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Tweaks from WebOS Internals fine-tunes your patches 15

by Derek Kessler Sun, 10 Apr 2011 2:32 pm EDT

Even with all the patches available for webOS, there’s still the occasion that we run into where we want everything that a patch does except for that one little thing that’s just too much of a deal breaker. It happens, and we wouldn’t expect the patch maker to exactly anticipate our needs or build a new patch just to make us shut up. So what’s a user to do?

Install a new app called Tweaks from WebOS Internals, that’s what. So long as the patch you’re using has been updated to be compatible with tweaks (it will show as a green “+” instead of a blue “x” in Preware), you’ll be able to fire up Tweaks and make some additional fine-tuning adjustments that otherwise wouldn’t be available. This builds off the concept of Sconix’s Advanced System patches for webOS 2.0, allowing additional configuration options. Sconix has update his Advanced System patches to be compatible with Tweaks, giving users the option to set exact values for keyboard brightness, enable/disable ringer switch and GPS icons, select a battery icon display mode (percentages, icons, etc), choose how emails are opened, and more (so long as you have the corresponding patches installed).

Tweaks is a true webOS 2.0 app, leveraging both a node.js service and db8 to generate the interface based on which patches are currently installed. Right now a few of Sconix’s patches have received a Tweaks-compatible update, but WebOS Internals is encouraging more patch developers to create and/or update Tweaks compatible patches. The end result may be fewer, but far more customizable, patches, which in the end is only a good thing for users.

As always, WebOS Internals does all of their work open source and free of charge for the community. All they as is that if you appreciate their work that you show your appreciation with a donation. More screenshots of Tweaks after the break.

Source: WebOS Internals


WebOS Internals gets better and better everytime. Would this work on the Pre Plus? or just 2.0?
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It will work on your Pre Plus if it's equipped with minimum webOS 2.0. For now / currently, the patches that are compatible with Tweaks are for webOS 2.1 — so no fun for you unless you equip your Plus with webOS 2.1, or wait unill some 2.0 pathes become "compatible".

If you are running 1.4.5 then no. You must manually update to 2.1 to enjoy these awesome features!

Looks nice but I'm not leaving 1.4.5

Perfect...I've been wanting to tweak a few things about Sconix's AMAZING Advanced patches, and this is better than I had hoped for. Thanks again WebOS Internals & Sconix! Your dedication is really inspiring, and it's what makes the entire WebOS experience the best in the industry :-)

Thanks, this is amazing. Hopefully there is a reset button to bring it back to default.

This all sounds amazing, but upgrading my Sprint Pre minus to 2.0 would render Sprint Navigation inoperable. I rely too much on that app. Gonna' wait for Pre3.

Same here... Sprint Nav is about the only reason I have not yet upgraded my Sprint Pre from 1.4.5 to 2.x.

Sprint navigation works fine on 2.1, there is just an additional installation procedure.

I keep getting the error "Failed to scan available tweaks. the possible reasons for this are that there was an installation error or an unknown service error."

I'm running a Sprint Pre with 2.1, and I have several of the "green plus" patches installed. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Tweaks twice.

Use WOSQI to install tweaks for now. Those with the problem it has worked. So there is some problem with service installations with preware for some people. When updating, preware will work.

Is ist just me or is "Advanced System Menus - Framework" not working on GMS Pre- on O2 Germany with WebOS2.1?
Something like an international version probably in the works?

"Advanced System Behaviour" works great btw and a million thanks for making my old and loven Pre- still that likeable ;)

All the patches are international. And the menus framework should work, please post in the patch thread if you have problems.

Anyone else get the feeling that if the Internals guys could have purchased Palm instead of HP, that we (webos users) would be better off today? :-)

(I'm just partially joking)

I can't find Tweaks in Preware, either by text search or by drilling down through the folders. I am running 2.1 on an unlocked PrePlus originally from O2. I and my PrePlus were born and bred in the UK.

Any ideas?