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by bi0tech Wed, 19 Oct 2011 9:33 pm EDT
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Paul Stone
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Volume Control & EQ for the Touchpad & Pre3

[0.1.5: Small bugfix due to changes in services.]

New features/changes for version 0.1.4:

  • adds System volume tracker
  • dashboard volume controls
  • dashboard autokills spawn screen
  • removes Filemgr dependency
  • Exhibition mode support
  • Mic support
  • UI changes
  • mode switch checks port status
  • alsa ucm patches
  • adds dashboard as primary mode
  • some usage guide info
  • misc bugfixes.

Optional Patches:

Luna Patch:

There is a luna patch installable from within the TouchVol app menu which allows a stub launcher to run at startup and stay active to handle launchpoint requests.  This is optional and replaces the dashboard launcher which will start by default when you run a launchpoint.  An included message window will also appear with more detail when you run a launchpoint without the patch installed.

Media Patch:

The default pulseaudio setup makes adjustments each time it changes 'modes' (speaker, headphone, etc). In order to prevent automatic changes on these mode events, these patches offer the ability to remove it from the media profile.  To take effect a pulseaudio or device restart is required. Choose Undo to reset all of them to the default file.  These are also reset on Uninstall.

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Thanks, it's nice to have a 5 band equalizer and the 3D Effect and Boost are a treat. This is a Must Have app...

I love the boost while sound tripping on the shore of Miami Beach.

Thanks for creating this! A universal software volume control was the first thing I noticed lacking when I got my touchpad.
Equalizer works great and is a bonus.

Hmm... Downloaded, tried to install through preware, but it just sat their not responding. Download seemed to stall. Not sure why.

Nice idea... I always thought the Pre should have had an equalizer, as well

The install 'hangs' for me too. I'm confidant that it'll be fixed soon.

Take care

couldn't get it to install through preware. Wheel kept spinning.

The install hangs for me also, though I am eager to try the app. It is a great idea.

I can't install either; pls fix asap

same as above! Can't wait till fix!Thanks

Wow! Great app. Was trying to install via preware but it errors out. So I figured I would search as to why when I stumbled upon this post and a download link.

Anyway, keep up the great work.

Cannot install, keep spinning, giving out in a loginfo invalid file name. Install link Is
not working also. Tried from quickinstall (PC) and is not installing, same error - invalid file name

I got the it to work by first installing "homebrew js framework", then "touchvol". In both cases I used the download link, and when the install page came up, I deleted the extra info. There seems to be extra info after ".....ipk". Just delete that and then install will work.

I've got it installed now (I believe), and have restarted the touchpad, but I'm having trouble finding the "app" to open. Is there some trick to this? Does it mean that I, perhaps, did not get it installed correctly? I used the preware "install package" method, where I typed the link in, and hit Install. It appeared to install, and asked if I wanted to perform the luna restart as soon as it was finished, which I did, and later did a full device restart. Still can't find the icon in the launcher. Any ideas?

I simply can't get this to load. I've tried everything.

Please help.

With thanks in advance

Martin Shaw

For those of you who cannot get it to on the install link above. In the navigation bar delete all of the text after .ipk and hit install. Works perfectly.

That did it!

Tried every which way to joy.
Maybe not compatible with WebOS 3.0.4
Any help would be appreciated.

Just download from here the link provided and open WOSQI and click on + sign and locate that particular downloaded file and click on Install . Done. I did that way and it worked.

Doesn't work for me. I get install error message saying homebrew JS-Service Framework must be installed first. The problem is that JS-Service Framework IS already installed on my TP.

Modified the link as directed and had no problem installing. It then appears in the Downloads tab as do the other installed apps. Using in conjunction with Music Player (Remix) results in the perfect audio experience with the TouchPad!

The install hangs problem was solved,downloaded and intall in positive result today

Found by search in Preware, loaded fine on my TP on 3.0.4. This works great! Cool app, thanks!

on my HP Pre3 it made the speakers hang up - sorry good idea, but needs work

On my European GSM Pre 3 the controls doesn't fit on screen, and the screen cannot be scrolled. Useless to a large degree, because of that

Installed on Pre3 USA ATT unlocked works but display problems in portrait ...maybe needs a little fix ...also, could it be one could have a slider for the speakerphone mic and speaker outputs as separate items for those who have physical challenges and hearing not so good either ?? ...tia!

God bless you, what a FANTASTIC difference this app makes in the TouchPad's audio quality!

Thanks radq that worked for me +1

By radq on Thu, 27 Oct 2011 8:28 am EDT new

I got the it to work by first installing "homebrew js framework", then "touchvol". In both cases I used the download link, and when the install page came up, I deleted the extra info. There seems to be extra info after ".....ipk". Just delete that and then install will work.[/quote]

Thanks radq !! Deleting all the extra stuff after .ipk worked

By radq on Thu, 27 Oct 2011 8:28 am EDT new

I got the it to work by first installing "homebrew js framework", then "touchvol". In both cases I used the download link, and when the install page came up, I deleted the extra info. There seems to be extra info after ".....ipk". Just delete that and then install will work.

哎哟 不错哦 i like it

con not open this and download either. Needs work and lots of help to work

tried to instal it on my touchpad.

i have filemgr and JS service framework instaled
but when i install Touchvol and start again Luna, nothing new, i don't see Touchvol.

Any idea ?


This app is a godsend! Thanks so much!

Now with the much boosted volume levels, I can finally use my headphones (Sony MDR-V6).

Before, watching MKV vids on Kalemsoft at full volume resulted in a very low (more like "faint") level. Now, it's all good. Thanks again.

ps - Running on 3.0.4.

If you have TouchVol installed already, you must log into you precentral acct. then go to preware it will come up in package updates install from there.

Excellent app. Much needed volume boost makes it easy to follow movies. Also love the fact that I have a balance control it helps me tune the optimal L,Are ratio to compensate for some partial hearing loss in one ear. Thank you Paul!

I wish I could figure out how to keep the balance settings between restarts.

can't download

I tried to install TouchVol and got the message that "Package dependencies not satisfied". I installed Howmbrew JS Framework, which seemed to install fine, then tried to install TouchVol again and got the same message. Any ideas on how I know what the Package dependencies are? Thanks for the help. I have a hearing loss and hope this helps me to hear the TouchPad better

The issue is with a dependency not installing through preware, filemgr, download filemgr here and manually install it through webos/usb

Then install touchvol, it should work then

all it says is ' is can not open mime type

Great App, works very well.

Great App...many thanks.
Fixes that TPad fuzzy sound but as well by giving ability to restart PulseAudio.

Thank you a million times for this app! Thank you, Biotech, Paul Stone, and poster. I was on a plane recently and looking forward to settling in with some mp4's, but during the flight, the sound was so low on my TP that I couldn't hear the audio over the plane's engine (even with noise reduction). I was missing so much of the storyline, that I just gave up. After touch vol, the sound level has improved so much! I wish I had had it on that flight! Equalizer is a bonus. Just fabulous! 5 stars? Make it 10!

I have transfered this through Webos quick install. It showed as sent and gave no error messages.
But I cannot find the app. Its not in the app or download section. Where will it put it?
I even tried the send function under tools, appears to have transfered but nothing
Thank you

Ugh I'm Getting an MIME error plz fix :-(

I am getting the MIME error as well.