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Two years later, webOS 1.4.5 update finally comes to the Telcel Palm Pre 23

by Derek Kessler Thu, 22 Mar 2012 6:12 pm EDT

Two years later, webOS 1.4.5 update finally comes to the Telcel Palm Pre

There are some things that we never expect to see happen. We're talking tortoise riding a unicorn type stuff here. That's the level of make-believe upon which we had stashed the thought of webOS 1.4.5 ever getting released for the Palm Pre on Telcel. Like the Sprint Pre, the Telcel webOS phone was all but abandoned as far as updates were concerned, but it was abandoned at webOS 1.4.1.

Unlike Apple, which has managed to somehow wrest control of updates away from the carriers, Palm still had to depend on carrier testing before their updates could get released. Somewhere along the line the ball was dropped when it came to the version of webOS 1.4.5 intended to be released onto Telcel's Pre. We had written if off long before HP wrote off getting webOS 2.0 onto older devices.

And this week, that's changed. webOS Nation reader Alberto wrote to let us know that his Palm Pre on Telcel had received and successfully installed an update to webOS 1.4.5. So, what do the remaining Telcel Pre users get for their nearly two-year wait for the 1.4.5 update? We're assuming it's the same set of changes as were included in webOS 1.4.5 from 1.4.1 back in June 2010, so we're talking about improved PDK support, browser text field focusing, fixed podcast downloads, and some security patches. Hope it was worth the wait.

All things considered, that the Telcel Pre got the update at all is a miracle, though we're throughly perplexed as to why it took so long. We contacted HP for more info about the update - mostly to confirm it and make sure we weren't dealing with a randomly distributed test update or something of the like - and they were just as confused as we were. So we'll just enjoy the hilarity of it all - at least webOS phones aren't still being sold with outdated software like our Android compatriots have to deal with. Granted, they still have phones being sold at all, so they've got that over us.

Thanks to Alberto for the tip and @jpbernalu for confirmation!


Welcome to the 1.4.5 party folks. I hope you enjoy it. Pretend like it is a brand new phone. Just with used hardware. :)

And we are still waiting the update for Veer... hoping we don't wait two years to get it...


I have an old launch day Sprint Pre, that I no longer use. Yesterday evening I was playing with it a bit, and I got a notification about the 1.4.5 update. I thought the Sprint Pre's already had that ages ago. My initial thought was: I don't use this phone, and the battery went dead, so maybe it "wiped" itself or something when I re-charged the battery. I did install the update, although this is no longer the phone I use.

You're probably seeing the 1.4.5 Bing vs. Google maps update thing (or re-update, etc..)..... the good 'old days, eh?

Yeah, it's the update, not the upgrade. With wifi on, makes the pre into a neat little mailbox synching mini-slate. Gotta give Telcel a backhanded slap for sitting on this for so long.

I actually still use my old Sprint Pre as my one and only smartphone. I saw this update this morning too, so I went ahead and installed it (it's been a while since I've had anything to update!) I never used the maps app much so I'm not sure if it's been changed, but the icon is still named Google Maps, though the maps menu now has "Microsoft Terms of Use" and "Bing Maps Terms of Use" (along with "Help" which won't load.) Don't see anything else obviously different, and it's been so long since I checked that I honestly don't remember what OS version I was at before this morning's update, though I *think* it was 1.4.5.

I wonder if there was one lonely guy in an office with no windows somewhere who's been working on the update since 2010 and no-one told him to stop... a bit like that Japanese soldier who was hiding in the Philippines until the mid 70s and he thought WW2 was still going....

The single most important thing the Mexicans get is access to paid apps!!!

Yes people, we were unable to buy apps all this time

LOL I thought of you when I saw this article hit twitter today...

Wait, so Mexicans get 1.4.5 AND paid apps?
It's not even cinco de mayo yet! :D

Good News for Mexican People, I´m tryng to get it from Telcel right now .

What? Nobody has asked why the interface is in english? How is that possible?

Same way I can set all my NA (ATT and Sprint) devices to languages other than English would be my guess....

Hey now Derek..  it's not like there aren't any webOS phones being sold on major carriers. AT&T is still selling Pixi Plus.  Free on 2 year contract, so there!  Yeah, this matters somehow, to someone....

NO... bleeping... WAY...
Bet it will take two more years for them to get

hey, Verizon still sells the Pre 2...I just got one.

"In the coming years"....

This is great news

hjajhajhajhajhajhajhajha xD no creo que aun quede alguien con un PALM PRE con webos 1.4.0 que atrasados estamos en Mèxico

I saw this news And turned my pre on ( I now have an unlocked Pre2 running 2.2.4) I never got de 1.4.1 I was on 1.4.0 and the update I got was for 1.4.0 build 52 but it is still 1.4.0!! Turned it back off and Of course back to my Pre 2.

How about some clarification. Is there a viable SDK for HP WEBOS?
What is the Eclipse add on URL???
Anybody ?
This begins to look like a waste of time. I mean Google Android, Apple and Blackberry seem to be the main mobile app players right? Am I missing any??
Amazon Kindle Fire? Nook? Do I need to learn how to program apps for every vendor. It seems so. The HP vendor though seems to have dropped the ball.
Am I missing anything here?
Is the platform (XML, HTML5,CSS3 Javascript) and Java? C#?
or just (XML, HTML5,CSS3 Javascript) ?? Where is the developer support. How do I digitally sign these WebApps for WEBOS?

From Hp customare sevice chat :
04:28 p.m. Lucia M: Esa actualización que usted desea, no está disponible para su región de manera oficial.
that sucks :/