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TouchPad out of stock everywhere, orders cancelled, more on the way? 102

by Derek Kessler Wed, 24 Aug 2011 9:16 pm EDT

The past several days have been all sorts of crazy for webOS fans and consumers in general. We’ve seen the HP TouchPad repeatedly appear for order and HP’s insane fire sale pricing, only for the apparently small stockpiles at these retailers to sell out in a matter of hours. In fact, it seems that this kind of sell-out was a new and unexpected thing for most retailers, as practically every one has had to cancel a portion of placed orders because they somehow oversold their stock. We at PreCentral have seen orders canceled from Amazon associated onSale, Barnes & Noble, and Best Buy in the United States and Canada.

Selling out of a product is not a new situation for any of these retailers. What’s new is selling out and not being able to order any more because the product doesn't exist anymore. Nobody seems to have expected lines to form for the super-discounted TouchPads, and nobody expected them to sell out in hours. Heck, we’ve got a video after the break from PreCentral reader Ian of a line of customers at a Best Buy in Manhattan waiting for their chance to buy a TouchPad. The line was at least eighty long, apparently in response to news of a shipment of TouchPads arriving for sale in the store only.

So there are still TouchPads out there, and the demand is unprecedented (sans the iPad). The question is when are we going to be able to get more? TouchPads are popping up sporadically at Best Buy stores, but won’t be available online at Best Buy. has been sold out for days now, but has recently switched from “sold out” to “coming soon” with a notification sign-up, indicating that more stock is on the way.

This does not mean that HP is resuming production of the TouchPad and webOS devices. Far from it. They’re clearing stock, and it takes a while. They’ve got contracts with manufacturers in China that need to be wound down, along with likely warehouses of TouchPads plus plenty more in shipment. HP will eventually sell-out of TouchPads, but in the meantime, the second wave of the fire sale is already rolling in.

Source: Best Buy; Thanks to everybody who sent everything in!


This is what HP wanted to happen on day 1 (the TP line)

Then they should have:

1 - Not released it until 3.0.2 was out.

2 - Released at a price that was competitive enough to not lose money, but build market share. $299/$399 or $349/$449.

And have the friggin update for the Veer to support Touch to Share and the Pre 3 ready.

The pre3 Should have been released before the touchpad! ... so mad it's not comin out now.

yeah i was just thinking yesterday that this whole TP fire sale was a huge ploy to spark interest in webos. they had to know it wouldn't sell well at the same price as the ipad and other high-end tabs out there (especially since other high-end tabs aren't selling well besides the ipad)... the main thing that Webos lacks vs the competition is apps. to get apps made dev support is needed. without a significant user base devs couldn't give a damn about making apps for Webos. so what does HP do? make a user base really quick. it was just part of their investment in Webos. THIS is why they released the TP before the pre3. many people with a shiny new TP will want a pre3 now. genius idea. i GUARANTEE that they knew they were going to fire sale the TP b4 it was even released!(they had over a million of these things made, i doubt they expected to sell them all at full price)... right NOW would be a GREAT time to release a awesome TP app. unlike the flooded app markets of IOS and Android, the Webos/TP app selection is dull and many new costumers to the platform are itching for some app action. you release one good app for it now and i'm sure you will sell 100k of them.

p.s. when i got my TP 2 days ago i couldn't sign into the app catalog for like 3 hrs. it would open for a few secs and crash. their severs were struuuugggglllling :)

It would have been a genius idea to spark a userbase, but, I can't fathom this was the case since HP pissed off any carriers who might have otherwise sold the Pre3. Thanks, HP

There are 500 available on, but they're selling for significantly more than $149 -- top bids right now are at $500.

See, given that this is happening, if HP really wanted to cash in and do the smart thing, they would have another batch being made right now and then come back to the market place with the whole 'overwhelming response'

If people are paying up to 500 then hp could surely get another batch and sell them even at 20 bucks over cost and recoup a bunch of that money they lost with the firesale.

A good marketing team could turn this around to the best thing that has happened to HP in years if they played their cards right.

But this is the 'new' HP. :(

The right thing to do would be to give legacy 1.4 webos users first crack at the next batch as Rubenstein's "something special."

The right thing to do would be to fire the entire TouchPad marketing team for the entire fiasco. Wrong upfront pricing. Sloppy launch. Poor retail outlet training. Poorly worded press releases. Back peddling on statements. Wrong fire sale pricing. Incompetent firesale handling. Sloppy, broken web storefront.

And after all this, people want to stand in line to purchase one! What does that tell you about the product? And the company?

This is really why Steve Jobs resigned. :)

I think Steve got fired for spending the entire work week online looking for a $99 Touchpad.

I knew HP would run Jobs off.... lol

It would be lovely if onSale would release the hold on my account so I may partake in posibly trying again. Until then, I have to hold onto extra cash for this hurricane. Thank you onSale, you ruined my chances and Ill make sure to spread the word.

Same thing happened to me. Curse you OnSale!

Just checked both online orders have been cancelled :( One from Amazon and another from Micro Center. What the heck!
Back online I go!

Snap! I'm in exactly the same situation.

Setting my hopes on the HP store now.

I'm right there with you...I placed my order with mac all Su day after being on hold for two hours...paid extra for two-day shipping, received cconfirmation email with status in process. I took my son down the shore and called home yesterday to see if it came-NOTHING! I called them and was told order was cancelled, the account executive who answered the phone should have not done do. I was told they had 900 in stock when I ordered. So I'm outta luck, I could have kept trying but they took my order and sent confirmation...I thought it was good. I wonder if some big ebayer made a deal.

I went straight to the site after I failed miserably trying to go out early Sat morning. I ended up getting a 16gb...should've bought a few more to help out my fellow webos users.

Sign up to get notified is all you can hope for.

But if you can't wait, Craigslist and Ebay are other options. I've seen 16gb going from 200-250...still a good deal compared to what they were going for originally. Good luck!

Yeah... Only those fantastic eBay offers are, for a large part, a big pile of **** as well... With sellers cancelling placed (& paid for) orders even when it showed they still had stock.

Placed order around 5pm tonight for $271 for 32GB and seller had a bunch left - I was the 78th buyer at that point - seller has 99.6% rating on eBay and I have no fear i'll receive the TouchPad... funny thing is that I have no problem paying the premium, as it's still 1/2 price of original and most other 32GB units... all in all a good deal and looks like loads of fun.

Cannot believe what a great community there is here at precentral!

Same thing happened to me with both companies and I know I was one of the first to get in on the Amazon OnSale deal since I was constantly refreshing that and all frigging day. OnSale is a bunch of ****

i'm afraid to go to sleep...might miss that 3 minute window when they're selling! :D

it's like tring to get those once in a lifetime tickets that are about to go on sale at any moment. By the way, who else is going to the Monkee's reunion tour this Christmas? Don't miss that last train to Clarksville!

I'll meet you at the station.

Well, I went to sleep...during the night sometime, the "Coming Soon" red oval on HP's store website changed to "Out Of Stock" red rectangle.

So, I'm trying to understand...what's the significance of an oval vs. a rectangle? It has to mean something...and of course it is a conspiracy...where are Tom Hanks and Ian McKellan when you need them?

The Monkees cancelled their show they were supposed to play as well as their tour. Who's worse? OnSale or the Monkees' management?

If there are more on the way, it's doubtful that there are very many. Yesterday the vibe you got from HP was "definitely coming, but don't know when," but today it's more like "hopefully we'll have some." Don't be fooled by the "Coming Soon" on the HP website. That means nothing. Don't forget that HP has a track record now of keeping folks waiting for nothing.

I hope hp changes their mind. This firesale was awesome. I'd love to buy a second

I'd love to buy a first... :-(

Best Regards... B)

funny this was probably the price they needed to introduce the TP at. Instead of competing with Apple dollar for dollar. TP wasn't that sophistIcated to go head to head with Apple.

According to Twitter, these are all out in Canada and no more are coming. Maybe only us Americans can hold out hope:!/BrynaAtHP/status/106398002377261057

This line that your seeing in the video is of people waiting for me to disrobe and show my chiseled six pack body I got from using my Touchpad as a workout device.... **** this device does it all.....especially the calendar app that keeps me from dating two women on the same night! Thank You Touchpad!

I ordered from Amazon via OnSale and I waited 3 days with Shipping soon as the status....then at 6:20pm....I got my shipping confirm & a tracking # Woot! Can't believe it.... I'll believe it when it arrives at my front door.

lucky you, I waited and today they told me it was cancelled! And I bought all the accessories cheap at Office Depot waiting for my TP! Where am I going to buy one now?

Obvious: ebay

Whats also great about my touchpad is that when a girl that Ive had a one night stand with finds out that those little tadpoles of mine have done a number on one of her eggs and shes looking for me with a mad looking and I;m in a restaurant and I see her and I think hmmm....from that expression on her face it looks like she isnt going to give me a big hug and a tongue kisss thats when my touchpad is big enough to hide my face behind and presto Im hidden from the storm for another day.....Thank You Touchpad!

... what?

Nope, she'll flip through the cards until she finds your face.

...what a creep!

On Sunday I was able to order two of them, (one for work and one for personal) through the HP small & medium business website. I received both order confirmations yesterday. I have my fingers crossed. It was very difficult to order, the site was really bogged down, kept getting server errors. I am a release day and current Pre owner, so I am extremely excited.

That video was definitely not shot with a Palm Pre. Hope there are more Touchpads to come.

Brain Mantis has an Android phone...don't remember which one, there are so many!

Best Buys all over Houston were receiving shipments today, but selling out fast. Several coworkers, and I were able to snag them up at a store here in Spring Texas. I first tried buying one at 9AM on Saturday morning before Best Buys official decision to honor the $99 price point, but was denied. I was however also denied the sale of multiple touch pads and restricted to the arbitrary "1 per customer" rule. Still trying to track down more, for more of my employees. Hoping HP's website lists them again, and the limit is removed.

maybe they'll be a change of heart and they'll start making TP again. steve jobs is resigning because he sees how the number one pc company in the world "hp" is getting out of the pc game and pc company two acer and three dell have had bad quarters for like a year.

Best Buy near here got 62 touchpads in this afternoon @ about 6PM, unannounced, and they were sold out by 9PM

Where's "near hear" Glazed ?

Sorry "near here"

Does Tigerdirect price match? I ordered one on Saturday then found out they were selling them at the new price on Monday. I need to go back and make them give me back the difference!

i ordered mine from on sunday and i got it today. So far im loving it. Hp should realize that people are really interested in webOS and rethink their decision. They just need to do things right this time.

Ordered from HP's SMB website Sunday afternoon. I haven't received an order confirmation... yet... just the email assuring me that "my order has been captured" and that I'd get my automated order conf in 24-72 hrs.

The HP SMB website now gives their "cut-off" time for orders from this weekend: If you ordered and HP TouchPad during our discount promotion prior to 4am CT Monday August 22nd you will receive the discounted price and free shipping.... If you ordered an HP TouchPad after this time, your order will be cancelled.

i received the confirmation email...and i have a link to check my order status but in one screen it shows my "order date" as 8/21/2011 then i click on the VIEW ORDER button and then it says my "order date and time" are 8/22/2011 at 6:08am

My credit card was approved and i had a pending charge. now when i check my bank, i have no pending charges.

whats the update on your order??

I ordered mine Sunday afternoon from HP's SMB. They charged my account right away and then I got the "my order has been captured" E-mail Monday.Still no confirmation E-mail. I checked my bank records today and now there is no record of the charge :(

The pending charge is no longer on my credit card; but those typically can't be held for more than 5 days. (i.e. they pinged the card and "reserved" the cash, but most companies don't charge/initiate the transfer until the product ships.)

Talked with HP today and they said that so long as my order was received before the cut off (@kurt178 - that 8/22 date is probably the date they "captured" your order from the queue), I'm good; just be patient.

In the meantime, I began to track down accessories. Touchstone docks looked harder to find at a discount, etc.

I'm holding out hope!

I went online on Sears website and they have them in stock but for the original price of 399.99 and 499.99. Anyone know if HP will reimburse the difference if purchased from there ?

I bought from prior to the fire sell & hp would not reimburse nor match the price. Said I had to go back to where ever I bought my TP.

If you bought it directly from Sears, you may be able to get them to price match. However, Sears is a little tricky, because they have third-party sellers on their site too. For example, if you search up Touchpads right now, you'll see they have some for sale, but under the price it says "Sold by Someothercompany". If that was the case when you got yours, then I doubt you will get a price match.

From what I read you have to call.

If bought from costco. They are reimbursing the cosumer 350 dollars. If the receipt is brought to the refund counter. Just got my rebate back. (Money is returned in whatever way PAID)

I went to the Best Buy near my house in San Francisco today, and was told they got 3 in yesterday, and they were gone yesterday. Argggghhhh.

Went to a Best Buy this morning with 2 co-workers. We got there around 9:20 and the store opened at 10. We were third in line. There were 10 people total in line by the time the store opened. Managed to snag 2 for other co-workers and my two co-workers managed to snag 2 each. They allowed each person to get one 16GB and one 32GB at this particular Best Buy. They got 62 in stock total per the manager. After I got back to the office 4 of my co-workers tried to get one but they were out of stock by the time they got there.

went to best buy last night (Utica, MI), manager said "theyre here now, theyre unloading the truck right now". He would not tell me how many, but estimated "10-15". Got in line 0700 this morning, was 8th inline and scored a 32GB. Turns out, they got 26.

The manager of my local Best Buy told me (through one of his minion's earpiece) that our particular location will not be getting any more. Why can't I let myself believe him?

HP just sent out my Touchpad Order! I would be much more excited if I could get a pre3 or a veer!

I would feel like I never got the full functionality of the device w/ out the proper cell phone...

If you are on a GSM network (AT&T, T-Mobile?) you can order a Pre3 from UK (some online shops or ebay).

Where did you send this Touchpad order? The HP Website isn't taking any today all day.

I think he is talking about an order placed last weekend that is just being shipped out now.

can anyone shed some light on my little little(which is actually a huge problem)

I ordered my touchpads on Sun morning. I received an email confirming my order the next day-Aug 22nd.

When I view my order status on the smb website it states the order date was 8/21/2011....but then i click on VIEW under Type and I get different says my order date and time are: 8/22/2011 @ 6:08am with a credit approval date as 8/22/2001. I used to have a pending charge in my bank account. now its gone. and i saw this from another poster saying that if you ordered after 4am on Monday 8/22/2011 your order will be canceled. Can you see why I am nervous? :-s

I ordered on time but, I'm not sure what time they will choose, the time I actually ordered or when they processed the order. Even though they have both dates. :(

PC World here in the UK are completely sold out

goes to show that touchpad interest was doing well despite poor initial sales. I'm sure there are thousand of people like me who were waiting for the pre3 to come out to purchase with a touchpad since the key feature was that they worked together.

Just noticed that HP product pages for the TouchPad were changed overnight. Last night they indicated more inventory was "Coming Soon!

This morning they are back to "Out of Stock"

Did they come back into stock only to sell out between 11pm and 6:40am EST?

FWIW you can still request email notification of more inventory.

I noticed that just this morning. I say it's a ploy to inflate demand, then tomorrow morning pre-dawn, they'll suddenly be available and millions will be sold. It's just a trick.

I was awake til 1am pacific, and it hadn't changed before I went to sleep, so that's an awfully small time window, and an awfully odd-hours one - I gotta wonder if they just changed it back to 'out of stock' without opening it up. Can't be sure though, it sounds like people really would snap this up in minutes.

Now the page says "We're sorry, the page requested was not found"...

That's no good..

I did order from HP business store Sunday, monday after 2 hours on the phone customer service lady told me that my 2 orders are ok, even my bank account was charged. Last night found out money is back and no confirmation email yet. That means that I am f...... Up.

funny that same lady told me that I will receive my TP within 2 weeks because it was on the building process.

Went to Costco (Mayfield Hghts OH)yesterday and while they had 17 TPs in stock....but they would not sell one to me. Customer service confirmed that they (Costco) were not going to sell them at the fire sale prices and were sending them back. UGH!!

Maybe it shows "out of stock" as a button because it's soon going to change to an order button.

I like the way you think! I think you may not be right, but I like it! I hope you are right and my thinking is wrong.

My Dad and I pick ours up at a Local Best Buy (Small Market Store in Upstate SC) They had 70 dropped last night we were the first two in line @ 8am this morning and the Store Manager let us buy them before the store opened.

HP is filling orders of it now. I placed an order from the small business site last saturday, and got an order confirmation a few hours ago. If you placed an order through HP small business, you may get lucky as I did.

Reminds me of the cabbage patch days of the 80's.

Or Tickle-Me-Elmo!

Last Sat morning placed an order at went threw with message "Expected shipment by Aug 25" the next day changed to "will ship when available" last night I receive an email saying they cancelled my order but they did apologize so I feel much better cause they said sorry for letting you think you'll be getting the touchpad we know you wanted one from day one but were waiting for the pre 3 and the 4g version of the touchpad. lol Soo mad at these fuckers and at HP. I'm gonna wait for the so called second wave of firesale if I don't get any because employees of bestbuy and they likes of are buying most of them just to sell them for more than double on ebay and kijiji to make a small profit so they can afored an all inclusive vacation, then I am done with webos for good. If the people who supported webos from day one are not able to buy the touchpad (and don't tell me to go buy one for $270 - $300 online, will never satisfy those cheery pickers) I'm heading to android!

If you were a supporter of webos from day one, you would have bought the touchpad on July 1st.

I bought mines on before it came out with a preorder. Today, I received an email from newegg that they will be reimbursing the difference.

Have there been any news or rumors of if/when the Touchpad 4G will be released? It was listed as coming soon on and it's reasonable to assume that a batch has already been manufactured.

I was just logged into the HP small business site and they show as "out of stock", so that isn't working as of 11:23am today.

sad my amazon order got cancelled ::sigh::

HP Germany stated that everything is sold out and that there isn't going to be a second wave. However, some people posted that resellers were told by HP to return their stock to HP.
I wonder what's going to happen to those units.

I bet, the folks at the HP store would like to burn the stuff rather than live through another firesale monday.

I ordered mine from in Canada on Saturday. Got up at 5:45 AM Monday to try to order one from Refreshed til 8:30 AM while their servers were down. Was on hold for 2.5 hours to confirm they were out of stock. Later I got a call from Staples to tell me my order was basically never to be fulfilled. I'm currently in a dispute with them. Not impressed.

More TPs are appearing every day at Boston area Best Buy stores. We were in the Framingham store yesterday when 90 arrived by truck. We bought 3 32Gbs. 3 dozen showed up at the Milford store yesterday morning, and 3 dozen showed up the morning before in Leominster.

In other words, KEEP LOOKING1 HP, and retailers like Best Buy, probably still have stacks of them. You'll get yours soon enough.

Following up on last comment:

We paid $149 for our 32 Gb TPs yesterday, so the fire sale BURNS ON11

I'm happy to have seemingly snagged one- haven't been home but ups tracking showing delivered. Would love to see webos faithful do a boycott and not buy any of these for more than $150/200. Can't blame ebayers for trying to make a buck but it seems like it would be smart to wait them out a bit. Really surprising (or not) that hp didn't make some effort to ge these into the hands of the loyalists first... What's the deal with the 'out of stock' on hp's website this morning? Does anyone know if any were sold?

Best show on earth! So glad I am getting rid of my Pre-.

Disappointed my Forum thread on posting your pictures of how you destroyed your Pre- got closed. And people said I am not a webOS fan...

I am... but I am just not crazy! I dont flog a dead horse!! Get out now!! Dont waste your time!! And take all the pent up frustration out on your crappy Pre-!!!

I placed an order Sunday at 11:12am but on it says i didnt do it till the 23rd. On hold right now, over 2 1/2 hours, still havent talked to anyone. No emails or nothing but they took the money out already. I just want my Touchpad!!

What happened when you talked to them??? I ordered on Sunday at 7am-ish. but i dont have a pending status anymore in my bank account. are you still ok to receive a touchpad??

I like the idea that the firesale is a plot to expand the WebOS userbase and build demand for WebOS software and licensing deals. But I doubt the HP marketing geniuses could come up with a such a complicated two step strategy ... I think they just threw $2 billion down a hole because of a power struggle between executives.

The Touchpad was selling very slowly, and now it looks like the full manufactured stock of 1 million or so will quickly fall into consumer's hands. Which makes the Touchpad the runner up to the iPad, ahead of all others by a country mile.

How likely is it that the company which first picks up a WebOS license will be - HP? As in the HP computer hardware manufacturing division that is being spun off into a new company. Will we see an HP Touchpad2 announced this winter?

GRRRR this is the worst thing ever!!!! I can not get a TouchPad. It appears that I missed the boat. FFFF this!!!

I ordered my touchpad on Sunday 21 and I checked my order status and I just received an order confirmation.. no tracking info yet but says shipping expected Aug 26.. hopefully this is right!!

You can also rate OnSale here if you are not satified with Amazon



Anyone else experience HP changing the DATE of your order? My order was placed on the 21st, and I have confirmation emails and order numbers, and then an additional "confirmation" email was sent for my order "placed on the 23rd". Today the charges on my card were completely reversed as well, and it would seem HP wanted me to fall into the group whose orders were cancelled because they were made after the 21st. ???