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UK gets in on the Pre3 pre-order game; July 8 for £350? 68

by Derek Kessler Wed, 15 Jun 2011 7:26 pm EDT

Heavy mountains of salt, dear reader. We’ve seen the mystical HP Pre3 pop up for preorder in Europe, and the estimated delivery times have turned out to be, shall we say, inconsistent? reports June 30 (not likely), while Rogers in Canada (yes, not Europe) expects it on July 19 (possible). Enter UK retailer, who is reporting the Pre3 as “due for release on 08 July 2011,” and is asking £349.99 to preorder the upcoming webOS flagship phone.

Is this price or date accurate? We don’t know, but given how widely inaccurate every date was leading up to the HP TouchPad’s release announcement, we wouldn’t put much money on the date. Pricing, well, that’s flexible and easy to refund. Disappointment about a missed speculative release date? That’s harder to sooth. Though we would like for the Pre3 to launch so close to the TouchPad – it’d be nice to be able to actually use Touch-to-Share.

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As I stated in the actual forum post, there are several other online retailers in Germany and Austria, which have roughly the same estimated delivery date. Hence I assume, that this span of time might be the real deal. Keeping my fingers crossed!

My retailer (Computeruniverse) still states that they will have their first units on stock on June the 17th.

Nonetheless these all are just the 8 GB-variants, which I think is a bit strange. So maybe they will first release an 8 GB and later the 16 GB Version. Or the 16 GB will be exclusive to some carriers at first? Lets see what will happen.

Update: Now they state: 24.06.2011

So it's moving to the end of June. If it in the End arrives in their stock around June the 28th then it probably gets shipped together with the Touchpad in Germany...

Which means that soon HP will have to announce some carrier in the USA as I guess that they announce such stuff at one or two weeks before actually shipping the product, don't they?

On, they list another two online retailers which say that they expect deliver on July, 4th. But of course I hope that your retailer is right.
I wonder on what kind of information the retailers base their dates...

On the dates that they get from their whole-sellers.

Just pre-ordered mine for £350, according to play that's the 16GB version. Hopefully the dispatch date will hold true.

All I need now are 2 touchstone chargers, one for home and one for the office.

Time to play the waiting game. the current TouchStones, they are dirt cheap and will charge your Pre 3 OK.

The only drawback is, they will not ba able to "identify" themselves properly, so you will be missing some new functionality that this unique function enables (like automatically switching to specifically configured Exhibition mode, depending on what touchstone you put it on - eg. different for the office, and different for your bedside table etc.)

Might just do that.

But do I sacrifice £££ or do I sacrifice coolness?

Above mentioned lists 16GB version for £349:
Pre 3 on

This is taking too long already! Pre 3 reveal yourself for crying out loud!!!

If only pre3 had a good app base, i would buy it instantly.

I'd happily buy the Pre3 instantly, since I don't need my phone to run a ton of gaming or recreational apps. I just need the phone to be a dependable phone, PIM, robust email, have a great notification system, be able to open business files like ALL PDFs/DOCs, and be able to browse the web decently without squinting. A tablet like the iPad/TouchPad is a different story.

Not a ton, i just want to have something, use openfaint, find an app if actually need something. My pre- also switches off when i most need it. Missing morning alarms, important call, never get notification if the phone crashed while someone has called. Pre123 are good phones, that is, for a budget sector

...if you Pre- switches off randomly, it is faulty unit. I had this problem with mine, fortunately quite early during the warranty period... Replaced phone, and no such problems since.

I agree with you on apps... I don't need my phone to do "anything", but great plus of my current Desire S is, when I decide I'd like to have some functionality on it, I will find some apps that will cover my needs...

I am sorely missing webOS elegant, intuitive UI and wonderful ergonomics (Android feels totally spastic by comparison, I hate the OS itself), but the quality of the hardware, quality and flexibility of apps more than pays for it!

ANYWAY, if that pricing is right, my GOSH! Would it mean HP finally starts to GET IT? Mainstream price, for mainstream-specified phone, PLUS wonderful OS on it? If the rumored price is correct (and hardware feel sturdy & solid), I will buy it unlocked straight away, and I do not care about anything else (I'd keep my Android "mule" to do things/apps I cannot do on WebOS, but would jump to the webOS 2.0 "supercar" experience as my main phone in an instant!!!)

Do you want spammy many apps do you really use?

Well, i rather take 10 spammy and 1 good app from ios or android than 3 spammy apps from WebOs

Don't forget: The Touchpad also doesn't come out at once everywhere. So for example it will come to Canada in mid-July...

Is it possible that they will be released at the same days like the Touchpad everywhere? This at least would make some sense.

Speaking of Pre-Orders - I tried to ask 2 different people at Bestbuy last night if I could pre-order the Touchpad. Not only did they not know what it was (even though there is a big section for just TouchPad and Veer that I walked them to) but then they assumed I wanted the Veer and "would check stock."

In the end, both of these idiots had no idea...about anything really.

I know, why bother - but I have $300 in rewards at BB - so I want to buy it there.

I had HP call me today to let me know that pre-orders will be on the 19th.

And on and on it goes!

Makes sense but I really want o2, as my contract is nearly up in September and I can upgrade :D

I contract with o2 is also up for upgrade in Sept, however they stated on twitter over a month ago that they would not be stocking the Pre 3... so I am hoping to get unlocked and just keep my contract rolling, as in general the older contracts are better with them (like unlimited data, new ones come with limit).

ditto here on O2 contract till later this year from my original Pre (now replaced by Pre Plus I got from ebay!). since O2 not stocking Pre3, happy to get unlocked model and keep my unlimited data plan, especially when it will be tethering my TouchPad :)

Hope estimate is correct...but I doubt it

Thats a very good point about keeping the unlimited data, which is just awesome!!! Will just have to get saving to get it on!!

Bear in mind that you can get unlimited data from various other providers for considerably less than your O2 contract. One of them (GiffGaff) even uses the O2 network so you don't even need to get your phone unlocked. £10 a month will get you unlimited data and 100 minutes on GiffGaff with no minumum contact period.

I cancelled my O2 a month ago and am hapilly saving myself £20 a month (actually more because I switched to T-mobile which is £20 for 6 months data but there are some limits there which may not suit everyone and I had to get the Pre unlocked).

Paying O2 at least £30 a month to retain a grandfathered tarrif is a false economy. It only makes sense if you are going to get another discounted handset and, even then, it is marginal if you do the maths.

..if you want to leverage your contract/subscription, you might consider:
* do a little research, what phone models they DO have on offer sell best secondhand
* get one on contract & sell it
* get unlocked Pre3, and enjoy! If only rumored price is correct, it should be enough when you sell one high-end Droid to fully cover Pre 3's costs.

...and that's the way to do it HP, even if my carrier don't have one, I WILL get one for that price!

Keeping my fingers crossed. has never done me wrong before, use them regularly for games and have bought hardware of them in the past.

Why can't they all be right. We are talking about three totally different markets which require different negotiations with carriers, testing, etc. All of the above may be accurate which would be great except for the folks here who like clockwork will say...

When will the Pre3 hit Sprint.

Hmmm....looks like Sprint will be skipped over this time.

really dont give a phcuk about the pre 3 getting to europe or my neighbors up north..when you have some good info about it possibly coming to sprint hit me up....probably jump to verizon and drop my 25% to 12% off a month to switch to can kiss my arse .sorry for my loose tongue, just a bit pissed off about the delayed launch!

Believe it or not, a lot of people dont give a phcuk about US release dates, and even less about your carrier.

I hope it hits all possible carriers in all possible countries as soon as possible :)

The lack of carrier support will kill it in the UK just like it did for the Pre 2. Price wise it comes out £50 cheaper than the Pre 2 was on release and £125-140 less than the two leading Android handsets if we use Play as a comparison:

£489.99 - HTC Sensation
£474.99 - Samsung Galaxy S II
£349.99 - HP Palm Pre 3

That is great for webOS fans who want to fork out for latest handset but I'm afraid it is still too rich to attract new users. Obviously HP cannot simply give it away but the Pre 3 is fighting a losing battle before it has even been released. It is too rich to attract new smartphone users and does little to attract current smartphone users from other devices. HP needs to sell devices to generate developer support and I doubt many will pay £350 on a gamble. The lower the price goes the more tempted people will be. Ultimately I think HP needs to target enterprise and then look to expand back out to consumers once they have a foothold in the market.

I disagree. IMHO, £350 for unlocked phone, with Pre 3's hardware specifcation, and coolest OS on top of that, is a honest-to-goodness price (if not a great bargain)! Something that surprises me thoroughly, and pleases me immensely, having seen the up to date pricing policies from HPalm!

I am sure that carriers WILL support Pre 3, otherwise it will not be able to break through to mainstream, and there's no way HP did not realize that. So, Pre 3 will still be 100-150 cheaper on contracts than high-end Droids, which is EXACTLY the place where it should be! Finally, way to go, HPalm! All four thumbs up (yeah I am a mutant)


WebOS has failed on all US carriers, the Veer is not helping things. I would not be surprised if none of them even want to carry Pre3. THat could be the reason there is no US release date.

The Veer is ranked 51 on Amazon. And that is with an advertising campaign including paying to be "the top trend" on twitter. Nothing like manufacturing buzz. I wonder if HP is starting to question the decision to kill all legacy devices. What a ship of fools.

You finally make a valid point...

Perhaps this is exactly what's going on. Jon and his lackeys really duped / screwed the US carriers. Perhaps the carriers are all waiting to see what happens in the foreign markets before they make the decision whether to offer another webOS device or not.

"Fool me once, shame on... me? Can't get fooled again!"


See?!? I didn't even mention Sprint ONCE by name!


The Veer was a really strange choice of a phone to make anyways. It's like HP saw all the trends of what size screen people wanted and decided to do the opposite. It'll definitely appeal to a niche market, but it's a niche market.

The sad thing is I think most people can easily see what HP should do in the phone space and HP isn't doing most of it.

1) Actually HAVE a product. These devices were supposed to come out in Feb. I understand needing to make sure it's ready, but it's so slow people are forgetting about the product and as time goes on your product looks worse and worse since the competitors are releasing much quicker and releasing better technology (hardware-wise) than you. Honestly as a Pre owner, I'd be ok with them saying "sorry Pre minus peeps, we're rushing to get the Pre3 ready so your updates are on hold for a while". I understand it's more important to have the next generation ready. But if they take THAT long then I really don't have much confidence in their ability to release hardware/software now. :(

2) Go big. The smallest screen a "touch based media consumption" device should be is 3" really. Any less than that and it's awkward to have a device centered on the idea of touch. Honestly, the Pre/Pre2 as it is now should be considered the "petite" phone of their line up. The 3.1" screen is pretty small for media consumption.

3) While you don't want to fight the spec war, you want to be IN THE BATTLE. If you're not even in the range, then people will see your brand as a "budget" brand. Basically HP's flagship phone doesn't need to be the most powerful phone at the time of the release, but it should be the same generation of power. Since HP waited so damn long, they probably should have a dual core chip now.

4) Figure out the 100 most popular AND useful apps on all platforms (limit it to 20 games max). Once you figure this out, court those developers AND/OR hire a team of full time developers yourself to create these apps. If you have the 100 most popular apps (or 20 most popular games and 80 most popular/useful apps) then I don't think people will complain much about the lack of app selection. HP is on the ball with this one from what I've read.

5) Don't release your first HP stamped WebOS devices at the same price as Apple, Because when it comes down to a pre3 or an Iphone on AT&T or Verizon, I think we know which one the average consumer will pick up. Same rule applies for the touchpad and all the accessories. I really want the touchpad with 2 touchstone chargers, but there is no way I would pay $80 per touchstone. F that.

6) In February, something about incentives were mentioned for us poor suckers still running 1.4.5. You promised Flash we got no flash, you promised 2.x we got no 2.x. Keep to your words and deliver what you say Jon R. you A$$ clown.

What kind of negotiating position would the carriers be in if they told HP that they wanted the TouchPad but not the Pre3? Carriers take in tons of phones all the time. I doubt they all stay away from the Pre3 especially if it allows them to sell the TouchPad.

HP Needs the carriers way more than the carriers need HP. They would probably rather not bother with the training and everything.

HP is in no position whatsoever to negotiate. They have a proven losing product. All they have is cash, and we know that money talks.

I think HP has put all of it's eggs into the Touchpad. Its sales will drive the phone segment as people will want to take advantage of the webos system.

The Veer is a neat phone, but clearly targeting a small segment. They were hoping for another Centro, but that has yet to happen and probably won't if ATT is the only carrier. The Pre3 should appeal to the masses, at least a much larger segment, enterprise included.

But it is the Touchpad, imo, that will drive sales and force the carriers to take notice and carry the phone and future devices. If the Touchpad tanks, so does webos. The problem with his scenario is that Ipad competitors aren't doing so well. I hope HP bucks that trend!

And going even further, I think it will all be played out by the end of the year, one way or another.

What is the WebOS system? Kindle is on every platform, and now so is streaming cloud music and cloud storage. What's the unique WebOS system that is going to compel people to want to run every device with WebOS if they should happen to buy a TouchPad?

Touch-To-Share URL transfers? Not likely.

I think it is still user experience that is unique and excellent about webOS. Everyone I know that has tried webOS and jumped ship only gave up on it because of hardware (not a lack of apps like Netflix and Words with Friends). Everyone I know that has tried webOS and hasn't jumped ship says they'll stick with webOS because they love the UI/OS/experience so much.

Its multitasking feature of course. If it wasn't unique RIM wouldn't try to copy it.

synergy, baby, it's all about synergy. Touch to share, the consistent user experience and the same apps on your phone as on the touchpad.

If you buy a Touchpad, are you going to buy an Iphone or an Android device? Maybe you will, but you will sure look at a WEBOS phone first.

Iphone users aren't going to buy the Touchpad, they're getting an Ipad if they want a tablet. HP is going after the uncommitted and hoping to get them for the phone, too.


This is all meaningless for me if it doesn't come to Sprint. But I'll wait and see.... :-)

same here, but then again if it is released at $200 i'm going for the EVO 3D.
This phone on Sprint for $100 would be a sell to me.

If you're not in love with the idea of looking at some 3d images on your phone, you may see if the original Evo 4g comes down in price. From what I've been reading in terms of Evo 3d reviews, everyone's favorite feature about it seems to be the camera button.

Can someone answer me, what is the point of pre-orders?
Do you get a free touchstone or something?
Do you get it at a discounted price?
... what's the point?

You have something to be happy to wait for. You get it first ;)

Oh and: You get a steady flow of information by your retailer about the availability.

They get your money before you even need to spend it. Maybe preorder for something you know will be sold out on arrival, but I doubt that Pre3 will be hard to get.

Basically it's a scam to get customers cash in your hand without giving them anything.

I think "scam" is a harsh word because you end up getting a product. If they took your money, closed up shop, and never gave you a phone, that would be a scam.

Now, letting people pre-order it at $200 on contract, and dropping the price to $100 on the release day would definitely be a scam.

Pre ordering from or most UK online retailers is not a scam by them at all, before you write nonsense why not find out how it works! debits credit and debit cards on the day of shipping. All prices include sales taxes (where applicable) unless otherwise stated, and no charge is made for shipping. Processing of pre-orders may begin earlier than the release date to ensure that orders can be shipped to you in time for the release date.

I have never had money come out of my account weeks in advance when I have pre-ordered anything from anywhere.

Pre-orders help the retailer as it gives them an initial idea of how many to buy in, this in turns help other customers so they don't end up being out of stock on day of release.

"it’d be nice to be able to actually use Touch-to-Share"

wait! can you not do that with 'your' Veer? ;)

why is june 30 unlikely?
i pre-ordered and they even emailed me that the deliverly date will be between june 15 and june 27.

for me personally - don't care how much on sprint - just get it to sprint!

my thoughts exactly!

This is simply fake hype at it's best!

they need to push new phones faster.
like samsung does.
the galaxy s2 is already far beyond (hardware-wise) than the pre3.

or get samsung producing webOS phones.

I still have my release day Pre and have been with Sprint for 11 years. If Verizon gets the Pre3 and Sprint doesn't even get a real release date I'll leave Sprint for Verizon, but not for AT&T.

Same here I already called Sprint and told them that going to Android for me is not an option. If they don't bring a new webOS device I will be moving to Verizon.

It will happen eventually anyway. If AT&T buys out T-mobile Sprint would be forced to get bought out by Verizon anyway.

HP definitely isn't in a position to negotiate with US carriers. Did any of them jump on the Pre2? is the Pre2 on the first carrier the Pre was on (Sprint)? No. The longer it takes HPalm to release a compelling product, the less likely anyone in the US will be interested in buying. Yes, you can get the Veer on AT&T but do you know anyone who has one? I don't. Do I know people with Android, iPhone and even Windows Phone 7 phones? Yes. HP has put most of their eggs in the Touchpad basket. That is evident. The Pre3 is just a larger version of the Veer joke. Sorry HP, but by the time you release this toy, ICS will be on Android, a new iPhone will be out, and the army of Android devices that are already on the market will be far more relevant than you're forgotten Pre3.

Sprint is still trading under $6, so they are ripe to be bought up and Verizon is the only one capable of doing that. Same technology (CDMA) but the move to LTE will be an interesting one. Hopefully when it happens, they maintain the "Simply Everything" plan.

From Palm UK Facebook:
"The Pre3 will be made available by mid Summer 2011. Watch this space as HP is the only official source of availability and pricing for upcoming products. Further updates soon."

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Here in Switzerland, lists the pre3 for the 7th of July. Even earlier as the touchpad (mid of July)! We'll see!

No longer available for pre-order on in UK, just an e-mail notification when it is available to order.