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TouchPad vs iPad 2: Spec-down 312

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 02 Mar 2011 5:52 pm EST

Well, as expected Apple has not only announced by will release the iPad 2 well before the TouchPad hits the market. Sure, it's difficult for HP to compete with unannounced products, but it's certainly looking like they will have their work cut out for them convincing consumers that the TouchPad competes spec-for-spec. The iPad 2 is about 35% thinner and 15% lighter, not to mention that it will be available in 64g configurations and also features a rear-facing camera. Whether it's faster or not is an open question - early reports indicate that the iPad 2 is crazy fast, but we have yet to see fully optimized and finalized builds of webOS 3.0 on the TouchPad. Comparing Apple's A5 to Qualcomm's Snapdragon directly isn't really possible.

Instead, HP will need to pursue the path that everybody expects and plays to their strength: it's not the specs, it's the OS. The multitasking experience on webOS is superior to iOS and hopefully HP will be able to get their App offering and Enterprise support ramped up in time for Summer. Tap-to-Share, easy development, superior notifications ...we could go on and assume that HP will do the same as we get closer to launch.

Anybody out who was planning on getting a TouchPad thinking of getting the iPad 2 instead?



I was a long-term ATT customer and put up with dropped calls for years. I finally decided that contract phone discounts were like frequent-flyer miles, keeping me handcuffed to the carrier.

I let my contract expire, switched to Verizon and have been paying full retail for phones. If Verizon ticks me off, I'll switch again. Carrier freedom! This costs me $200-$300 extra every two years or so. When I consider how much I depend on this device, I couldn't be happier about paying that premium.

Love WebOS, but HP is following in Palm's well worn path. Products are announced and then released MONTHS later. Palm/HP's products always seem to follow new releases from the competition because the competition is pushing out updates/upgrades/new products much more frequently. The competition gets LOTS more attention because there is always something new to write about, review, etc. WebOS, is that still around??!?

I hate to say it but I will be pre-ordering the Ipad2. I've be waiting for a viable tab for a year now. Didn't want the Ipad1 at all because it was worthless too me. But the thing that has changed the game for me is that the product is "available" Im going to purchase it and test it out. One thing that has gotten me skeptical is that the Ipad2 has the same boring OS. .Left to right swiping and a bunch of apps. Would have chosen the Xoom but OMG motorola totally blew it by not offering a price worthy alternative to 800 bucks. I have been waiting on HP for a long time and its time to stop waiting. The good thing is whenever the TP comes out the Ipad will still be worth the value. Message to HP..Don't **** up the pricing like MOTO did!!!

having no lauch ETA i agree, is a bit frustrating. but when trying to compare time frames of IOS release to Webos release, most forget that Apple had an entire year to merely bump up specs and add a rear and front facing camera. HP barely took over palm in July. we beg for quicker release dates, yet also expect a much higher quality product with all the attributes of every other tablets. understandably this is a world where "NOW" to consumers means more than quality of true UI. why dont we as faithfuls of webos, allow HP its time to deliver a quality product( as is the greatest selling point of Apple)? therefore making it a much easier experience to show off. **** before they dis continued the pre minus, i could pretty much sale a pre each time i went in to pay my bill. so there is a lot of potential. lets all just try to be patient. our operating needs merely needs some fine tuning. or atleast i'm hoping thats the issue. i am the only one of my friends to own a webos device. so im hoping more than most, that these new products coming this summer, will be a great start to us all receiving great future hardware. we already know that the software can hold its own.

and as for any webos haters... choke yourselves

for one i can not believe this is not coming with a hdmi out...i dont think any mobile device especially a tablet should come out with out a hdmi out. i can do wit out the rear facing cam. but you cant say your are a ipad competitor and not have the cam so im a lil disappointed..

It appears Samsung got the message. Why doesn't HP?

"Samsung finds parts of Galaxy Tab 10.1 'inadequate' compared to iPad 2, reconsiders pricing"

I may wait. Hope it's worth it.

Showed my boyfriend the chart. He is looking at getting a tablet. He wants a Playbook, although the Xoom was tempting.

I was wondering about start-up times - Neither of the devices seems to be launching fast. This has to be considered in relation to the need to restart the devices, however, I have had no good experience with any of the devices (neither ios or webOS) regarding the need to reboot.

Ive never used the word mindshare before but its definitely a factor here. Im a techgeek but a lot of my coworkers are not and all they can say is how cool iPhone, iPod, and iPad are without knowing a whole lot about them. The commercials are really shiny and cool. To me HP should have kept the Palm brand. That brand is way sexier, way sexier than the HP brand. I love webOS products and will buy a Pre 3 and TouchPad but I feel my geek cred goes down when I walk into a meeting with an HP branded product. A Palm product would definitely stick out. That's just my opinion.