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Twitter protest planned against Verizon and AT&T over 1.4.5 116

by Jason Robitaille Sat, 11 Sep 2010 11:29 am EDT

Our masked defender, the ReleaseMyPre guy, has heard your cries! For far too long, the countless Verizon and AT&T Palm Pre Plus users have been without webOS 1.4.5.  It's the webOS update that feels just out of grasp for people on those carriers.

As the above video shows, the ReleaseMyPre guy has taken up the cause. The earlier 79-hour notice to Palm has been given a pass until Monday. What's more, he's planning a twitter protest to get the point across that every device deserves webOS 1.4.5.

So here are the specifics. On this upcoming Monday September 13th, at 3pm EST, simply tweet to both @VZWSupport and @ATTCustomerCare. Oh, and be sure to include the #releasemy145 hashtag.

Source: Twitter


Someone cares! Thank you! Lets spread the word

My tweets are scheduled and ready!

f this... Weak... Where is our C40???

Might upset some people up the chain. They (carriers) have no idea how ..... strong our community is.

That's precisely why I have this "Giggity Giggity" feeling.

I love dropping bombs, too.

that's awesome! Granted, I have 1.4.5, but I'm behind you guys just the same.

Same here!

I'm with sprint also but I'm with you peeps also.

the irony is my pre has been worse since 1.4.5.

in what ways?

Attention, All Ye Sprint Users: Show solidarity with our webOS bretheren and sisterhood! Tweet along side them to demand their separate oppressors each release the sometimes-heralded 1.4.5 update.

I'm not even from the U.S. and am going to do this. It's a matter of principle - the freedoms that some carriers take with phones are obscene, and some sort of a stand, even if it's only symbolic, should absolutely be made.

I woukd rather have a 'fix my @%(+& Verizon GPS protest, but this should be fun, too.

Hopefully, these two protest ideas are one and the same.

Does this dude realize we're in daylight savings time. 3:00 EST is actually 4:00 at what time is this thing really going down?

Don't read too much into it - 3:00 in New York, 2:00 in Chicago, 1:00.... etc.

I love this guy! (pause)

Only thing I don't understand is since this is HPalms viral campaign why would they focus on carrier issues? Or does this actor get his own latitude to speak on what he wants? Hmmm I wonder.

Regardless I will tweet alongside my Verizon/AT&T brothers/sisters!

hpalm is prolly sick of hearing us complain about something they aren't in control over, i know many ppl post on the palm fbook page that they want their 1.4.5 and if palm already sent it to the carriers theres not much they can do which is prolly why their kinda/sorta addressing it here in a passive aggressive kinda way. atleast thats my take on it.

If Palm sent it up to AT&T and Verizon, and those two carriers are not releasing it, why not just release it directly and skip the carriers? In a worst case, they could include the WebOS Doctor for the previous release on the given carrier, so if the update to 1.4.5 fails, they could just doctor the clueless masses.

do you really think, if it was that easy, they wouldn't just do it?

Where is the proof this is Palm or HP's viral campaign? I have heard speculation thereof, but yet to see any proof.


"We created this video for the Palm Pre. ... This is a perfect example of hitting a niche market and giving them what they want. They related to this video because they all felt the same as the guy in the video. ... Palm loved these videos and word is that everyone at the company was walking around yelling PAAAALM!"

This small agency does viral videos, and is owned by a guy named Austin Brooks. His personal blog/site is at Until recently, that site had a page with the 2009 videos (minus the banned original video), and the following blurb ...

"Me and a buddy made these videos in our anticipation for the release of the palm pre. In the beginning we were only going to make one, but it was so well received we ended up making a complete series of videos that got over 100,000 combined views."

Make up your own mind whether Palm actually hired him.

As a Sprint user I wish to highlight this as another reason why I'm happy I've stayed with them. But I'll still be tweeting!

Alarm set, ready to unleash the "thousands" on their twitter accounts!

"thousands!" -- that made me laugh out loud.

I am opening a twitter account today just so I can join the protest. I have waited too long to kill pigs.

Cool, now I just need Tweed to become unbroken and I'll be all over this!

Which Tweed issues bug you the most?

never had a need to sign up for Twitter...Just got a reason though! !!

Awesome idea! I encourage EVERYONE to tweet both @addresses regardless of your carrier and if what OS version you're running. We will be heard!

But... but I already have 1.4.5 on my "Verizon" Pre Plus! :D

Just kidding I don't use Twitter.

I'd be surprised if people don't jump the gun and start tweeting way ahead of time.

LOL. This guy is too cool.
He sounds like a pirate.

Even though I have a Sprint Pre, I will be tweeting alongside our Verizon and AT&T bretheren. The power of the webOS community comes in numbers (uh, the laptop magazine awards?), and even though they probably won't give a crap it should be fun to watch.

Heheh, never thought this guy would propose anything useful besides screaming "PAAAALM!"

I Too Am A Sprint User, But I Support webOS To The Fullest So I Will Be Joining You In Making Sure EVERY webOS Smart Phone Gets Treated Equally.


lol, I thought the same... at first he was just funny, now he might be helpful...

His idea is not bad at all...

I have the Sprint Pre 1.4.5 but I feel for my friends that are on Verizon and AT&T (OH God AT&T sucks, glad I left them).

This is going to be the reason which pushes me over the edge to create a twitter account. I will help speak up for my non 1.4.5 brothers and sisters.

Power to the (webos) people!

Someone cares! Thank you! Lets spread the word

Someone cares! Thank you! Lets spread the word

I feel for those on Verizon and AT&T as opposed to Sprint for OS updates, pay more monthly, and no yearly device upgrades. However, you also have Pre+, free Wifi hotspot, and better device pricing.

while I dislike the fragmentation of webOS, many of these people signed up for these carriers knowing it was their typical behavior and should expect it.

the viral videos are hilarious but that won't drive me to create a twitter account.

Fragmentation of webOS? It's nothing next to Android... or if you want a one-manufacturer platform, BlackBerry or Symbian. Palm has actually done a good job keeping all the carriers relatively close in versions.

I'm on Sprint, and I've got to say having the update hasn't really affected my life in the least. I'm pretty sure not having the update would have the same effect. This seems like one of the biggest wastes of time ever, but to each their own.

keep in mind, without the 1.4.5 update, you wouldn't be able to play PDK games like Angry Birds ;)

Yeah its not really that we want the update, it's that we want to be able to download stuff. All the new apps coming out are for 1.4.5 only.

i respect what this guy's doing but i find him annoying as shit.

Man, this made me consider opening a Twitter account. While opening one to protest my VZW and AT&T brethren's lack of support would be on principle, I have also called Twitter the most pointless and useless internet fad in a while. I think I'll stick with guarding my own principles, but I'm with you tweeters in spirit.

That's cool, too.

If a Facebook avenue opens up, would you consider a commenting there?

Definitely. I don't mind facebook as much, so let the non-tweeters of the world know if alternatives come up.

I couldn't agree with you more. I absolutely cannot stand twitter, but I must jump on this bandwagon. I actually created an account just for this, but will likely remove it once it passes. I really can't stand twitter. Did I mention that already? Curious to see just how many people will do this though.

same here. I cannot stand the twitter fad.

count me in - I will be a part of it!

it doesn't matter if you are from sprint , at&t , verizon we are all have something in common we have a device that we gave it a shot and it hasn't let us down till now palm bring 1.4.5 to our brothers from another carrier

I'm a UK Palm Pre user on o2 with the 1.4.5 update and I'm 100% backing this.

o2 UK Users: Back these guys up! They deserve the latest software on their phones! I know we're across the pond, but why not give them a hand!

EDIT: By the way, that's 9pm in UK on 13th Sept!

I'm with you - Solidarnosc!!!

This is pretty much the Autobots vs. The Decepticons, but with a PAAAAALLLLLLMMMM twist. The webOS community are the Palmobots and the carriers are the Carriercons, always conning people. So shall the Palmobots Rollllllll Outttt! Twitter! Here we come!

sprint user, but I will join tweet today to add to the fight :)

sprint user here I think we should should ddos attact them att verizon palm and hp especial hp if we shut down their sales server or atts sale servers wei cost them money and that's what their doing to us ... Costing us time money on promised shit that never happen ily palm give me new hardware and updates b4 ur servers go up in flames from are attacks :))))) burn baby burn !!!!!

I know you are only kidding, but we should certainly point out that would be a federal offense. Just sayin.

Heck, while you're at it, why not just kidnap the CEOs of VZW and AT&T and hold them hostage.

Seriously the twitter fest is a good idea for nothing other than at least letting them know how many people care. It is non-harmful and will not affect business in any way.

This is how the modern generation protests.... With minimal effort and time and without ever having to leave the comfort of their couch.

while you are all in the mood for social media, please join this facebook group. Jason Are and Rahul Sood have both joined.

sorry for the duplicate.

I'm a Sprint Pre owner, but I'm going to join the protest on Monday all the same to support my WebOS brothers and sisters!!!

sorry about the duplicate...


did anyone else lose their free moble hotspot onV today ha an error msg saying that it is something I have to pay for??

@Cantaffordit: Please list the group you mentioned above. I clicked on your link, but it just sends me to my news feed wall. Thank you. Go Palm!!! I'm patiently waiting and truly believe in WebOS! I'll fight for our bretheren :)

@Cantaffordit: Please list the group you mentioned above. I clicked on your link, but it just sends me to my news feed wall. Thank you. Go Palm!!! I'm patiently waiting and truly believe in WebOS! I'll fight for our bretheren :)

I just wish they would SAY something, even the business forums @ VZW have nothing much at all. I don't mind waiting...well...sorta...but if they need time and are genuinely working on it...great. Just give us updates on why and what and when.

Oh and I can't believe I wasted 10 minutes reading this, and watching the video, LOL

Well, seeing as you can't play PDK games, what else is there to do? :P

heck yeah!!! Even as a Sprint user I'll join the cause, we're one community with a single goal in mind and besides, everyone should have at least 1.4.5!!!

An attack against one of us, is an attack against all of us!

All Sprint users, defend your VZ and AT&T brethren!

Can't understand all the fuss. The update is a joke, as have been most of Palms updates. And in all honesty, anyone dumb enough to be on AT&T, well, it is IS AT&T, what did you expect? They're the worlds worst carrier.

and what about Telcel?, they are at 1.4.0 still!

oh yes, we are a 1.4.0 still, with no paid apps, (unbelievable)

can we add @Telcel for this protest??


The update at Verizon is coming in about 2 weeks. I've read it on a forum. So maybe this is not necessary.

It is neccessary because Verizon told us 1.4.5 would be released in two week two months ago!

The update at Verizon is coming in about 2 weeks. I've read it on a forum. So maybe this is not necessary.

The update at Verizon is coming in about 2 weeks. I've read it on a forum. So maybe this is not necessary.

This guy is comedy (and i dont mean in a good way). I love webOS. I hate this clown.

It makes me laugh that people are all up in arms about the lack of an update that, barring you have a Pixi, is pretty much pointless and yet don't seem to have the same response to Palm/HP for the lack of news regarding a new device, the lack of care over the horrible battery life issues with Webos and the overall cheap and low quality products that have been put out thus far.

Instead, we're worried about an update that, for all intensive purposes, changes your version number from 1.4.1 to 1.4.5

Glad people's priories are straight.

Well, if this forum is any indication, Verizon and AT&T should get almost 100 protesting tweets. That's probably about 1 percent of the total number of serious Pre users left in existence. That's not counting teenagers, soccer moms and people who inherited the phone from someone who switched to Android or iPhone.

Anyone got any JavaScript handy to auto tweet this?



damn, I would join you guys but I don't have a Twitter account nor do I have an account with Verizon or ATT. Goodluck, and unleash the force of the community upon those big, puffy wigs!

in addition to tweeting, we should each retweet each other. And we should probably send several. Ironically, verizon is probably going to release 1.4.5 in the next few days.

1.4.0 came out on a saturday night, so it would be funny if they beat us to the punch...

in addition to tweeting, we should each retweet each other. And we should probably send several. Ironically, verizon is probably going to release 1.4.5 in the next few days.

1.4.0 came out on a saturday night, so it would be funny if they beat us to the punch...

So how do I do this. Just open an accout for it.
Step by step instructions would help. :)

@friedchicken just put the @ symbol before anyone's username (@igobytony for me, as an example) in any tweet and it will show up in that user's reply section.

verizon knows



I agree... this needs to be done, to show the strength of the WEBOS people and that we are not going to just sit down an take it.


Somehow I don't think that HP, the company that fired their CEO for inaccurate expense reports, hired THIS guy.

The guy in the video is an idiot. He makes he WebOS & Homebrew communties look bad. The last thing we need is some LOON in a ski mask speaking for us. We're already not takin seriously by devs as it is. Any website or forum that is serious about helping the cause of the WebOS should ban videos from this clown.

yea, sites like precentral and webosroundup really should start ignoring Palm viral campaigns *eyeroll* :p

I'm on Sprint, but I'm bringing my pitch fork! See you VZ ATT brothers on Monday!! Unite for the cause!

I'm on Sprint, but I'm bringing my pitch fork! See you VZ ATT brothers on Monday!! Unite for the cause!

"pitchfork' reminds me of the Simpsons :-)

I'm on Sprint and I moved on to the Evo, but I'll be right there tweeting with you guys! 1.4.5 for the masses!

I'm not sure if I'll update. My phone is working good, and I have a few dozen mods on it. Hmm... I'll have to think it over after it finally arrives. I hear it's not a huge update. I may just wait until 2.0 comes out.

lol I do live in campbell haha for all you kno I will be kidnaping our ceos and ima tie them up and torture the new device from them along with hijacking those sexy cisco servers with heaps of bandwidth for ddos attacts plusss whos gonnna prosicute me for a ddos attact ahhaa they won't even have evidence it's me or 1 of the other million pre users

I'm in. Our VZ and ATT collleagues deserve our support fellow Sprint usrs!

I work for BIG RED and also am a pre owner waiting for 1.4.5........ I have some good news. Internal pages are now showing VZW to begin pushing 1.4.5 out as early as 09-13-10. Maybe they got wind of the protest and are trying to beat us to the punch :-)

if you work for VZW and have a Pre+, that puts you on a short list of the smartest people in the company! I salute you.

I truly hope vzw beats the deadline to we can switch to a 'fix my GPS' effort.

att it would b nice to jump in on the support att sprint vrz sum of the best comps :)))

I just created a twitter account just for this.

This is so darn gay!

from what I have read on other sites VZN is pushing out 1.4.5 as we write. Save your twitter protests for ATT.

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> I truly hope vzw beats the deadline to we can switch to a 'fix my GPS' effort.

As much as people are hating on Verizon for the GPS issue, I do not believe anything is being intentionally done by them to cripple it. I think they would work as problematically on the Sprint phones without the Sprint Navigation included free. Why? Because I have a VZW and a non-activated "use it around the house" Sprint Pre (with no SprintNav) and the GPS works just as bad as my Verizon phone used to before applying the Preware patch to correct the issue.

Is there an easy way to automate the tweets? also, what was the answer on creating a presence on FB as well?

It looks like Verizon is releasing. If we don't get a response from ATT then yes do it.