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TouchPad Pre-Ordering, Non-lagging demos, New York Meetups and more - From the Forums 10

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Fri, 24 Jun 2011 3:11 pm EDT

If you've been thinking about pre-ordering your TouchPad in this final week before the official launch date, you might first want to read what other users have experienced as they've done the same. User dajlol77 has shared their experience here, with a nice bit of detail, and asked other members of our forums to do the same. Of course, you could just take the easy route and order it online through HP's website, but what's the fun in that?

Before putting in their own pre-order, re2st is wondering what to do about the lack of GPS on the Wifi only version of the TouchPad that is being released first. Will it be that big of a problem to not have GPS on the device when you already have it on your phone (and can even purchse NDrive, which requires no data connection at all to work)? Or should they wait until the 3G version of the TouchPad is released later this summer? Several users share their thoughts on the matter, and even talk about experiences with a Wifi only iPad, to help give the answer to everyone who's wondering the same thing.

In just a few days, webOS developers and fans will be uniting in New York City to talk about their latest app projects, device tips, community discussions and of course, the soon-to-be-launched TouchPad. It's all going down on the 28th, and they've set up a thread to discuss it here. Our very own Jonathan Ezor will be co-hosting the event, so you can bet it'll be one you don't want to miss if you're in the NYC area.

Lastly, for those of you who have commented on the "lag" that shows in TouchPad demo videos of old, user blinktreo has started a thread to share evidence that the device that is being built and shipped to consumers is anything but laggy. He's gathered together a number of videos and demos that have appeared over the last few weeks, and opens the thread for comments on how people are expecting the TouchPad to act once delivered. We'll leave it to you to join that discussion and read other opinions, but we like that idea of a fast and snappy device ready for release on July 1st.

The PreCentral forums are ripe for discussion and a great place to talk with other webOS users and fans. You can register for free and get started by clicking that link in our menu. Don't forget to share your favorite threads with us at, we'll try to add them into the next From the Forums post next week!


Can someone please explain to me what is the point of pre-ordering the Touchpad?
Do you get a discount?
Do you get a free touchstone charger?
If not, then why would you pre-pay for something you haven't been able to test yourself? Especially when it's at the same price point as an Ipad2.
Am I missing something? If i could pre-order it for $400 and a free touchstone charger I would get it, but for $500 + $80 for the touchstone they would have to prove themselves first.

I decided to wait for a while, and read the review forums.
After the promises Leo made, after my two attempts to use a Pre Plus and it being incompatible with Verizon and Exchange only through forums, I think the trust factor has been lost.
The OS is super; marketing, specs, release, and price are dragging it down.

i think the point of pre order is to be the first to get them or if you think that they will sell completely out the first day of launch or dont want to wait in line. i dont think we would have to worry about either or.

The reason I preordered was to make sure I got one on July 1st. Best Buy gives you a $50 gift card if you preorder.

Here is my advice for pre-ordering if you want to save a few bucks. Pre-order the Touchpad from Amazon with one-day shipping. There is no sales tax to pay when purchasing from Amazon. Then contact a sales rep (chat/call), and say that you want the Touchpad delivered Saturday. They will say it is not available for Saturday delivery, and that you will receive it July 5th. Then they should offer to refund all shipping costs to compensate for the fact that you cannot receive it Saturday. This worked for me. If you have accessories you want to purchase, they are quite a bit cheaper at Amazon (touchstone charger, case, keyboard). So place a separate order for accessories and request the free shipping option. You could probably live without the accessories for a few days anyway. Hope that helps!

im affraid all these fan boys that pre odered the tp will see the same heart break of the early adopters of the pre-. im not in the market for them pads yet until they are fully functional as a laptop. i will keep a close eye on how it performs although i do not see a bright future for it..... wheres the pre 3.....probably another disappointment......

Well these people who are pre-ordering are also the reason why HP probably won't include a free touchstone or won't drop the price of the Touchpad in a month or two.
If no one pre-orders HP might get the message that they need to lower the prices.

Im pre ordered at best buy, cant wait for July 1st. pour on all the h8eraide you wan't but it will just reflect back at you.

on yes... she will be mine!!!

speaking of meetup, we're having one too!
in palm's backyard (the bay area) a touchpad launch party on 7/1/11!
5pm at cascal restaurant

more details linked off
which links to the meetup event and the facebook event (


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