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Using Flash in webOS 3.x 7

by Adam Marks Sun, 14 Aug 2011 2:53 pm EDT

This tip is only for devices running webOS 3.0 and higher

Adobe Flash player first arrived in webOS 2.0, but it really shines in webOS 3.0 on the TouchPad. Unlike with phones, Flash objects are set to automatically load up in the browser when you visit a website, just like when you visit a site on your desktop computer (although this can be disabled in the Browser Preferences). Interacting with a flash object is pretty straightforward. If there are buttons, such as a play button in a YouTube video or a start button on a Flash game, tapping on the button will work. However, if you try to swipe within the Flash object to move a scroll bar or the cursor, it will simply scroll the entire website instead.

To fully interact within the Flash object, you just need to first double tap on it. The flash object will zoom to fit the screen and a message saying "Tap outside or pinch when finished" appear briefly. At this point, moving or tapping within the flash object is essentially the same as using the mouse on your desktop. Once you are done or want to scroll elsewhere on the site, you just need to do what the message said to exit the "interactive" mode: just pinch-to-zoom on the webpage or tap outside of the flash object. To re-enter "interactive" mode, just double-tap it again.

If you are watching a flash video that has a button to enter full-screen mode, tapping it will cause the video to take up the entire screen of the TouchPad and a message saying "Press Center button to exit full screen mode" will appear briefly. You can fully interact with the flash video in this mode, and then just press the physical center button to exit back to the full browser. While in full-screen mode, the screen will also remain on, bypassing the screen time-out settings of the device.

Note that unlike with Flash on 2.x, minimizing a card will not cause a Flash video to stop playing. However, if the screen turns off, the Flash video will stop as well.

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Does disabling auto-load actually work now? I know it was broken in 3.0.0, but don't remember if I've tried in 3.0.2 yet.

love the flash on TP, I had disabled autoload.

Flash works well in 3.0.2 but it's still choppy for me. ESPN3 doesn't seem to work either.

How does one update flash?

Great question. Aside from performance issues, Adobe updates Flash frequently to fix security problems. I hope we don't have to wait for system updates to get Flash updates (but I suspect we will have to).

As to videos not being stopped when you minimize the card, that is not my experience at all. And even after I installed a patch using Preware, the video is *still* paused (although the audio keeps going), which I'm ok with...

If the quality is ever poor or choppy for a Flash video, put it in full-screen mode. That has always smoothed out the performance for me.

Started to really play around with Flash tonight and find the full-screen mode tip (THANK YOU!) works wonderfully... really enjoying it on a stock TouchPad 32gb and cannot see any problems at all.

I've used iOS much over the years and had believed Apple about Flash being a PITA (and many times on OS X it used to be) but now know that on the right hardware it flies smoothly.

I am quite impressed with Flash and the web in general with webOS 3.0.2.