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TouchPad returns to TigerDirect in yet another HP PC bundle deal 34

by Derek Kessler Mon, 14 Nov 2011 10:54 am EST

Sigh. It seems that HP’s dedicated to using the remaining stock of TouchPads to push sales of HP laptops and desktops. First Best Buy, then Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, and Micro Center, and now TigerDirect (who looooves to email their customers). If you’ll recall, TigerDirect had a limited stock of 32GB TouchPads earlier this month that they sold for $279.99 – a stock that sold out in less than five minutes. Now they’ve got more of the same, but instead of forcing a bundle with a stand, Bluetooth speaker, and case, they’re forcing a bundle with an HP computer.

Here’s the deal: buy a TouchPad and any HP laptop or desktop from TigerDirect, pay $299.99 upfront for the tablet, and get a mail-in rebate (sigh) for $150. Or just buy a 32GB TouchPad for $299.99. Yeah, that’s more than they were asking before for the same tablet with accessories that aren’t included here. Supply and demand, folks.

So just how many TouchPads does HP have lying around? More than they’re letting on, it seems.

Update: The exact same deal is running today at and Those two, along with TigerDirect, are owned by Systemax.

Source: TigerDirect; Thanks to everyone for the tips!


Whatever incremental revenue they generate isn't worth the real cost of reputation and goodwill. This was a very short sited strategy. They could have kept their word, generated a ton of good press and goodwill by blowing them out as they promised and made Touchpads a true force overnight.

Not sure about making it a force, but keeping their word would have been a nice idea...

Who in their right mind is going to by a computer/tablet bundle from these clowns. Way to go Whitman and prove to everyone that you're asleep at the wheel. Has anyone here gotten themselves a Touchpad/PC bundle yet?

Probably keeping some out the back for testing Android and Windows 8 on.

You can get them at Amazon all day everyday for less than $300!

They are on tigerdirect unbundled for 300 with a $150 I don't see the problem. I bought one

Nevermind, read the fine print, canceled order

Yes, it's sad, very sad. :(

Right. Because you have to by a qualifying laptop, desktop, or work station AND the Touchpad in order to get it for $149. $399 Plus another $149= $548. Anyone need a new PC or Laptop bad enough to have to spend an additional $149 just to get a touch pad we should've been able to buy for $149 unbundled?

If nothing else, hopefully someone at HP sees what the price point of these should have been. Any chance of successfully continuing with WebOS on tablets (or phones) at HP hinges on understanding what the market is.

The Touchpad makes a great loss leader for their PC business. It does NOT make a great tablet for WebOS business.

Hence HP's strategy.

Sca-rew you again HP! I want a TP but can't justify spending 300 on one or 600 for a bundle!

Then you can't really blame HP if you and most others aren't willing to pay 300 for a webOS tablet. They never had a chance.

I was willing to before they were given away like candy for 150...

I'm surprised there's no mention of HP (possibly) testing the waters for a Touchpad at the $299 price point. As well as (continued) testing of the bundle partnership with their PC hardware.

From my perspective, the bundle option is a great selling feature. I'm soon to need a new PC, and would like a tablet as well. Where this option goes sideways for me, is the fact that I live in Canada, and HP doesn't seem to recognize us as consumers (for their tablet).


I agree with BigOldDog. HP could have sold the TP 16GB & 32GB at a bargain price, (say in the $200 range,) and SOLD ALL of them. They certainly would have had a favorable impression from the buying public, in this Christmas buy season. Instead, they got disappointment, outrage, and confusion. Great sales strategy going into the Christmas season.
I got two 32GB TP's off eBay for about $245. in the door. So much for Tigers deal.

But...they said last time was the last time...

As a long time customer of CompUSA, I stopped doing business with them a couple months ago, because of cases like this. This has nothing to do with supply and demand, and everything about ripping people off. If they were truly out of TouchPad, when they sold out last week, where did these come from? They are creating their own demand by holding back on supply and deceiving their would-be customers.

Tiger Direct, CompUSA and Circuit City are off the list for all of my computing needs.

"They are creating their own demand by holding back on supply and deceiving their would-be customers."

They are learning from the master then:

What do you expect from a company of douches?

it hacks me off that other companies like cost central were denied their promised allotments of TP's for the firesale and now hp instead gives them to other suppliers?? those of us that 'bought' TP's during the fire sale at cost central were (finally) updated by CC noting that their 10K supply of TPs was being trickle-released by HP to them all thru sep/oct and then finally another email from CC said "sorry, hp won't give us any more, they dont have any".. only to see these bundle sales turn up. I'm not normally litigious but I really wish CC would / could sue HP for breach of contract. I don't know the fine print but it seems like it to me....

the TD $279 bundle wasn't bad - sell off the other "stuff" on ebay to get maybe $70-80 back. A $200 TP is a pretty good deal!

What's happening here looks like the HP sales team got an order to sell the TouchPad whatever way they can to increase the overall sale. They basically just say, here are a bunch of these tablet, do whatever you want to increase the bottom line.

It is good to see the TouchPad sells, but it is not good for WebOS in anyway. WebOS is effectively dead.

My other extreme speculation or wishful thinking is that HP thought the hardware was **** so the hardware team is gone. Then they may have an HP team design an tablet that run WebOS, with better overall design and etc. I know, this is wishful thinking, but hey, there aren't much more to think about on WebOS.

It's what they should've done in the first place to sell Touchpads and HP computers, but now that it's the ONLY way to get Touchpads it's irritating.

After the fire sale, this is a bad idea. These Touchpads are not going to sell out like the Fire sale Touchpads did. How many people out there who even needed or wanted a new laptop can then justify also buying a Tablet as well? It's utterly pointless to buy a full featured laptop and then buy a Tablet that isn't needed for an additional $149. Sorry HP but if this is what we can expect from Whitman, you're going to be disappointed. They tried this about a week ago. How well did it work then? Can't have done that well, because they are back trying it again.

Seems like the one constant is that all webOS devices are bad ideas.

I will say though that it's a shame HP couldn't sell any pitch to Amazon to supply them with Kindle webOS devices.

I think "partner with amazon" has only come up a million times in the last couple of years.

They all sold out in three minutes last week. much for your logic.

Yea. They all sold out last week. Now all of a sudden they're back when HP hasn't made any more? I don't think so. So much for your LACK of logic. And if they sold out by now but show back up on Black Friday with no new units produced, it will be the same bait and switch BS.

Wonder what happens if they sell bundles with 7" Touchpad at say NZ$299 Pricepoint. It might happen if they're sitting on a stockpile of those. Power of positive thinking...

I'm all for a business wanting to make money but selling out the Firesale $99 16GB Touchpads to their employees, then offering everyone else Bundles that just don't make sense, is bait and switch BS. had they done bundles with cases and what not to begin with instead of the fire sale and then claimed to be producing more units to meet fire sale demand, this would make sense, but serious? Who's going to buy an HP laptop and THEN also buy a Touchpad at $149? It's BS. Any reports on them "selling out in 3 minutes"? Haven't heard anything about that here. **** the customer. I'll buy anything but HP from now on. I'd even buy (GASP) DELL over HP now.

I figured with the track record for hardware of webOS devices, HP needed to hold a whole bunch back for warranty fulfillments over the 12 mo. period. (1 mil. sold = how-many-hundreds-of-thousands-to-replace.) If something breaks under warranty for one of my two TouchPads, I'd like to be able to replace them like I have my Palm Pre's.

$300 is still too rich for me. Couldn't pass it up at $99, but I can get a tablet with a supported OS for three hundred.

Plus it's Tiger Direct, the kings of **** you out of your rebate. Don't bet the farm on that $150 check actually showing up because it might not.


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