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Undocumented webOS 1.3.1 Features 128

by Robert Werlinger Mon, 16 Nov 2009 8:21 am EST

In addition to the slew of enhancements in webOS 1.3.1 that are in the official Palm documentation, enterprising users in the forums have been picking through the newest release of the software, and are finding the minutiae of the changes and enhancements that didn't make it into Palm's change log.  Here's some of what they've found:

  • The browser now actually scores on the acid3 benchmarking test, getting a whopping 77, up from its previous score of zero.
  • The Web browser preferences screen now has an option to use a different default search engine, though Google is currently the only option.
  • International dialing options are now in phone preferences
  • A new animation is displayed when the phone is powering down.
  • Screen captures are only saved in the PNG format, as opposed to saving as both PNG and JPG.
  • Layout of UI elements in Photos app has changed, and now appear at the bottom of the screen
  • The Photos app is much snappier in general.
  • New Sprint TV interface.
  • Delete all option available in trash folder in email
  • WebOS 1.3.1 has laid the groundwork for video recording by including the Linux binaries needed to record video that is compatible with the stock media player

These are the undocumented changes we've seen so far, and there are sure to be more that we've yet to find. We'll keep you updated as they come to our attention!

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!



After all the excitement the flash placeholder and 'code fragments' have generated in the blogsphere, now finally something which is actually important for the majority of the end users:
WebOS 1.3.1 has laid the groundwork for video recording by including the Linux binaries needed to record video that is compatible with the stock media player

Thanks for listening to the actual needs of your users Palm!

I agree. Thanks Palm!

I agree this is Very VERy Exciting... Hopefully they will add Video Recording by the end of the year or the first part of next year. This has always been a big deal for me so i'm glad to hear something about it. I thought That the Video Recording had been forgoten by palm, seeing how we hadn't heard anything about it in such a long time.

Thank you Sooo Much Palm for actually starting this Project. This is very Very Exciting!!! I appreciate it!!!

It would be nice if they would give at least a general commitment to when they plan to add video recording. All this waiting around is causing people to become impatient and "jump ship." I wonder if anyone reads these comments that has anything to do with producing these wanted updates.

Don't get me wrong. I think this is a good sign. I just think that some of these basic functions like Video recording and voice dialing should be top priority and yet we don't seem to hear anything concrete. Has Palm officially said there definitely will be Video Recording on the Pre in the future or is all this wishful thinking?

Palm has unfortunately to be very careful what they announce and with giving dates. The 'vocal minority' gives the direction. And they want flash and whatnot useless changes to the hardware instead of useful features for the people that just use the phone.

Sprint TV is greatly improved. I don't think "recently played" was there before. It is also considerably faster than before.

Recently played was always there. :)

I use my phone as my alarm and I have noticed that I can now silence the alarm with the volume rocker when it is going off. Previous to this you had to unlock the phone and hit dismiss or snooze. It was bery annoying when your half asleep and you just want the alarm to stop.
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Indeed! Sooo... homebrew video app next week then? ;-D

Some keyboard / gesture shortcuts were added to the email app as well -- gesture-M to move to a folder, for example. Still no keyboard shortcuts for the most important email commands tho (that I know of) -- Reply / Reply All, Forward, Delete.


I would think the reason those hot keys don't exist is because the buttons are already there. There is no button for "move to folder" hense the hot key.

"The browser now actually scores on the acid3 benchmarking test, getting a whopping 77, up from its previous score of zero." Um, help me out, it's early. What does this mean?

It means that the web browser is now more standards compliant. Before it used to fail miserably on the standards test acid3.acidtests.org. In comparison, the iPhone GS gets a 97

Strangely, it only gets 73 for me (when it used to get a 1).

Oooh, thanks. Has any on mentioned the new options when powering the phone off. Airplane Mode>Power>Cancel then Restart>Shut Down/ Swap Battery> Cancel and finally Swap Battery info> Shut Down> Cancel.

Does this mean that some of the Ajax websites may work as they were meant to finally?

I only get a 55... that sux

you didn't let it finish all the way. It pauses for quite a while at 55.

I use exchange and since the update any NEW calendar events entered into my Pre do NOT show up in Outlook. Interestingly enough, any EXISTING calendar events that I change on my Pre DO show up. Anybody else noticing this behavior?

YES!!! This is NOT GOOD at all. Calendar entries made on my Pre do not show up on my Exchange Calendar. I entered a calnedar entry on my Pre to remind me of phone call I had to make this morning and it did not show up on my Exchange Calendar when I got to work.

This will stop me in my tracks...I absoulutely need this to work! Very worried right now.

I tried that, works with my Exchange server at least. I did do a manual sync though. Try doing that, maybe that's one workaround.

Ya I tried manual sync and it still did not work. I also tried, restart, deleting the account and re-config - still doesnt work. What's worse, the calendar entries were also lost on the Pre after I deleted the account!! Good thing I only made a few appts since the update - they no longer exist anywhere.

This Update had been one major pain in the arse for me. It takes forever to remove / re-install the patches (that make the phone worth something to me); I cant get landscape email patch to work; PDF lanscape not ported yet; now this Exchange issue. For a "busy" business user . . . I am really hurting from this update. I will prob have to WebOs Dr...more time gone.

(but I guess I am still glad Palm is doing something)

Three words: Emergency patch recovery. It's one step to remove all patches. Something to keep in mind for the next update :)

Did re-adding the exchange acct help your situation?

I too am having trouble with my exchange calendar. I deleted and the re-loaded my exchange account and that didn't work.

Manual sync only worked in bringing calendar events from my exchange to the Pre, but not from the Pre to my exchange account. I'm hoping Palm has a patch ASAP.

I too am having am having the calendar sync issue. I can go from exchange to Pre, but not from Pre to exchange.

I deleted & re-added my exchange account. That didn't work.

Manual sync doesn't work.

Yea I removed all the patches manually, then I did a EPR, then I did a WebOS Repair Utility Scan all PRIOR to the update.

I have also tried EPR after the update and after I noticed the Exchange Calendar problem - still no fix. I just did a Full Erase, it did not fix the issue. Now I am going to go to the WebOS Doc.

I will report back w/ the results. God knows I do NOT have time for this. I guess if the Dr. doesn't fix the problem, it was Palm's fault? (and I am screwed b/c I need a working calendar - I had to write my court hearings down and enter them at the end of the day - not cool - got back to the office and the secretary had booked those same times w/ clients)

It is official, WebOS 1.3.1 broke Calendar Exchange Sync.

I used WebOs Dr. to get back to 1.2.1, tested (entered new event on my Pre) and it synced onto my Desktop Exchange Calendar.

Updated to 1.3.1, tested (entered new event on my Pre) no dice. It doesn't work even after manual sync.

This really, really, really SUCKS!!!!!!!


as a work around I will add calendar items through pocketmirror.... but that is so inconvenient, and not what you should have to do on a smartphone.....

In PHOTOS, there no longer seems to be a spot where ALL photos show up. They seem to be divided into different categories.

Multiple entries for each contacts, my exhange account not working. Hope palm gets this fix.

I use my phone as my alarm and I have noticed that I can now silence the alarm with the volume rocker when it is going off. Previous to this you had to unlock the phone and hit dismiss or snooze. It was bery annoying when your half asleep and you just want the alarm to stop.

Good to know. This has always bugged me a little bit too. Thanks for the info

Yay for discoveries from fumbling around half asleep!

that's the point, to get up

77 is still lower then most other smartphone browsers, including mobile safari (100), android 1.5 (93), opera mobile 9.7 (100), blackberry (91), and opera mini (98). The bigger question is, how important in the acid3 test if webOS previously scored only 1/100 (even worse than ie mobile)?

Good question... I'm currently 'forced' to use Opera Mobile on a WinMo Phone. In comparison the Pre browser is superior for my needs.

POP 3 access to GMail has been fixed. Previously anytime it checked for new mail, it would delete (without sending to the trash folder) any email that was in the inbox.

Maybe the emergency patch removal tool didn't do its job, but I never re-installed the LED notification patch, yet I still get these. Was this part of the 1.3.1 update?

I haven't played with google calendar sync yet to see if those issues are gone, but syncing to just "My Contacts" was definitely overdue. Thanks for that, Palm! Yahoo messenger integration works great too.

Now if only they'd make sound notification options that work and make sense, I'd be really happy.

If you didn't turn the option off before removing the patch then the led notifications will still be on without the patch. All the patch really did was uncomment the existing code so now it's "re-commented" but in the on position. I hope that makes sense.

Wowhooo!!!! Video recording!!! Now just to have the app limit fixed and we are good to go!!

Also, the music app has the same speed as the Photo app. Previously, it would take a second or 2 before I could click anything.

I'd say thats another undocumented feature

I agree! Now my albums seem to be already loaded when I open the Music APP. Now if only I could create a playlist ON the phone!

Also add the App Catalog to that list. Loads immediately, where I used to have to wait 5+ seconds.

I personally like the fact that there is a "empty trash" menu option now. When I had over 800 deleted mail messages in my hotmail trash can, I couldn't envision a scenario that didn't end in me flicking things out of my trash can, and me with having carpal tunnel.

Thanx Palm, now all we need is *opens wish list*
1. The ability to create playlists on phone
2. The ability to move photos around (between folders) on phone.

See, I didn't ask for anything too big! Just things that I thought would make those apps simpler, like not having to connect to my pc to do them!

My personal favorite undocumented is that the auto correct for "U" is now "You" instead of becoming "you". That was freaking annoying!

No kidding! It defeated the whole purpose of an auto correct function, imo

NO NASCAR app!!! yay! or at least on mine?

my undocumented new feature is an abundance of "memory critically low" and "too many card" errors and sluggish performance. This has never happened before, there have been times where I've had 20 apps open at once w/o a problem. Now I can't have tweed and a web browser open w/o the phone going crazy.

Seems like its just me though... any suggestions?

Have you tried a reboot? Mine is working perfectly after the update. I had to go back into Tweed and toggle the notifications on/off again to get those to show up, but beside that everything has been fine.

Yes, I've had the same issue. Very, very annoying. I've actually had NO cards open, after getting the error and closing all open cards, and I still was not able to open a new card. No cards and I was still getting the too many card errors. Very frustrating. I hope there's a way to identify what the issue is there.

That being said, I like the new popping cards instead of new cards for apps like the email program and the camera program. Keeps things neat and organized. I wonder however if these card stacks are causing memory issues that we're experiencing since they're I believe in the background.

I haven't had that problem, but I have had terrible responsiveness issues system-wide, but particularly in the browser app, e.g., scrolling becoming non functional, zoom not working for one to two minutes (it seems the UI is semi-hung). I have been with Palm since the Treo 600 and I got my Pre on launch day and I've been very hopeful, but I can't remember ever being as frustrated as I am now with the problems that have plaugued this nascent platform and phone. I am ditching this for the iPhone 3 GS or an android phone pronto. :)

my backup app is still not automatically backing up every day like it should. This broke for me after updating to 1.2.1 a few months ago.

Is any one else having this happen to them?

Yes, I had to run Web OS doctor to fix that. Make sure to backup manually before doing this, and make sure it actually says backup complete: http://www.precentral.net/paid-app-appears-euro-app-catalog-wreaks-mini-...

Yikes - don't Doctor if you can avoid it! Before using Doctor, it might be worth giving the WebOS Repair Utility a shot first. Backup doesn't actually back up data from installed apps (SplashID, for instance) so if you can skip the Doctor, do so.

Repair Utility is here: http://forums.precentral.net/canuck-software/204495-webos-repair-utility... But, be forewarned, it currently says its 1.2.1 compatible only, so it might not work correctly under 1.3.1 until its updated.

Turn off the backup then turn back on. That should fix it.

What about the speed dial keys for phone numbers!

Now you can link a phone number to any key, and dial when your in the launcher, or the main screen. If they can add a speed dial key for applications then I'll finally have the centro feature I used the most on my pre.

For some reason I'm thinking that isn't a new feature and that I have been able to do that since day 1 with this phone...is my memory off?

Nope not a new feature. I've had a hotkey for my wife since day one.

By the way, one

The phone app now displays the contact picture full screen instead of just inside the center portion of the app...at least its like that on my phone now.

Also my pre is backing itself up automatically again, but I checked right after the update to check when it last backed up and it was the previous day, so somehow it fixed itself before this update.

I noticed the larger picture only becuase when I installed the Facebook App and it synced my Facebook Friends, it uses the Facebook picture in the dialer even thou it wasn't the primary contact, I had to unlink the facebook account then re-link it to let me use a picture from one of the other linked profiles. Also, you have to re-do your contact pictures to make them full screen...

CaliMark (Mark Reed)

+1 thanx Palm

I thought the NY Times app updated with landscape view capability but it didn't!
It funny that a NYT news Link will bring you to a landscape viewable page though???

It seems that Palm is establishing a track record of breaking a lot of things when the release an update. That combined with the poor updates in general don't bode well for WebOS. Sad.

Oh yes! And it rains over here! Shame on Palm!

Anyone else notice the flash goes off twice when taking a picture now? Seems like it might be for a little red eye reduction.

Mine has always done that.. I believe it's minly to tell the sensor the proper exposure for the flash, but yes, it helps A BIT with red eye.

I think this is new ... when you receive a text messages with a pic or other attachment, the notification that appears at the bottom of the screen has paper clip icon on the contact's pic.

Great improvement with EAS security. With the 1.2 update, it forced the entry of my PIN every time I turned it on and did not permit any grace period. With 1.3 now I am forced to enter the PIN only after up to 30 minutes of inactivity (your choice from 0 min to 30 min). I would rather have an option for more than 30 minutes, but that is generally dictated by corporate network security over EAS. Thanks for including this change!

Unfortunately that new feature is missing for some of us. I don't get the option for various timeouts. My hosted Exchange (1and1) has clashed with Palm's updates since 1.2.0.

Everything was fine with 1.1. Then when 1.2 came out, Exchange completely broke and many of us couldn't log on. 1.2.1 fixed that, but then locked us into PIN enforcement (with no timeout options). Now Palm has added PIN timeout options with 1.3.1, but evidently anyone that had logon problems due to EAS policies back with 1.2 is now unable to use the new timeout feature and still has to enter a PIN whenever the screen is turned off.

I wish Palm would get it right. I never had these problems with Windows Mobile using the same provider. So evidently it's Palm's implementation that is missing something.

On one podcast I believe someone mentioned how much it bothers them that when you hit the on/off button the three LED's kinda blip. They seemed to have fixed that.

Two questions with regard to patches:
I didn't turn on LED notifications prior to update and running emergency patch removal. I still have the notifications but now how can I turn them off? In preware I don't see the led notifications patch.

Also does the roam contro to pref patch not work. I install but no option in prefs. The roam only in device menu patch seems to work.

it in on preware 0.9.8

After every update, I always check to see if there are new Bluetooth protocols. I am quite certain that AVRCP is new. (I know there is one new one but I don't remember what was there before). Anyways, I finally looked up what it was. It lets you use your phone to control media devices that are compatible. I don't know what is compatible so far (if anything), but I think that it would be very cool to have an app on the Pre that would let me control music, videos and photo playback on my PS3 via bluetooth.

It would be kinda cool but believe me you're much better off getting a universal remote and the PS3 adapter from Logitech. I got a refurb Harmony 550, and the adapter for about $100 total. I use my PS3 for everything media-related and the remote/adapter make the experience soooooo much more convenient and enjoyable....

Now remote play would really be something.
/thinks wishfully/

My battery drains something awful.It holds a full charge for maybe 5 hours now with 3 cards open. Before the update it would last a good 8 to 10 hrs. also the phone gets warm/hot more now when on the touchstone.

Battery drains much much faster than under 1.2.1

Seems that way to me too.

mine drained in less than 8 hours the first day... no cards open. I currently haven't noticed an issue now since restarting/putting my patches back on. I usually leave work at 5pm (going in at 8, so 9 hour day) with somewhere around 60-70% battery life left.

Any one else have the pre's no longer keep the screen unlocked when on the touch stone? Mine now goes to the lockout screen after the requisite 30 seconds. Maybe I installed a patch that I've forgotten about but this is kind of annoying actually. Especially since the back light still stays on.

My Pre always stayed lock while on the touchstone. Was it suppose to not be locked? That would have been a cool feature. Its still that way now even with the update.

My Pre always stays lock while on the touchstone. Was it suppose to not be locked? That would have been a cool feature. Its still that way now even with the update.

They seemed to have corrected the problem with the volume of the ringtones when using a headset. Previously, it was deafeningly loud. Now it is a tolerable volume...

Was the restart option for shutdown always there? I don't remember. So far so good, still not what it should have been, more video formats would be nice, can't play anything anyone sends me. Bluetooth OBEX would be awesome, lots of little things, thank god for the patches.

Nope! That's a new feature

Not to be the devils advocate or anything but Pre Thinking website has like 55 undocumented features already listed. Just saying.

Btw I am getting the 'too many cards' thing now everytime I leave a browser open. Really drives me bonkers!

I would really like it if I could transfer files via bluetooth. Makes leaving the usb cable at home ok when moving files between the laptop and phone.


The Launcher now has a "Default Applications" setting that opens a card with settings to change the default app associated with phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and web links. None of these are changeable yet, but it excites me about future opportunities!

I think they reversed the order of photos in the photo app. Meaning your most recent photos are at the top now.

(or was it always like that?)

I have one of the first units, purchased the first day the Pre came out. I always thought the music "audio" was pretty good. With 1.3.1 the audio, at least on my unit, has jumped from pretty good to "outstanding". The music is clearer and the stereo separation is excellent. I still have some issues with the music "skipping"...i.e., jumping to another tune, however it is not so bad as to be a show stopper. I'm hoping that will get corrected in future updates. My unit also seems much snappier. As of now I'm extremely happy with the Pre. It's overall design (the way it fits in the hand and allows easy one hand operation) and features work very well for me. The WebOS appears to be a platform that is just going to keep getting better and better. I couldn't imagine moving to another phone.

I tried using the alarm a while back but since have stopped since it has no timer shut off.. Every alarm clock I ever had shutdown on its own after exactly 1 hour if nothing was touched .. I had an alarm on once and left my phone in the hotel room to go swimming and when I came back my pre was dead.. The alarm kept going until the pre died.. Has this issue been fixed?

In Memos, I've noticed that typing a phone number or URL - even adding .com to an already typed store name - now creates a hyper-link that dials the number or opens the web-site in a new card if I tap on it.

camera and photos as well as music are all much improved. Something I noticed that I don't remember reading about... I can now copy text from websites... Thought they only fixed this for text messages... Nice! One thing that is NOT nice that someone else noted, my battery life is now worse than ever! (not hardware or battery related) I woke up at 7am, got on a 4 hr flight (had phone in airplane mode) its now 2pm and after about 45 mins of web brosing the battery says 64%! FIX THIS PLAM NOW!!!! Battery was never great, but this is unacceptable.

Copying from web sites was added in v1.2.1.

Is it me, or is there another new feature in the phone app?

If I'm in call history and close the phone app, when I re-open it, it remembers and opens directly to call history.

If I close when at the keypad, it re-opens to the keypad.

Is that just me? :) I don't remember it being that way before v1.3.1.

Or is it a patch I have installed? I do not have the "open to call history" patch installed.

1.3.1 giveth and taketh away.
Not being able to copy or download jpg photos is a real
bummer to me. We can't even download the wallpaper in
the forums now :-( this really sux. Elizabeth said "One thing that is NOT nice that someone else noted, my battery life is now worse than ever! (not hardware or battery related) I woke up at 7am, got on a 4 hr flight (had phone in airplane mode) its now 2pm and after about 45 mins of web brosing the battery says 64%! FIX THIS PLAM NOW!!!! Battery was never great, but this is unacceptable." Amen to that!!! Now I have to carry two
batteries. NO GOOD!!!

My batter is going faster too. I can almost watch it dropping. As far as copying JPG photos, mine still copies from the internet. If that what you are referencing? Orange button and tap the photo. They have added more option too, open photo in new card, share link, copy url, share image, and copy to photos.

Not sure if anyone noticed, but the option to delete your apps from the App Catalog is gone. I liked having 2 options to deleting apps, oh well.
Does anyone know how to do a screen capture? The article mentioned it, but is that right?

Orange + Sym + P

Correct on Orange + Sym + P, however, they took away the option to use Option + Shift + P

Don't know if this was on the official list, but Yahoo IM is now available for me. I am VERY happy about this.

Also, I totally forgot to remove any patches, etc. before I did the update and nothing broke. Everything is working perfect.

Is it just me, now when I answer with the green phone on the screen it automatically goes to speaker and I cant seem to find a setting to change it. Other than that I'm glad for the update esp the text forwarding. Would really like to see notifications options esp re the ball.


This is the 5th time I try. Same answer: couldn't verify it. Try again, or something to that effect. I have tried using WiFi and cell signal. Still, nothing. I removed all patches from the very beginning already. Did a couple of Resets as well. What else?

I had this happen a couple times also. Are you doing via Sprint's network or WiFi? I would highly recommend ONLY doing it via WiFi (and a strong one, at that).

In addition to the empty trash option (THANK YOU), when I open Outlook on my PC my e-mails no-longer disappear from my Pre as they used to.

can someone tell me where the empty trash option is? I don't think I have it.

Now, can I get some additional granularity for the volume control?

Is it just me, or does it take everyone 4 steps to shut down the phone now? Press the "on/off" button for three seconds or so, and then I get the tap "power", and then "shut down/swap battery" button, and then finally the "shut down" button... Jeez... Why all the steps? It's not like we are launching nuclear missiles...

What is the purpose of the "swap battery"?

Thanks Palm. I paid a lot of money for this smartphone in good faith that it would evolve. It certainly looks like it does in all directions/aspects. Glad that video is on the horizon...now a voice recorder possibility, fix that calendar with the possibility of invitation/notification. To do lists...and not to forget the GPS working exactly...some work to do for the inhouse dev...ahh did I forget the Sim-Card contact management feature...the list goes on and on...much work and much love from your customers if you listen to them...and actually pick the ideas up...

My battery life is now half what it was before. I have been through all the steps to insure the best battery life, to no avail.

Also, I cannot get my Yahoo calendar to Sync. I have plenty of events but nothing is showing up in my Pre Calendar.

I tried updating existing installed apps, but I get the dreaded "App Storage is Full" for which I have deleted almost all installed applications and it still won't upgrade or install any I have removed.

Bluetooth Audio now works with my car kit!!!

I get a text from Vonage with each voicemail to my home phone. In the message Vonage puts From: with the phone number of the caller. It didn't before, but now webOS shows the conversation as coming from the name of my contact associated with that number. The number is also a link so I can call back...

Clicking on the photo icon from within camera, opens the photo roll within the camera card.
good: it loads faster ti view your images.
bad: you cant have a camera card open while looking unless you open photos from the menu (not from the camera app).

The speed is definitely improved. This update makes me happy. It is however sucking the life out of my battery. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHat good is a cell phone if its plugged up all the time????????????

One more -- in several apps, deleting by word (shift-backspace) no longer erroneously deletes the word AFTER the cursor as well. Psyched for camcorder and app limit fix sometime in the not-too-distant future. Keep it up, Palm!

don't know if this has been around previous to 1.3.1 but:

when reading a web page in landscape mode you can scroll up and down using the gesture area instead of having to scroll on the viewable part of the screen.

to me this is great! while def not a scroll bar on the side of the screen like all desktop browsers, it is awesome to have this option!

I think that has always been there.

when will palm make a shazam app?

when will palm make a shazam app

Also, today i noticed that if you zoom in on a page in the browser, and you refresh the page, it refreshes in the same spot of page and in the same zoom level. previously it seemed to reset back to the default zoom upon refresh.

Palm also changed the device hostname from castle to palm-webos-device.

Also, I don't think this is documented, so here goes. They improved the error message for app installs to say "This app requires xxxxKB of space to install." In all reality, it makes them look stupid because now all users will know that of their 6GB of open space, WebOS can't install a 6KB app. If only they would fix that issue.

Am I the only one who cant open up emails, in particular hotmail. I get the notifications and all, but when I tap them, they wont open anymore.

Never noticed this before:
In the browser
Space Bar=Page Down
Period=Page Up
Sym=Line Down
Enter=Go to Bottom of Page
Backspace=Go to Top

I have removed the pathces 3 times. Then I click on the updates, and it gets stuck on "Cheking for updates"
What should I do to get 1.3.1??

Can't download 1.3.1!!
I've done everything, removing the patches, everything!!
Help me please!!

Today for the first time I didn't get a USB error when I plugged in my Pre to charge at work. "Palm Pre USB Device" was successfully installed. Another benefit of 1.3.1 perhaps.

There are a host of undocumented updates, you just need to poke around or do a google search about it...cheers Clear Choice Dental Implants

It is more conveninient that the Web browser preferences screen now has an option to use a different default search engine. essay sales