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Touchstone-specific Exhibition Mode apps (webOS 3.x) 7

by Adam Marks Wed, 09 May 2012 4:00 pm EDT

This tip is only for HP TouchPads running webOS 3.0 or higher

touchpad touchstonewebOS 2.1 on phones introduced Exhibition mode to replace the standard lock screen when your phone is on the touchstone charger, providing a unique interactive experience for the user while the phone was still charging. This feature was carried over to the TouchPad and webOS 3.0, even though the phone touchstones were not compatible with the TouchPad and required you to purchase a TouchPad-specific touchstone. And if you have multiple TouchPad touchstones, you can even specify which Exhibition app you want to launch for each touchstone.

Once you put the TouchPad on the first touchstone, just select the Exhibition app that you want to run. When you move the TouchPad to a second touchstone you will notice that it loads up the stock clock exhibition app and not the previously selected Exhibition App, requiring you to choose the Exhibition app you want to run on this touchstone. Once you make that selection, you can move back and forth between touchstones and the TouchPad will remember which app was running on the each touchstone charger.

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Confused the heck outta me until I figured out that's what was happening.

What a cool feature!

How could you not include the tip about "Luna"? This wonderful app allows you to enter any url you want to run in exhibition mode including and so that you can stream music in exhibition flawlessly (well, almost; I prefer Apollo for Pandora ;) )One of my favorite features of the touchstone/webOS combo!

Sounds like a good idea for a future tip...I have used WebOnEx ( ) before but not Luna ( ) .. will have to check out Luna

bar none the best feature of the touchstone.....on the TP it makes for a powerful info station while at rest....