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The Veer comes in white, what about the Pre 3 and TouchPad? [poll] 78

by Derek Kessler Mon, 09 May 2011 6:39 pm EDT

While the image above is just the result of our tinkering around in Photoshop, we can't help but wonder what a Pre 3 or TouchPad in white might look like. When HP announced the Veer, Pre 3, and TouchPad at Think Beyond, all we saw and all they talked about was black. Black has been the color of webOS (excepting some special Palm Pixi backs). And then the Veer came to us in white.

So we guess the question we have to ask is this: what about the Pre 3 and TouchPad? We've seen some fan renders of the two upcoming webOS devices in white, and having seen the Veer in white we can imagine how attractive these other devices in white might be. We've seen how much publicity a white phone can generate (okay, it was the iPhone 4, and a sore point for Apple, and thus covered ad nauseum because we could), so we're going to ask you, would you want a TouchPad or Pre 3 in white?

Inspiration: mbiebusch



Well to start Black is fine. I thought when they debuted the Pre3 it was in blue. Just get the darn thing out already.

Yeah I agree to start black is fine. However, I would LOVE a white one. And when I say white, I actually mean white. Not like the Veer or this version of the Pre which are half white and half black. I wish manufacturers wold make a fully white product.

White looks more "techy" to me than does black. I WOULD LOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEE white TouchPad like the one above. I would absolutely LOVE IT.

Nice that you mentioned me as the source of the pictures, but mine look slightly different :)


Marc of

System ate my "inspiration: mbiebusch" bit.

Where's the "Blue" option we've already seen it in?


It was never in blue, that was just the lighting at Think Beyond.

I'll take white... it'd hide fingerprints a lot better >.>


only the tablet has the shiny plastic but I agree it would show less fingerprints. I wish they were using matte backing just like the Pre. It would have helped with gripping as well.

It would also match a lot of kitchen appliances.

Matching kitchen appliances? I'd need a stainless steel Touchpad for that to happen :P

I voted White on the Touchpad for this reason and this reason alone... it wouldn't be a fingerprint magnet and make the thing look constantly dirty... matter of fact... the main reason i'm still considering buying this 1st gen device is b/c of the super shiny plastic look. otherwise it'd be no contest i'd just buy it. but i don't want to buy something that looks so shiny and plasticish. looks fragile. the white i think would hide this very well on the Touchpad.

Who knew Derek had Crazy Photoshop skills?

right? that pic looks official

I wouldn't mind a white Touchpad, but I think a white Pre3 would look ridiculous. Something about that bigger form factor in a phone. The Veer can pull it off because it's already a "cute" phone.

i agree.. but I DO like that fact that they are adding a style that will stand out more.. they need to add something to all the phones that'll make it stand out from all the android phones on the outside and make it more brand recognizeable..

Is white the way to go?

well its better than nothing..

I think they to add some medal trim or something like that to make it stand out that much more on the outside, so ppl will look at the OS on the inside and realize the vast improvement in UI over android and iOS..

Or do just complete mat-black, which i think the pre2 and pre3 will be, right? The touchpad needs a mat-black version.

Any color will be better than "Romulan Cloaking" that we have seen so far.

obscure invisibility reference for the win!

Well played, Sir. Well played.

Consumer electronics need to go back to having other color options than just black or white. Remember when the Centro was available in black, red, pink, green, blue, and white? The original iMac came in, what, 20+ different colors over it's lifetime? The only thing you can buy now that has options other than black or white (if you even get that option) is the iPod Nano.

That's not entirely true. Laptops, which are essentially build to order, are now coming out in all kinds of colors, textures and patterns. While we currently accept the specs that the manufacturers set for phones and will be doing the same for tablets I can see a day when they move towards a build to order model. To get there the technology for low power chip sets and processors will need to slow to a walk from the sprint that they come out at right now.

I kinda agree... i know if there was a pink option my wife would buy one just for the color factor... even if she never needed or used it... it would be a "cute" impulse buy.

I know its just a rendering but the white Touchpad looks good.

I'll take a dark dark dark blood red Pre3 on Sprint of course haha. Honestly color makes no difference to me. I just want one now!!

I voted "don't care" on both, but I actually think the white on the TouchPad is horrible. I think it's also awful on the iPad. A black bezel is best because your brain overlooks it easier, allowing you to concentrate on the screen.

As far as the phone goes, hey to each their own. Make it any color you want. They're pretty much fashion accessories now.

i agree about the white bezel. it should be black... but i do wish they would do something about using the horrible shiny plastic on the back of the touchpad. all the finger prints are gonna make it looks so cheap and dirty. :-/ that's why i think white would help w/ that or better yet... use that matte rubbery feeling. that would be perfect. it'd feel more durable and wouldnt attract the fingerprints the same way as the shiny plastic.

White? Come on, only Apple-Fanboys want white Smartphones.

What does white have anything to do with Apple? Centros used to come in white.

Yeah, I really don't care. Just give me one of each asap.

The poll is missing an option. I don't want either of these crappy pieces of hardware in any color. I'm still in love with WebOS and I'm still holding on to my old Sprint Pre- but my contract is up in August and I won't be buying another WebOS device unless they announce something much more substantial than these. Ideally, I'd like a 4 to 5 inch screen (the bigger the better a la the 4.5 inch Samsung Infuse or the 5 inch Dell Streak,) NO PHYSICAL KEYBOARD (can't they just accept that most people would prefer to drop the bulk these days?,) a fast dual-core processor at 1.2 GHz or better (why have such an awesome multi-tasking machine if it's underpowered?,) at least 1 GB of RAM (same thought,) a higher resolution screen (at least qHD if not better,) and 1080p video recording and video out via HDMI or DLNA or something (a nice camera at whatever megapixel count plus at least a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera of good quality as well.) I don't think these are too much to ask considering the android devices coming very close to or matching these specs that are already announced. And don't even get me started on the unfinished core apps that still seem to be in beta more than two years after being premiered.

What are you talking about the Pre3 has a faster processor than you are looking for. Hardware wise Pre3 is top notch right now. As far as physical keyboards, people that buy Palm phones buy them because they have physical keyboards.

Having an option is nice but majority of smartphones in the market still have physical keyboards. Palm phones aren't they only ones with physical keyboards. All Blackberry's with the exception of Storm have physical keyboards so do half of the Android phones.

I said dual-core. The Pre 3 is a 1.4 GHz single-core processor. And no, most people don't buy Palm phones because they have physical keyboards. Most people buy whatever phone they buy based on many factors important to them. One of those many factors for some people may be a physical keyboard but it is only one of many factors and only a factor at all for some people. The Pre is my first Palm product and I hated that it had a keyboard even then. I prefer WebOS to any other operating system and that was the biggest factor for me.

And I dare say that the majority of people who will be buying HP (Palm is dead. Get over it.) phones will be buying them because of WebOS, not physical keyboards.

I wish HP would just give the people what they want.

A 5 inch screen phone??? Where do you carry that in your man-purse? Who the He** needs a 5 inch phone, just get a touchpad and use it as a phone.

Go get one of those crappy android phones, with their clunky A** OS, and let google keep tabs on you everywhere you go.

"It's not a man purse, its a satchel. Indiana Jones has one. "

It would be ridiculous holding a 5" phone to your face to answer a call. It would be like holding a brick to your face. Reminds me of the old Motorola bricks.

It's all about personal preference. I've seen some Streaks in the wild and they make me drool with envy. Though one's opinion is that it looks ridiculous, another's opinion is "Thank goodness I can finally video chat and watch videos on my phone and enjoy the experiences." And for those curious, I wear skinny jeans and have absolutely no problem with a Streak in my pocket. I'm wondering what kind of pants people are wearing that they can't fit these phones in them.

why stop there? we should change the name to the "no matter what my phone has I will complain because I can" phone.

You mean the "I'm a consumer and have the right to voice my opinion because I live in the United States of America" phone? Your bitterness is disconcerting. I would hope that most of the readers of this site would care about HP doing well with WebOS and would be genuinely interested in providing feedback to the WebOS community-at-large in an effort to ensure the future of the platform. Judging from your reply, it would seem that you don't care for HP to do well but instead are content with making excuses for them. In the end, people like you may be the only customers they have left.

If the new lineup included the Pre 3, TouchPad and a Slab keyboardless model, things would be looking so bright right now. We need a Slab that matches the best specs on any Android device (just for perceived importance), and then WebOS will do very well. I know there's a rumor of a Slab/Candybar device, and I hope that's true, because that's the dominant market right now. I don't agree that these are underpowered, they are adequate, but I wish they had been bumped up more, especially the Pre 3 with a dual core proc. (again, it's about perception, and that IS important)

I personally don't want a keyboard any longer. I HAD to move to a Android device because I can't switch carriers(rural area), I selected the EVO Shift because I thought I would need the keyboard. I have literally opened the keyboard twice, and once was to show a person what it looked like. I have been using Swype beta, and it's fantastic. The only problem is Android... it's good, and the Apps are great(although I still say nobody really needs that many for success), but I hate the way Android pseudo tasks. It's really quite horrible, and the user experience blows, however it does run smooth (most the time) and the hardware is Awesome, so it feels better than it really is.

I find it hard to believe that a WebOS user goes to Android (and there's lots of them) and doesn't feel remorse or some anger that HPalm couldn't get their act together quicker. That's why so many lurk P|C and have harsh words for HPalm. I'm hoping for WebOS success because I want to come back. My 2 month retired day 1 Pre- sits on the Touchstone, now used as a alarm clock, and as a constant reminder of the best PhoneOS ever.

Good specs aren't just for "perceived importance."

Apple is the king of proving that somewhat lesser specs are just fine if the software and final package are tuned to something beautiful. Their mobile devices and computers prove every day that you don't need the craziest, newest specs to make a well-oiled machine.

That being said, HP isn't Apple and WebOS isn't fine-tuned enough to run on lesser hardware. It is still laggy and buggy and unpolished and unfinished. Less so than Android for sure, but much more so than Apple.

So asking for higher specs including a dual-core processor and more RAM are perfectly reasonable requests to increase the effectiveness of the OS/final package as much as possible. If HP would finish the darned OS and release a polished device, I would be happy to own it, whatever the specs inside.

Also, I did say "ideally." This is a description of a phone I'd be happiest to buy today if it was available today or in the next month or two. When it comes down to it, I will have to make a decision when my contract expires based solely on what actually exists instead of being able to buy my lust-worthy vaporware phone. It may happen that I find the Pre 3 to be the best option when it comes time to upgrade. I won't know until the time comes but until the time comes, I can hold on to hope for a "dream" phone, can't I?

I'd like the Pre3 in Sprint Colour please.

You say the veer looks good in white, although it doesn't in photos. I believe you.

I'd rather see a nice set of cases in beautiful colors.

I'm going to miss the original sleeping bag! I loved that and used it all the time. I use an Incipio case now. I hope they come out with one for my Pre 3 (when I get it). It really protects my Pre + well. I've tried a clip holster and I don't really care for it. Too clunky.

I voted whatever just sell them but...

I also think the white bezel on the TouchPad (and iPad for that matter) isn't as nice as the black. If we start talking about options of dark red or blue or that metallic rust orange Nissan likes to use on the Murano or the lime green that Ford likes to use in the ads for the Fiesta I would start to get excited.

Color choices would be wonderful but at this point I am all for whatever color it is so we can get started. If HP sells a billion then maybe we can talk.

On the Pre 3 I think black looks best unless they make the inside and the keyboard white as well.

I don't care. I'm going to put matching Gelaskins on them anyways ^_^

I've never heard of Gelaskins until now. A quick Google search and five minutes of my time, and now I'm reeling in my seat. These are awesome!

Are they touchstone compatible?

Silver in a matte finish that shows no fingerprints on the back would be great.

Ya i agree matte silver would be sweet

Hummm... The ToucHPad white inside is better than white outside and black inside, as Veer...

Best Regards...

The touchpad looks good (rendered) in white, plus it will hide fingerprints. The pre3 looks awful with that small white ring, black is my preference here.

HP sells computers in all sorts of colors. Why limit it to white and black? Give me a crimson TouchPad!!!!

It must be the only one, but I think the white case paired with the black screen frame on the Veer just looks crappy. Like you purchased a cheap white case to cover your new black phone.

How about a nice brushed steel or charcoal gray? HP sure has no idea what appeals to most business professionals. And I mean that as it relates to EVERY aspect of the Pre/Veer products: apps, power, looks, durability, and backup.

Why won't someone make a freakin Treo again?!

And don't tell me I'm holding on to the past, blah blah blah.

There should be two categories of "ultra-phone"---entertainment phones and smart phones.

/end rant

I would like anything that looked like a brushed metal finish.

If it's the same "white" as the Veer, then no thanks.

6/10 from the Google/Apple leaning Engadget? They must have loved it....

Am I the only one who thinks this two-tone white and black Veer is ugly as sin??

Here's my $0.02 worth. Although I personally like the devices in Black, offering at least the Touchpad in multiple colours (perhaps Black & white to start & add other colours later-on) can only help differentiate the Touchpad from the multitude of Android tablets out there.

I think that the white touchpad looks amazing :)

Would a white Touchpad be inviting a lawsuit from Apple? just no.

I don't give a damn what color it is. Give me **** stain brown. JUST RELEASE IT.

I'll take the Pre3 in black and soft but I want the tablet back to be this:

Only flat, soft, and fingerprint proof instead of what I'm pretty sure is hard, course, and plaster.

I understand them not being artsy though and will buy a black tablet too.

If you truly want WebOS to grow quickly and to become a true leader with all of the great offerings everyone claims to want - STOP thinking about devices that you personally want and START thinking like a business and embrase the diverse product mix and color selections being made available to the masses, worldwide. Just because you dont' care for white (I don't) it surly does not mean that someone else will love it. As many adopters of webOS devices as HP can get only makes the entire experience better for all - even if your are a boring old black only device individual.

I expect to see HP leverage their QVC channel and we all know everything QVC offers comes every color of the rainbow . . just saying.

TGIF - everyone have a cold one tonight and relax.

i feel tired today. didn't get much sleep yesterday. tossing and turning all night. i need a vacation...i need a pre3 or pixi2

the white trim on the pre3, looks a little funky. it would be nice to have a black outer, then when you slide it open, the inside part with the keyboard is white, with the reversed out lettering in black.

Classic black. I do appreciate all your hard work, Derek, but does Dieter still work here??

For the Pre3... i would like to go back to the TREO days of silver matte finish and the blue-gray backlit buttons... loved to show off that phone to people. I converted 4 people over to Treo 650 just from the looks alone then they saw what it could do and then they were off to Sprint or AT&T to get one. Call it the Treo color... folks may perk up if they see Treo and Pre in same sentence (smile). Ah... the good o' days when Palm Treo was sitting at the top of the Smartphone heap.

For Touchpad, red trim/back panel would be nice color offering... but otherwise I'd go with black.

They should put everything out in both colors to give their customers the ability to choose.

I think I'd like a black Pre3 better, but that white Touchpad looks nice. :D

Make it look like the Precentral home page! Or Fuscia with stripes of red. Better still, have it clear or see through, save money on the color and we can skin it anyway we wish!!!!!

Wow. There are a lot of votes in this poll...

How many is in a lot? Is it more than a peck? Is this a forum for a poll or a poll in a forum?
What was the question?

Give me white for the TouchPad and black for the Pre 3. A nice looking couple they will make.