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Track your data usage with Netstat (homebrew) 11

by Adam Marks Fri, 24 Feb 2012 1:02 pm EST

netstatIn a world where unlimited data plans are no longer available and everyone is watching their data usage, having a way to keep track of your data usage on the device has become increasingly important. While other platforms have a native way to track this, even showing you daily data usage or usage by app, webOS has no such functionality. Most cellular carriers have codes your can dial to check (e.g. *3282# for AT&T), but even that will only show your cellular data usage. Instead, you can install the homebrew app Netstat from either Preware or webOS Quick Install that will track your Wi-Fi, Cellular, and Bluetooth data separately. The app even has preferences to allow you to set cellular data Traffic Limit and specify what day of the month you want the app to reset your data. So, if you need to keep track of your cellular data usage, or are just curious how much data you use across both Wi-Fi and your cell network, check out Netstat. And for those that are worried, there has been no noticeable impact to battery life while using Netstat


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Nice, I've been interested in seeing how much WiFi data I use at home on my TP monthly.

Has this app been calibrated? By which I mean is there a lot of room for disagreement between its statistics and what the carrier would say?

Well done, this will be perfect for those of us using a Pre3 on Red Pocket or h2o. I went over the limit on h2o when they switched to 1GB/moth, now Iā€™m (cautiously) trying out Red Pocket @ 2GB/month. This will help a bundle, Thanks!

I just realised that this won't be as useful as I thought, I have a strange plan where I get unlimited web and email and 500MB for downloadd so this can't give me how much I have used.

i am using it on regular basis..n its very simple n awessom...but m too concern regarding the calibration part m not heavy data user...just email n never crossed my limits...

I have been using this for over 3yrs now, since my original Pre-. I still use it with my Pre3. Awesome app :-)

Same here. That's one of the very first apps that I installed on my Pre.

Another well done Homebrew app. Keep up the good work guys!

Looks good, seen this app back when I used my pre-(that or a similar one) but had no need since I had unlimited data. Off topic kinda I just switched to the Nexus Galaxy from my EVO 4Gand this is built into android 4.0. So far in less than two weeks I've used 6 gigs of data over WiFi. I have 4G but it's too easy to rack up the bytes when your cruising through YouTube videos. Please carries being back the unlimited data...... Well a man can dream :-)

hmm shows stats on main page ok, but clicking wifi/bt/etc gives me a blank page and the preferences screen is all full of blank fields with blank dropdowns when i click anything.

Was this updated? Last I read -- the app was due for re-work / it was having all sorts of issues (ie: blank screens, locking up WebOS, etc..). I don't recall seeing any updates in Preware since.

Was a great idea ... would be even better if it's in running shape now. Sounds like I need to dust-off that ignored app on my 1.4.5 Pre+ & try it again.