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UberKernel accelerates Pre to 1GHz, your life will never be the same 96

by Derek Kessler Thu, 26 Aug 2010 11:04 am EDT

Palm Pre overclock - 1 GHz

It’s been in testing for several weeks, but now the unsuspecting public can get a taste of what 1GHz overclocking feels like on a Palm Pre. In short, it’s blazingly fast, even notably so over the 800MHz overclock. The overclocking comes in the form of the revised webOS kernel UberKernel, now up to version 1.4.x-92.

Accompanying the new UberKernel is a revised Govnah (v 0.6.7) to manage the overclocking madness. As usual, there’s plenty of options available to the end user, though our favorite remains screenstate overclocking; the phone ramps up to your maximum when the screen is on, and when off - when you’re not using it - the processor is scaled back down to a more reasonable and battery-saving speed.

Of course, while UberKernel and Govnah have undergone extensive testing to ensure that they won’t harm your device, overclocking is a try-at-your-own-risk activity. Palm and the carriers neither support nor condone overclocking; Palm has gone so far as to note that overclocking may void your warranty, so if it does fry your phone, you may be SOL. That said, the extensive testing done by the fantastic folks at WebOS Internals hasn’t revealed any glaring problems, so it’s full steam (literally?) ahead on the overclocking express.

Both UberKernel and Govnah are available through Preware, and as they are both open source endeavours from WebOS Internals, they are free. Oh, and because they’re free and open source, WebOS Internals is dependent upon your donations to pay for the testing hardware, servers, and everything else they need to keep the awesome operation running. If you’re enjoying the benefits of overclocking and you haven’t donated yet, then you’re wrong.

Source: WebOS Internals, PreCentral Forums


first ohhhhh

I happened to pop in the preware feed this morning and notice the update and completely flipped out!! I can already tell a difference...feels like a new phone all over again!! OMG Thank you soooooooo much!!!!! :D :D :D

this is new news? Has 1ghzwarped my space time continum? RUN FOR IT MARTY!

Overclocking the processor ain't like dusting crops, @toyotast165! The experimental kernels, like SR71, are like jumping to light speed without making precise calculations first. Sure your Pre will be fast, but you could fry your processor or bounce too close to a supernova and that'd void your warranty real quick, wouldn't it?


Bravo, Colonel!

Running @ 1GHz is better than bullseyeing womp rats in my T-16 back home.

Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.

You are right Luke Vader.


Fat Vader.

This comment and the one above it are two of the greatest things I have ever read on this website.

Yup,Its Fassssttt!Thanks webOSinternals

Have been running 1GHz UK since it hit the test feeds. My Pre feels so great.I can't imagine going back to stock kernel. Thanks webOSinternals.

http://forums.precentral.net/showthread.php?p=2626829 is the latest thread regarding Uber1G and http://forums.precentral.net/showthread.php?p=2626774 is the general UberKernel development thread.

The server infrastructure that builds and distributes these packages costs real money to maintain and run, and your donations are the sole source of those funds. http://bit.ly/webos-internals-donations is our donations link or just PayPal directly to donations @ webos-internals.org

Uber1G is the culmination of the work of a number of developers from WebOS Internals, and benefits from the alpha testing of kernels from both our experimental (e.g. F102A, F105, SR71) and stable (UberKernel) kernel streams. Work continues in those kernels to test out new features that will eventually make their way into future UberKernel stable versions.

Thanks everyone for your support,
-- Rod

I am excited to see what this update will do.

I am excited to see what this update will do.

wow this is awsome. I hope it doesn't fry my processor.

I've been running it @ 1ghz for several weeks and it works great! I tried a different kernel and crossed the 1ghz barrier to 1.2ghz...oh it was fast, real fast...while it lasted. My phone did some scary stuff and I had to Doctor my phone. Stick with uber 1ghz

If it wasn't for webOSinternals, I'd be on Android Central with an Android phone by now. They are the only reason the Pre still has a fighting chance against all the new hardware. Thank you webOSinternals for making the wait for the next gen Pre bearable.

Completely Agree.

HPalm just need to officially integrate preware and patches... seriously if I did not find precentral and there was not sooo many patches to add so much more style, usefullnes, and overall customizability.. I would be on the EVO by now.

For example, right after an update and before reinstalling/updating to get my patches back on, I am like "what is this garbage... oh my god, look at this hideous gray laucher background.. I love the look of the glass.. soo much more sexier.. and that is just a basic one..

I have 42 patches.. and I love them all..

uberkernal, more default snooze times, battey icon as percent, mm/dd, email confirm to delete, etc etc etc


I'm honestly curious: if you're already patching, why do you care if they're official? Even if HP/Palm did make some patches official, they probably wouldn't pick the 42 you are using; you'd still have to add some and maybe even have other patches to remove the new features you didn't want.

I do think it would be good for new users/marketing if WebOS had certain features out of the box, and those features could come from existing patches. However, I don't think it's fair to play down the plethora of patches we enjoy like it's some kind of burden. The ability to customize my phone with patches is the single biggest reason I got a Pre.

this is so so true.

How about a 'donation' link in the article...?

It seems EVERYONE has some sort of tag for donations... So, where is the right place to send the webOS Internals team some money..?

Edit: just saw Rod's comment. Thanks

I haven't been able to get this to work since I've upgraded to webOS 1.4.5. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Check your Preware feeds, you may still be using 1.4.1 testing.

where is the 1ghz download. I can't find it in the Kernel folder on Preware, what is the name of it. Also, do I understand correctly that Govnah has also been updated to have the option to run 1ghz/500mhz?

It is the same UberKernal that you see, it has just been updated.

If you already had it installed, you can just click update all.

If you haven't installed UberKernel, just use the one that is in there and also get the Govnah program and let the system restart.

You can then open Govnah and select the Screenstate 500/1000 or adjust your own settings. AWESOME!!!!

I am actually able to run Screenstate 125/1000... go go battery savings!

Thank you, what do I set Govnah to. I am not skilled. please help me step by step

I do not see this in my Preware feeds. The original UberKernel patch was there before 1.4.5. Hmmm..

Thx for the donate link, 10

bravo, fantastic job!

Wow! Finally. I've had the Pre since June 2009. I love Palm, had one since 1996, and I always ask people how they like their EVO, Iphone, Android whatever, and they always tell me the features. I quietly think to myself, my phone has done all of those things for over a year and welcome to the party. Now, my phone is faster than yours with old technology! I haven't donated in a while. Now is the time!

bravo, fantastic job!

Question: Is it possible to set default speed to 500mhz at a lower than 55 degrees temperature?

It seems that in addition to screen state governing, there should also be temperature based governing - when the temperature gets to hot, the speed would drop back until it cools to a safer temperature, when it can speed back up.

That's a great idea.

Now that UK is officially up to 1ghz, is there any benefit to using UK over, say, F105? Which I have been using since it's release and works great for me personally.

What is considered a high temperature? Thanks.

Im soooooo glad I have stuck with my launch pre, I have been due for an upgrade was thinking about the EPIC but after the price / reviews and now the 1ghz kernel you will have to pry the pre from my cold dead hand. Weird it seams to running cooler.....

Hmmm ... with UK offering a fully tested 1GHZ kernal, maybe it's time for me to move up to 800MHZ. I've been cautiously sitting on a 720/250 screenstate setting for quite some time :)

So intense! (tense)

is it better to set it to lower the cpu to 500Mhz when the screen is off, or always keep it at 1ghz? It seems to me the near constant scaling would add wear and tear to the cpu's life...

So we've heard about overclocking Madness, but how muc is it a battery-drain-madness?
My foremost goal in using these tools, is to avoid the "too many cards open"-error and to avoid the all to early dead of my battery!

I just realized you don't have that option with 1ghz...so scaling must be best.
Maps opens much faster than ever before!

This may be a dumb question but I am gonna ask it anyway. Shouldn't overclocking help lessen the time it takes for the phone to boot? It still seems like it takes forever.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the overclocking isn't in place while the phone boots. It's only after it boots that the overclock takes affect.

I didn't even consider that. It does makes sense.

AFAIK, Uberkernal always loads at the Pre's factory default 500 mhz. It's only in Govnah that you can change the CPU frequency. Since Govnah isn't available until after the Pre boots, UK/Govnah wouldn't have any effect on boot times.

fantastic work! it is supremely encouraging, i love webos and this update is really beginning to expose its greatness. thank you developers for your talents. i donated a small token of my appreciation.


games run perfect with the 1ghz no lag at all anymore 800mhz had a little but no more just awesome

I'm digging this. 250mhz/1ghz combo is a great balance. I'm actually noticing better battery life with this setup then I was with the 250mhz/800mhz combo. Wonder what other under the hood mods the teams working on this did? Good times.

Just did a side by side speed run with my bosses Droid X and I have to say, the 1ghz Sprint Pre is close, if not faster on certain things. We launched web pages, and loaded up some 3d games, music players, video players etc. Obviously they are different systems, running different apps to do similar things so it's not nessesarily a great comparison but It's nice to see my Pre hang with one of the big boys in person. lol

Just donated a ten-spot per Rod's link. I've benefited from the patches and kernal at least as much as the few apps I've purchased so far.

Been running Uber or F104 for a few months, loving it. So far I've only been brave enough to run 600/500 Screenstate, but the bump in performance has been nice. Seems like with Uber going to 1Ghz I should be pretty comfortable running at 800mhz.

mmmm like butter

I do not this update for either Govnah or Uberkernal.

As much as I'm for pushing this further (and as much as my phone is beat up anyway and needs to get replaced at some point), 1GHz kinda scares me. We're DOUBLING what the phone is supposed to run at.

Still probably going to do it :)

Holy cow this thing is awesome, thanks webosinternals! ZZZZzzzzzzzoooooooooommmmmmmmm!

Saw this, did it, enjoying it!

Thank you Rod and all of those that have worked tirelessly on improving EVERYTHING about the PRE. I want to chime in with some of the previous comments and also add that had it not been for the patches and overclocking I would have moved on to something else. I really love the OS on this phone and I intend to try and hold on to it until the next generation PRE shows up. I have also sent along a donation...Thanks again guys!!

It looks like the limiter to 500mhz while charging has been turned off. Getting temperature warnings with the screen on while charging with Govnah saying I'm at 1ghz.

I spent 30 mins last night reading evo and epic reviews. Homebrew is keeping me in the webOS fold, but even w/ overclocking it's getting harder to stay w/o new hardware or anything on the horizon.

Just downloaded to the new kernal, and I show the 500/1000 screenstate, but it will not use it. It continues to default to the 500/800. Also when I try to do a custom setting there is no 1000 setting. Please help, I need my phone to be so fast that I am doing tomorrows things today.

I had the same problem but a complete reboot fixed it for me...

Thanks DD, worked perfectly. I just wet myself :)

Same issue here - what are we doing wrong?

i like your last sentence lol

downloaded the kernel/govner 10 minutes ago. Took 5 to restart and started playing with my "new" pre. BAM!! It's awesome!!! I'm running Pandora and there's no lag popping open the camera! I feel like such a heel for enjoying the benefits of your work for months and not donating before now. Gonna donate now. Right this very minute. You people are awesome.

I take my praise back BTW if my beloved Pre melts tomorrow :)

I just got a new pre today and have been running f105 on my old one. I will have to try uberkernel. My face came completely off. People say stuff about oreo? This was ridiculous I'll post some pics I took of it with my wifes pixi and post em in the forum. I had never seen anything like it before.

I just got a new pre today and have been running f105 on my old one. I will have to try uberkernel. My face came completely off. People say stuff about oreo? This was ridiculous I'll post some pics I took of it with my wifes pixi and post em in the forum. I had never seen anything like it before. I am running stock till I can get home to my webosqi and overclock and I am so so frustrated right now. How does anyone use this phone stock? This is my first time running stock for many months since the initial over clock through terminal hit pushing it to 800mhz and I can't handle it.

Keep it up....I wonder what is the max mhz we can achieve...

I'm new to this - does "screenstate" mean the chip won't be overclocked if the screen is off? What does a touchstone count as?

WOW nice, hesitated at first but I said wtf might as well enjoy this phone til something else better comes. And if I brick this B#$CH it will give me a better reason to buy that Samsung new phone coming Aug 31...

I just let my nephew use my phone and he said, "I think I just came in my pants!!"

LMAO! I love my overclocked pre.


Thanks WebOSI!

Could've sworn that these guys used to stress that 1Ghz would be pointless as the Pre bottlenecks after 800Mhz. What changed?

I am curious if the screencast profile brings me back down to 500mhz when the phone is on touchstone... It doesn't appear it does... Anyone know?

omg, i just peed myself :)

so i did the right thing and donated to webos internals. thank you mr. rwhitby and to all the other developers that have made the pre so enjoyable.

Amazing, fast and stable. It only gets better. Thanks so much.

@briandye....when I leave govnah on and put it on the touchstone it shifts from 1000 to 500, and when I take it off it switches back to 1000.....like the rest of us I wouldn't mind some new hardware but I really appreciate how webos internals keeps this phone competing with the new stuff....If it wasn't for them, as much as I love this phone, I too, would be an evo owner.

--"If you

HAHA, yeah i mos def bought one for my wife, is there more than just you and me out there? lol

i was one of the original alpha testers for the 1Ghz. i must say, having it now out of alpha testing is awesome. Rob u have done wonderful things to this. ive donated AS SHOULD ANYONE ELSE WHO ENJOYS THEIR PRE! keep up the good work and lets keep pushing the boundaries. BTW what about the pixi?! lets not forget the phone we all bought our wives ;)

Only two words..... 1st- Daaaamn!!! 2nd- Donate!!!!

Anyone else losing 3G when using 250/800 or 250/1Ghz Combo? Everything was working fine until I did the upgrade to both the Kernel and Govnah yesterday. Now when using either Screenstate combination and phone goes to sleep 3G is lost and I have to reboot but it will keep happening. If I use 500/800 or 500/1Ghz everything is fine. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again guys in advanced.

Awesome work, guys! Donation submitted.

I'm running an iPhone 4 and also have an AT&T Palm Pre Plus - I bought the Pre cause I love web os and like to change phones every few days, just for the heck of it (SIM card out, SIM card in - it's that easy). This update makes the phone feel like it was made to run at 1ghz, anything less is too slow, honestly - so hopefully Palm takes note for their next hardware release!! If Palm released a slate web os device I'd be hooked forever. Thanks so much for this update guys!!

Any concerns about how hot the phone gets?

does it work for pixi too????

is this something that is safe for use?


With the release of WebOS 2.0 just around the corner, would this version of uber kernel and Govnah need to be updated? what does everyone think?

@fatherwayne... I too have noticed some issues running 250/1GHz. Occasionally, I've seen both my cellular and Wi-Fi connections drop... essentially reset. But it's been fairly infrequent, not nearly enough to bother me let alone really notice (maybe 3 times since I installed it many weeks ago). Personally, I think the benefit (and pure joy) of running at 1GHz is worth the almost non-existent radio drop-outs.

For everyone else considering running this screenstate, some notes: I haven't noticed much a of temp difference in *my* typical usage pattern. I'm typically hovering at 37-40 degrees, and only once hit 42. My alarms are set at 49 and up, so I haven't even gotten close. Sure, with heavy use (screensate ON) my battery drains fairly quick, but with typical on/off use, it's about the same as running the stock 500MHz clock rate. With infrequent use, my standby time is noticeably longer (well duh, it's running at 250MHz while the screen is off). I have not directly altered the compcache settings, but I have yet to see the "too many cards" error (and I've tested the bejeezus out of it). Interesting, because from what I can tell, cache compression is disabled by default. Or maybe I'm just reading it wrong.

Anyway, if your warranty is over (so the "it will void your warranty" thing isn't an issue), and you don't mind having to buy a new phone IF by chance something goes wrong, then you gotta try this. This is how the original hardware should have been configured (but with a longer battery life of course). You simply won't got back to the stock configuration. If you're a bit nervous, then at least try the 250/800MHz screenstate configuration - noticeable improvements over stock and slightly lower temps than 1GHz.

To the team that's been working on this... absolutely EXCELLENT work guys/gals!

Classic is still running so slowly - even at 125/1000! Any way to get it running faster?

Unfortunately, running at 1ghz demonstrates that webos has way too much written in javascript and that it performs poorly even at twice stock speed. still a sluggard compared to android and iphone and when palm brings out their next generation of hardware at 1ghz, it won't help.

At least now it's nearly tolerable. maybe when I'm in voicemail, I'll be able to look up a contact for forwarding without voicemail hanging up on me from it taking too long.

I am a huge fan of the uberkernel & have been running 500/1Ghz screen state since the latest version was released. It IS liking having a new phone. $25 donation submitted to the WebOS Internals team for such great work. Mail app remains sluggish, but it faster with this kernel than in stock webOS. Haven't tried 125/!ghz setting but will give it a shot. I have noticed if you are using the device actively for an extended period the battery definitely drains faster, but now just routinely recharge in car to/from work to recover. This plus the patches many have mentioned (glass launcher is one) are what makes the pre plus such a pleasure.

will it use the built in thermometer to cut turn down the overclocking so damage doest occur. my Intel I-5 is set to "smart overclocking" which can boost my 3.2ghz to 4-4.5ghz, but says it throttles taking into account the thermometer reading. cant it do the same with throttling the overclocking speed since there are modes for different degrees? shouldnt this meet the criteria for software that works with current hardware and meets intel's sanctioned overclocking?

I noticed that my Pre gets really hot when I'm on a phone call for an extended period of time, 20 mins or more. This happened before the overclock. Is there an option to lower the cpu ghz while on a call. Maybe the phone would run cooler...

Well I switched back to my original Palm Pre, from my HTC EVO. The Sprint operator was like, "Do you know your down grading sir?"

I decided that I'm coming back to WebOS, in the advent of the HP/Palm software and hardware, my next upgrade will be a WebOS device. With that said, I decided to root my phone, and tweak the hell out of it (seeing I'm more comfortable with my EVO on stand-by). So I did the 1 gig tweak, and I am amazed by the difference. Now I have a lot to read, so I can fully understand what I just did.