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Transfer Angry Birds progress from Phone to Touchpad (homebrew) [Update 9/20 for Angry Birds Seasons HD] 13

by Adam Marks Mon, 04 Jul 2011 8:13 pm EDT

Have you finished every level available of Angry Birds or Angry Birds Rio on your phone, only to load up the app on your Touchpad and realize that Save/Restore doesn't restore your progress (since the HD versions on the Touchpad are technically different apps) and you have to start back at the beginning? The good news is that while the apps may look different, they save your progress in the game in the same way. So, if you just follow the few homebrew steps using Jason Robitaille's Internalz Pro and WebOS Internals' Save/Restore (both available in Preware), all your 3-star levels will be restored in just a few minutes.

  • Ensure you have both Internalz Pro and Save/Restore installed on your Touchpad
  • On your phone, open up Save/Restore and save your progress for Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio
  • Using a computer, connect your phone to a computer in USB mode
  • Transfer the "/saverestore/com.rovio.angrybirds" and "/saverestore/com.rovio.angrybirds" folders from the USB drive to your computer
  • Properly eject your phone from USB mode
  • Connect your Touchpad to a computer in USB mode
  • Transfer those same folders to the touchpad, ensuring that they are in the /saverestore folder on the Touchpad
  • On your Touchpad, rename those new folders to add "hd" at the end of each (e.g. com.rovio.angrybirdshd)
  • Eject the Touchpad from USB mode
  •  If you have the WebOS Internals testing feeds enabled, ensure that you have Save/Restore 1.4.7 or higher installed. 1.4.7 already has scripts for the HD versions. If you have 1.4.6 or lower,
    • Open Internalz Pro on your Touchpad
    • Navigate to /var/svc/org.webosinternals.saverestore
    • Find com.rovio.angrybirds, tap on it, and select "Info"
    • Tap on the header row to rename the file. Add 'hd" to the end of it (see screenshot) and then tap on the lower part of the screen. You should be prompted to confirm.
    • Press the virtual gesture area to go "back" to the main Internalz Pro file listing
    • Find and repeat the same steps for com.rovio.angrybirdsrio to add "hd" at the end of that script at well
    • Close Internalz Pro
  • Open Save/Restore and select "Restore Application Data".
    • If you are running Save/Restore 1.4.7 or higher, select Angry Birds HD and Angry Birds Rio HD and then tap "Restore Selected"
    • If you are running Save/Restore 1.4.6 or lower, select Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio and then tap "Restore Selected"
  • Open Angry Birds HD or Angry Birds Rio HD and pick up where you left off from your phone

UPDATE 9/20 - While Angry Birds Seasons HD has just been released, the directions to move your progress from the phone-based version to the HD version is slightly different. You can follow the directions above, with the following changes:

  • The AppID for Angry Birds Seasons HD is "com.rovio.angrybirdsseasons-hd".  Note that this has the dash before the "hd" while the apps above did not
  • Save/Restore 1.5.5 in the Beta Testing Feeds will have the script for Angry Birds Seasons HD. If you do not have 1.5.5, follow the directions above that refer to version 1.4.6 to maually adjust the existing script
  • You do NOT need to have the same version of Angry Birds Seasons on your phone and TouchPad. It is ok if you have an older version on the phone.
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Who's "Jason Canuck"? ;)


Same trick works for Pre to Veer transition as well. Just add -pixi instead of hd.

Uh i think this would be time for someone to step up and make this possible with Touch to share.
make something useful with it.
Are there any developers for webos left?

So would this work with other apps, just copying over the saved data?

you know i went to check out a tp at bb and still this website is screwed up. you cant post from a tp but you can post form a ipad. how do you guys not see a problem with this? why cant you fix it? since may this damn problem has been going on and still nothing. im all over the forums and no reply. smh................

you shouldn't be using an ipad on this site. maybe you need to change the browser you are using on the touchpad dude.

He has a good point. This is one of the premier webOS sites on the internet. If in any way, it isn't 100% compatible with all webOS devices out of the box, then shame on the editors.

(I still love the site, but it is a very good point)

I got tired of playing Angry Birds because of that reason. I was tired of playing the same level over and over because it wouldn't save what I done. I hope this works.

Any tips on transferring video game progress from WebOS to Android?
I recently switched from a palm pre to a Samsung Galaxy S2. I don't think i'll be switching back, but I would like to bring my progress on these games over with me.
Any ideas?

depends on how it saves the progress. I'm sure there's a hack out there somewhere.

It looks like the data that is backed up with saverestore is the same filetype that is used on Android. Just backup the data on the pre, the open the saverestore folder, go to the com.rovio.angrybirds folder, and open the zip file to find the highscores.lua and settings.lua files needed to copy over to the Android device. Try it and report back.

I suggest updating the above post with reference to for testing feeds. I am posting this comment on my tPad. Demos may not update to latest os.