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TouchPad to include smart-caching cloud-based music syncing, video store [Exclusive] 28

by Derek Kessler Fri, 15 Apr 2011 3:35 pm EDT

You might recall that HP TouchPad sign-up notification from HP’s Small & Medium Business sales site that we told you about back on Wednesday. Turns out HP’s not just collecting the email addresses in a database for notifications – they’re also looking at your responses, and in the case of one PreCentral reader, contacting those they think worthy and just up and sending them a PowerPoint presentation about the TouchPad, Veer, and Pre 3.

Most of the stuff in this marked-confidential presentation is the kind of stuff that readers like you already know about. It touches on webOS features like cards, multitasking, Synergy, touch-to-share, Ares development, the HP Music Store and HP Movie Store, Just Ty... wait, what? Yeah, the HP Music Store and the HP Movie Store. The two slides that discuss the afore mentioned media stores have two mockups that look like desktop apps shoehorned (i.e. Photoshopped) into the TouchPad screen (black bars across top and bottom), but it was the notes for the music slide that got our attention.

According to that slide, the TouchPad will come with a music syncing solution built-in that utilizes cloud servers to sync and remotely store your music. More than that, it will leverage a “smart algorithm” to ensure that the music the user is most likely to listen to is cached locally on the device. This service will also allow TouchPad owners to stream music that they don’t yet own. There’s also mention that this service will allow you to stream music to HP smartphones, presumably once they too are updated to webOS 3.0 like the TouchPad.

If you were looking for the fruits of that Melodeo acquisition, here they are. The TouchPad is jumping ahead of Apple in the streaming music department. HP’s even getting ahead of Amazon’s Cloud Player service (which also beat Apple to the streaming game) by enabling smart local caching and streaming of music not in the user’s library. Now we know what Rubinstein was talking about when he mentioned “music synergy.”

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Yep, I got a call this morning from Texas, from an HP employee. He wanted to send me an email detailing the specs of the Touchpad. He asked if I had any questions. I said, yes when will it be available? He said mid summer. I said but your CEO said June. He said, yep.. mid summer.. :P

late july early sept.


Am I just crazy? How new is that photo in the article? Was it released by HP? That is CLEARLY a gesture bar!


Wait - that is a gesture bar!


I want the TouchPad featured in this article's picture, please!

GIVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm really excited about this! Just a few days back I was doing some research for a "Cloud Based" solution to my music sync problems.... I will be a day one touch Pad owner just like I was a day one Pre owner and I'll jump to Pre3 as soon as I can!

I think it's far to say that the 'whoever got to market the quickest' game isn't a fair argument. Yes, webos devices have won every single one of those PC World competitions, but they still don't exist, profit-wise or market share.

Apple is working on cloud-based services, don't worry, and come this June they will announce it at the developer conference. I can't say the same for HP, as the TouchPad will not even be to market then.

I'm still waiting for HP's most-advertised 'clout' to rear its ugly face.

Second behind Apple, whose been at this for over a year, isn't a bad place. Plus, it's something that Google's Android minions will not have.

Last night CNBC showed a 500,000ft server farm being built by Apple in North Carolina, we are all going to the "Cloud".

If Apple announces it in June are they going to deliver it in an iPad3 the same month? I only say it because if its the TouchPad which is due out in the same time frame, it will get to consumers first via HP.

The HP Music and HP Movie store stuff sound great.

However, for true music synergy, I want to be able to log into my, Pandora, Slacker, Radiotime, Rdio, or any other accounts in the stock music player, and have them just appear as if it was content on the device as well, sort of like the demoed functionality in the Photos & Videos.

HP's own stuff is nice, but being able to use other accounts as well would be even better.



How authentic is the source for these services? HP puts out a .ppt to random posters with photoshopped images? The HP Movie and Music service sounds plausible/believable, butif this is the vaunted "power to market WebOS" that HP commands then I'm concerned. Hopefully more is to come. (Officially)

Be encouraged. They're calling their shots. They're saying that they'll have enough media to satisfy consumers and with support for Citrix they'll be able to satisfy enterprise - a channel that Apple has yet to exploit. I'd be worried if HP was still sputtering about, not providing information and continued talking about the same old things over and over. They could also come off like Moto & RIM trying to defend their poor launch or soon to be released immature product which has to copy features from others. While it might be vaporware HP is acting like a company that is planning to deliver. They're reminding me of the old Palm at the Pre launch only this time they have more resources behind them to actually make this sustainable.

It's authentic. I've been over the presentation myself and the first comment here is another reader discussing being approached by HP about TouchPad info. Legit stuff.


This is significant as it shows HP has a salesforce which has a plan in place to sell to leads and they are starting even before device launch. This is what you will need to sell to small businesses as there are many of those in the US and most do not have enough time and resources to research all their choices nor to carry costs for large amounts of local storage and dedicated IT departments; a friendly knowledgeable HP rep with reasonably priced cloud services and WebOS devices at the ready could be very potent.

Feels much different than Pre launch 2 years ago where no one on the interest list was called before launch date; Palm was depending on Sprint (and later Verizon) to do all the heavy lifting.

Lifting that Sprint never did.... I still think that was a very poor choice althoug I love sprint and their prices.

OK --- (again) I'm ready to buy HP !!! send that link for pre-order :)

Pandora and Rhapsody all rolled into one.. Nice.. Oh please God let it be, let it be - perhaps even before October?

I haven't stood in line for a product launch since the original XBox, but chasing the dream that is the Touchpad has whet my appetite sufficiently. I will be there on launch day. Now, if only HP and Crestron, Lutron and other similar companies can get together and release some HOME AUTOMATION & CONTROL apps for webOS devices!!! (I know, 'get in line', right!)

I think the Playbook already owns it with the gestures and first to market. If people see this elsewhere they will assume its HP copying RIM and not vice versa.

Amazon will be the main competitor. This will have to be at least 5GB free and cheap optional subscription and downloads.

Amazon will be a fierce competitor but as long as HP executes well they should be fine. Amazon has cheaper mp3's than iTunes but people still buy songs off of iTunes. Why? Because it's been the norm for years and Apple has made it easier for us to view all our music, video and podcast in a simplified, attractive and uniform manner.

I'm glad Palm's UX is being used in HP' updated websites and applications.

Can I stream from my home network or do I have to put it in HPs server farm?

Also, often I dont like to listen to the same music over and over again, and so I mix it up a lot. I am not sure how the smart algorithm will work.

I assume there will be a desktop solution so that I can sync music for when I am traveling (a lot these days).

I hope the Pre3 comes to Sprint and I can tether my wifi TouchPad to it.

Would be nice if it also accessed my Squeezebox natively


Hello, guys! I always had the opinion that TouchPads are not so handy in use and that the number of the functions they perform is limited. But now I see that I was mistaken - this device is really something great. After I have read about the option of listening to music the last doubts have faded away.

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