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HP TouchPad hands-on photos and video 63

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 09 Feb 2011 6:12 pm EST

Here it is, the TouchPad. It feels quite a bit like an iPad, to be honest: it's virtually the exact same form factor with a glossy, plastic back instead of metal. Responsiveness is solid - but the number of apps that are both available and updated with the new Enyo framework to work with webOS 3.x on the device is pretty sparse. That said, we do really like the subtle changes to the standard webOS UI - notably putting notifications in their own drop-down menu.

One surprising thing: there is no gesture area to be found on the Touchpad - the home button is a physical button. HP didn't have very clear answers about how current apps that depend on the gesture will operate with the new system - it's pretty clear that they haven't yet decided exactly how to handle what they forebodingly called "legacy" apps. We are fully expecting that they'll be providing clearer details at tonights developer event and we'll be there to fill you in on all the details.

Other specs: a 9.7” XGA display, a 1.2GHz Qualcomm dual-core processor, and a gigabyte of RAM, a front-facing 1.3MP camera for video calling, and a feature HP calls Touch To Share, which will pair the TouchPad via Bluetooth to next generation webOS smartphones to allow for sharing of websites, and forwarding of calls and notifications from handset to tablet. Pairing is accomplished by placing the a handset on the home button of the TouchPad. Given the size of the tablet, HP has decided to remove gesture areas from the TouchPad entirely.

HP also previewed a high-powered touchstone dock for the TouchPad which holds it at virtually any angle you could want and folds up to a fairly thin, portable package. Expect the TouchPad to launch in WiFi only garb sometime this Summer, with mobile radio versions thereafter.

After the break, catch a video demo provided by the kind and gentle HP reps along with a bootload of photos.





What's this mean for copy/paste with no gesture area?

did anyone notice he never went "back" how the fuck would you go back with out the gesture area!!

you going to add those gay "back buttons" to everything??

HP.. you are going to ruin webos if you do not put a gesture bar on it...

haha. Reply email fail

If the moron HP representative would realize he has like 20 apps open and its obviously gonna slow down this would have looked like a better preview.

if the finish product is still slow and laggy its a fail...

Dude needs to close some cards. Device is becoming sluggish

The email notification part referenced a project "Everest?" Wonder what that could be?

No gesture. Another HUGE disappointment ...

What about the back gesture? It's strange that the Blackberry PlayBook should have a gesture area and the HP TouchPad not.

Fail of a demo :( no sprint no video out no ota... seems like this day is about no. Looked very janky as well.

Is it me or was the app catalog not show in the touchpad? Or HP just totally forgot about it?

Completely agree with the sluggish comment. I was really banking on this thing. Got an Ipad this December because I was tired of waiting for this device. My biggest complaint about my pre is no app support and not smooth unless I overclock it.

Now there seems to be no app support for this new device AND it seems to lag like crazy.

I seriously hope I'm wrong. The plan has been to give let my wife use the Ipad full time and I would get one of these.

Right now I feel a little sick. It seems like this may be the end of webos.

So I realize that this thing is running a very early version of webOS 3.0. Ok fine. But how is it not as smooth as iOS and Android?! Come on Palm! I want you all to succeed but you've gotta catch up! You've had nearly 2+ years to refine the OS...

General thoughts:
-Veer is unnecessary
-Pre^3 doesn't look impressive other than the larger screen
-TouchPad name is blah, but the tablet is a great step for webOS
I love the idea of integration between the Pre and TouchPad; hope that goes further...

Overall announcements for today on a scale of 1(Boo!) to 10(Amazing!), I'd give today a 6.

I think the Pre3 looks awesome. Maybe the best device out there. If it *was* out there. Today.

But alas, it is six months away, and by then I will be using someone else's operating system.

Waiting to see what Nokia says on Friday...

they are building more app support, that's why it's not being released until summer. They don't have a new catalog YET. Not a single REGULAR developer has had access to webos 3. anything that was done for it so far has come direct from "partners". I want it, it is kick @ss.

Jesus today was just full of disappointment. I wonder if HP even cares!

Apparently WebOS 3.0 lags and fails to open programs just like my Original Pre... smh at this!!

Looks VERY laggy.

That UI was not hardware accelerated!! It looked terrible. But so did BB playbooks UI when they first demoed it. webOS 2.0 should be the end of overuse of ARMs FPU. The OS should delegate the UI rendering to the powerfull adreno 220, i believe the HW acceleration will be in place before it goes to market. At least i REALLY hope so. 10 fps scrolling is so android

Wow. What a choppy piece of crap. How the mighty have fallen.

Apple loses their button and HP gains one. Ditto for gestures.

I was also thinking there would be three phones at least, and not just a couple more Pres.

i've made up my mind... im getting the playbook... they have cards AND a gesture area... at least someone got it right

dual core processors and it's that slow??? Seriously HP?

And what's with the scrolling problems again? iPhone is so much more liquid - you guys just don't get it!

Gesture can be programmed into anywhere on the screen?

if they truly do not put a gesture area on this, then they need to do some multi finger gestures for back and forward.. like 2 finger swipe to the left is back.. or some shit like that

No price, and no launch date.

What the heck were they thinking??

Why on EARTH do you do a big launch party with none of that info. Any lift the event gave them will be gone gone gone.

I think this should have been a dev only event (sort of like how Apple launched the iPad silently to Devs before the product was demo'ed) so they could get up to speed, and THEN when they had a price and a sale date, bring it to the public.

They bought absolutely nothing with this event.

agreed. Fail event.

WTF at no gestures?!

"Given the size of the tablet, HP has decided to remove gesture areas from the TouchPad entirely."

Fail HP. Gesture are is one of the thinks that make WebOS what it is.. *shakes head*

BTW, whats going to happen with that glossy back within the first couple minutes of use? Its gonna be one big swirl scratch and scuff ball beyond belief.

i'm sure there's a gesture area. This comes to mind the idea that the product isn't complete yet. If it was a product at 100%, i'm sure he'd show everything. Even the kindle app isn't complete yet. I'm sure it's only setup to show a book. even the page turning animation is laggy.

they have lots of work to do until release date. the gesture area, i'm sure, will be included.

The hardware is done. There is a 0% chance of a gesture area. Nada. Zippo. Zilch. Doughnut.

One thing I haven't seen mentioned yet, but what happened to all of the touchstone goodies? Video out and such? He seemed to make mention of it 'data capabilities' but they didn't talk about it in the speech? Must not be done yet... I hope I'm right :/

If they do not have that HDMI our touchstone deal like the leaked docs said it would, then I will definitely NOT buy one..

Several months for optimization.

I was pretty disappointed to see how choppy this thing was running in the video. I think that the guy presenting it just doesn't know how to work it. Engadget has a much better video up http://www.engadget.com/2011/02/09/hp-touchpad-first-hands-on/

But still, with news of no webOS 2.x on current devices, this whole thing just feels bad.

There is news. And the news is, you ain't gettin' it.

I really liked what I saw with the Touchpad. Don't understand what people are referring to as sluggish. Looked really cool to me, if price is reasonable, I will DEFINITELY get one

How long does it take to boot up?

Engadgets preview has less cards and STILL LAAAAGS.

The touchpad demo shown at the big scene is smooth. Do not get disgusted by the choppynes of this demo.

I agree with all of the comments about the sluggish demo, the HP rep doesn't seem to have patience or knowledge of the device. Makes for a really bad demo. What I would have done would have been to hire normal Pre and Pixi users that actually own one to play with the touch pad and allow them to demo the TouchPad. I know that after playing with it for about 5 minutes I would know the in's and out of the thing as if I were a veteran user. I may have confused you but what I wrote but you get the basic idea I am going for.

Removing gestures takes away a lot of webOS' unique charm. Quite sad, that.

You guys have to understand that webOS 3.0 is running a new SDK framework. It's called Enyo. It is not Mojo anymore. From what it looks like right now, they have started over and have lots of optimization to do. Like being at webOS 1.0 again. What is more disturbing to me is, without gesture support, does that make all the none PDK app some what unusable? Does this bring the app count back down to 100 or so? I don't think this is HP had anything to do with taking gestures away. I think this was planned at palm when they were creating the new framework.

In other news. This thing looks like a ripe off of the playbook. =)

I want one, i know they will fix any of the problems

There might be some kind of event when HP has a product ready to release. Something with an availability date, and price. This thing doesn't look like it is at all ready.

You whiners are soooo freaking annoying.......... go away trolls......if you hate these products go away. Go dry hump your iPads and Droids.

I all of you commenting "It Lags" realizes that there are a ton of cards open.

And at the guy saying the Pre3 isn't impressive.. Are you fucking kidding me? It's the ONLY 1.4GHz processor, and the line of qualcomm processors it's from is past impressive. The qualcomm processor it is equpped with performs AMAZINGLY at 800 MHz, and at 1.4GHz, lets just say I'm jittering of excitement.

The only let-downs I've noticed are:
- How they are yet to announce a Sprint product, which is silly, with 60% of the webOS userbase being of Sprint. Then again one must realize the attractive hardware/software they are going to be marketing (assuming they market well) will reel in many new individuals.

-How they have equipped the TouchPad with a 1.2GHz processor, why not jam in a 1.4GHz like the Pre3? I am only a 16 year old, so I'm going to assume the 1.4GHz may not be widely compatible with Win7 (possible dual boot opt in the future) and/or there wasn't enough space to, as said, "jam" the processor in. Maybe weight competition with iPad may be jeopordized? Overheat issue? Whatever, 200 MHz not a big deal, nothing a custom kernal can't fix!

HA! Like we'll need a custom kernal.

Hahahaha. Comment fail.

1.2 ghz DUAL CORE processor. Thats a tad bit better than a 1.4 ghz SINGLE CORE processor.

The phone I really wanted was a phone that has the same hardware specs of the touchpad.

Why didn't they make a smaller version of the touchpad as a phone??

That would have been a killer (IMHO).


Wow. I only read a little bit about this device so far, but from what i've seen i'm totally done with webos, palm, and HP's attempt at resurrecting it.

First, I really hope HP isnt serious about removing the gesture area. Size should have nothing to do with usability, and the gesture area is THE differentiator between the iPads and Androids of the world. When i owned my Pre, it was the single most enjoyable feature of the phone. I would seriously sit and just swipe the gesture area randomly upwards to play around. Plus, i hated the app drawer button, so i'd use the swipe to open patch to open the launcher. It was how i ran the phone. It made it fun. Its why i still feel like i cheated myself by going to the Evo.

Second, wow...... just wow. Palm has a nearly non-existant developer base. Those that do take the time to develop for webos put their hearts into the apps, and patches that make webos so fun to use. If there is truely no gesture area, then HP just sent a serious 'fuck you' to the webos dev community, and its userbase. I cannot see myself buying this device without a gesture area. If the Playbook can have a full, 4 sided touch sensitive bezel, than so can the Touchpad. Somewhere throughout the development of this thing, somebody fell asleep at the wheel. I hope i'm wrong and that the Touchpad is simply not ready yet, but seeing as it has a hardbutton instead, i see that they decided nobody must care about a pre-existing webos feature that made it stand out and that Apple fans are the only consumers that count. In fact, after seeing the Playbook, i may just buy one of those. At least they have done the gesture area justice on a large tablet style device.

It really hurts to admit it. I was hoping to be blown away, but now i just feel blown off. Good luck HP. If you can pick up some useful apps after basically tossing out the old ones...... ah, who am i kidding?


Oh god please dot let this be what they release - it feels just like my current overclocked PRE - way sluggish compared to an iPhone - how can it possibly be so slow with a processor thats twice as fast and 2 yrs of optimizing? What are they doing???????? Sadly it makes me really impressed with Jobs and his engineers....

the gesture area is the #1 reason I like webos over the others. Removing it and adding a button?? APOCALYPTIC FAIL


Apocalyptic fail........ lmao. That describes this situation in ways that my last longwinded one could never do.

How does a dual-core 1.2ghz touchpad lag with the dreaded placecard holder when opening an email reply in the demo???? Ugh...

Wow! Looks like I'm going for an iphone and ipad on VZ. This is sooo disappointing, I've been due for an upgrade since August on sprint holding out for this day, and what do I get? A freaking pre-nano and a slightly improved pre (screen-wise) and I have to wait for half a year again to get one. What is wrong with this people? The pre design form factor might be good, but the design/build is freaking ugly. Can't you guys think of something else like a slim & sleek metallic finish? HP you guys have failed. Not even an update to our pres to try to keep us waiting? FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL!!!

I think it is a huge fail to ditch gestures on the Touchpad. It is a primary differentiating feature of WebOS and its beyond idiotic to change it and mimic the Ipad. That change alone now gives me pause at purchasing a Touchpad when they become available. I am still a fan of WebOS. The Pre 3 looks to be everything I wanted in a next gen Pre and will be a definite buy if it comes to Sprint (bigger question if not). The Touchpad however has gone from a certain buy to a question mark.

Since these devices are not slated till summer and HP can do whatever they want to do, I think a consumer campaign urging them to rethink nixing gestures is in order. As the most hard core users of WebOS, we should let them know that nixing gestures on the tablet is an extremely wrong move from a consumer and developer standpoint. Hit their facebook and let them know.

Can developers create an app that turns the lower part of the screen into a gesture area?

Yep...major fail. Sluggish. Why is Apple so successful? Silky smooth...seemless UI. Its sexy and it sells. As much as I dislike the general flow of functionality of the i devs, they do get it right. I thought the specs looked underpowered for what HP is trying, and the demo shows it. It seems unlikely HP will get any truly significant acceleration over the final product this close to shipping. The promise of an update isn't going to sell it when the customer is standing next to an ipad.

The Veer and Pre3, however, looked reasonably good...perhaps Pre3 will have a chance to compete this time? Maybe Veer will open a new market? Neither are the slam dunk I was hoping for, but better than nothing. For my part, Yes, I would buy the Pre3 and hold out 1 more generation to see what else may develop. TouchPad....not so much.

Apple is silky smooth because it is limited to doing one thing at a time.
There were too many cards open in the video above. The engadget video is much smoother while using fewer cards.

The laggy complaint is bogus vs the ipad since the ipad isnt asked to do as much.

no gesture area was a bad idea.

I have a differing opinion....laggy is THE complaint. Smooth is what people see, its what will sell. The number one complaint on all current webOS devices from my experience. Its why EVERYBODY I know with a pre is overclocking it. Pixi people I know hate them because of it. In real life I know of nobody running a stock pre. People have either overclocked to marginalize the lag, or have moved on because of it.

Too many cards? Its not too many when that is the way I work. If I'm limited in cards I've bought little in usability, so for myself I'd actually prefer to suffer the lag over repeated opening of apps. This, however, leads to general gripes on performance and user dissatisfaction.

I've now watched several videos from other sources, and I still see lag that just doesn't compete with the i devs. Sure webOS is doing more, but people, the general populace, are very superficial. ipad is the bogie here. People want the smooth and sleek over the higher functionality. It gives in some sense the false impression of "better". Apple understands this and that is the very reason they repeatedly hit home runs with the consumer and have a massive pile of cash.

Feature A, Feature B such as notifications and gestures, card stacks, etc., are certainly productivity items savy users will take notice of and either appreciate or work around the lack of, but I don't see it making or breaking the actual sale unless a very informed salesperson is holding hands. In a store environment side by side, an unformed customer won't even get that far, they will be mesmerized by the eye-candy and smoothness of the competition.

Please keep in mind this is simply my perspective based on what I see around me. I'm not looking for flamage.

utter garbage! they shouldn't be showing the software in such an unoptimized laggy state. I mean WTF?! This thing has a dual core 1.2GHz CPU!

Argh... HP, you are dead to me...

Its gunna suck if you cant get phone calls and texts over wifi on the wifi touchpad because thatll just mean more waiting for the 3g version! And by then everything will be 4G! Come on HP...