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UberKernel brings faster processor speeds to the (non-4G) TouchPad 16

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Mon, 01 Aug 2011 8:51 am EDT

Want to bring your TouchPad up to speed with a faster clocking on the processor? Now you can with UberKernel and Warthog from WebOS Internals. Today you can launch the Preware Kernel testing feeds to find both of these kernels ready for an update, and bringing 1.5 Ghz overclocking with it. This is the same speed that the AT&T TouchPad 4G will be clocked in at, and theoretically should make your experience with the device smoother and quicker (we've installed it ourselves and haven't actually noticed too much of a difference yet). 

Clocking your device to 1.5 Ghz on the TouchPad keeps it completely stable, since the chip is the same one that HP will be bumping up faster in the 4G model, but just in case your device does have an unclean reboot for some reason, UberKernel has a failsafe built in to revert back to default clocking so that nothing goes wrong. Govnah has also been updated to add support for the new kernels, and even includes a pre-defined governor profile to get you that speed boost without having to manually edit the settings.

You can get UberKernel and Warthog from Preware right now if you have the testing feeds already enabled, but for those of you that are unsure how to do that, check out Preware Homebrew Documentation from the catalog to get all of the details or go to webos-internals.org. This kernel is still in testing though, so be sure you're ready for all of the usual consequences that are associated with installing kernels. Have you installed the latest Kernels yet? Let us know your experience in the comments below.


great, wish webOS was under internals hand for development.

Take this Ruby

As always awesome work guys!

Cant wait to install this on the pad as soon as i get home from work.

Any news on that update yet?

Why are you surprised? Rubenstein was the one who said the chip was the same.I know I wasn't the only one who wondered how long it would be before someone would push the Touchpad to this level.Specifically with the chip manufacturer proving it could be steady at a higher clock rate.Couldn't be the only one.

Who are you talking to?

UnixPsycho's F15C kernel was actually the first to hit 1.5 GHz. UberKernel and Warthog use the same code originally written by UnixPsycho.

UberKernel is the only one with the fail-safe feature.

-- Rod

Thanks Rod, and UnIxPsYcHo, of course.


So i've been using Preware since it first came out but never overclocked my device. I know on the Pre that this could brick your phone, is there any chance that would happen with this kernel on the Touchpad or is this ok since it's not overclocking but actually more clocking to what the speed should be?

How does the overclocking effect the battery life?

So I've added the testing/all and testing/armv7 feeds... is there another one that needs to be added? I am not seeing any kernels except the recovery one...

I don't see it either?

Mine has been working great. Tim, you said you didn't notice any change. Well I did, the god awful emulator actually works. I installed it at 7:45am and it came off the TS at 7:30am est. With fairly heavy use it is still at 44%. Screen at 2/3's. Nice thanks guys... I see another donation coming... (everyone follow suit, please!)

I can't find Govah for the Touchpad in Preware. I only have v.0.8.3.

I'll try in a while when I get used to my updated TP. And wait for the kernel to be fully tested. Great work though and when I install it, I'll be sure to send a donation to webOS internals!