know about it. Ultimately that exposure to this community will help more people in need. It has also been carried on other tech sites and blogs.

So don't enter if you don't want but don't come here and insult me or my motives with cheap attacks that have no merit.


Well we will see when it is "drawn", will be interesting to see who wins.

I really do hope that it is fair and does not go to someone who is on the webos nation payroll.

Can you prove it is a fair contest? What assurances can you give the people who have entered? How will it be drawn?

Just posting the name of the winner is not enough for me after the haiku 'contest' scam.

Three people who have NOT entered the raffle will receive the list of entrants. Every entrant will have a number in the list. So if someone enters 3 times ($30 donation) their email address will appear beside three numbers on the list. One other person who also is NOT entered in the raffle will be asked to randomly choose 4 numbers from the number of entrants but will NOT have the list to see who belongs to which numbers. There are apps available to choose a number randomly from a given set/range of numbers, but the method is irrelevant since the person won't be able to see the list.

The first number is the GO bundle winner, the second number is the TP bundle winner, the other two numbers are alternates in the event either or both of the winners cannot receive shipments via USPS as stipulated in the original post of the contest rules (since I am paying for shipping out of my pocket and not from the raffle proceeds)

The "number chooser" will simultaneously email all four numbers in order (1-4) to me and the 3 other list holders. That way the numbers are matched to the winners and corroborated by 4 people not in the raffle.

I will publish the names of all four of those people with the contest results.

But aside from all of my assurances, my reputation in the digital community is FAR more important to me than "fixing" a contest that I am paying for. I could have given the device to anyone I wanted to at any time along with the other components I contributed for the bundles personally.

So, if you aren't entering I would be more than happy to have you be the number chooser and you can come back and verify the validity of the process for everyone involved.


I appreciate the reply which is much more than I have received from the staff on here (hi Derek!).

Who are the "list holders"?

Could you provide the "number chooser" with a password protected list that they can only open after they have emailed the results? Therefore ultimately verifying that the list has not been doctored/re-ordered after the results chosen.

May seem like overkill but as you can see I don't trust anything on this site anymore so don't take it personal (I moan about every contest on here!)

I would really love to enter as the prizes are amazing and its for a really good cause.

Good luck to anyone who does enter and nice one Rich for organizing it!

I haven't selected the "list holders" yet but they will be as unrelated to one another as possible and the lists they receive will be non editable. I will pick them when we get close to the end of the raffle, obviously from people who haven't entered and are people with some level of online visibility and credibility.

No, I won't provide the number chooser with a list of any kind. That in and of itself would create the question of impropriety. Who would then verify that person didn't hack the list and contact someone they knew and work out an arrangement?

At some point people will simply have to trust the lengths I am going to in order to make this as verifiable as possible as well as consider the personal investment I am making is enough. By the time it's all over and I've given away my gadgets (and the gear the dev rel team provided) plus paid shipping for two larger heavier boxes than originally planned, plus two days off work to hand deliver the funds in order to get pictures to further provide proof of where the money all went, plus gas, food and lodging, I will have invested as much as either half of the total donation will be.

Why would I do all that when I could simply give or quietly sell the stuff to whoever I want and not care what anyone thought of it or be concerned about anyone else in need?

Anyway, if you feel comfortable with it all, feel free to enter.


I see your joke there and understand. LOL But in all seriousness the amazing thing is the person who donated the most by far (so far) doesn't even want their name entered in the drawing. They just support the cause and the community.


I was hesitant to enter (because I don't have a lot of money), but I feel bad Rich felt he needed to respond to the nonsense of one troll. So now I feel like I've pulled double duty on good deeds by donating to a good cause and thwarting a troll. Unless ZeroWingUK was being a dick to evoke sympathy to encourage more donations... hmm the plot thickens. That's a joke btw. lol

If my moaning has encouraged more donations and instilled confidence in a fair contest then I am happy, if only all contests were as transparent and well thought out...

Thank you for your entry and support of these causes. Good luck!


Too bad, there seems to be no "personal" or "gift" option on my german PayPal account - good luck to you guys...


Then add $1 to your contribution to cover the fees. No big deal. Many have already.


Ok, I already entered a donation. How do I know if I got a ticket number or if I am really participating?

If you sent it via Paypal you have a receipt for your contribution. That means you have a number for every $10 in contributions you made.


I would more than love to enter this but when I click on the link it identifies the hyperlink as being a possible phishing site. What say the people? I really want to try my luck!

Then just go to the PayPal site, sign in and choose "send money" and enter the email address in the article ( )

Hi, great raffle, great causes, entered 2 tickets - thanks