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UberKernel 2.1 ready to roll on Pre and Pre Plus 50

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Fri, 11 Mar 2011 9:03 pm EST

For those of you daredevils that are willing to put your original Palm Pre and Pre Plus devices to the test with webOS 2.1 doctors from the homebrew community, today's news should come with a bit of excitement for you. The WebOS Internals team has upgraded the heavily-tested 2.1.0 UberKernel to public status, and as such it is now available in Preware. This update is a big step towards bringing advanced kernels to future devices, and we applaud the WebOS Internals team for getting it done so quickly for the rest of us to use.

Note that this is only for the Pre and Pre Plus so far (not yet for the Palm Pre 2) and some devices have been found to hang a bit when setting the frequencies below 500Mhz or using governors other than those predefined in Govnah (though it works just fine up to 1GHz). But if you've been dying for the opportunity to overclock your non-Pre 2 phone running that delightfully-hacked webOS 2.1 Meta-Doctor, then now's as good a time as ever to hop in and get that much needed speed boost.

It's not all bad news for Pre 2 owners, though: the WebOS Internals team is already putting the UberKernel for the Pre 2 under the knife in the testing feeds and hope to have it all up to standard soon. With how fast this team works, though, we can't imagine it taking very long to push that through to the public as well.

You can learn about UberKernel development and status in this thread, or just grab the latest updates (for UberKernel and Govnah) from Preware or WebOS Quick Install. If you don't know how to install Preware, Govnah or UberKernel, you can read all about the steps involved with the Preware Homebrew Documentation app ($0.99).

As always, UberKernel, Govnah and Preware are all released completely free to the public and available via an open source license, but your support and donations to webOS Internals are always welcome. In fact, they're more than welcome, they're needed if we want to continue to have their work published for the webOS community. Click that link and show your support (and maybe we'll see this kernel for Pre 2 sooner rather than later).

Source: PreCentral Forums; Thanks to johncc for the tip!


great job guys & gals! You rock!

HP should hire these guys, create a department just for them and give them all the resources they request. Then watch webOS development get into sigh speed and we'll all have webOS 3 on our devices next month.

"Then watch webOS development get into sigh speed". . .

I believe that might have been a Freudian slip. :-) The sigh comes from the fact it most likely will never come true, but one can dream, right? :-)


As far as the kernels go, it will NEVER happen. It would immediately void any warranties on the hardware by manufacturers. The processor manufacturer would be an obvious one, but the additional heat from an overclocked processor would provide firm ground for the manufacturers of other components to void theirs as well.

and fat pay checks to boot...

I totally agree. WebOS internals should have their own wing at the Palm division. Between that and HP's laptop department making the hardware, the future would be awesome.


they could hire them so they could optimize the **** out of webOS

I really appreciate all the work these guys put into making webOS the best experience you can get on a smartphone.

These guys are amazing!! They are the main reason I am still with WebOS and Pre, otherwise...
Of couse I do donate.

I totally agree. If it weren't for these guys I would've jumped ship to an Android device by now. Donation to be sent their way soon...

I JUMPED ship! And I STILL visit PreCentral everyday! I still have my Pre and now that UberKernel works, I'm gonna doctor to 2.1 and see what we can see...

What's better UberKerner or F105? Because I am using F105 currently on my Sprint Pre 2.x

If F105 is running stable I'd stick with it ;) F105 is experimental and has new features, UberKernel only has features which have been proven stable.

The Homebrew community is the best, the only reason I still have a WebOS device. I just don't think it would be as good as we can make it for ourselves without them. Sprint should be thankful for this community as well, I think. At least a little.

They are spectacular people out there doing these awsome things for us!! Thanks

Great job! I wish this was possible for Pixi Plus on Verizon until then this doesn't do me any good. I really hate buying that ancient pre plus... ugh! I'll wait till the prices come down on Pre 2 off contract. I don't know what to do. I still need that sound recorder and office app.

I like F105. I had a "too many cards" error on 2.1 until the "Unset CFQ IO Scheduler" patch came out last week. With this combo installed it runs like butter. Pages snap open. I can scroll through sites really fast. My phone and brain are one. I can't imagine how fast a Pre3 will be. This 2.1 F105 option is really making the wait more bearable. Uber is nice but you can't fix the speed past 800MHz. F105 Performance setting fixes you @1.05GHz. Rocks! SR71 worked on my launch day device but boot loops my Sprint Pre+ post surgery. I don't think it's ready for 2.1 yet anyway.

Thanks for posting this! I just put f105 with this patch and moved my compache setting up to 32mb. So far, it has been a world of difference on my Pre - much better than uberkernel anyway. :)

UberKernel has a top frequency of 1GHz, not 800MHz.

-- Rod

I installed the uber on my pre and I noticed the temp gets really hot. Was always pushing near 50 degrees.

I can see why 2.x was never released for the pre.. Sure it works but the juice and strain on the system doesn't seem worth the long run

ymmv on overclocking. my day 1 pre got hot on anything over 800. I got a replacement pre after a drop and it works fine at 1GHz without heating up much.

i had to get a refurbished origional pre an now i having absolute NIGHTMARES puttin preware on!!

What is the problem? Is it in DEV mode?

Just wondering.

SR7e was sweet on 1.4.5 but I had to re-meta after installing it on my pre at 2.1. Bootloop disaster.

Fortunately the 1gHz Uber rocks the house just as well as the SR71 seemed to on 1.4.5.

Great news.

Pixi and Pixi Plus support please!

Perfect timing.
Took the plunge in meta-doctoring my O2 UK Pre- last night, now for some overclocking.

can't find it in preware

Same here.

Do I need to uninstall patches before I install UberKernel?

Nope. Just install & enjoy the ride.

What number do I put in Compcache Memlimit to make it 32MB? The highest it will let me go is 16MB (Memlimit is set to 16384)

I can't think of a community of people, that I have had a better experince. Thanks guys

compcache limit is dictated by the kernal you run I believe. I know the current uber allows past 32mb swap space. And yes, I found the switch to 2.1 completely worth it. Thanks internels team!

How is it that webOS Internalz can do these things but Hp can't? And I'm guessing webOS Internalz might not have as much money as Hp.

Overclocking voids warranties and creates liabilities. HP couldn't possibly do that. WebOS Internals doesn't have to worry about warranties.

Not to pick on GTAFan, but do none of the people who complain about this stuff EVER stop to think about it themselves? Or do they just live in little dreamlands of countries that aren't litigation happy and that don't have to worry about carrier/manufacturer relationships?

Hey GTAFan9999, did you forget that HP did donate a super awesome HP server so the WebOS Internals team can continue their magic?

does this upgrade my pre- to 2.1? Or does this just allow homebrew patches to work on a previously upgraded pre- through the webos doctors?

"Hey GTAFan9999, did you forget that HP did donate a super awesome HP server so the WebOS Internals team can continue their magic?"

They did? I found the article a couple of minutes ago. But in terms of skill. I say W.I are the best. Maybe they should consider making a 2.3 OTA for the new phones (with a decent pay and work environment of course).

I installed 2.1 on my Sprint Pre- yesterday, and even my 6 year old son noticed it ran slow and threw up "too many cards" with just three things open. Then I installed the new Uberkernal.... Wow... MUCH snappier than my 1.45 build with Upebkernal! Things just snap to life now, and web browsing has never been faster! Way to go, guys!

Man. All I have to say is I hope Sprint gets a new webOS phone. I'm missing webOS but not the small screened Pre-.

Are there still issues with logging in to your palm profile? (I am on Sprint) Other than warranty issues, is there a drawback with this?

I have been a very happy pre plus owner going on 1 year and had the webOs bug bite bad and hard. I hoose palm ause it was not droid or iphone. ONE issue I have is very little of these articles will not apply to me for many months. And they are getting back on the promise boat and no real stuff normal users can put there phones on. I will upgrade I 6months and most likely go with the dreaded Iphone4 because it HAS every thing I lookin 4 and don't have to wait for promises to be filled. I hate iphone rap but they aren't showing me apps I can't use YET. Apple just has the apps in plave and the hardware looks very stable.(like this pre cause it stable and no issues for me. I dot wana say buy to PALM

This is going to sound dumb but how can I get WebOS2.X on me sprint pre? It seems that people have been doing it I just cannot find the links on how to do it. I have preware and uberkernal 1.4.5 1ghz. What do I do to get it to WebOS 2.x? I need more excitment befor the drop of the Pre3 and this old Pre is getting really boring. :(


has the process here, but its not for the faint of heart. That and you will need linux of some sort, or virtual box installed.

Took me a few (5) hours till 3 in the morning, but it is worth it in every way imaginable

windows users should just use Cygwin. Installing linux (whether in dual-boot or in a VM) just for this purpose is a complete waste of time and adds needless complexity to the upgrade.

Starting from nothing, you should be able to have your phone flashed to 2.1.0 in less than an hour, and most of the time is spent waiting. There's precious little to actually do.

absolutely, had a time frettin over the Ubunto option. Cygwin was a bear to install (time wise), but once operational was def the difference maker to a novice like me. Thanks Webos internals!

Thanks for the help but I have never used Linux, Cygwin, or Virtual Box. And now that you mention it I don’t want to take the risk of jamming my computer, I could care less about the "historic" Pre. Dam thing is so old and out dated. I guess I will just wait for the Pre 3 but knowing my impatience I will jump ship before June.

If the process were anything like installing preware or the uberkernals I would have done the process. But it seems much more complicated than that from what you and the johnsonx42 (below) have commented.

Thanks for the help though I really appreciate it.

when will be the webOS phones arrive in Asia!!!
i'm so frustrated by the way HP is handling georestrictions, etc...

still not seeing it in preware.. Am I missing somethin?

Will the 2.1 update ever be packaged with more ease? Possibly a flash update or mock Update? I get the directions how they are right now. I'm still not willing to do this on my own giving the current method of input.