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Tweed Twitter client for webOS going dark 36

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 17 May 2011 12:20 pm EDT

Pivotal Labs, the makers of the one of the first and early favorite Twitter clients, Tweed, has posted that they're ending support for the app. Tweed users can still continue to use the app, however it's probably not going to be a long term solution. Pivotal is going to pull the app from the webOS App Catalog and so users who have purcashed the app will not be able to reinstall it starting sometime in the very near future.

Pivotal cited two reasons for ending support for their app: Twitter's recent developer-unfriendly policies and also the fact that they would need to re-write the app entirely for Enyo / webOS 3 at some point. Add those two elements together and you have one dead app.

It's the latter point that gives us pause, though - we've been concerned from the get-go that the transition from the Mojo SDK to the Enyo SDK would be difficult for some time-strapped developers. With Tweed, we have the first big-name casaulty of that transition. Pivotal Labs was also an early and enthusiastic supporter of webOS, so the leavetaking is particularly sad.

Update: As @errade notes, Pivotal Labs also took in $10,000 for Tweed in July from Palm in last year's Hot Apps program. Do what you will with that little tidbit of information.

The good news: Pivotal are big fans of Carbon (hey, so are we! - read our full review) and have arranged with the devloper (who you may know as dotone in our forums) to offer it at a reduced $1.99 in the App Catalog very shortly. If you're a Tweed user, we recommend you get ready to lay down a couple bucks for Carbon, it's well worth it.

Source: Pivotal Labs Blog



Bummer! I've bought and tried 'em all and I like Tweed better than all the others.

ya i still like tweed the best. i got the impression they gave up months ago though.

This is pretty bad if you think of it. Tweed was a Pre- Launch day app. Like the first legitimate app that came out for webOS..... Hope they stick around!

No disrespect meant to the existing WebOS developers (in fact, God bless ya), but I have to think that HP considered this when making the Enyo decision, and decided that any or all of you leaving was acceptable collateral damage for what's essentially a reboot.

I don't believe they see much value in retaining existing developers OR customers.

You're 100% correct. I think some Palm employees have even alluded to this. Of course some existing developers will bail.

The same thing happened when Apple transitioned from OS 9 to FreeBSD-based OS X. Totally different development environment and API and poorly supported backward compatibility. Lots of big name developers left and lots of apps died.

Now, there are thousands of OS X developers, and all those apps that died during the switch have either been brought back to life and better than ever, or, better replacements have come from other developers.

If HP plays their cards right (and I think they will), a similar incident will happen -- an exodus of small and large developers and users, and then a new wave of developers and users.

So, the current userbase will be unhappy at some point and bail, but then new ones will come in and everything will be fine.

A couple of differences (I think, anyway):

1) The Apple developer base was significantly larger then, and could weather the exodus.
2) Apple was and is a brand name that will draw developers back. HP is not.

HP is not a brand name?

For printers, computers, and servers? Yes.
For cameras, operating systems and phones? No.

As the largest computer manufacturer in the world (even bigger than Apple)? Yes. And for some reason I think that counts for something.

Spaz is free, and works just fine for me. I will not pay for an app to be able to use a FREE service!

Well, I have bought Carbon and Bad Kitty just because they are good apps, although my most used twitter app is Spaz. But Spaz Special Edition ($1.99) as I feel that all revenue into the webOS developer community is an investment in the eco-system I've bought into.

You're paying the DEVELOPER for the HARD WORK they did on the APP that you would be USING not to use the free service.

Do you pay for bottled water? If so, you should probably stop cause you can go to a natural spring and get that water for free instead (just make sure you boil it). Or even pop yourself on the ocean and learn how to remove the salt. For free.

Of course, if you don't want to go through all of that trouble yourself, you can just continue buying the bottled water like the rest of us.

In the same way, you can either use the feature-unfriendly web version of Twitter, which is free, or you can build your own personal app that comes with all of the features you love and enjoy. Lots of hard work, and you may not even know how to do it all (like removing salt from ocean water).

Or you could just pay a developer to do it for you.

Your choice.

You clearly have no clue how much work is involved in the development of an application. Even when a developer charges 99 cents for an app, it doesn't compensate for the amount of time, effort and resources invested on the creation of an app. I admire those devs who give away their work, but those other devs who charge for their hard work have all my respect too.

I've never understood this attitude. I am certainly happy you like Spaz (since I'm the main dev on it), but I don't understand why folks sweat spending a dollar or two on an application, especially one they use frequently.

From a developer perspective: I enjoy working on Spaz and don't do it for money (obviously), but for kicks I sorted out how much I would have made if someone had been paying me my normal consultancy rate. At what I think is a low estimate of time invested, it would have cost over $100,000 to pay someone to develop Spaz.

Of course, whether someone would have paid all that is another question – seems unlikely. But it does give an idea of the time investment for hobbyist devs. Something to keep in mind.

A pity for I still use this app occasionally since Carbon cannot make new tweets in list view.

I found Tweed best of the bunch, including vs Carbon. Very sorry to hear about the decision.

Given they are abandoning support for the product, any reason why they wouldn't want to provide the ipk of the most recent version for those who purchased to simply reinstall via WebOS Quick Install or Preware?

Understanding that Twitter API/other changes may break functionality eventually, I'd like to continue to use as long as it's useful, including after moving to a different device.

Yep - fully agree for me as well. Tried 'em all. This is too bad.

This was the first app I purchased.
Been using since Launch Day.

If HP/Palm/webOSdev had come out and said that webOS would continue to support Mojo apps through 2012, for example, then it wouldn't be a big deal. A hard and distant enough date would let people know they can breathe. Instead, they're still peddling these vague statements which could mean through the end of 2012, but could just as easily mean something painfully sooner.

Why no official twitter app for webos? Pretty much the only platform without one.

It's also the only platform that EVERY twitter app available for it has ONLY been built for webOS. No twitter apps for webOS are available on any other mobile platform (though Carbon is planning on making a Windows Phone 7 version, it's not here yet).

Great second app that I paid for and is now going dead..

Curious. What was the other app?

Dear Palm, thanks for the 10 grand. See ya!

I was just thinking the same thing...didn't these guys win $10,000 from Palm?

They only said they are pulling Tweed...could invest the $10K into another WebOS app.

I am a Tweed user, and I really like that app. But everything comes to an end, besides Spaz has really gotten phenomenal over the past few release, and I invested in the special edition, so I will just use Spaz not only for identica but also for twitter.

Sad to see them go.

I thought Tweed sucked. I think the Carbon beta sucks. Twee is my app of choice. Is the paid version of Carbon better than the beta? Because, like I said, I think the beta is awful.

Pivotal is a well-known dev house, and makes their money in a lot of things other than Tweed. I suspect this was simply a project that lost advocacy in the organization, and the revenue was likely too low to justify further investment in the product.

Most of the other microblogging clients on webOS are developed by hobbyists. It's easier for one guy to justify the investment in a fun project that also earns some cash.

I do hope Tweed decides to open their source. I think it would be quite educational.

When I saw the demographic of how much Palm users love WebOs, I totally agreed. Even though I'm a new user, I wholly feel that way about my phone's OS. But all of these losses are coming at a price.

I recently heard a case of someone who said he'd left Windows Phone 7 behind- not because it was a bad OS, he said it was great- but because he said he felt left out, and he turned back to his iPhone.

I've been feeling the same way, since I was deemed a 'legacy' user, even though my phone is just over a year old.

I can't say what HP or Palm should be doing. But losing big developers like Pivotal Labs is only the second stage (the first being the small developers). The third stage is losing the new users. If we see this third stage will depend very heavily on these next two months.

When there was Palm, there were good design decisions but bad marketing.

Now, with HP and the Mojo -> Enjo decision, I wonder if we now have to face bad design decisions frequently?
Kicking the last few developers that are left in their collective groins won't help the WebOS platform a lot, I think ...

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One of things that HP could do to make it right... help those developers that stuck by webOS for the past two years! How about helping Pivotal Labs convert Tweed so that it will work for webOS 2.x or higher? That should be the part 2 of the Hot Apps prize... because let's face it,HP... you guys knew before Pivot Labs won that Mojo was being replaced by Enyo.

I also would like an ipk for this app I purchased. Since my Palm Pre is the original with Sprint & they are not updating this phone anymore I could continue to use Tweed until I get a new phone.