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TouchPad Go raffle winners announced 17

by Ryan St. Andrie Tue, 02 Oct 2012 11:07 am EDT

TouchPad Go raffle winners announced

As many of you may know our dear friend and webOS community member Rich Dunbar was hosting a really sweet raffle last month to raise money for two really great causes. Not only did he auction off his own personal TouchPad Go (one of the rarest mobile tech devices around) but he also sweetened the pot with a cavalcade of other devices courtesy of webOS Developer Relations. As promised the winners of both the large and small pots of webOS gear were chosen yesterday. Rich sent us an email to let us know who won, how much money was raised, and his plans to deliver the funds to said causes. So without further ado we give you Rich Dunbar's message:

First allow me to say thank you to everyone who participated in the TouchPad GO charity raffle. I have been privileged to be a part of the webOS community for over three years and have truly enjoyed interacting with so many amazing people. I also need to extend thanks to the webOS Developer Relations team who have always been great to the webOS community and really helped add some bang to this raffle by donating most of the extras in the two prize packages. Finally I need to thank four individuals who insured the integrity of the drawing process.

John Obeto @JohnObeto - Entry List Holder
Hector Russo @GeeksRoom - Entry List Holder
Matthew Norwood @MatthewNorwood - Entry List Holder
Jeffrey Powers @Geekazine - Random Number Picker

Jeffrey Powers was given the number of entries and used a random selection application to select four numbers. The first two were the winners and the second two were alternates in the event either of the first two were not eligible. Jeff then emailed those numbers to myself and the other three list holders who each independently verified the winners and emailed me their findings. Each of these four individuals are reputable longtime members of the tech blogging community, are active in the public space and were not participants in the raffle.

There were a total of 883 entries which raised $8,830 for the announced charities. There was one late entry for $10 which the entrant knew was late but wanted to donate to the cause anyway and there were a total of $160 in donations from the members of Mosaic Church in Oklahoma City to make the final total of donations $9,000.

The 1st place winner of the TouchPad GO bundle which includes a TouchPad GO, TouchPad Touchstone, TouchPad Bluetooth Keyboard, spare HP TouchPad Charger, HP Veer, and Palm Touchstone is Michal Pleban of Poland.

The 2nd place winner of the TouchPad bundle which includes a 16GB Wifi TouchPad, TouchPad Touchstone, TouchPad Bluetooth Keyboard, TouchPad Cover, HP Pre 3, and Palm Touchstone is Robson Porto of Brazil.

Congratulations to both of the winners.

I will be traveling to deliver the proceeds to the recipients this Thursday and Friday in person. I intend to take some pictures and share with them the encouragement and support of the webOS community. I hope to be able to provide a report back to you all so you can see how much your generosity means to these great causes.

Thanks again for being such an awesome community and thanks to webOS Nation for giving such great publicity to this cause.

Rich Dunbar

As sad as we are that none of us won (believe me we all tried) we are happy to know that we helped raise a sizable amount of money for the community outreach branch of hurricane-hit Plaquemines Parish in Louisiana and Texas HIV/AIDS community volunteer Sally Johnson. In closing we here at webOS Nation would like to whole heartedly thank Rich for putting this thing together and donating one of the most coveted pieces of webOS equipment to ever roam the earth. Last but certainly not least, we would like to thank all of our readers for donating and helping spread the news of this contest! 




Oh, screw that! I wanted the TouchPad GO and now I Just wasted a 100 bucks!

No, seriously... Happy to help out, and congrats to the winners! Especially the lucky bastard who got the TP GO! ;)

Good Show!

Great Charity Drive!!

And Rich gets in a couple of sweet travels too...!!!

Wait . . They spelled my name wrong!

Congrats to the winners.

Congrats to the winners and best wishes to the recipients of the funds.
Its nice to participate in something that actually helps people out.
Thank you Mr. Dunbar!

Thanks for all the kind words and support! I probably should have been more clear, I am not traveling to Poland and Brazil to deliver the prizes. I am traveling to East TX and Southern LA to deliver the donations to the charity recipients. But it will be great to see them in person and deliver the funds.


LOL! Well wouldn't those overseas trips have been sweet.... But you truly can't beat making a real positive difference in someone's life and putting smile back on their face...

Keep up the good work!

Looking forward to another great charity initiative!

Congratulations to the winners! [Man, I wanted that TouchPad Go!]

I'm sure they will enjoy all of their new tech loot. [I mean, I REALLY wanted it!!]

And of course, this is all for a good cause. [Like REEEEEALLY wanted it!!!]

Here's to future raffles and more support for worthy causes from the community! [Does ANYone out there have another GO?? Please sell me one!!]

In all seriousness, this IS a worthy cause. And prizes or no, I'm glad I could contribute.

So what, u gunna spend the money to travel to brazil? Nice, I should try to do stuff like this.

Nope, none of the $9k proceeds from the raffle will be used for any travel anywhere. And I'm not going to Brazil or Poland, I'm traveling to East TX and Southern LA to deliver the checks to the charities. All travel expenses are coming out of my pocket.


yes, I threw away $100 too. :P

... so.. what were the numbers? :D

Numbers 591 and 535 on the list were 1st and 2nd place respectively.


I'm very happy to be part of this. Sad to not be the winner. Thank you Rich for the beautiful attitude to help other people. By the way, i'm from Brazil and you will love to visit my country and spend All $9,000,000,00 you raised. Just kidding. :-)

Kudos to Rich for donating such valuable hardware to the good cause. And to all participants from the community - you all guys are awesome :-)

And to the number picker for choosing me :-P

Totally bummed I missed out on this contest. I guess that's what I get for only visiting about once or twice a month anymore. I wish there was a weekly newsletter that would still give me updates of all the current webOS happenings. Ah well, just gonna have to suck it up and make myself visit. Still sporting a Pre and Pre2 anyway. What's wrong with me?

i thought i was in touch with webOS happenings, but i guess not!

not only did i miss hearing about the contest in time to enter, i've never even heard of a Touchpad GO!