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Veer disappearing from AT&T stores, Pixi Plus still soldiering on 34

by Derek Kessler Mon, 17 Oct 2011 6:03 pm EDT

Alas, poor HP Veer, at least we got to know you for a little while. Unlike your big brother. It hasn’t really been that long since the little Veer came onto the smartphone scene to underwhelming reviews, and though it wasn’t a barnstorming success, we would have hoped for a longer time on store shelves. It seems that the Veer is slowly disappearing from AT&T storefronts and the AT&T website, which we can’t say we’re too surprised about given the way HP took its webOS device plans out to the same country farm where they say they took our last puppy.

What does surprise us is that there actually is still some webOS on AT&T: the Palm Pixi Plus. It’s still running webOS 1.4.5, it’s still woefully underpowered, still free, and still around. It’s also a little depressing that the two-year old Pixi managed to outlast the far-superior Veer (let alone the never-officially-released Pre3).

With the Veer gone from AT&T, we’re now down to just a handful of publicly available webOS devices: the $149.99 contract Pre 2 on Verizon, a free-with-contract Pixi Plus on AT&T, and the recently-back-in-stock unlocked AZERTY Pre3 from the Palm Eurostore (for a reasonable £169.99). Even long-time webOS supporters O2 UK and Germany have dropped webOS devices from their line-up. We're deep into the desert folks.

Source: AT&T, Palm Eurostore; Thanks to Mark and Spreng for the tips!



O2 dropped webos from their lineup a long, long time ago. It was just Palm that refused to accept it and kept referring to O2 UK on their website.

I've been through the desert with an OS with no owner.

did expect that so soon. Once the veer got a 2.2 update I was planning on getting one

so sad :(

No announcements from HP at all, neither last week nor this week. HP said they would make a decision by end of last week, but once again didn't come through on anything.

What's also very sad is seeing everything that webOS has, get slowly imported into iOS and Android. From cards (now even in iOS) to messaging alerts. Very soon, there will be nothing unique about webos.

How unfortunate for webOS.

Maybe HP is just killing webOS, keeping the patents and then suing apple for every infringement possible. Nah, what am I thinking...

Did they say that they are going to announce anything? I just read that they are going to DECIDE (and even that was a rumour). If that rumour is true than most probably have a decision now and are working out the details. Whatever details that are it is better for HP to not announce anything that is not ripe and not yet fully certain.

yeah i don't recall HP saying they would say anything. I read a post saying there was a rumor that there would be an announcement.

your last comment makes the most sense. The way HP handled the communications around PSG and webOS since August killed all hope of making it attractive for a buyer.

God, what a cluster F this became in the hands of the worlds largest technology company. They have become an absolute joke of a company.

Now, if only Ray Lane and the remaining board members would get out.

Uh, they already decided the fate of WebOS. At no point is that being reconsidered.

They are deciding the fate of the PSG. Whatever it is, they will not be making WebOS hardware.

I love how people expect an announcement as if anyone ever gained anything by announcing that they aren't going to do something. Did we ever get an announcement that Sprint would not be launching anymore webOS device? Of course not. Why would they do that when they could just string people along for months while leaving their options open. They basically made a decision well over a year ago but never really made a formal announcement

the announcement that was suppose to happen by the end of last week was a rumor. meg did say that she wants to make a decision by the end of the month so we have a couple more weeks to go on that but its about the psg not webos. i think they have already made up their minds about webos......

I will be rocking webOS until the last Li-ion dies, or glass screen shatters.

webOS is not dead but I hate to say that it is dying and if nobody picks will be dead.

Not with a bang, but a whimper.


well I don't know how much longer I can hold out. I'm one to love a good open OS, and I have been a palm user for many years, but I also like new hardware. The Droid 3 is nice.

HP and it's Board of Directors is a bunch of driedupoldstinkydicklickers...

It's an Adam Sandler quote...

Don't know why you call the Pixi+ "underpopwered". I have many useful apps on mine, did Debian Linux for awhile, 8gb memory is "underpowered"? I think it's a great phone, even though I can't use the 3G yet (I'm on T-mobile - if the merger does not go through, T-Mo gets 1800 mhz, if it does my contract will continue with ATT).

i have to ask... Has this ever happened before with palm?

I do remember a time back in the day when I Had my Treo 650 and it felt like FOREVER until the next update.. I actually went to some crappy phone for a year and a half before I moved back over and got my pre.

Luckily, my pre3 is on it's way in the mail thanks to amazon & i'm now switching plans to the one network I despise the most (ATT)

.. I was with sprint for 2 reasons - Palm & cheaper rates.. Well, both of those things are gone

HTC should have bought it. They could have wrapped their Sense around it and had the best multitasking mobile OS. Then, they could have gone after the tablet market hammer and tong.

As somebody rather new to WebOS I am an enthusiastic supporter. It works. It's intuitive. It's a superior UI and multitasker. It is too good to die such an ignominious death.

i said it at the time and i'll say it again: non-standard inputs for the headphones and charger, coupled with the fact that you couldn't charge the phone while listening to music with headphones was a critical error. if not for that i would have been first in line for a veer. instead, i stuck with my pixi until i got so tired of its lack of power that i bought a pre 2.

love that pixi though. veer specs in a pixi form factor would have been perfect.

iPhone 4S...

who cares about the veer...if they had half a brain, they would have released the pre3 at this time

Hmmm? Could there be a silver lining in this news? Do you think that AT&T will release their Pre 3 inventory, once they have sold off their Veer stock? I'm sure they knew they wouldn't be able to sell any Veers once they released the Pre 3.

No. Nobody thinks that AT&T will sell the Pre 3. Why would they sell, and then have to spend money to support, a phone with extremely limited sales, no future hardware upgrades and questionable software updates.

dont you remember? att cancelled all of their pre3 orders right after leo's announcement about cancelling webos hardware... come on guys its sometimes good to be hopefull but sometimes we gotta let things go......

Jeez... if you want it so badly, buy one on eBay and get it over with. I'm loving mine.

For all that the platform seems to be orphaned and I've been coyly looking at other phones, looking towards the time when my pre+ dies, the other OS COMMUNITIES are much less interesting than this one.

i just wished they would have never spent any resources and funds developing this stupid phone. if only they would have used the resources and funds to optimize the touchpad and release the pre3 along side the touchpad maybe things would have been different. for all of those that think that there is a market for a tiny smartphone, take a long good look at the picture above.......

Haven't booted my Pre 2 a single time since I own a Veer. That is for two reasons:

- It's small and very ligthweight, feels good in the pocket (because you don't feel it at all).

- There is no reason to carry a BIG webOS device around when there aren't that many apps you want a big screen for. I use basically FB and twitter, and that works pretty well on the Veer.


I have been using a Nokia N9, it's similar in function to webOS with navigation via gestures, but the hardware is sublime.

Nice Image, do you have it in a higher Resolution?


I really was hoping to get another webOS device to update my Palm Pre Plus. But as I am on Verizon, it's difficult to find a (reasonably priced) Pre 3 for the V network. I suppose I could go with a Pre 2, but I just can't get myself excited over that "upgrade."

I guess it's only a (short) matter of time before I have to join Team iOS. I'm not really a fan of that OS, even though I am a longtime MacOS user.