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Using Text Assist (autocorrect) in webOS 2.0 11

by Adam Marks Sat, 21 May 2011 11:56 pm EDT

In webOS 1.0, there was an autocorrect dictionary that would fix typos as you typed, but there was no way for the user to access or edit that dictionary, no visual or auditory notification when your text was autocorrected, and no other suggestions for misspelled words. In webOS 2.0, the way autocorrection works got a major overhaul to address those deficiencies.  

  • When webOS autocorrects a word, it will give off a brief vibrate or clicking sound (depending on your sound setting) and underline the word with a dotted gray line
  • Just as in webOS 1.0, you can immediately press the backspace key ( ) to undo the autocorrect.
  • New to 2.0, you can also tap on the word at any point in the future and a pop-up with the original word as-typed will be shown. Just tap on that pop-up to revert back to the original word
  • If the word is not in the dictionary and there is no defined autocorrect (or you undid the autocorrection), the word will get a red dotted underline.
  • Tapping on a red underlined word will also cause a pop-up to appear, but this pop-up will provide a list of suggestions for the mistyped word.
  • If the word you want is there (you may need to scroll to the right), just tap on it to replace the typo.
  • If the word is correct and not actually a typo, you can also add it to the dictionary by tapping on the last entry (all the way to the right) that will show a "+" and then the misspelled word

A few notes about Text Assist

  • Unfortunately, any words you add to the dictionary do not get backed up to your Palm Profile and there is no known method on how to back those up (including Save/Restore). This means that any time you swap or doctor your phone you will lose all these manual entries
  • Text Assist will actually look through the first and last names of your contacts. This will also prevent contact names from being identified as a misspelled word and may even initiate an autocorrection if a typo is close to a name in your contact list.
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Testing....testing .... yay, I can comment again .....

I wish I had 2.X .... come on HP.

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DereK: How is this blokes user still active? Can you not adjust the spam filter/trap to look for the word paypal and eradicate this actual spam?

This is what webOS should have shipped with. There's no link to the developer that made this though so I can't say I love their work! I'll say it here: I love this!

i am confused...The developer is HP, as this now does ship with webOS 2.0

needed to turn autocorrection off, it is useless and annoying as **** if you write messages in more than one language.

You mean there is only the english dictionnary?!

My favorite autocorrect story (that I hope HP/Palm learns from): after all the money Verizon's poured into the Droid brand, I had a friend text me he'd just gotten a "Druid 2 Global"...

My response: "These aren't the druids we're looking for."

Now, how you REMOVE words from the dictionary? For example, I accidentally added a misspelled word to the dictionary; now I want to remove and replace it with the correct spelling.

that will be a tip for next week!!! :-)

Open the Text Assist app and click the "Edit User Dictionary" button. Click on the word you added, and then click Delete.

Wow, I should've known that. Thanks. The article should be edited to include this info.