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TouchPad now available for pre-order 110

by Derek Kessler Sun, 19 Jun 2011 8:50 am EDT

June 19th, 2011 is now upon us, and as promised, today is TouchPad pre-order day. A number of retailers across the globe have the TouchPad listed as available for pre-order for that release date that’s now less than two weeks away. Amusingly, most of HP’s global sites haven't been updated yet to link to the TouchPad ordering page (excepting HP France and HP UK). No worries, pleny of others are ready for orders, and below you’ll find a list of all we’ve found so far. We don’t think it’s complete, but to be honest we’re not entirely sure what outlets in Europe will be selling the TouchPad. Let us know in the comments if there are any we’re missing!

United States (US$499.99 / US$599.99):

Canada (CA$519.99 / CA$$619.99):


France (€578.86 / €479.60)

UK: (£399.00 / £479.00)


that's pretty sweet

Allow me to refer you to the 32GB TouchPad preorder page that does work:

32GB TouchPad Preorder

Man, I found the link to Amazon, some props to me would be nice by throwing in my referral code in that front page link.

Do you want a medal or a Cookie? The link was found over an hour ago.!/beingboston/status/82428703245742080

Only an hour? That wasn't long ago. But my post here was quite awhile ago:

Moreover, the main post here read different, and it changed soon-after my comment.

I don't want a metal or a cookie, just enough referrals for a free Touchpad, dock, and case. lolskis

"I don't want a metal or a cookie, just enough referrals for a free Touchpad, dock, and case."

For doing WHAT???

Nevermind, the link directly to the TouchPads is up now on Amazon It wasn't up at midnight before and I thought I could help out a bit to spread the word it was available for preorder. Who knows there could be shortages and the preorders might be the ones to get it first.

I thought it was medal...? Ha!

Actually, the link from HP's web site worked last night even before Amazon published the actual product page.

Why am I getting the feeling that HP has never done this before?

This looks just as bad as the HP webOS TouchPad pre-order season of 1994 and 1996...

whew, that was relieving. i needed a good laugh today

just ordered it through hp had no problems

Too bad Amazon didn't do an accidental underprice like it did with the Veer. The TouchPad still looks pretty awesome, though.

I dunno... $600 converts to roughly €380. Seems pretty underpriced to me compared to €578,86.
I'll take my chances with customs :)

I don't think pre-ordering is necessary.

But if you do, it just shows up on July 1st! Its only 2 weeks buy it now on pre-order and dont have to go out and fight for it at the store... LOL!

Doesn't "Day of Release" arrival depend on where you buy it? Don't they explicitly have to guarantee that?

IDK. I would hope if you pre-order it comes on the day it is available in the store.

When I bought the Kinect from Amazon I had to select an option for it to be delivered on release day. I don't see that shipment option with the TouuchPad 16 GB version.

Well, I did it! PRE-ORDERED! We can't anticipate and not participate..

I ordered from Amazon and like others suggested I did one day shipping for $3.99.

i was told by the HP rep that it would ship on july 1st not that it would be there on july 1st.... i asked several times and they explicitly told em that it would ship july 1st... :( i am going to take my chances at the store...

I pre-ordered mine from amazon with 1 day shipping. So I'm betting it will show up on Saturday the 2nd. I'm gonna go to bestbuy and see if anyone show up on Friday and maybe they'll have working displays...

Anybody notice what looks like a new Facebook tablet app (obviously Enyo) on the Best Buy pre-order page? Or does that just look like a browser...

Do a google search for FB425UA for a nice surprise (or a sad error).

Then go to and do a search for the same FB425UA, which, whilst will not find anything for you, will point you to Touchpads! Something must be in the works...

425 is the 64 GB TouchPad. It's probably still in pre-production phase and hasn't even been factory seeded yet. The SKU numbers are often identified long in advance for supply chain reasons.

Indeed. And I am sure it is a mistake, but this is what you get from

"HP TouchPad Tablet 64Gb Wi-Fi
This amazing new tablet is due the 1st week in July. Call CleverBoxes now to pre-order your HP TouchPad today!"

You also get similar availability from a couple of other sites, including French sites.

Still, I am sure there is a mistake somewhere. They also say the 3G version is available in a few weeks time, which is bound to be a mistake.

Yes, 16GB now available for preorder too...From so it is Prime Eligible. 16gb and 32GB TouchPad preorder page:

16GB and 32GB TouchPad Preorder

Accessories too:

Touchstone Charging Dock
Case for HP TouchPad
HP Wireless Keyboard for HP TouchPad
HP North American Power Charger for HP TouchPad
HP Mini Sleeve

Technically, the mini sleeve is not a touchpad accessory. It's for their 10.1" netbook. You'll have a lot of empty space in there and it won't be snug. Believe me - I've tried putting an iPad in it. Not a good idea. has both for "Pre"order with free shipping

I'm really sorry France, that price sucks. UK price is not far off US price exc tax. As tax is 20% though, that hurts. Still, thanks HP for keeping the UK price down.

I should think of visiting some friends in UK ;)

Just ordered my 32 GB and the HP Touchpad case. There is no turning back now..

I can't decide on whether I get the 16 GB or the 32 GB one.

Sadly there is no expandable microSD slot so you will never be able to add storage later to it so for me I'm getting the 32GB one to hold music and movies.

I think I will try my chances in store. I hate pre ordering then receiving later than someone that just wakes up and walks in and out day one

Same here.

So far, the web sites for most stores are indicating "delivery only". :-/

HP Academy has this for preorder at a VERY TINY discount. It's a pathetic discount. Why even offer it at all. On the 32GB, it's only $6 off.

well just got my call from Hp. Confirmed shipping first delivery 5th. Gonna take my chances in store.

I ordered mine from Tigerdirect, no tax and the site says that it will be delivered by the release date! Thats pretty sweet.

um.. no where on the site does it say it will be delivered BY the release date. Sorry :(

Amazon uses UPS and UPS leaves packages at my doorstep. My apartment doorstep. For all my complex to see. Even when I leave a note saying to deliver it to my office.

I'm going to take my chances picking one up on launch day. I live in a big city so I'm sure I'll be able to find one.

attempt at trolling = fail

Although I cannot agree with the way the message was delivered, I do have reservations and serious doubts about the wisdom of price matching more popular (Apple iPad2) and more feature rich (Toshiba Thrive $20 less) products. WE know that webOS is what makes the difference, but the average buyer will not understand unless they have used webOS.

$599.99 is a CRAZY price .. he is right on that. it'll be next to Acer's Iconia A100 priced at $349.99 - what do you think the average consumer will pick up not knowing the difference (or caring) between android/webOS? just because we know webOS [has the potential] to be the best, doesn't make them that hip

jwiley9, I just looked at the link you supplied it says available to SHIP 7/1/11. Did you find the delivery info somewhere else?

At this point I am with ratchetjaw and going to BestBuy on the 1st.

When you get to the checkout screen it says "for delivery July 1". I contacted them after the order and the rep said ships the 1st. So yeah no good, looks like I will be swinging by Staples before work.

4:26:28 PM CustomerBill
Initial Question/Comment: Hi, will the HP TouchPad tablets be available in store on July 1?
4:26:38 PM SystemSystem
Connected with Lori
4:26:48 PM AgentLori
Hello, Bill! My Name is Lori. I have received your inquiry and I will be helping you today.
4:27:53 PM AgentLori
I show at this time we will be carrying the wi-fi version only online. The stores may carry the version that requires an Internet plan, I am not sure at this time.
4:28:06 PM AgentLori
Would you like the phone number to your local store to check?
4:28:23 PM CustomerBill
No thanks. That answers my question. Thanks!
4:28:48 PM AgentLori
You are most welcome. Thank you for contacting Staples Live Customer Support today. Enjoy the rest of your day, Bill!

Let's get a early review asap so we know whether to use our hard-earned $$ on July 1. And whether 16 gb is sufficient for average user. (probably 32 gb is safer bet)

So can someone explain all the pre-order excitement to me? I mean, you won't have a problem at all getting this at the brick and mortar stores on July 1st and the pre-orders wont even ship until July 1st. Why would you pay $500 for something sight unseen when you could make a more informed decision July 1st. Heck, every Best Buy I've been in lately is like a ghost town anyway. July 1 won't be any different. Now maybe if I was seeing HP commercials like I see iPad commercials then we may have a problem, but I doubt the people who saw the add on youtube is going to cause much of a fuss.

At this time, it is difficult to tell which brick and mortar stores will have the TouchPad available on July 1. Several say "delivery only", and others say even less. Hopefully, BestBuy will have these in stock.

Depending on the site you use, preorder-ing helps you not get charged sales tax. This way, you can spend those $$$ on something like accessories.

Yes, but that is not exclusive to "preordering". Just wait until July 1, go out and actually play with the thing to see if you like it, come home and then order it. Heck, it'll be shipped at the same time all those pre-orders will anyway. I just don't see the point at all. If you were going to get it SOONER, I could see possibly taking a sight unseen risk

It's a WebOS enthusiast site, my friend. Rational, measured decisions regarding WebOS are in short supply, which is fine. This platform needs all of the rabid, vocal zealotry it can get.

What do you mean the emperor has no clothes!

They forgot about Ireland :(

Woot --- mine is on order ! (two touchstone stands as well . . . .prolly should have got three as I know some1 in the palm nation will find away to mount in vehicles ;) )

Why is 16GB more RAM an additional $100? RAM is so cheap now. You start to see what kind of profit margin HP (and virtually every other big brand tablet) is making off this. It's like they're saying "hey, we've had razor thin profits off of our laptops for as long as we can remember, its about time we made up for all that"

A $299 netbook has more hardware AND a licensed (read: expensive) OS installed.

If you were to say, hey Matthew, I saw a laptop at Best Buy with a whopping 9.7" screen but its missing a keyboard, hard drive, CD drive and only has 1GB of RAM, a built in 16GB flash, an ARM processor and a custom Linux OS! I would laugh at you. And this is coming from someone who would love to own a Touchpad. Ahhhh!!!

You have to keep in mind one reason the cost is higher because it's more compact. Smaller parts cost more money. Also, it's not 16GB RAM, but 16GB flash storage, however I agree it's not worth an extra $100, and I've always complained about that fact with other tablets and phones.

I think $499 is a perfectly reasonable price though.

Get a life.

As has been explained, at length, on this site, cost of inputs has NOTHING to do with the price of a product, only the production decision.

These have the price that they do because the market will bear a higher cost than it will for netbooks. Demand is different. This is really basic stuff here, duder.

What you are talking about is the cost of inputs. Cost of inputs do not determine price, this has been explained at length on this site. The price of netbooks is lower because of lower demand and higher supply. You have perfect substitutes (or at least close to it) in the netbook market.

Whereas demand for these tablets is high, and there aren't perfect substitutes, so you see something that resembles more closely monopoly pricing.

All of that and you basically said the same thing I did; that these companies make a killing off of these tablets. Ok, so supply & demand is the reason they are so much higher. Fine, I'll go with that but the market is WAY over saturated with tablets. More so than netbooks ever got to. Demand is more speculation (like oil) than actual demand. Acer just cut tablet production by 50%. Doesn't sound too "high demand" to me.

Looks like HP is resurrecting the "Flow" campaign:

To quote: "Just a seamless flow from one thing to the next". LOL.

I pre ordered mine!

Would love to see PreCentral's review of the TouchPad posted soon.

Can anyone tell me why all the accessories cost twice as much in Canada?

I noticed that too. Very disappointing. I wanted to use the 25% off tablet accessories coupon at Future Shop that expires today but these prices are ridiculous even with the discount.

I hope the prices are wrong or else I'd have to buy them from the US.

I placed my preorder through HP inside sales this morning. They called me. I ordered the 16GB, a Touchstone Charging Dock and a Case. Subtotal was $628.98. After tax total was $666.72 (conveniently ignoring the prophetical 666). The sales rep said it will ship on the 1st and arrive on the 5th. When I expressed disappointment he indicated that the 1st was the ship date from distribution for all retailers as well, meaning that brick and mortars will not have the TouchPad on shelves on the 1st. We'll see if that's true come the 1st. If my local BestBuy has it for sale on the 1st I will list my status as "disappointed". On further news, the sales rep said they are expecting the Pre3 between mid to late summer placing it between the 1st of August and the 21st of September. Still no comment on carriers. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.


Its not. Wal-Mart will have them available for purchase on the 1st. I'm not sure about the other outlets but I don't know why they would be any different. The Pre3 news is also wrong. Sounds like you got an uninformed sales person that called you back.

Wow, I said I wouldn't order til a Sprint Pre3 comes out, but this is tempting LOL. Anyone notice amazon listing the accessories @ ~18%+ off?

Just returned from my local Best Buy. They had NO IDEA the HP Touchpad was for preorder beginning today. But with the help of a super salesman Chris and his manager, it all turned out well. Chris had to track down the order form, then a scanner that worked, then the correct code which all took about 30 minutes. BONUS--"promo" today gave me a free $50 gift certificate (which will of course use toward my Touchpad on July 1st! AND I'm #1!

Where did you get the free $50 giftcard? Also, I second the fact that Best Buy employees in two different stores in the Boston area had NO CLUE of the HP Touchpad preorder today. FAIL

newegg is already sold out?!!! I guess that's a good thing.

The link for the Amazon site is having problems; I take this as a good sign that there might be some significant demand.

The accessories were cheaper on Amazon than the HP site. I didn't see any listed at all at New Egg or Tiger Direct. Yup. I preordered mine.

I pre-ordered mine at 10:35am from amazon with 1 day shipping! I hope I'm 1 of the first and get on Saturday the 2nd!!

ditto for me. although the saturday delivery, followed by 4th of july monday has me concerned i might not see it until tuesday the 5th.

probably could have walked in to walmart or best buy in my hick town and nabbed one on the 1st. oh well, saved ~40 bucks in taxes.

Is there a difference between ordering for business or ordering for personal use?

Did anyone order from Newegg? I just did and while the order went through, I have an order confirmation without an invoice number nor have I received an email from them.

Never mind, found it in my account settings. It's "On Hold."

Is it possible for me in germany to order a Touchpad from the USA?

This is awesome, a webOS device is finally on the home page of major electronic retail sites. Way to go HP!

I will be walking in on launch day and picking one up from some retailer, probably Best Buy for sure. I hate pre-ordering things unless I can pick it up in store because I am always unsure of when it will be in. I WANT my Touchpad July 1st. No questions.

Beware of ordering through Amazon: if you look closely, the seller is listed as Amazon NOT HP. That means a lot when it comes to both returns and warranty.

I bought a $700 shower fixture which we didn't install right away due to construction delays. WHen we did put it up, we found it had a crack in it. When I contacted Amazon, I was told that I had 60 days to return any defective item and worse, there was NO WARRANTY because Amazon was the "re-seller" of the item. This was confirmed by the fixture's manufactuer, Jacuzzi. Of course, I was several days past that time limit.

I wouldn't purchase any big ticket item from Amazon directly again, espeically a new piece of computer hardware, unless you get warranty gauranteed in writing.

Sound advice.

If you are planning on ordering from Amazon, you may want to think twice about it. I just chatted with an Amazon customer service, they are not showing it in stock until July 17th. See below:

Me:I am interested in pre-ordering the HP TouchPad, but was wondering if you had an estimated ship date. I can get it in stores on July 1st, if it will arrive on that date, I will pre-order with you and save the hassle of the stores.

Rajesh:Hello, my name is Rajesh. I'll be happy to look into your issue.

Me:Thank you

Rajesh:This item is not yet released, the release date given for this item is July 17.

Me:Thank you. The release date into retail stores is July 1st, so I will be looking for the item there.

Rajesh:Once we receive the item from our supplier we'll update the date on our website accordingly.

It says on the Amazon website that you can cancel your pre-order anytime. So if it will not ship on the 1st then go get one at the store... At least that's my plan!

So, what exactly is the benefit to pre-ordering? Why not just walk in WalMart on July 1 and buy one?

some sites are not charging sales tax or shipping, which is a significant savings.

Best Buy website says both 16G & 32G have Quickoffice.

>>>Quickoffice, Google Docs,

It is supposed to have QuickOffice but just the viewer at launch (I think?). QuickOffice connects to GoogleDocs and within the app to view docs you have stored in those places.

It probably does, but is read-only for word and excel documents. Editing said documents will have to wait for a software update "in the coming months".

Can someone please answer... What is the point of pre-ordering the Touchpad? Do you get a free touchstone and/or cover or something? I don't see it at a discounted rate for pre-ordering. What am I missing here?

I just don't see the advantage of pre-ordering something first generation with no incentives.
Why not wait a few weeks to make sure nothing is defective. Or wait a month or two for it to come down to hopefully a reasonable price.

Agreed. I don't even know officially what apps are available for this. How do you know what this thing can do? Price is too high to buy it just because it is WebOS.

In theory, pre-ordering puts your order ahead of release day orders which could be important if the device sells out.

I've already pre-ordered it in my mind but will physically walk into my local Best Buy and purchase one. Also buying with a Best Buy Silver Rewards card will get me some good points for later getting bluetooth stereo headphones or a second touchstone for my desk at work.

I've seriously been waiting a year for this! The only thing that would give me pause at this time is a bad review by Engadget, Ars Technica or PreCentral (see their Playbook reviews, ouch!).

I'm very practical and utilitarian about technology especially when it's expensive. Make a list of what you want from a portable device and I'm willing to bet that the TouchPad will satisfy most peoples lists.
Additionally the TouchPad gets extra points for being an open platform; HP has an open business model; HP supports the hacker community; satisfies enterprise requirements better than iOS or Android; has a company with HP's clout behind it to move it to the next level (Palm here I think would of been a sad story); it has a great community behind it; and the number one advantage is it's not an Apple device nor does it require iTunes.

I'm not blind though, the eco-system is still questionable and will be its biggest hurdle but we've seen HP working with the music and movie industry, amazon, cisco and lots of others companies for Synergy simplicity.
Of the hundreds of thousands of iOS and Android apps there are only a few thousand that are on the list that users use longer than 30 days after purchase and these apps are the only ones to me that should be counted when you talk about quality or depth of eco-system. The webOS eco-system may never become as wide as the the others but it's depth and quality of apps will I believe catch up in short time.

Currently I can only think of four missing apps that I hope come soon enough to the TouchPad; Nook, EverNote, Pulse, Comcast Xfinity. The first three probably will come reasonably soon, but the Xfinity app may be a while if ever. Oh and some sort of podcast subscription downloader but that one may be there already I just don't know of it.

Good Luck to HP and to us all, HP's success here is our success.

Nicely written. I'll buy the touchpad if it's good. Because then HP has earned my money. I won't buy it just to help Palm and its parent company HP succeed. There are limits to how much you can give to the "team." I do think WebOS has distinct advantages over Android and iOS so it would be a shame to lose that creative spark. Lets hope the touchpad reignites the public and media's interest in webOS!

anyone else notice the Amazon Touchpad page has been down all day?

Good news - I'm seeing some genuine interest on Best Buy's website from people that aren't familiar with HP/Palm/webOS. How can I tell they aren't familiar? Questions like the following:

Does it work with Microsoft Office?
Can I use an air card?
Will it have a kindle app?
Does it have an app store?

These are encouraging questions because it's showing interest from the general populace that may not be familiar with the product. We may actually have to stand in line on release day to get our TouchPad LOL

FWIW...I would not bet on receiving the TouchPad from Amazon on July 1 despite this chat with customer "service".
You are now connected to Praveen from
Me:Will this item ship on July 1, or arrive on July1?
Praveen:Hello, my name is Praveen. I'll be happy to help you.
Me:Hi, did you understand my question?
Praveen:Ship on July 1, 2011.
Next day delivery.
Me:OK, but if I want to get this the day of release, I will need to go to a local store. Correct?
Praveen:Not sure, because we we receive the item morning you will get it same day.
Me:Are you saying same day delivery?
Me:OK thanks

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Dunno if this already has been posted, but here on ZDNET ...…577?tag=nl.e550
... is an article about the touchpad. And while I do not completely agree, I think it touches a few very serious issues which should make some people at HP think...

$399 $499 and you're competitive -- and it makes more sense

I don't know if anyone else noticed but it is also on pre-order at It is also advertised on Costco's home page in the flash animation add at the top.

I'm sure I'm not the first to think or say this but imho HP's online experience is awful - you'd think (now they're fully in the consumer space with Palm) that they'd employ a few folks who know how to build a web store.

Last night I pre-ordered my TouchPad from HP UK and on the checkout page it helpfully gave a list of recommended accessories (case, keyboard and international charger) but no Touchstone?!

Turned out when I clicked the 'recommended accessories' link on the page, the Touchstone showed up, along with the aforementioned case, keyboard and int charger. Maybe it's just me but I'd have thought the Touchstone would be one thing they'd be putting right there in front of me?!

Anyway, rant over - don't know when exactly it'll be getting delivered but the guidance on the site was 'usually delivered within 2 weeks', so by the 8th of July hopefully! :-)