TouchPad release date and pricing made official: July 1st, $499.99 for 16GB and $599.99 for 32GB; AT&T cellular later in summer | webOS Nation

TouchPad release date and pricing made official: July 1st, $499.99 for 16GB and $599.99 for 32GB; AT&T cellular later in summer 190

by Derek Kessler Thu, 09 Jun 2011 9:30 am EDT

Well, it seems every rumor we had about the supposed launch date for the HP TouchPad didn’t pan out: it’s July 1st. The Wi-Fi-only TouchPad will be released in 16GB and 32GB varieties, priced at $499.99 and $599.99, respectively. At least that matched up with expectations and leaks.

The July 1 release date is currently for the United States, with the UK, Ireland, France, and Germany (countries with established webOS distribution) getting it “a few days later” and Canada in mid-July. The roll-out will continue across the globe through the year, with planned distribution in the new countries of Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, New Zealand, Singapore, and Spain. Pre-orders for US and European customers (at least the “few days later” countries) will open on June 19th.

Additionally, HP has announced a cellular-connected version of the TouchPad, due later this summer. They’ve partnered with AT&T for the cellular webOS tablet, no idea whether this is going to be 3G, fake-4G, or actually 4G.

Press release after the break.

HP Announces HP TouchPad Availability for United States, Europe and Canada

Wi-Fi version of first HP webOS tablet also coming to Asia Pacific later this year

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--HP (NYSE:HPQ) today announced that the Wi-Fi version of HP TouchPad will be available in the United States on July 1.

“What makes HP TouchPad a compelling alternative to competing products is webOS”

HP’s first webOS tablet will be available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Germany a few days later and in Canada in mid-July, with availability scheduled to follow later this year in Italy and Spain, as well as in Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore.

HP TouchPad will be available from U.S. retailers, commercial resellers and direct from HP with the option of either 16 GB or 32 GB of internal storage(1) for $499.99 and $599.99, respectively.(2) Preorders in North America and Europe will begin June 19.

“What makes HP TouchPad a compelling alternative to competing products is webOS,” said Jon Rubinstein, senior vice president and general manager, Palm Global Business Unit, HP. “The platform’s unmatched features and flexibility will continue to differentiate HP products from the rest of the market for both personal and professional use. This is only the beginning of what HP’s scale can do with webOS.”

With webOS, HP TouchPad users have a next-level multitasking experience, access to the web, premium audio playback with stereo speakers and Beats Audio™ technology, the ability to find information on the device or in the cloud using the Just Type feature, integrated access to their information with HP Synergy, and HP’s exclusive Touch to Share capability for sharing web addresses between HP TouchPad and compatible webOS phones.(3)

Optional accessories for HP TouchPad include the HP Touchstone Charging Dock, the HP TouchPad Wireless Keyboard and the HP TouchPad Case (sold separately).

HP also announced it will be partnering with AT&T to introduce a connected version of HP TouchPad later this summer. More information will be available closer to availability.

U.S. retailers and commercial resellers for HP TouchPad will include Best Buy, Staples, Office Depot, Walmart, Sam’s Club, OfficeMax,, Fry’s, Microcenter, other leading local and regional retailers, and HP’s online stores. Specific pricing and availability for HP TouchPad in Canada, France, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom will be announced regionally. Details for Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, New Zealand, Singapore and Spain will be announced at a later date.

More information about HP TouchPad, including product features and specs, is available at



Agreed so happy about this, not sure where I am going to get the money however where there is a will there is a way.

Remember: For those without a stable income, selling one's body is always an option in the pursuit of new gadgets!

Well since it looks like selling a kidney can be bad for your health and if one fails you could end up screwed I will sell something I can live with out. My left ****

Your chest will look rather unbalanced afterward, don't you think? :p

What a great way to start the morning!

now.. does this mean the 16GB version WILL be available at retailers on the day of launch?


finally, i couldn't take anymore articles on rumored release dates. I just hope WebOS is fully optimized on release.

Watch this video... I think you'll enjoy it, some great information and things to see:

That thing is a fingerprint magnet.

I wish those were MY prints!

I liked that video, thanks. Re touch to share he def said phone to someone else's tablet, so don't need to be same profile. also hinted at phone to phone

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? (Thanks for sharing that link.)

After watching the first 10 minutes, it has become very apparent that this product is still DOG SLOW. Did anyone catch how long it took to open the mail app (~10 mins in)? It took at least 7 seconds just to fully open! In the ipad it's INSTANT. My Pre loads mail faster than this thing and it's got a dual core processor? What exactly will HP need to feed this thing to make it run quicker? This is absolutely terrible for HPalm. I'm glad I saw that - it just solidified my purchase for an iPad.

Silly post is silly. Tell me where you can find a video with release build software on board...

Silly post? Really, you think so? Why don't you read the description of the youtube video. In case you're too tired to go there, here it is:

"Tim Pettitt stopped by the Blogger Lounge at HP Discover THIS WEEK to show off the HP TouchPad - HP's answer to the WebOS tablet" (emphasis added).

Might I also point out that the video was posted just yesterday (June 8, 2011).

You really want to think that the product he's holding doesn't have the latest release code on it? You really think they're going to showcase a product with an older version of code on it when it's going to begin shipping to stores in just 1-2 weeks?

You need to realize something - I'm not a fanboy of any product, but HPalm failed big time. They have not been able to, nor will they be able to ship a product that is faster than what's out there today.

Among the many other key features, tablets should offer quicker access to common applications. Goodness, my desktop Outlook program opens faster than that and it's a resource hog.

I guarantee you that they'll even be checker-boxes when you scroll fast or pinch to zoom multiple times. This kind of stuff you see less and less of on the ipad(2).
Let's face it, touchpad's only customer base will be palm or HP fanboys or companies who have this product shoved down their throat by special programs through HP.

Please spare me the drivel - they failed miserably.

You make valid points. I still think it kicks and will only kick more in time.

How much time between launch and software updating is needed before a launch?

To be fair there were a few open apps (don't think the iPAD has them truly running in the background so probably why it is pretty quick all the time). Not sure what they were :p At some point there was an open game or two but can't remember if that was after the email being opened or before.
just to say im no fanboy, never even owned a webos device.

point taken, nevertheless this is a qualcomm 1.2Ghz dual core processor. Those cards all open up slowly - even shown in other videos. You very well could be right on, but I personally don't believe anything's changed with the product. I'll have to see it in person or watch the fanboy videos when they come out.

I have an iPad for work and own an original Sprint Pre. I find it amazing how the "myth" of the iPad has grown so large. Apple is an amazing marketing organization and it's fans are incredibly loyal. However, the reality for a this Pre owner and daily iPad user is that, while the iPad has some great entertainment value, it falls FAR short of the "myth". I even propogated the "instant" response time prior to owning one. The reality is I find it not to be significantly more responsive to the original Pre (although I feel the Pre camera app and phone app are absolutely horrible). Multitasking is SEVERELY lacking and navigating iOS as a whole is absolutely frustrating after having gotten used to webOS. Where the iPad impressively excels is on two fronts: number of apps and battery time.

I can only hope that my company gives the TouchPad a chance. I would absolutely ditch my iPad and all of the apps for a chance to use webOS on a tablet.

Great news!! So excited! What a great start to the day!!!!!! It's nice to finally have a known release date. I will be pre-ordering on the 19th of this month!


Very HP of them. Make people wait a long time for the release date, only to do it by a print-out press release. They could not have done this a month ago? So much for the big launch event.

But at least now we know! I am excited to see it in action.

Didn't see that press release coming huh?

LOL....Everybody (that cares about a press release) On!

It's just sad to see that HP has played the release of new products so conservatively that it makes them looks like scared amateurs, in comparison to Apple's media events that make fans salivate.

I just wish that a company as big as HP would have the b@lls to be flashy and confident in their presentation of new products and services.

I have never followed HP launches in the past. Is this something they have ever done before? If not, then it usually takes a mighty big tug at the rudder to turn an HP sized ship...

I get what you're saying, but HP's considerable resources should be leveraged to create a media storm: everything from billboards and bus wraps to viral media and mind-blowing media events. Size should not be an excuse for lack of marketplace agility.

I mean, it's not like Apple is a tiny boutique company that can only make their moves because they're so small, amirite?

Still two weeks to go, who said there wouldn't be a launch event or crazy nutso media storm action? I thought the leaks on here show that they are prepping for just that.


What is with companies and Canada? Why is Canada having everything a few weeks later the norm? It's not a big deal but I don't understand why...

Only a few weeks? It would seem they're letting the rest of mainland Europe wait a lot longer... Again...

For example, my country (the Netherlands) is proven to be an early adopter in terms of tech. Mobile phones here are heavily subsidized as well when bought on contract and the market is potentially pretty huge as folks over here typically have quite a bit to spend on stuff like this. Making Dutchies wait will drive them into the arms of the competition.
And I can imagine it's no different for a lot of other countries "left behind".

No TouchPad and no Stanley Cup for Canada. Sorry, America wins again!


Just add it to the list here:

Can't ada. Things you can't get in Canada. Best domain name.

well.... it is Canada

No Sprint.. I knew it because Palm POS Pre affected their business and lost customers. Sprint doesn't want to take anymore chances on Palms new products.

Probably has nothing to do with Sprint but more to do with gsm.

praise the lord...
in other news, i recently lost my power point in addition to the volume control buttons that I lost a bit ago... Pre3 please. thanks

I can't listen to the 3.5mm jack on my Pre- without everything pausing when I hit a minor bump. Yes, Pre 3 please...

I guess Im the only one that is sad :( I was soo happy, because i thought it was coming out this sunday :( and even worst, att is getting the touchpad aswell. FML

I'm sad about this too.
I hate AT&T, but I'm thinking if you just get the wifi version and tether you're all set.

Tethering on an original Pre has proven to be a not so great experience for me. Maybe I am doing something wrong. To buy a Touchpad to tether most of the time, because I am not near a Wifi that often, seems like a waste of money. I have a laptop. Though using Web OS is wonderful, $500 for the convenience of a TouchPad for it is beyond my budget to just show that I have it.

Tethering works very well on my Pre-. I actually used to watch Netflix for an entire week that I was out of town. It worked surprisingly well without any disconnection.

Which tether did you use? Do you have the regular that you pay monthly for through Sprint, or Easy Tether?

I use freethether and you can download it from preware. I don't pay monthly for it either which is the best part of it.

I also used Freetether (even though I don't HAVE to, because my carrier doesn't prohibit it nor charges for it, as it's common in Europe).

It worked very well with it too. Did you use it wireless or via Bluetooth or Cable? I haven't tried anything else but the WiFi-Variant (will see tomorrow how it works with a Cable).

I use the wifi option since I can leave the phone on my touchstone. I could never get the USB option working and never tried the bluetooth. To me bluetooth makes no sense when you can do wifi.

My hats off to whoever developed this app. It works really well. Better than mobile hotspot.

I'm tethering through Verizon (for free) and it has been great. Love Skyping on my computer through the Pre at the airport. ALTHOUGH lately I've gotten a 'you can't share' message from Verizon every time I've used it and ALTHOUGH I'm worried that aspect of my contract will disappear when I got the (long awaited) Pre3.

that's all tablets are.. convenience.

90+ % of everything we use in the modern world is just convenience. No difference here.

money is convenience. Should we go back to barter? =P

Yes, it worked very well for me on my Pre and my Pre+. But it depends maybe on your network, it worked well on O2-Germany, Vodafone and on Telenor in Serbia, but sucked when I had something from T-Mobile Germany inside (probably just a place where those particular carriers worked fine, while T-Mobile was bad ;) ).

hey i used free tether on my pre minus on a long trip at work and practically watched a hole season of family guy on hulu with no problems.(on the lowest resolution of course) The best part was that the high quality commercials would not play .and it will just stay blank for like 20 seconds

Can't wait to see this thing in action and see if it lives up to the hype. They better have a full app store at launch.

full, hmm...

what the F happened to June 17th?
Grrr. I had a deal with myself. If HP doesn't release the touchpad in June, then I would go with the Ipad2
If HP doesn't release the Pre3 in June then I would go with the HTC EVO 3D

Get what you want. Deadlines and ultimatums make no sense if you won't be happy with your decision.

Besides, July 1 is only one day off from June. ;)

I got the veer, pre3 might not come till August. Plus the veer is free at best buy. If you do their buy back program, when the pre3 comes out in august or whenever it will come out, bb will give you back 220 for your phone. Thats enough to cancel and pretty much ride out a free phone.
Thats #Winning

Sounds nice. I already pre-ordered my Pre 3 at Computeruniverse in Germany and they told me, that their suppliers will ship them the devices by June the 17th...

But it might be, that this also is just the date when you can pre-order it officially and they are actually going to ship both at July the 1st.

Sprint EVO is best alternative to non-existent (on Sprint) webOS phones.

EVO is nice but has a terrible battery life plus it has no keyboard.

I couldn't disagree more. The EVO has much better battery life than the Pre. As for not having a physical keyboard that is a personal preference. Having used the Pre and EVO I can type just as fast on the EVO as the Pre. It took some getting used to the virtual keyboard on the EVO, but the auto-correct helps a great deal.

I have both phones too. When you have multiple push accounts the EVO only lasts about 4 hours of usage where my Pre lasts about 8 to 10 hours. It could be because where I am there is no 4G service still I think that is no excuse for it.

I have 2 gmail, 1 yahoo and 1 exchange account all active with push an my EVO lasts all day without 4G. My Pre with the same setup did not.

Are you comparing a new EVO to a 2 year old battery Pre? I replaced my old battery and my Pre is back to good run times. Apples to Apples.

I bought 2 replacement batteries for my Pre and it still doesn't match up to the battery life of the EVO. I can make it through a whole day on the EVO, with the Pre that was a stretch. For the person only getting 4 hours battery life on the EVO, I suspect something is wrong or are you in an area with a poor Sprint signal? I am just outside the 4G signal area where I live so I rarely use 4G unless I go into the city (Denver).

Out of the three phones that I use (pre, evo, iphone 3gs) the pre lasts the longest.

The 3gs can't be compared since it can't do multiple exchange accounts but even so it barely lasts 8 hours of normal usage.

My pre on the other handle will last me through the whole work day with more than normal usage and I still have the original battery which is at 78% capacity now at least that's what the battery doctor says.

The evo on the other hand has a terrible battery life. I ended up giving it to my sister since I had to constantly charge it. It may be the area I am in but both pre and evo are Sprint so if anything I would expect evo to get better reception since it's a bigger and newer phone.

Battery no worse than Pre(-)...hey it sucks on both phones (lol). UI takes a little getting use to, but with the Sense overlay it is not that bad. Not as good as webOS, but a heckuva a lot better than android without it.

Feel free to go with the iPad2. I have tried to use the iPad and after my Pre, it feels like I'm working in slow motion. I have to keep from slamming it against the wall, it is so annoying to switch between apps.

To each their own.

You don't switch between apps on the Pre?

Reread what I wrote. After my Pre, switching between apps on the iPad is painful.

good stuff

I must admit, that's quite the launch stretch around the entire globe..
Palm could never have done that.

yeah well said. credit where credit's due!

Agreed - happy Australia will finally get in on this cycle. Been waiting since Jan 09. Thank you HP!


Ok now let me punch the first terd in the face that says "When is the att version coming? in coming months?" lol.

I just had an HP rep contact me asking about pre-ordering for the 19th. Im wondering if I pre order will we see them before the 1st?

Really, They contacted you already?

When they e-mailed a few weeks ago I told them to call me but that I didn't want to hear someone selling a TouchPad/Pre3 bundle at a better price when the Pre3 comes out.

Hope I didn't offend them. LOL!

You will not: my HP sales rep emailed that the device will be shipped - and he could offer me shipping for free - on July 1st. Didn't tell me, but I suspect that the free shipping is ground...

Now if only this device was 4G enabled on Sprint. Oh, and that Pre3 would be nice anytime now HP. Thanks.

Nah, personally I don't want to pay for another line of service for a tablet. I'd rather tether it through my phone and have only the one line of service.

Same here release the damn Pre3 so we can use it as a hotspot.

Ok, dissapointment has now officially become a friend of mine. I was hoping they would put this on Sprint. Was not looking for free discounted or anything like that, just looking for them to have their make it right moment to be on Sprint.

I have been with Sprint for almost 10 years, and with Palm for about 6. Me and my original Sprint Pre, which was bought for me on launch day and given to me for Father's Day will remain on Sprint.

I was hoping to score a Touchpad for Father's Day this year if it was going to be on Sprint. I will continue to use my Pre until I find out what will happen with the Pre 3, (which I am also hoping will come out on Sprint.) Please. If not, I will probably use my upgrade to move to some Android product. I bought and Android, used it for 2 months, and then gave it to my 10 year old daughter, and kept my Pre.

HP, please make a deal with Sprint. Sprint, please make a deal with HP, there is still time.

Well, Sprint and Motorola have an event today, right? So, you will still find out what you are getting, today.

Yea, maybe. Hopefully. Anyone wanna keep their fingers crossed with me that something good will come from the minds of Sprint today?

i don't understand why americans are so attached and loyal to their carriers. this is not a criticism, things are just different over here in Europe and i don't get it. loyalty to palm/hp? sure; loyalty to carrier? why?? there must be something i'm missing.

Loyalty to the carrier, at least in my case is perks. I have had several phone issues and they have quickly fixed them after looking into my account. Starting with my Palm 650, free replacement, then free upgrade straight to the 755p, instead of having to take steps. 755p had just come out within 2 months. Stolen Palm Pre, free replacement, no deposit after manager looked at length of service.

For me its about price, Sprint has the best plans at the lowest price. So I am loyal to Sprint by default since I am most loyal to the my money. :)

thats my reality. why switch carries to pay more money for something that in reality is the same. i'm not counting dropped calls or no service areas. i just know that they exist. hp/webos is my highest pref for an OS but i'm not paying more to have it. same reason i never got an iPhone.

If you've been with Sprint for 10 years (which I have been), you get a new phone every year.

If you're on at&t you get a new iphone every year. It's not a big deal.

I personally dont understand why Sprint gets such a bad rap. I have been with them for about 9 years and have had great prices, service, and customer service. Here in our office in the hospital, Sprint is the only carrier that gets service. Iphone, Tmobile, Verizon, all of the other carriers have to go outside to talk. I have only witnessed bad service in one area, and that is about 9 seconds while traveling on I75 here in Dallas.

Because carrier choice in US SUCKS. Sprint is much cheaper than other alternatives for the same service and data level. With proprietary CDMA, we are locked into a carrier by contract. There is no swapping SIM cards on anything but AT&T and T-Mobile. Hence loyalty or hundreds of dollars in early termination penalties.

+1 pretty much what I would have said ;)

In my case it's more about refusing to use AT&T as my carrier than it is about wanting Sprint. I absolutely will not ever, as a consumer, knowingly give money to AT&T.


With this announcement I might, just might, consider a WiFi only Touchpad. But that's not the direction I wanted to go in.

So for the moment I'll do nothing and wait for the Pre3 to be released. Depending on how that's handled (available on Sprint/Verizon, ability to freely tether a WiFi Touchpad to it without jailbreaking or violating TOS), then I might buy a Pre3/Wifi Touchpad combo. The decision is simply this: both or neither. And if neither, then I'll be looking at other platforms. Which is sad as I've been a Palm device user since the IIIx back in the 90s.

thanks for the explanations guys that makes more sense now :)

This is on Sprint. Go into your FreeTether app on your Pre- and open up a WiFi hotspot. Tada! Your Touchpad is on Sprint.

The REAL release date I want to know is the day the Touchpad appears on for $119.99.

I hate negative people like you! Get out of here please!

Everyone knows it will be on a much classier discount site like and will probably be for $199.00.

Whoa Nelly check out all the minuses I got.

Look people, I'm not trying to negative. I'm also not trying to be poor...but, alas, I am. Won't be an early adopter on this one.

Congratulations to all you out there who can afford it. I knew I shouldn't have gone for Journalism in college!

not gonna happen.. wtf?

I am a little ticked that I signed up on their site to get info first and yet no email was sent to me regarding this release date.. I HATE when companies do that. what's the point in signing up if only to get days old news?

They emailed me a few days ago saying its coming and to put me on the list. I think its just like one or two guys doing the mailing and they are slacking hardcore.

excited for a release date but a bit disapointed there was no event to announce the launch date and launch partners. Almost feels like it's gonna be somewhat of a soft launch like the veer. :-( I am for sure looking forward to reviews though so I hope they have the Review units in the Mail.

HP would have a launch event if there was going to be a lot of software to show off. The Feb 9 event featured a lot of magazines and no apps. They need to hold an event to show software to the press - if there really is any.

Almost everything about the TP coming out of HP is enterprise this and enterprise that. You'd think they'd have a license with Star Trek.

This is fine if HP can make that work for them. But most in the Precentral community seem to have consumer level expectations (or what Apple is doing). While HP probably thinks they have the consumer end wrapped up with facebook and twitter integration along with a few e-reader apps/mags.

Maybe not Star Trek, but how about NASA?

I know, exactly. And if I just wanted facebook I could get that on a free phone. I really doubt any decent apps will come out this time. This is their 3rd release cycle and they still don't even have Yahoo or Sonic the Hedgehog. I'm sorry but I am not gonna be an early adopter this time because I already spent enough money buying the Pre Plus only to be told that we get the 2.X update and then lied to.

I just saw something new in the HP Discover Blogger video people have been going gaga about - Glyder HD.

Took forever to load, and then had a stuttery framerate. If that's a typical TouchPad entertainment title, I'd be quiet about what's on the docket too.

Guess you can only show the email app so much huh?

Everything in that video took long to load. Look at when he opens the email app then when he opens an email, photos, games. They still need that pulsing icon to give you something to look at while apps load. Crazy.

I did love that one quote from the presenter though: "[For] Youtube we actually go out to the website. We figured we'd just use their webpage rather than keep upbuilding apps with google so..."


No, no no...the best comment was:

(starts "Sparkle" game app)"I don't know if this'll load or not"

Then he places it in front of him and starts yammering about something else as people look at the splash screen for 3 minutes.

Australia....Australia!! Did they just say Australia!! We have been waiing for a webos device here for years....this is amazing.

I bought my Pre and had all sorts of drama trying to buy apps. A return to Australia is great news for the handful of us left who were Palm loyalists!

AND, they say the apps will be worldwide

You and me both. I'm mega keen, been talking up webOS since Jan 09.

I still say the pricing's a mistake. It should be $100 cheaper. Having the same price as the iPad 2 (not iPad 1) is going to hurt sales a lot. And the success of WebOS hinges on getting a LOT of users. Since they can't come close to competing on apps/functionality, and they can't compete on OS speed or thinness or lightweight, they should be competing on price.

webOS can do many things that iPad2 cannot. Why does it have to be $100 cheaper? It's a different device primarily for a different market with some consumer crossover appeal. I think it's actually the opposite of an iPad.

If you don't want a TouchPad, you can buy or already have an iPad. For enterprises, the choice between iPad and HP TouchPad is not a slam dunk for Apple.

For enterprises, Apps will be developed using HP's industry-leading enterprise security tools and be downloaded from internal app stores within their corporate firewalls. Quite frankly, the Citrix implementation on HP TouchPad makes Apple look weak. No serious enterprise is going to put its data on iCloud, HP's expertise in turnkey private clouds, outsourcing and integration makes for a completely different conversation.

Yet...none of these exist yet. Out IT guy at work uses his touchpad to remotely connect to our network. NO HP WebOS product can do that...yet. The only way to beat the Ipad or Xoom will be a lower price...not equal. They have the apps....webOS does not.

Huh? Citrix, VPN is available on the TouchPad now and so it will be there on release day. I'm sure there's also other enterprise features we don't know about.

I think you've got the right idea of what HP's final focus is (that has changed in just months).

And yes, it's exactly that. A tablet aimed at enterprise that will have some consumer stuff thrown in. Expect HP's focus to be more prosumer or enterprise. Not exactly your typical precentral user.

If you're an enterprise, that's fine and dandy. If strictly buying from a consumer standpoint, you may want to consider an ipad or android. They're the ones focusing on you.

That's great for businesses who somehow have tablet plans but don't want any part of iPad and its myriad of OTHER enterprise apps (including Citrix Receiver) that have nothing to do with iCloud.

But how is this the "opposite" of an iPad for a consumer walking into Best Buy or Wal-Mart? Same screen dimensions. Similar interface. Similar mail. Highest quality apps are ports of iPhone titles. Kindle.

For that customer, it should be $100 cheaper. that's why Asus and Acer are starting to clean up with their Transformer and Iconia Tab (respectively) Honeycomb tablets. Supposedly Visio is about to bottom the floor out again with their $350 model. Good luck racking up $499-$599 Touchpad sales in that environment.

Exactly. If you expect consumers to buy this, then better chop off a couple of hundred. Being the opposite of an ipad in terms of software isn't a good thing here.

Actually, the HP guy demoing in that 37 minute video echoes that they are "targeting" the top 20 percent of iOS titles for porting. So these guys clearly aren't getting the memo about offering a different experience than iPad.

If you buy the touchpad right away you get what you deserve. The price will drop significantly in a month or two when it is obvious that they can't compete with IPad2 out of the gate.

It's not a knock on HP or the touchpad which will probably be a nice piece of hardware. I would wait unless $150.00 is chump-change to you.

Absolutely. I'd be surprised if the price didn't come down within a couple of months.

This has nothing to do with HP targeting the enterprise with this product.

This has to do with the fact that even HP doesn't know fully what they want to do with the TouchPad or who to market it to.

HP is historically not the best at execution with hardware in these genres. They have a history of 1-trick ponies with the exception of PCs/Printers and enterprise stuff.

HP is a large, non-agile company with too many heads and unfortunately a half-hearted foray into Smartphones and Tablets does not an iPhone/iPad killer make.

These HP reps in these videos all look like they have no clue what is going on nor do they care knowing they'll probably be unemployed in 6-months from now. The TouchPad will be on eCost for 99.00 by Christmas-- that is-- if this vaporware really gets released.

Lowering the price would cheapen the brand in the mind of the consumer. HP has to compete on functionality, not price.

Thanks HP!

Im getting in line first :D


If you're gonna insult somebody at least spell it right.


At least losers can spell >:

FYI... You may make up the entire "Line".


Would be a great birthday present for me...My birthday is the 1st.

I have to say, I did a blog post for MY evolution of the smart phone

I would love to say 100% this is the tablet I should have since it has amazing features unline any other tablet out there. Its just about perfect. The one thing after switching from a treo 650, to a (something we wont name), to original Pre, and now the Android Epic 4g, is there is apps that just arent available that I love and use daily. The hopes of developers to create these apps for WebOS is simply a long time away.

Sacrifices.... on another note, I wonder what batter life will be. That too is important since Androids suck on battery life.

AWESOME! Now, when can I get the Pre3 to match, HP???

Exactly. No Pre3, no TouchPad for me. I'm even hoping they'll be sold as a bundle deal.

I'd rather go with a Veer/TouchPad combo or just the Pre3.

now the only question is if I should pre-order and deal with getting it a few days late or risk not getting one on release date

Happy Canada Day HP!! Luckily I am flying down to the States on that very day, so I lucked out!!

I hope there are no shortages in supply. I want to just buy one without worrying that it's not in stock. (Asus Transformer)

If they choose AT&T for the Pre3, then I'm done (i.e. no more webOS for me other than the TP). I wish they'd just announce THAT, geez!

I'm with you, but I have a funny feeling (and I hope I'm wrong) that the Pre3 will come out on AT&T. Especially since they've already announced that an AT&T version of the TouchPad is coming out soon. Probably the same time the Pre3 will be released. This is the one time that I wish that I am wrong since I am a 12 year Sprint customer who loves webOS but is not going to another carrier...

Currently on the phone with HP as I type. I called the Home Office dept for use with my company discount to see how much I can get % off with the Touchpad as it is worded "up to XX%". I got bounced from one dept. to another, even the wireless dept. who tried to sell me an older Pre on Sprint for free with contract...lmfao

I finally finished after getting ping-ponged back to the Home Office dept. The discount rates aren't showing on their side yet :(

BUT I am quite disappointed that many did not have a clue what I was talking about and had to sift through to find what I was looking for. This is not a good thing for something that is going to be coming out on pre-order in about 10 days. I have never seen HP this disorganized about a product launch... uh oh!

Hope they get the act together (also no word on Pre3 release either, thought I would at least try since I had such a bad phone experience anyways).

Whaaat? Im glad they came out with a date... But that´s in the states (it´s more countries HP), HP should release it to the HOLE world at same time. I and several geeks in Norway wont get it before, last of the year? Come on HP! It´s sure been september before we get it :( Im really tierd of waiting for "the coming months".

Your Engrish makes me smile. :)

where are the major developer announcements? i thought they said some major apps were going to be a part of the TP launch?

Whatever happened to HP "making it right" for Sprint Pre - owners. I have yet to see another mention of it since the Feb event. Contract is up next month and at this rate, I'm looking at anything but HPalm precisely because of this.

Go ahead, change my mind HP.

This don't look good for us Sprint people..... :-(

"I want my, I want my, I want my Sprint Pre 3!"