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TouchPad to launch June 12? 84

by Derek Kessler Mon, 30 May 2011 9:18 am EDT

Thanks to an enterprising tipster, we’ve managed to get our hands on HP’s “QuickSpecs” technical specifications sheet for the TouchPad webOS tablet. The four-page document is something that HP puts together for their business customers and resellers (see examples here and here). They cover basics like what features are located where, model numbers and accessories, hardware specifications, and a slew of other bits that prove to be the bread and butter of the corporate IT buyer.

What they all have in common (besides a love for operating temperatures and altitudes) is a date down at the bottom: the release date for the product described. While our QuickSpecs sheet for the TouchPad doesn’t reveal any new details (it’s still gloss black, has only the front-facing 1.3MP camera, hasn’t gotten any thinner) aside from an operating altitude of 5000ft and temperatures up between 32°F and 104°F, (don't worry about that, we're sure the TouchPad will work just fine well beyond those extremes) the date at the bottom is new:

Worldwide — Version 1.0 — June 12, 2011

So a worldwide release for the TouchPad on Sunday, June 12th? Of course, this could change - the document was titled "current" - but it does jibe with evidence that is coalescing around early June. Don’t worry too much about that “Version 1.0” part, as it seems that’s HP’s way of noting that this is the first iteration of the TouchPad, in line with their version scheme for other products (for example, the EliteBook 2740p Tablet PC is on version 15). HP uses the version numbers like software numbers, denoting when a product has seen a spec bump, which happens often in the lifespan of an HP notebook or desktop model. We don’t expect it to happen that often for the TouchPad – our pocket books won’t be able to keep up!

Either way, June 12 isn't that far off - less than two weeks, actually. Just announce the date already, HP!

Thanks anonymous!


"Jibe," not "jive."

Stupid keyboard is stupid.

I hope they have a wal-mart in Hawaii!! (thats where I'll be on the 12th.) Thats'll make the return flight alot more fun!

There seems to be one more new thing here (unless I'm just slow to catch on), but according to this document, the center button can be used to wake the device up instead of relying on the power button. Check number 8 on the sheet.

That was demonstrated at Think Beyond, if I remember correctly.

What is the app icon of the app 2nd row, 1st on the left? It looks new I haven't seen it before, does the document show this any clearer?

Australia? Please say yes.

Let's hope the Pre 3 is not very far off either!

I pre-ordered mine and got informed by that Shop that they are going to have it in their stock by June the 17th. This is for Germany, so I expect them to ship it a few days earlier in the USA.

good stuff
I like the worldwide part of that

I gave up on the Pre3, ordered an HTC Trophy, as the Blackberry locked up for the last three times (and counting) for me.
Hope the TouchPad is seriously around the corner. Mr. A's "within weeks" has the sound of a politician's promises more than a reputable CEO right now.
Could that be the reason so many politicians are on boards of Silicon Valley companies?

Happy trails to you. Feel free to no longer talk phone business when it's a tablet article.

So it begins. It's all great but where is the announcement for the Pre3? Only thing I can think of is they will announce at the event next week. Pull an Apple and have it out a few days later. I hope that's what happens.

it's quite possible

It's fine to say this, but remember that HP is essentially "bundling" the promotion and interoperability of the Veer, Pre 3, and Touchpad. As only the Pre 3's release date and channels are unknown, it's perfectly reasonable to comment on that device in Veer and Touchpad articles.

Derek, I'm trying to see all 4 pages. Did you link those somewhere?


y not, my friend?

ummmm why not?
must be an HP leak...

HP: June 12th is my birthday. Please make this true! What a great gift ;)

Why is it that whenever any date is mentioned in any article there is some dufus who chimes in to say that that date is his birthday and that [whatever event] would be a great birthday present? Do they really think we give a ****? It seems to happen like once every 365 article views for some reason.

Is there some kind of trolling for birthday presents that I'm not aware of like "I heard it was your birthday in the comments so here is a promo code for our apps. Happy B-day!!"

Pick your battles man, having and mentioning a B'day is pretty innocuous.

I agree -- a great birthday gift.

(Please ignore those who would say otherwise.)

wow that is quite official looking. so are the dates...not too far away. where are the parties? I want to go :) so if this is coming out on the 12th the date for the Pre 3 must not be that far off. perhaps during the apple announcement? hmmm? I know I would like both :)

Hopefully they have some tablet focused apps ready for launch.

they will. hp germany confirmed more than 300 special apps (AlloCiné,Sooloos, Marmiton Touch, Orange Mécanique...)

5000 ft? Is that just something they say or is it a standard thing to write? Cabin altitude at most normal cruise altitudes of most airliners is above 7000 ft.

but that's with in a plane... you will be okay to go

All airliners pressurize to 10,000 feet with the exception of the Boeing 787, which will pressurize to 8,000 feet.


it's true

Jesus man, let it go....


Now where is the Pre3, HP????

Lighten up, Francis.

Release the dang thing. Period.

I still think that they are missing the price point by around $50 bucks. It would be different if they were beating all the Honeycomb tabs to the market, but with Acer already having a comparable device for $450, you have to take that in consideration when they will be within a few feet of each other at retailers.

i don't believe in a worldwide release on june 12th. for example: hp germany is looking for early tester via it's facebook page. and the closing date for applications is june 19th.

The 5000 feet thing does seem strange. Wonder if they will be selling this thing at Denver Wal-Marts? Or, if it becomes unusable on an airplane. Maybe they meant 5000 meters.

Unless I'm mistaken, all those worried about using this tablet in an airplane don't have anything to be concerned about. The air in an airplane at 10,000 feet is not the same as the air OUTSIDE of the airplane at 10,000 feet.

I understand that; however the air in an airplane when you are flying at 35000 ft is approximately 7-8000. Well above 5000 ft.

Actually, it is the same. Its pressure is managed only above 10,000 feet.

The TouchPad will work fine in planes. Electronics often get altitude ranges that are well below the 10,000-foot mark.

no 5000 feet is right, in the airplane it doesnt matter your altitude since the cabin is pressurized -=P. But u may have a hard time working this thing in the highlands of peru and cihle i guess =?

I understand the cabin is pressurized. I work for the airlines. When cruising at 35000 ft, the cabin altitude is usually above 7000 ft. I am not sure what you guys don't understand about the question.

I have a feeling, they just don't test higher than 5000 ft or they meant meters or something. The spec sheet of any other pad may say the same thing, I don't know, but it is odd.

Well it's exactly as you said. They just don't test it higher then 5.000 ft

What carriers are covering the cell plan/3G ?

if we knew, it would be on the front page.

Worldwide is a good thing, I am hoping it is the same June launch date in Canada!

lets hope for the best


Forget the highlands of Chile and Peru. According to those specs it won't work (or work right) in Denver or Albuquerque. And, planes are not pressurized to ground pressures as that would increase the fatigue stress on the frame, lowering the useful life of the plane. Your ears will "pop" when you take off or land in Denver, above 5,000 feet.

It will work fine at those altitudes. It will probably work fine at well above those altitudes, way up into the mountains of South America.

Why would you think it would actually malfunction above those altitudes?

I just don't understand. What's wrong with more iterations? I'd rather have more versions than less. 1) HP makes money and stays competitive when releasing new products, provided the refresh is a worthwhile purchase. 2) Not everybody will upgrade every product cycle. I have a 2730p and will upgrade this or next product cycle - I still LOVE my table PC :)

You mean it didn't magically become thinner, lighter, or unplasticky since Feb 9 like some people were expecting? How about sprouting a rear-facing camera or HDMI-out? No mention of a Touchstone included?

By the way, isn't it much more likely that the "Worldwide — Version 1.0 — June 12, 2011" refers to the spec document?

Let's take it one step at a time. Unlike the Veer, HP is actually hitting early portion of a release window which is good. So, celebrate the victories where you can get 'em.

12th? Wow! The "Valentine's Day" in Brazil!!!

So... what is "worldwide"? Only the version or really worldwide sell? :-/

Best Regards... B)

Actually going there in the Summer. Though I am probably not going to bring it with me on the flight. If I lose that thing in Peru, Imma go nuts!

Hi all,


Congrats to HP and to all those happy tablet buyers.

Take care,


The spec sheet references a micro-usb port. Isn't that new? I know the Bestbuy web page mentions a usb port too.

You mean the one that is used to charge every webOS device except the Veer?

awesome . . . where do I PREORDER? I'm ordering 3 if/when I can !

I see what you did there. . . .

Two Weeks to TouchPad! :) {Jonathan}

Time to start saving!

I've been waiting so long I have saved for all three devices with accessories by now. Can't wait!

In Barcelona, too?
give thought him to my wife...;-)!!!

June 12th! That's exactly 6 months from the start of Festivus!

Remember to use the official wrapping paper of Festivus, newspaper.

And of course, I'm sure we will have to have and extended Airing of the Grievences!

what's with all the ridiculous Sunday releases with Palm? Sunday is not a day for sales.

There's a reason why movies (EDIT: and iphones) are released on Fridays... you'd think their marketing department would figure that out by now.

Movies are released to theaters on Fridays because Fridays are the first nights of the weekends for most people. DVDs and BDs are released on Tuesdays, as are music releases. Different days for different products.

Are you trying to point something out or are you just spewing thoughts?

I suggest you research the matter before trying to make an argument.

Everything he just typed is 100% accurate.

To further, the past several iterations of Pokemon games have been released on Sundays (I've opened GameStop with my Son several times now). Their sales don't seem to be hurting for it being Sunday...


...and lead is dangerous to the human body if consumed. There, that's 100% accurate but holds no water to the argument at hand.

Again, do your research, we're not talking about video games or DVDs, we're talking phones. Here's some research for you since you did not want to take the time out and do it yourself:

iPhone went on sale on June 29, 2007 (Friday)
iPhone 3G on sale on July 11, 2008 (Friday)
iPhone 3GS on sale on June 19, 2009 (Friday)
iPhone 4 on sale on June 24, 2010 (Thursday)

If that's not enough of a "coincidence" then maybe the sales in other countries might make it less "coincidental":

On November 9, 2007, iPhone was officially launched in Europe in the United Kingdom and Germany (Friday)
On August 22, 2008, Vodafone Greece, released iPhones in the Greek market. (Friday)
On September 26, 2008, Omnitel released iPhones in the Lithuania. (Friday)
On November 7, 2008, T-Mobile released iPhones in Croatia. (Friday)
On September 30, 2010 Elisa released iPhone 4 in Finland. (Thursday)

Do you want to compare iphone sales with palm pre sales? Yea, we all know there's more reasons why the iphone sells and the pre doesn't, but don't argue a point without doing your homework.

Who cares? Dude, HP is not Apple, and the less they try to be the better.

Did precentral add in the webOS graphic? Because every single quickspec I've ever seen, and that is to many to count, has only ever had line drawings, no color graphics.

Now I am confused. I had a word from a HP dealer here in my country Ecuador that he recieved an HP e-mail invitation for the launch of HP devices in Las Vegas in June 16th. He did not show me the e-mail. Maybe he was confused and is June 6th. Who knows.

Version is the version of the quick spec. The date is the date the quick spec is available - not necessarily the product release date.

I don't think it will go live on a Sunday - could be wrong though.

Ahh... you guys made Neowin! The user comments aren't too nice. :(

I hope the attendees are going to get free TouchPads at their 6 - 10th June 2011 Discovery event in Las Vegas. So I was hoping for a release date in the 1st week of June.

It's called Discover - not Discovery. just sayin

I love it. I got my veer now, and im waiting for my touchpad. So for me i am content, i don't need to the pre3. the pre3 needs me to come back to big phones.. which i might not ever do. Why beg for a big slab when we get an even bigger slab on the 12th (hopefully)

I went in and looked at the Veer and I was pretty impressed! I am waiting for Pre3 though but if Veer was available on Sprint I might have made the leap. Have fun with that little smart phone, it looks great!

June 15 is my birthday - what a great present... :-)

Hey has anybody noticed that one the HP site when you look at the touchpad, the date in the calendar is June think that could be the launch date.