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TouchPad video shows Citrix in action [video] 77

by Derek Kessler Sun, 10 Apr 2011 4:00 pm EDT

HP’s been playing their TouchPad cards close to their chest since the announcement back in February. They announced just a few days later that they were partnering with Citrix to ensure that the TouchPad would work with Citrix Receiver, and today we’re now getting our first look at how that will work. In a video that just about rehashes the on-stage TouchPad demo from Think Beyond (Sachin Kansal is even giving the demo, and they use the same restaurant website), HP shows off the TouchPad, but then gives us one something new: Citrix Receiver.

Citrix Receiver is accessed via the browser, where after you log in you select the desktop apps you want to access. You select the app and it loads up the virtualized window with which you can interact, with all the processing offloaded onto a cloud server. Kansal demonstrated AutoCAD working with a 3D model over Citrix, and while it the framerate wasn’t fantastic, we will give them the benefit-of-the-doubt in that it is working over a Wi-Fi connection to a remote server. Cool stuff, and what will undoubtedly be a big selling point for enterprise customers. Check out the video after the break (Citrix stuff kicks in at 2:19).

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This is great stuff.

Hope our client decides to use touchpads for remote access via citrix.

This looks pretty fantastic. I REALLY hope HP is successful with webOS. I want them to make Apple wish they never existed.

Guess I am not the only one that feels that way :D

HP has sold way more PCs than Apple has sold Macs, but Apple is still selling those. I don't think things will change with tablets.

I just came in my pants.

"Jizz in my pants"
YOUTUBE it. lol

I'm on a Boat :D

Break this up into 30 second tv commercials and watch touchpads sell. This was the kind of promos the pre was missing at launch. The world needs to be explained why webOS stands out.

The Pre was also missing the functionality to make this kind of promo possible...

It looks great. But don't forget that citrix receiver is already available for ipad, android, blackberry and Windows mobile.

Hp should focus on making a difference against the competition. True corporate experience, real exchange email client, where apple really lacks a lot, real corporate security, etc.

I truly believe the webos experience is unique, and I have used IOS, android and webos. BUT, when you switch from IOS to webos (as it has been my case) you lack a lot of things people is used to (where is Shazam? and spotify?) HP must put a lot of pressure on those 10-15 apps that are a must have for commercial users that cover 95% of user experience, (and it is a must!) and then differenciate in the corporate market.

Also, timing on products, HP needs to learn a lot from Apple in that side, too.



Good post and welcome to webOS!

Take a view to the App Catalog... Spotify is on it, ready for you.

Pssh, forget European elitist Spotify, use good ol' American Grooveshark. Heck, when you switch from iOS (and now Android) to webOS, you'll find a Grooveshark app that is available in the App Catalog.

Good post. HP should subsidize the big name app developers so those apps will be on webOS. Citrix would open up lots of business markets. Currently my hospital's electronic health record supports citrix and iphones/ipads can be used to assess the system. If HP's Touchpad can tap into healthcare sector, that would be great.

Spotify is already on webOS.

If you don't focus on what the competition has, the consumer assumes that it cannot do it. You just need to do a better job.

Well, Spotify is there, but it doesn't work on my Pre2 (2.1). Grooveshark is there too and it works, but is really outdated against other OS versions, not even offline cache... nor any dates or commitments on updates. To an outsider, it looks like an end road.

My sister, as an example of standard user would never go to WebOs if she can't play with shazam or Grooveshark. She doesn't care at all about so many "differentiators" that we all techies like to say. She doesn't know what multitask is. But she is happy with her pretty iPhone her brother gave her when he switched to webos.

But I have to say, that also as an outsider vision (for not too long!) to webos, I see an incredible platform with a lot of possibilities, it just need some push from HP. Also, the homebrew customization possibilities are really really ahead on what you can do on IOS. It should also be pushed by HP.


stooooooked. Lets hope I can afford them both this summer. Also..... SPRINT!

as said before this would make a great advert. just with a better voice over. really shows how easy it is to use. and it looks much smoother then prevous vids of it.

Am I the only one that thinks something like 'touch to share' is absolutely pointless when used with devices that are focused around wireless technology?

Wouldn't it make more sense just to say "and I can tap this UI element and know that the content has been pushed to the phone in my pocket"?

I disagree. "Touch to share" reminds me of the old Palm PDAs which could "beam" information to each other.

Well, it would be better for geeks like us to just have some kind of connection that we can control via software and send everything that we want between our phones.

But TTS is more intuitive and convenient, therefore better for the normal consumer (doesn't have to configure anything, to chose what he wants to transfer from where to where etc...).

Also you can do stuff with TTS that is not possible otherwise. Like creating group-games by just tapping each other, or transfering safe-games or creating special events in a game that occur when two devices touch (like starting to conversate, or exchange items in a RPG etc.).

Look at all the effort that is now being put into input devices that can read gestures. You could say a keyboard is more efficient - but is it the most intuitive or natural? I like the idea of tapping devices together.

I think TTS identification is more secured for NFC, specially in a data-center setups, like hundreds of cubicles are crammed per floor space.

i don't know about pointless but it's not something i'd use nor is it anything i've really wanted to do. That is i don't "sync" anything with my phone and i only share music. Like in this example where i'm looking at a web page for a restaurant on my laptop and all of a sudden i send it to my phone. Why? I'm not saying someone else won't have a use for it i just wouldn't. It's the same with printing from a phone. I've never ever wanted to do that in all the time i've had a cell phone.

Well, maybe not from a phone. But on a tablet this is a must.

I won't buy a new private Notebook after I have my Touchpad. So it HAS to have multitasking, printing, document editing etc. to be of any use to me.

I always wanted to have a tablet, since Microsoft first introduced that concept. Now it seems as if the time has come that such products finally can take over! :)

Does anybody else feel that this video will make your speakers blow up?

yes...i had it at low volume and still thought they were going to blow devices.

On the youtube-site it's written that the video was encoded with Windows Media and that Youtube breaks it like this when you upload such media to it.

The poster said that he will try to upload a version which won't cause this ;)

Wow.. that video has some awful audio -- clipping through most of the video!

Ok, now how about giving us a really good RDP client...

During his strategy presentation, didn't Apotheker say that HP would be launching a cloud-based app store? What if that was a pay by the drink or subscription based service for consumers too? Now, that would be awesome.

While I'm of course excited to see all this stuff from an enthusiast's viewpoint, I have to wonder what my non-webOS friends will think. My guess is that they will think, hmmm, ok, so there's another tablet out there, but the only difference that I see is that "touch to share" thing. I know that part of HP's goal with this initial release was to show they could be competitive, that they could have something with the same or similar apps to the major platforms, but I believe that a "hook" is needed to get potential customers interested. A lot of this stuff is just standard on other platforms. The big differentiators are touch to share, the multitasking/card-stacking stuff, and maybe the email collapsing pane stuff. In other words, as others have said here, play up the differences. Why else would you suddenly go for a something that is just saying "hey, we have what the others do." Ok, so maybe they aren't saying that exactly, but the things that are different should be front and center, and the stuff that's the same should be the afterthough, IMO..

I think videos like this show Touchpad is on par with iOS on ease of use and fankly, above Android right now. If HP can get more app makers on board, the Touchpad should be a great success for them.

As a long time iOS user, I will tell you this: webOS on the touchpad looks great. I really hope it is successful. The card metaphor is nice and a good option for potential consumers. Any computer that is easy to use for everyone is a win in my book.

While I am pretty settled in the iOS ecosystem, I would still recommend to anyone to check out webOS when it gets established, meaning, when HP starts shipping and updating regularly.

I hope you guys get a great product!

I think it would help to really emphasize the true multitasking. Rather than just using it to switch between apps like other OS's do, they need to do show some more abstract scenarios like some copy/pasting between cards. I use two cards to do things like read information from a contact on my phone, and text it to my wife in another window. People I talk to about webOS say, "I don't really think I would use the multitasking very much." But when I used Android for 6 months (before fleeing back to webOS), the multitasking was the thing I missed the most.

For once I'm really anxious for these products to release. Maybe its because I'm loving how my sprint palm pre + is handling 2.1.0. Pre 3 please on sprint though. Please!!

Um, that's not AutoCAD, it's the Solid Works viewer. Sachin calls it AutoCAD but you can clearly see that the label under the icon says Solid Works.

Yea that's definitely not AutoCad. It's eDrawings. Nothing more than a viewer program for people who don't have Solidworks and AutoCad. One would think people in the tech industry could at least get that right.

Just bring PPTP to VPN and RDP to remote.

release the dam things already

I get the whole thing about international customers and all, but some of the words do get mashed with his accent. Not trying to offend, just making an observation.

Agreed. This guy is killing me.


Agreed x3

I really hope there's a way to keep instant messages active in a small window about the size of the original Pre's screen. I don't need a 10" screen filled with IM's when i want to respond to one. That's just a little rediculous. Plus it'll prevent you from staying busy in another card. WebOS 3.0 should've taken the multitasking up a notch. TouchPad acts like an oversized Pre when it should be offering more, given the display size.

You mean like pressing the button and going to the other Apps? I don't see myself writing into two applications at the same time.

The only thing that I would like to see is that you can put two apps next to each other, just in case that you want to compare two documents, sites or something similar.

For IM I would just leave the window open while doing something different or close it when I'am ready and get notified when something new arrives.

this is great stuffff!!!!!

Was the lack of gestures front and center for anyone else while watching this video? I cringed every time he said "I hit the home button to go back to card view." LAME.

Bring back gestures!

disappointing. forget one-handed operations.

*insert crude joke here*

As much as I enjoyed this video, I have to agree. The home button is like nails on a chalkboard for me.

At a *bare minimum* (I still wouldn't be happy), they should have made this a capacative touch 'spot' like on the Pre+ / Pre2 (ie: if you press the centre area, it acts like a button, even though most WebOS users prefer gestures).

Re-creating the iPad physical button feels like ... copying Apple for the sake of copying Apple. Ugh.

It's the same basic pitch we saw on the launch video - but adding the Citrix and the production polish. But D*&n it is nice!

It gives me hope that HP really has key back room development going on for the platform of my choice - and isn't just fiddling thumbs while trying to slowly turn the mother ship in a new direction.

Gotta agree with previous comments.. Beg, borrow, steal, bribe, cajole - whatever it takes - but get us those dozen or so critical cool apps that are now on Android / iOS, then focus on affordable secure integration with the enterprise and we will have a will have us a compelling contender.

Sweet! Man I love the integration of these devices!!

The HP TouchPad looks great. It's definitely going to be the 2nd best tablet after the BlackBerry Playbook.

The Playbook is most definitely not #1.

I hate to be the guy to say this. But why do they have this Indian dude with the cheesiest personality ever as the guy demoing this stuff. Get someone "cool" that tech consumers can relate too. It is as painful as when he spoke on the Feb. 9th event. Seriously, this is common sense stuff.

Especially considering all of the IT people who have lost their jobs to"offshoring". Why would they buy something from this guy?


AutoCad? lol get your software right buddy

For the Citrix Receiver, it looks like XenApp. Wonder if they will fix the keyboard problems like function keys, and arrow keys that they have with the ipad, the slow connection from the BT keyboard to XenApp/Desktop and allowing more than one application streamed/open - unlike on android.

The HDX feature of Citrix is what gives it the ability to stream and rotate images pretty smoothly over 3G/Broadband and it works quite well, including flash videos. We run XenDesktop VDI in our environment and love it. The receivers are a bit buggy but hopefully that will be fixed coming quarter for the iPad.

Expensive setup for license, but less expensive than Vmware's solution.

Overall WebOS is awesome! The concept is overwhelming and I agree, they have the marketing to produce a much better video with better presenter to touch with enterprise and consumers.

Their toughest thing that HP got going for them, like many has posted, and I agree, is making it simple for a customer to use and relevant to users with apps that they enjoy in their daily life.

I want that calendar and email app wicked bad. Cannot wait til the touchpad comes out! and the Pre 3! and I want my ponies!

Would it hurt to get someone who doesn't have an accent to do these promotional videos? I know there's gotta be more 'camera-friendly' employees at HP who can make a good walk-through video. It's all about being as universal as you can when making products appealing.

And yes, there will be people who will be turned off by this video, that's just the way it is.

If we are talking about webos and the TouchPad, I think there's definitely potential to be had in the market, but it's going to require impeccable marketing (this is not going to cut it) and availability from HP's 'massive' distribution channels. And why am I seeing so many Beats commercials with big names endorsements like Fergie and Alicia Keys promoting HP laptops with Beats Audio? Bring some of that magic to all the webos devices coming up. And please don't let Serena Williams do it...

hmm. why is the kindle app so damn slow?

still beta until December 2012, bear with us

This ad actually made me want a tablet, something never happened to me before...

I want a pre3 and a touchpad.

I'm wondering why they made this demo right now. For whom? The same old stuff, nothing new for regular consumer. Like really _nothing_ new. If they're planing much more than this by launching time, why would they make an effort to make this feature-cut (professional) video? No must-have apps, like Shazam or even eBay, no word on music or multimedia entertainment in general (like AirPlay, DLNA or just something!), launching of Flash Player is hidden.

I am a fan of webOS. I'm not planing to get any iPad right now. But the only thing why I'm not is the flash issue. I really like the idea, that I can stream any music over WiFi from the tablet to my HiFi system. The fact, that I can get whatever popular app I want. It's very tempting, you know.

I just hope this video doesn't mean that's all they've got.

I agree that they need to add some new demos to freshen up buzz. Armageddon Squadron 2 or whatever excites pretty much nobody, and the graphic performance on that engineering software VPN was choppy.

Also might wanna think about throwing a matte black/rubber thin case on it for demos as the current slick plasticky build looks mighty cheap in comparison to the Aluminum-backed looks of the Xoom, iPad 2, and Acer Iconia Tab 500.

I don't really care about the accent of the guy doing the promo. It's a global company and this is the 21st century.

maybe this was just a tester teaser video and when they actually release the TouchPad in the summer, they will release a better one with partnerships from all the big names.

Or maybe this is it.

hi,As i looked the video many things i got.

T-Mobile G-Slate

RDP, terminal services already. (and while your at it VNC and cisco vpn)

and I don't mean terminal services web app,

Has anyone seen Adobe Acrobat Reader on the Touchpad yet? Several of my friends have iPads (one has the iPad 2) and they said that there are no really good Readers for PDF documents. In fact, one of them actually converts his PDF documents to JPEGs just so he can use his iPad for work-related tasks (Product Demos for Customers from his PDF catalogs). That TOTALLY sucks and is one of the main reasons why I am waiting on the Touchpad. webOS has the best PDF viewer I've ever seen for mobile devices - with the homebrew patches installed (if HP/Palm can sort our the bugs that cause the app to explode under the lightest use) so I am hoping that webOS 3.0 will run PDFs perfectly since it is a different animal than its predecessors. Then, with our Internals Team's magic..... Here's to hope!

There are plenty of good PDF readers for the iPad. Even iBooks is great for PDF viewing. I've been using PDF Expert for several months now for work, and I have a 100+ documents that I've highlighted, annotated, and marked up. The app let's you apply e-signatures, store docs in the cloud, and print. Don't know where your friends were looking, but there are plenty out there.

you people knocking Kansal need to get a life. it's called diversity, get with the times.

sad to say this, but 'diversity' doesn't sell to everyone. and that's the whole point. take a look at any apple promotional video and let me know what you find.

What are the chances of a release of a "TouchPad Plus" and then a "TouchPad 2"

I still love my original pre, but I just enjoy having the latest thing instead of it being like Android, and it's "Oh I have the best phone on the market! *2 weeks later* ohhhh I'm out dated already D:"

I like it but some of the transitions and interactions with the TouchPad were kind of choppy/laggy. I was going to get a TouchPad and a Pre 3 to replace my original Pre- but I think I am going to give the Nexus S a try when it gets to Sprint. I don't really want a tablet anymore either. I will be keeping my eye on HP and if they get some more choices for phones and the app store gets beefed up some more, I will def be back to WebOs. Good luck to the HP TouchPad and Pre3 and Veer.