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HP TouchPad - 9.7 inches of webOS! 38

by Phil Nickinson Wed, 09 Feb 2011 3:10 pm EST

And now, the HP Touchpad. Just like we broke a week or so ago, it's got a 9.7-inch display at 1024x768, has Beats Audio built in and weighs a little more than 1.5 pounds. It's 13mm thick. You can get one with 16 or 32GB of storage, a dual-core Qualcomm 8660 Snapdragon processor at 1.2GHZ, a full 1 gigabyte of RAM.

The Touchpad features all the webOS that you know and love, including card stacks, Synergy and the Palm Profile. They're working with Skype to enable video calling.

There will be a Touchstone charging dock, and it'll even work while the Touchpad's in its lightweight case.

Full specs and press release are after the break.

  • HP webOS
  • 9.7-inch display at 1024x768
  • Qualcomm 8060 dual-core Snapdragon processor at 1.2GHz
  • aGPS (on th e3G models)
  • front-facing 1.3MP camera for video calling
  • Wifi b/g/n
  • Blueooth 2.1+Edr
  • 6300 mAh battery
  • microUSB port
  • Touchstone charger
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • External speakers with Beats audio
  • Dimensions: 9.45 inches wide, 7.48 inches tall, 0.54 inches thick
  • Weight: 1.6 pounds

HP TouchPad Brings webOS to the Big Screen


First webOS tablet works the way you do, introduces fun, mobile productivity on larger scale


PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--HP (NYSE: HPQ) today enlarged the HP webOS world with the first webOS slate – the HP TouchPad – the breakthrough webOS user interface fully realized in the tablet experience.(1)


“The flexibility of the webOS platform makes it ideal for creating a range of innovative devices that work together to keep you better connected to your world.”


With its vibrant 9.7-inch diagonal flush capacitive multitouch display, virtual keyboard, instant-on access, support for Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1 beta in the browser and access to thousands of webOS applications,(2) TouchPad works the way you do and is designed not just for fun but for mobile productivity. It’s ideal for anyone who wants the benefits of the amazing webOS platform on a much bigger scale.


TouchPad is one of the products HP announced today to introduce a unique experience for customers around connected mobility, offering a unified experience for the first time across a variety of devices. It’s one of the building blocks in HP’s vision to seamlessly connect all your worlds through the power of HP webOS.


“Today we’re embarking on a new era of webOS with the goal of linking a wide family of HP products through the best mobile experience available,” said Jon Rubinstein, senior vice president and general manager, Palm Global Business Unit, HP. “The flexibility of the webOS platform makes it ideal for creating a range of innovative devices that work together to keep you better connected to your world.”


Designed to be used alone or as a digital companion to your webOS phone, TouchPad connects you and your devices through the elegant webOS experience. Never miss an important call or SMS message – they can be answered and viewed right on your TouchPad.(3,4) Plus, HP’s exclusive new touch-to-share feature will let you simply touch an enabled webOS phone to your TouchPad to share web URLs.(1,5)


With the HP Synergy feature, you simply have to sign in to your Facebook®, Google, Microsoft® Exchange, LinkedIn and Yahoo!® accounts and your contacts, calendar and email automatically populate your TouchPad.(6)


TouchPad works the way you do


The TouchPad user interface is a visual representation of your workspace, so you can manage your workflow in a naturally intuitive way that’s easy and fun. The power of webOS true multitasking lets you have multiple applications running at the same time. webOS shows you your activities in the form of cards, not a sea of application icons on numerous home screens.


This helps you do all the things you want to do, all at once, so you can listen to music, update your status on Facebook, read email and chat on IM at the same time.(4,7) As you launch new activities, webOS will automatically group related cards – for example, an email and an associated web page – together in a card stack, so you can easily track all related items together.(6)


TouchPad also features a webOS communication suite powered by HP Synergy that keeps you connected and creative, making all of your communications simpler, richer and in your control. It’s a complete solution, including email, instant messaging, contacts, calendar, videos and a front-facing camera for video calling.(6) Connected photo albums make it easy to share and view your pictures directly from popular services such as Facebook, Snapfish and Photobucket. It works seamlessly with TouchPad’s user interface for a natural and efficient experience.


Around the house or on the go


TouchPad offers a great internet experience around the house or on the go, so you can manage your busy life, be productive wherever you are and stay connected with work, friends, family and social networks. It keeps you connected anywhere there’s Wi-Fi for easy access to the web and entertainment.(8)


At home, whether you’re watching TV, relaxing on the sofa, at the kitchen table or in bed, you can check in with friends, surf the web, play games or read a book, magazine or newspaper.(2) Amazon.com today announced that it will launch a free Kindle app for HP webOS tailored for TouchPad that will give you access to more than 810,000 titles from Amazon’s Kindle Store. You also can subscribe to popular magazine titles, such as Time, Sports Illustrated, Fortune and People, and download movies and TV shows through the HP Movie Store. The TouchPad music app lets you transfer and play all your favorites from your personal music collection,(9) with amazing sound quality by Beats Audio™. You can start an email, create a message, update your status, search your favorite websites – all before you’ve even opened an application. Whenever you want to do something on your TouchPad, Just Type.


Buy and sell on Amazon.com, do your banking, buy movie tickets from Fandango or check the news. Whether your thing is Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, IM, video calling or email, TouchPad brings it all together with thousands of available webOS applications and the convenience and power of HP Synergy for integrated contacts and calendar to keep your busy life on track.(6)


It’s great for road trips, on a plane, while commuting, in public places, while visiting friends and on vacation. It’s easy to pack, has a long-lasting battery and integrated GPS (3G only), and posting vacation photos is a snap.(1,10)


Mobile productivity


When productivity is key, TouchPad makes an excellent companion. You can read and write email, view your work and personal inboxes together, or easily toggle between them. Integrated messaging conveniently combines all your text messages, picture messages and IM conversations with one person into a single view, and you can connect through SMS, Google Talk, AIM and Yahoo! Messenger.(4)


TouchPad’s virtual full QWERTY keyboard includes a number row, which reduces keyboard switching, making typing easy and fast. It powers on instantly and brings you back to exactly where you left off, whether you were in the middle of composing an email, playing a game or browsing a web page. With webOS true multitasking, it’s like you never left.


For maximum productivity, HP is working with Quickoffice to include the Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite, which lets you view and edit documents, such as Microsoft Word and Excel. It also comes with VPN support to connect to corporate networks.


With its 1.3-megapixel front-facing webcam, TouchPad offers video calling capability.(11) It’s also compatible with HP’s industry-leading printing solutions, so you can wirelessly print documents, photos and emails to compatible wireless and networked HP printers.(12)


TouchPad has built-in HP Touchstone technology for easy charging, so it’s compatible out of the box with the HP Touchstone for TouchPad (sold separately), and you can charge in either portrait or landscape mode, even without removing the TouchPad case (sold separately). The webOS Exhibition feature lets you run applications designed specifically for Touchstone. Set your TouchPad on Touchstone and Exhibition launches automatically, showing you anything from today’s agenda to a slideshow of your photos.(13)


TouchPad is one of three webOS products announced today (see separate announcements for HP Veer and HP Pre3). Each product plays a distinct role in the growing webOS family, designed to meet the varying needs of customers in a rapidly evolving mobile landscape.




HP TouchPad is scheduled to be available in the summer. Exact pricing and availability will be announced at a later date.



I like the tab but the phones no thank you why cant they make a phone without a keyboard pre 3 what a joke same old same old oh well i know longer have to think about palm as a phone option staying with htc and android

I agree with everything you just said...staying with my Evo and Android. Sad day.

You can always leave the phone closed and use the virtual keyboard.

Personally, I am liking the Devices coming out. Thankfully for the continued physical keyboard.

You people talking about wanting a virtual keyboard thing... Who says it wont be easily added or accessable on the new phones?

After all they do have one for the new TouchPad. They do run the same software. Who knows it could be a simple patch to enable via homebrew that changes a code that reads
virtual keyboard = 0 or 1 / enable/disable

Now virtual Key on the Veer... dont see it happening but Pre 3 perhaps Pre -,+,2,3 Possible.

I am getting 1 or 2 of these devices when they hit the shelves :)

I agree, I don't think HP ever really gave a damn about staying in the Mobile Phone market anyway. They wanted a "BIG TIME" Tablet device which is why they decided on acquiring WebOS. The friggin Palm Pre 2 (which should never been built and hardly anyone will buy) can be their excuse why the current customers will probably have to wait even longer (if ever) to get any OS update (which from what I've read that any mention of current phones getting an upgrade has been taken off the website). So chances are, our phones will never have Flash after over 2 years of waiting and waiting and waiting (after all the original Pre's and Pre Plus's have been discontinued).

What's wrong with a physical keyboard? It's far easier to type on and if you don't want to use it, don't use it. It sounds like you're trying to assure yourself that you didn't make a mistake by committing to two years with a phone that isn't really what you wanted.

This sucks, where is the love for us loyal sprint users. They are really starting to piss me off. The pre3 should be in sprint stores tommorrow.

Wow after leaving last year and going with a EVO, I always wanted to come back to webOS

I hope they're "working with Skype to enable video calling" better than they're "working with Adobe to enable flash" on Sprint Palm Pre.

They need to work with Google to improve the Maps app too, or provide their own version.

I LOVE WebOS and Palm, but releasing this in the Summer is just suicide! I don't know why HP/Palm doesn't get it! this is so sad! i was really really ready to pull out my credit card TODAY!!

are you all on crack?

the pre3 will be far better. it will also be the first smartphone to sport the new snapdragon 1.4 processor. much more screen resolution, and bigger screen too.

"A thin slider with the largest QWERTY keyboard yet, it sports a 3.6-inch display at WVGA resolution -- 2.5 times that of the Pre. It's got a 5MP camera, HD video with stabilization, front-facing camera for video calling. Wifi b/g/n, 8GB or 16GB of storage. Same RAM as the Pre 2, and a Qualcomm processor at 1.4GHz!"

so what!!! guess who will come out with that before? another company, such as HTC. PRE 3 should have been released 2 weeks from now, thats unacceptable!!!

Get over yourself.

Sux! This looks great, and Pre3 looks pretty good (bummer for no 4G...prob means no Sprint either). Just, I can't wait any longer. Evo, here I come. See you folks in a year or so.

Disappointed in the phones!!! They hardly even talked about them. I think I'm going to get an iPhone 4 at Verizon.

What happend to the "real, near-term introductions". I thought HP CEO Leo Apotheker told us "the hardware is ready.”

Why announce a product that isn't available for purchase?

because this is all hpalm has ever done - "in the coming months"

I thought the HP CEO said the devices are ready immediately? This tab isn't available until summer!? Hmm... I don't get it.

I am excited about TouchPad and Pre3 working together. I would sell my EVO and go back to webOS anyday. After experiencing webOS elegance and intuitiveness in usage, and seeing the features, apps and possibilities that HP can bring with interconnected devices and computers, I would leave EVO and Android and go back to webOS as soon as I can. (I do enjoy EVO and the power of Android apps). Count me a webOS fan and I know I prefer webOS to the Android and iOS platform. Just a matter of preference, no need to hate. Cheers!!!

Same old Palm w/ HP $$$, even after HP CEO Leo Apotheker proclaimed "We won't make announcements unless we're ready to ship"...they still OVER-PROMISE and UNDER-DELIVER!!! The problem is having not released a new device for years they tell us we have coming out sometime over next 6-8mos. Just like the roll-out of the pre.

I vote for HPalm's new motto - "In the coming months"

Not seeing anything about an IPS display. Tech specs say 18-bit color. This is not good for those that want to use this for photos. :( If I'm going to spend a lot of time in front of a display reading and looking at pics, I want the best screen possible.

when will all of you learn! "In the coming months" has been their trademark and will always be! They can never deliver a product on time or ahead of the game. by the time this and the pre 3 are released the ipad2 and other competitors will just bury this.

HPalm, you've done yourself in. Close up shop - you're done!

Moving to the iphone/ipad very soon. Sorry Palm it's been real, but I'm tired of the future promises you always make.


i love everything i saw today. i'm a big fan and supporter of WebOs. i want to see them succeed but there is a huge problem with all we saw and heard today!!!! the release date. It is way to long.I hope your listening sprint i have been with you for a long time recently because of palm but i promise you if you do not manage to acquire some of these new hp/palm phones it will be the end for me.

Where is that special dock like the leaked documents showed.. I want that HDMI out touchtone dock to TV, wirelss streaming from the TouchPad to the TV...


What about gestures on the TouchPad? Is there a gesture area? Does the bezel serve for gestures? Are gestures limited to one part (e.g. bottom of portrait display), or is the bottom of the current mode (portrait, landscape) used for gestures?

What does a "Home" button do in webOS?

Sorry HP, but you're no Palm. I doubt you'll ever measure up. It’s no wonder they want to drop the Palm branding. It’s a reminder of everything they are not.

According to Palm.com on the Touchpad page it states:

"The next generation of Touchstone technology makes HP devices work better together. Easily share a URL with your Pre3 simply by tapping them together.2,8"

But then if you read the bottom small writing, specifically number 8 it says:

"Requires HP TouchPad with webOS 3.0 and Pre3 or Veer with webOS 2.2 or higher, both products having the same HP webOS account. Viewing URL web page content requires data connection via Wi-Fi or cellular connection. "

Looks like the TouchPad is running WebOS 3.0...

They said that during the presentation.

Does anyone know what technology is used to link the Pre 3 with Touch Pad? Is it WiFi, BT, NFC or some kind of weird proprietary deal?

I will never leave... Been with palm for years and years. But yes they cut them selfs off at the knees again by not having the devices ready now.. Sad times :(

home run if it was ready now... Summer is killing me..... I'm so excited now...how can I feel this way until summer..

yeah I do agree they could have added more to the pre 3.I also think the veer should not have been made.I don't think the veer will sell like that.it is basically a kin.It should have been a pixi with no keyboard.What about beyond.Beyond wasn't what I was expecting from HPalm.I thought they might have made a ipod touch like device.I also think the video should have been 1080p not 720p.I don't think they were listening.They could have brought out the pre 3 and had a slab phone. That would have def caught ppl attention,but they just mafe a tiny pre.So I guess we call it the pre-negative instead of veer.To be honest that's not original.For a company that has so much money they are really cheap. I could design a better phone then the veer.

WTF!!!!!! Why aren't these available next week? Or tomorrow?? I love H/Palm, even got stocks before new hardware HOPEING this would turn them around! But WTF! SUMMER!?!?!?!?!?!?!

TouchPad looks good but To anybody that thinks this phone Pre 3 is worth waiting till summer for, you all need to get your heads examined. Pre failed, no one cares about the Pre 2, and now you bring in a Jumbo sized Pre to be the top of the line phone? Obviously the phone has no Appeal to the general public and they keep making the same thing. Would it have killed them to make a phone that looks like the TouchPad? would it? or bring this pre3 out now and tell us they're working on something even better for the summer? what the hell is so special about this phone? nothing, nothing at all. To prove to all you retards that think this phone is nothing and can't be in the same room with the big boys, its not making any kind of news anywhere. I opened my yahoo browser just now and they are still talking about the verizon iphone 4. What a bunch of LOSERS: H/PALM, SPRINT AND ALL THOSE OF YOU LIKE ARE LOVING THIS POS


I bailed to an Android Epic, to keep Epocrates. I turn it on it's side and slide open the keyboard to do any real typing, because the on-screen keyboard messes up too often.

Sometimes, the app on screen turns with the phone, and sometimes it doesn't...

Then there is the sometimes-it-works and sometimes-it-doesn't Bluetooth connection with my truck in Android. Not to mention that the Epic is still Android 2.1, 6 mo old and no OS update yet!

I miss having a vertical slider. The Pre 3 looks great to me. I would love a tablet to sit and watch TV, instead of my laptop. The Touchpad is looking pretty good for that.

I like to tinker with devices. Ever try to Odin or CWM a simple OS patch, compared to PreWare?

So what is not to like about the new Pre3 and Touchpad. Count me in!