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TouchPad going out with a bang, snags top of Amazon bestselling list 57

by Derek Kessler Mon, 22 Aug 2011 10:45 am EDT

HP might be on its way out of the webOS hardware business, but it seems that the impending potential loss of availability for said hardware has driven buyers into a tizzy. While deals are popping up all over (the 16GB TouchPad appeared on Barnes & Noble briefly this morning before selling out before we could even finish our article on it), Amazon’s pricing is still at or pretty close to the old MSRP: $399 for the 16GB TouchPad or $485 for 32GB.

That not-firesale pricing hasn’t dissuaded potential buyers, however, with both capacities of the HP TouchPad vaulting to the top of Amazon’s “Bestsellers in Electronics” list, displacing Amazon’s own Kindle line, and in the process knocking perennial best sellers like the iPod Touch down a notch or two as well. There’s no telling how long Amazon will have the TouchPad available, especially if prices come down, but in the meantime we can take a little bit of comfort in the fact that there’s finally a desire for webOS.

correction: Amazon had some reduced pricing available over the weekend that we apparently missed that was likely responsible for vaulting the TouchPad to the top of the list.

Just picked up a TouchPad from Amazon or somewhere else? Congratulations! Check out our new TouchPad owner's "what you need next" guide.



Ummm... This is one way to build an ecosystem, awaiting the announcement of a Hardware Manufacturer soon. They should name the first New Tab.. Phoenix.

Good it...if they do, I guess I would call mine Fawkes!

I ordered one from b&n sunday night. It was a couple dollars more than everyone else. Today (2days later) they cancelled my order because t was out of stock. I called & complained, thet bascally said oh well we sold them all.

Amazon had reduced pricing over the weekend and sold out...the listings now are from 3rd party sellers that are fulfilled by Amazon not Amazon Direct....Amazon also posted an updated return policy

HP TouchPad Customer Returns and Exchanges
Purchases from is extending the return/exchange policy for the HP TouchPad and accepting returns for units purchased on or after June 19, 2011, excluding HP TouchPad 16GB sold at $99.99 or HP TouchPad 32GB sold at $149.99. Please contact customer service for more details.

HP TouchPad 16GB sold at $99.99 or HP TouchPad 32GB sold at $149.99 are considered final sales and will not accept returns on these units.

Purchases from Other Sellers on the Website

Please contact the individual sellers for information about their return/exchange policies on the HP TouchPad.

This article is wrong. It climbed to the top because of the reduced pricing. The pricing has been returned to normal because the reduced pricing was a special until 8/22. Now it's regular price again and the charts always show the items at their current price, not the price they actually sold at if it was different.

Didn't Amazon have the reduced pricing for a time over the weekend?

I have my touchpad!

HP finally made it right for me, the $99 touchpad.

All is forgiven HP for scr*wing me over on the pre- update and no flash! No hard feelings.

Glenn? Is that you? Are you taking meds? ;)

Good on ya for getting one. I'm looking out for my chance now!

Ordered 2 yesterday at 150, hoping for shipping confirmation so I can be sure they are coming before I sell my iPad on eBay

There are plenty of other merchants who have still not dropped their prices. Like Newegg. Anyone still looking for a Touchpad should keep an eye on those sites, they are likely to offer the clearance price soon.

I'm glad I checked PreCentral this morning before I decided to go to Best Buy. That would have been a wasted trip. I'm keeping on a finger on the pulse of TouchPad deals, but I'm getting the feeling I might miss out. Which wouldn't entirely break my heart, but if I can get one for cheap, why not?

sure wish I was able to get one but all the money hungry ebayers and people over at android centrall got them all bc they want android ported onto it all I can do now is hope when they try they fail and lose their money I sure wish hp would have offered the people with palm profiles first dibs on the tp and that retailers would have limited the sales to 1 per person I find it lame that the people who want them for what they are and have been with webos and palm for years on end can't get a hold of one.

Agreed its one who has one pending from Barnes and Nobles...did it last night...its ridiculous....but at the end of the day if I can get for 190 for a 16gb on ebay I would take it

yeah, it kinda irritated me when I was standing at a Walmart 20 miles away from home at 7am with 25 other guys waiting for what turned out to be only 5 touchpads (which I did not get), that everyone had an iPhone or android in their hand, and no one seemed to know much about WebOS. First sales should have gone to anyone who could produce a working WebOS phone!

Best seller for 3 days, then they run out never to be replaced. :(

Has there been any news from UK about the reduced prices....Desparately looking for a couple of touchpads in UK at the reduced rates....

Finally got one last night (late) from Barnes and Noble.

Barnes and Noble doesn't sell the TouchPad. They sell the Nook eReader. Completely different product.

Are you sure about that? I ordered one from Barnes and Noble this morning for 101.99, and so did my buddy (they are now sold out)

I ordered one from Barnes and Noble this morning too. Hoping to get shipping confirmation soon since my credit card has already been charged lol

good luck if you get it...I ordered one last night and they were having problems processing the order

I ordered 3 this morning. Just checked the status of my order and it is in process to be shipped. Looks like mine went through.

Thanks to, I got an order into B&N just after midnight. My order is showing "Not yet shipped" but a planned ship date of Aug 24th. Keeping my fingers crossed I'll see it by week's end (I sprung for the extra $1 for Express Delivery).

I may have a 16gb one for sale.....face fire sale value....$99.99 plus shipping ($5.80 to get to me and then whatever it costs to send to like 12 bucks total for a cost of $111.99).

I'll let you know if I actually got it once I get shipping confirmation.

I thought my wife would want it...but she doesn't.


I would!

Now all my friends are contacting me and asking me all about WebOS. THIS is why WebOS never took off--it needed BUZZ! Maybe now a userbase will be installed enough to bring in new development.

Just got one off less than 10 minutes ago (8:10 am PDT). Had to call customer service/sales directly as their website wasn't reflecting the new price (1.800.248.9948).

Hurry, as the sales rep said they've blown through half their stock - from 400 to 200 - in the last 30 minutes.

Zones is showing the 16GB TP at $349.97 after $50 instant rebate.

So did they blow through half their stock at this price? Has the firesale created so much buzz that people are buying it at almost full price? With or without realizing it would be the question.

That probably means The Nerds sent theirs back to HP. Not everyone wants to deal with this.

I have a reseller account at a major distributor, and they had over 3000 16gb and nearly 5000 32gb, plus 300 64gb. I was really hoping to be able to order some touchpads from them, and even put in an on-hold order to allocate some stock to me. First the 16's all just disappeared friday night, and then this morning some time the 32's and 64's all disappeared. The price never dropped, so I don't believe for a second that they all got ordered. They just didn't want to deal with this either... HP's mess, let HP deal with it.

The potential good news then is that HP may soon have plenty more to sell.

I bet that many of these devices were bought by the salespeople in the various shops. They see the buzz, can get them before anybody else and make a quick $50-150 on ebay.

I've been watching ebay since Friday.

TP still sell there for 200-300 Euros.
And tonight the first 24 hour auctions appeared (after todays firesale in Germany). They are already all up to 150+ Euros.

Just had a look at - as expected situation is similar there. No TP sells below 200.

The 99 - 150 prices from HP are crazy low and everybody knows it. Even with a comatose (possibly dead) platform these devices are worth more.

Thank you!!! I miss webOS. Android just doesn't compare.

When I called, the sales lady said they were going quick. She also said the site would be updated around 11am CDT.

Sold out....called as web site not funtioning

right now zones shows the 16GB touchpad in stock, but they're asking $149! I'm surprised this hasn't happened sooner; I'll bet they're banking on people blindly ordering the $149 model just assuming it's the 32gb. Honestly it's still a steal, but I don't like it.


I havent seen any price reductions but I see that PC World/Currys in Ireland may have in store reduced prices ... not sure if the same in the UK

I wish I could get a Pre3 cheap somewhere

me too....

yeah id like the Pre3 too, but I doubt it'll happen in the US.

Where's the Pre3????

@maggot let me know if you have the spare one...

I'd take a $99 Pre3 to pair with my $99 TouchPad!

Zones is out as of 5 minutes. 9:20 PDT.

I've been trying to get one all weekend. 4 times on the HP site I entered credit card info only to have the system **** out on me. So frustrating. I was hoping to pair it with my Veer some day. If anyone hears of someplace with inventory, please post.

Has anyone placed an order with B&N this morning and then checked their online order status after it was accepted to find that B&N is unable to process the order? When you call the number they refer you to (1-877-379-0036) they tell you they can't take your call because of higher than normal call volumn and tell you to try later.

I get the feeling they processed thousands of orders that they can't fill now.

yes, I just checked my order. Status says order "cannot be removed" and is in process to be shipped.

yep, same story here. I thought I was in last night, as I was able to place the order with ease, got the confirmation right away, everything looked good. I've not gotten anything saying the order is cancel, just that sad order-status message directing me to call, then no one to take my call.

Barnes & Noble started selling them at the reduced price last night, not "briefly" during this morning. At this point, your best chance is to wait for to restock and follow this thread obsessively:

this is crazy is sold out every where basically. this should be a sign to hp that people want this thing o yes, yes they do it was the price and i bet if they went cheap for a year it would be enough to get people interested in the touchpad 2 at full price do it like android did it

I emailed my corporate Zones rep on Saturday... He just told me when their HP team came in on Monday he would get back to me. Come this morning I checked and they had 440 16GB in stock... When I just ordered with him a couple hours later (10 min ago) they were down to 200.

They are NOT selling the $99 version alone. You have to buy it as a kit bundled with a case. The case is the HP official case which they throw in for all of $26... so really that's half price too.

$125 per kit. (P 05563794 KIT)

Oh, and if you want a shot, you have to call. Their website has crashed... I got an email from them saying:

We are currently experiencing issues with the Website ( and Zones Connect) being intermittently slow due to a high volume of traffic as a result of HPs price reduction of their HP Touchpad Tablet device. Other Websites outside of Zones are experiencing similar problems.

You all might get a kick out of this photo of the front door to the Staples store on the upper west side of Manhattan.

I was able to get a web order through at CDW for a 16 GB @ $99, although availability seems uncertain. I guess we'll see if they are able to fill the order.

Interestingly, the priced dropped on the website from $450 to $99 while I was looking at it.

It did show the 32 GB model as in stock.

As did I -- Clicked my order through at 12:15pm PDT ... was able to get through for 2 32Gb Touchpads, totaling (with shipping+tax) $346 or so ... NOT BAD.

Here's to praying that I don't get a call from CDW CS saying that they're all sold out and can't fill my order.

Zones are completely out.

AND they have a **** website...

I got my order placed last night on Amazon. I never thought I would say this, but I agree with GlennBeck. LOL HP did finally made things right. HP completely facked themselves; I guess that makes up for how they facked us over.

Oh, and if you're listening Leo and the board of HP (which I know you are not) your enterprise software BLOWS CHUNKS! You are complete idiots if you think you can survive on that alone. They are the worst software applications I have ever used. You also completely ruined any trust you had. Why do you think a company would risk doing business with you when you betray your customers and rip the carpet out from under them, not once, but twice in the same year!!??

it's also in the Movers and Shakers category.

the 32gig is at number 2, previously ranked 7,111 up 355,450% 16gig is at number 1 previously unranked.

pretty astounding.

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