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TouchPad Go Video Review 19

by Derek Kessler Wed, 28 Dec 2011 12:48 pm EST

In a hurry and don't have time to read our entire review of the unreleased and unannounced HP TouchPad Go? That's fine, though we'd recommend that you find the time to read about this rare seven-inch webOS tablet that could have been. In the meantime, we went ahead and summed up the whole thing in under five minutes for you above in the webOS Nation video review of the TouchPad Go. You've got to have five minutes, right?


Derek - how did y'all get hold of this one?

He robbed a bank

idd, which demon(s) did you have to sell your body or soul too to aquire 1.

I was wondering the same thing...where did you get one to try out. Either way, thanks for the review and video synopsis. Sorli...

I've seen a lot of Derek's house from his Twitter account and the background on videos like this and it's one of the nicest houses i've ever seen, well done!

Thanks! It's been a lot of work to get it to where it is.

Derek, your a star!!! Engadget posted your video! lol

Derek, i recommend you start doing reviews with a hook on one of your hands because i think you kinda look like Buster Bluth.


Such a great video!
It is very sad to watch this video tho just because that tablet never got a chance :(

I feel bad that this is the last HP webOS device, but what is next what devices can we install webOS onto.

I want a touchpad Go

Derek, there can I download the new webOS nation wallpaper? Are there others as well?

Anyone else have the desire to really, really kick Leo Apotheker in the nads after seeing this video?

Wow, I use to be one here like everyday. I lived webos, It was what I wanted In an os. Once everyone on this site realize tha t there is no app support, who would want webos now? I mean look at windows phone seven they have over fifty thousand apps. What's up with that, didn't they come out after webos..... I now have android and iOS, I love my iPad the touch pad was a fail when it was introduced.... Hp killed webos, palm killed webos, so let it die a good death!


Very good review. It looked like it would be a neat little device for traveling with. If HP was going to continue supporting devices, I would have been interested in getting one.

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