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by Tim Stiffler-Dean Fri, 03 Jun 2011 4:53 pm EDT

We've heard it said quite a few times that the HP Veer would be a perfect phone for someone, except that it's on AT&T's network (or some other carrier) and not their own. Luckily for those would-be Veer owners, though, DigitalUnlock has come to our forums with a way for anyone to unlock their Veer to work on any GSM network. 

If you were one of the lucky ones to get a Veer off-contract from Amazon for $50, you'll might want to give this unlocking solution a try as well. Once you purchase a $39 registration code from, DigitalUnlock will provide you with instructions that will let you have your HP Veer that will work on whatever GSM carrier fits your fancy (so long as you're happy with only 2G service on any carrier not named AT&T).



What does this mean "so long as you're happy with only 2G service on any carrier not named AT&T"?

The two US GSM carriers AT&T and T-Mobile use different frequencies for 3G and the Veer only supports AT&T's 3G frequencies. So if you use the Veer on T-Mobile, it will only use 2G data speeds.

As much as I heard it also supports the European, Canadian and Mexican 3G-Bands (which are also different to the US-ones) I just don't know which bands T-Mobile USA is using... are they using such strange frequencies that nobody else is using?

t-mobile like Wind in Canada use AWS frequencies.. these are 1700 mhz and 2100.

Europe does not use 850/1900. They use 900/1800.

Canadian carriers (rogers, bell, telus) use the same as AT&T.

Quote: "so long as you're happy with only 2G service on any carrier not named AT&T"

Is that a physical limitation of the device? Or a snark comment on AT&T's claim that it is a 4G device?

Speaking of, under what classification would the Veer fall under? 2G, 3G, 3.5G or 4G?

"so long as you're happy with only 2G service on any carrier not named AT&T"

Actually you can have 3G / HSPA+ 4G with the Canadians and Mexicans GSM carriers.

Wait a minute... does it mean, that if you buy an off-contract phone it still gets simlocked and the carrier even isn't obliged to unlock it for you, so that you have to pay someone else to do it???

And I thought the USA were the motherland of free market capitalism... Seams to count only for the Wall-street as long as they get their bailout.

That is correct. You're still buying the phone from AT&T, they're free to do with it what you like before you make your purchase, so long as those things are made clear at the time of purchase. In short: know what you're getting into before plopping down the cash.

That is just plain silly!

I use an unlocked Pre + on T-mobile - I don't get T-Mobile's 3G speeds as Im stuck on EVDO, but its still fairly fast when I need it, which is rare -

The most important thing is wifi - almost everywhere I travel has a wifi hotspot and most are free or built into someother price - hotels, airports, shopping malls, etc..

It's never been a problem for me, and voice works very, very well on the voice bands.

I'd say that if you like the Veer formfactor and want to use it on a GSM network other than ATT, its not really as inconvenient or a step down in data speed as it might seem, given the above, and there is NO difference in voice quality.

Isn't Veer support all kind of GSM bandwidth?

Triband and Quadband.. so I assume it can works on 3G even not using AT&T

Veer not same with Pre+ or Pre 2 which not support Triband

check here:

"DigitalUnlock has come to our forums..."

I come to the forums... I contact the unlock companies. I get the discounts. It does not just happen.

Well, I'm waiting for the Pre 3 release, but I have a question that will probably determine if I will be a WebOS user this time: will I be able to enter the app catalog outside "regional settings"? The thing is that I live in Honduras, Central America and I have a Pre Plus but never could enter the app catalog (while my android and ios buddies could enter theirs). Don't get me wrong, I love WebOS but I'm so frustrated for the issue. I'm thinking that with the Touchpad, HP should, even more, must open the app catalog to be access from anywhere around the world, considering they are the best in delivering their hardware anywhere they want in the globe. Am I speaking none sense here? Well, can someone please tell me if HP will open (world wide) the app catalog with the release of HP Touchpad and Pre 3? Or at least a hint that they are working on it? Thank you very much.

install preware on your phone, then install impostah from the preware catalog. on impostah app click the activate tab. after i did that it added the app catalog to a phone that at the time i used #*DEVMODE# to bypass the palm profile and first use screens. i hope this helps you, rod who made impostah is around here i am sure he can give you more help with it, but it definitely works. btw what are u doing with a palm phone without having preware on it?!?!?! yikes whats the world coming too?!?!?! haha just kidding, but after impostah gets the app store thinking ur in america make sure to click the donate button by rods name ;-)

thats rods screen name here

i bought the unlock code after activating phone with att go phone sim, ran the software it gave me the code , rebooted and after reboot phone never prompted for me to enter the unlock code. ie it didnt work, i dont have another sim from a company other than att. this veer is a gift for my nephew who has tmobile. any ideas on how to get this thing to ask for the unlock code? cause all it does is say searching for network when the sim isnt in it :-s

it would really search for network since there's no sim inserted

for the meantime, turn on airplane mode so that it would stop searching

and to be prompted for the unlock code, think you need to insert the tmobile sim just like unlocking palmos phones

So I don't have AT&T but I bought a Veer off-contract and I heard it is AT&T-locked. Does AT&T distinguish between their normal phones and their GoPhones or can I purchase a GoPhone, put the SIM in my Veer, and start using it with wifi-only? It sounds like that's what you did and I want to make sure it will work. Thanks.

AT&T Veer is 850/1900/2100, which means most European and PacRim networks work as well. The only carriers where 3G doesn't work is AWS ones (i.e. T-Mobile, WIND and Mobilicity)

I would just like to say that I was using an unlocked pre2 on tmobile and dealing with their non fast 2g edge data, it was so ridiculously slow that a lot of actions i would just wait to do when i got to the house. Now i got the veer and tried unlocking but realized this. Atts HSPA+ is extremely fast where I am at in Pittsburgh an quite frankly I am impressed by the speed. I don't think I can go back to a palm pre 3 on verizon if the speed gets decreased back to regular old 3g.

You guys might of heard bad stuff about hspa+ but its light years faster than what you have used now. Plus its not a battery hog like wimax or lte. I don't know if its just the veers design or if hspa+ just runs with less juice being consumed.

I know tmobile is cheaper, but man ill never go back to those speeds. Seriously i used to download from the app catalog and it was torture.

ALso i noticed that the veer installs apps from the app catalog with lightning speed. I noticed my pre- and pre2 would get a lot of failures, once i went to the veer those all went away.

Heck the pre3 comes out in 30 days maybe, rock a veer on ATT, then just take it back for the pre3. Its worth giving att a test. even though my call quality is noticably worse :(

I don't understand what the big deal is. Now that AT&T bought TMobile there is only 1 GSM carrier in the US anyway. So there's really no escaping AT&T anymore with a GSM phone.

att is in the process of begging the government to allow it to become and an even larger megacompany, thusly limiting choices and when it crashes millions out of a job instead of thousands lol , ok ok sorry the process hasnt been approved nor anything finalized as of yet. some were suspecting it would take a year or more. meaning they are unique companies until they merge and even still need to absorb networks together blah blah blah, all of this would lead to the option of buying a rogers canada sim instead of t-mobile or a european sim card instead of t-mobile. i got a t-mobile blank sim on amazon last night for $1.35 free shipping, so not only did amazon give me an awesome deal on a veer ( ty for the original poster of that article btw, i never did say thank you grrr @ me ) but now for pennies going to help me unlock it to boot!! xD

By foggylemon on Sat, 04 Jun 2011 5:36 pm EDT

So I don't have AT&T but I bought a Veer off-contract and I heard it is AT&T-locked. Does AT&T distinguish between their normal phones and their GoPhones or can I purchase a GoPhone, put the SIM in my Veer, and start using it with wifi-only? It sounds like that's what you did and I want to make sure it will work. Thanks.

the correct sequence lol:
buy go phone,
sign up for account online, they send u ur password to a text you cant retrieve yet,
call go phone service activate ur sim card using the iemi number on the sim
add $15 to you go phone account choose 2$ daily plan,
tell it add feature ( this is highly important and will save u headaches )
after add features u want to add media or whatever on the list is data , tell it you want 10 megabytes for $5 .
insert sim into veer, fill out new palm profile.. being that unlike me you added data to your sim right off it will join att data network and create your palm profile and activate the sim and veer on their network... just like ur palm pre/pixi turning on wifi etc is the same.... if you are going to unlock it , get yourself a tmobile sim card BEFORE getting ur unlock code xD i hope this saves you the hours of grief it caused me ;-) enjoy! oh yeah and you dont have to spend $5 on the data it transfers from the original $15 you put on the phone . you can then use ur veer as a pay as you go go phone pick ur plan etc etc add minutes by credit card or buy go phone credit in stores.not sure if this matters, yeah i keep adding things lol : i bought the cheap samsung flip phone with sim card ($14.99) at walgreens the sim that comes with it worked for me , then u can donate the phone minus sim to local police department, they give em to battered women to use for 911 only which doesnt require a sim card etc

one further thing if you have a friend that uses att and has a data plan the fastest cheapest easiest way to get the phone working is to just borrow their sim card , put it in ur veer and make palm profile. then to unlock borrow a friends tmobile sim, i have sisters with att and tmobile but neither near me xD hahaha so i figured the $30 or so more i had to spend was like an activation fee which u will pay to take it to att and get a plan no fee to activate the go phone thing just buy credit they give u a number etc the thing about the tmobile sim is its not compatable on att, once u att activate it ( go phone is att ) and put tmobile sim in the phone its like wtf? hey you got an unlock code, what is it? thats the only way after hours and hours i have found to get a veer to ask u for unlock code, removing sim doesnt work

Quick question. Do you know if after you activate it (say with a friend's AT&T SIM card) if it will work without a SIM card in it (if you connect to wifi)? Thanks for all your help!

yes, after its activated, it will say searching for phone network, but the computer webos will work over wifi anyway and yea i do know about that xD i went into DEMODE etc etc etc , if u remove sim its just no cellular

Sweet. Thanks for your help. Will try it out tomorrow. My friend is worried if this will **** up his phone/contacts somehow. I don't think it should.

Oh **** just realized he has an iPhone 4 and they have the micro-SIMs now. Hmm...

it wont mess up things stored on their phone at all , u might need an adaptor then. all the sim stores is ur account info ur digital id, what account u have what services added etc, once sim is going u can insert it in any phone without activation fee and the phone will have ur old number already etc etc etc

Does the HP Veer work in Colombia, South America? I bought one by Amazon, I bought the unloh code but it doesn´t work

I got a palm pre from a friend and i would like to use it pay as you go in canada, the problem is its locked to bell . How do i do that ?