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Using (and ignoring) auto-correction when typing 9

by Adam Marks Tue, 26 Oct 2010 12:50 pm EDT

You may have noticed that webOS often corrects or changes the text you write, either correcting a typo or expanding on a typing shortcut. Some of the most common auto-corrections include adding the apostrophe to contractions (dont, wont, counldnt, etc) or for quick shortcuts (u→you, r→are, thru→through, etc), and also includes things like name titles (mr→MR.). Of course, the majority of the auto-corrections are due to assumed typos, from simple changes like adn→and or tje→the, to more complex works like definately→definitely or suphisticated→sophisticated. All in all, there are almost 2,500 entries in the US English AutoReplace Dictionary, but it is not easy to edit (or even see) that list without using a Homebrew solution. The good news is that there appears to be a new app coming in webOS 2.0 that will give the user control over these options.

But what happens if you do not agree with one of the auto-corrections? Let's say you type "IM" to signify "instant messaging" but that gets corrected to "I'm", or you type "MS" as a shortcut for "Microsoft" and it adds a period after the "S". Well, all you need to do is hit the backspace key ( Backspace ) immediately after the auto-correction occurs to undo it.

Note: today's tip will change with webOS 2.0

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But until 2.0, the Homebrew solution is great for when you're tired of the Pre auto-"correcting" its to it's for the thousandth time and is easy to do.

Yeah, but thenagain, 99% of the time people write "its", they really ought to have written "it's", so...

I actually see more people writing it's when it should be its because they think it's is possesive. But really, all Palm did was add contractions and auto-correct them. That's nice for can't and don't, but its and it's are two different words and auto-correcting one to another is stupid.

I use itls -> it's and leave 'its' alone for that very reason.
Other corrections I took out because they are actually words:
ill -> I'll (ill is a word.. I use il -> I'll, instead.. it's also faster)

Also, have you ever noticed some of the other weird replacements in there?
hten|hen (shouldn't it be 'then'?)
htere|here (again.. 'there')
idaeidae|idea (uhh.. really, Palm?)
wholy|holy ('wholly')

how about spell check or word predictor-- I REALLY miss that from my blackberry days! it made typing SO much faster!

I cant wait for 2.0 to bring those features to edit the auto correction and add certain shortcuts and stuff. Everyone prefers to type certain things differently. I already have a list of shortcuts to add to make typing easier.

I wish I could disable auto correct completely for messaging while leaving it functional for email. Or even better, have different lists for both. My kids think its 'uncool' when my test messages are capitalized and 'u r' gets turned into 'you are'.

I too pine for some more control on auto-correct. My particular issue is correcting "mins" to "mind" (as in I'll be there in 5 mind) and not catching it until later in the text or too late (after submitting the status update, or whatever I'm typing).

Also it would be cool to have that control for other reasons that have nothing to do with the accuracy of the algorithm being used. Said reason is that of the user being multi-lingual and conversing in a multitude of languages with one recipient or another.

Personally I speak 5 languages but I choose to have my Sprint Pre communicate with me in US-English. That doesn't mean that all my interlocutors are US-English conversant.

And yes my kids also think his dad is unkewl when he doesn't do leetspeak.

Just wait for webOS 2.0... if the leaked screenshots (and the 2.0 videos from Dieter) are any indication, you will have a lot more control over this!