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Veer takes over YouTube, asks who needs a big phone 107

by Derek Kessler Tue, 24 May 2011 9:31 am EDT

Yesterday we had a massive black ad on the back of the New York Times, and today we have YouTube. Yes, folks, HP’s advertising campaign for the Veer smartphone is ramping up in style, this time with a full-width banner ad on the YouTube. With two billion visitors daily, that’s a lot of potential viewers of this ad, not to mention a massive outlay from HP’s ad department (YouTube has never publicly stated how much advertising campaigns like this cost, but a large front page banner ad like this likely costs well over $100,000 a day).

The ad itself is Flash (no surprise) and takes the same aesthetic design as yesterday’s Times ad: lots of black with the tiny Veer in a big man hand. Clicking on the ad takes you to HP’s webOS landing page, with blurbs for the TouchPad, Veer, and Pre3. The ad also asks a very important question, and it’s one that is practically the Veer’s reason for being: “In a world of tablets, who needs a big phone?”

Source: YouTube; Thanks to all that sent this in!



You can't see this ad on ipad! Haha...

that's the part i don't get. shouldn't they be targeting the ipad users? especially with that tag line....

Apple is a religion. No converts to be had from there.

They should target "potential" iPad users. Existing users are unlilely to change for a long time, unless they have old iPad 1s, in which case they are likely Apple early adopters and wont change from Apple anyway.

BUT... if iPad users could at least see the ad, it may at least place a seed of doubt in their minds. Not all iPad users are in the iCult. A lot of them just don't know anything else.

Once you go iPad, you never go back, even if something much better arrives.

Which is something I'm sure HP would LOVE to imitate!

Which is why my iPad will become a paperweight when the TouchPad comes out.

No, you meant the opposite. My bad.

Actually, the TP will make a better paperweight - much thicker and heavier.

ironic you say that. There's a verizon store near me and they set up a folding table outside their entrance daily. it has flyers on it with all their promotions but it's breezy so every day their is are nonfunctional Pixis set on it to keep the papers from blowing away.

I think it's too early to know whether that's true. The tablet market is young, and webOS has a unique approach to tablet and phone coordination.

You obviously don't know a Mac-head yet.

I've known some apples users and Ipad users who would want to switch to android. Like what tobeaman said, a lot of them just don't know anything else. One big reason people get the Ipad is because there friends have it or talk about it. Word of mouth is one of the biggest sellers I believe. I would love to see webos get the main marketshare or even compete with IOS and android.

Im selling my ipad1 the second i get the touchpad. nobody will give it up until there is a viable option.

I think so. A lot of iPad users are just people who want a nice tablet and like the iPad. They could be open to a small phone, especially the non-geek business types who want a smartphone but won't be watching movies or playing games on it.

Yeah, I think HP is trying to plant some seeds with this add. It causes people to think. Like "yeah why do I need this huge brick in my pocket when I am carring a 10 inch maxi pad with me all the time anyway". This is the first inch of a 26 mile mindshare marathon that HP is taking on.

The iPad users will see it. You can't see a lot of the web on and iPad. They'll all see this ad on their MacBook when they dock into iTunes with their iPhone and iPad.

While iTunes updates they're sure to surf the web for a bit. A lot of people mindlessly surf to YouTube. 2 billion a day.

And you probably can't see it on the Veer either, it's too darn small. So what is HP going to pitch when the Pre3 comes out? "We were just kidding about that whole small thing?"

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HP, may not want to talk about Tablets until yours is released. Nonetheless, I should just appreciate the fact that you're actually advertising in general.

Really? I'm on a mission to call out needless snark. What part of summer didn't you understand? There's hardly any value in rushing a product to market only to be criticized for missing pieces. Anybody who wants a tablet so badly that they cannot wait another month or two already has an iPad or whatever.

On one of the podcasts, yesterday, I think it was Buzz Out Loud, they called the TP the "sad trombone" of the tablet market because it's so late. It's sad when your form factor becomes dated before you get your product out there.

This is like calling Tesla "sad trombrone" of the car market because they were so late to get their product to market. I mean Ford beat them by around 100 years with their Model T.

It's pretty hard to call the tablet form factor "dated." Nothing newer has replaced it.

This might be the stupidest analogy I have ever seen. The situations are NOTHING alike. The Tesla has VAST improvements over a Model T. The Touchpad is really just releasing almost exactly the same tablet as Apple has already released. Now... if Tesla had gone back and released a car almost identical to the Model T, but with only foglights added, then you might just have a point, but as of right now, you fail.

I don't think you know anything about WebOS because if you did you would know there is nothing similar between Touchpad and ipad other than its form factor.

His analogy was on the mark. Comparing a Touch to ipad is like comparing a gasoline car to an electric car. They both have the same form factor but an electric car is speedier and more efficient just like WebOS is more efficient and speedier than any other mobile OS.

LOL at webOS being "more efficient and speedier than any other mobile OS."

It is.


Don't try to tell me I know nothing of WebOS. I had a Pre minus from day one. It's an attractive operating system, but nothing more. It's definitely not speedier than any other mobile OS. You webOS fanboys are crazy.

OK, you need to stop now. Your comment on webos being speedier than any other mobile OS bears no truth at all. There's no evidence of this statement other than you spewing highly opinionated thoughts from your mouth. It's been proven time and again webos is not the fastest OS out there. Please don't try and go there.

And the person speaking tesla vs ford model T IS the most ridiculous analogy I've heard to date.

HP's grandiose ideas that they're going to be "number one-er" just because they've done it with PCs and they're just big, so "they should" is also dreaming. Many a failed companies crashed and burned because they had the same mentality. The only thing HP did by announcing that ridiculous statement was put everyone up in arms, ready to compare performance when the device hits the market... and yes, the touchpad will not win against the iPad2, publicly, even though the iPad2 will have been out a whole lot longer than the touchpad.

don't believe me? read the article and comments here:

Both Android and iOS are resource hogs you would know that if you were actually developing on the SDKs. WebOS runs a lot smoother on the similar hardware which goes back to my point that you guys don't know anything about WebOS other than just using it.

Nooooo. If we go back to your point, you said (verbatim) "just like WebOS is more efficient and speedier than any other mobile OS."

1) Stop changing your arguments mid-sentence
2) You need to stop being a webos fanboy. You're not the only developer here

I wouldn't go so far as to claim WebOS on the tablet is faster and more efficient (after all, its not released yet) although the Pre2 has proven that WebOS on a phone is at least on par with Android and iOS. My question to you is when the Touchpad does get released and by some chance it *is* proven to run better than other tablets are you going to jump off a cliff? By the tone of your adamant comments, one could draw that conclusion. Lighten up man, WebOS may not be as great as some people here like to think it is but on the flip side, its far better than you make it out to be.

I actually develop on all three platforms (well...not so much for webOS these days) and what you are saying is absolute rubbish.

At the end of the day, a "user" does not care what goes on during development so stop throwing around three-letter acronyms in support of your fake claims. Users care how fast stuff runs. In that regard, your statements are demoted to something lower than rubbish...heck...they become a flat out lies.

I'm not sure who you are responding to but I've developed for Android and WebOS and its night and day. I would love to see WebOS succeed.

Nah, I'm looking forward to the tablet, but this ad-wording would have been better used when the TP is released. Otherwise it just brings attention to all the currently available tablets on the market.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Veer doesn't have Touch-to-share capabilities correct?

yes with software update

Go here:

Then scroll down and read footnote #5.

That works til HP wants to try to sell a big phone :)

Yes... that's pretty much what I was thinking, too. What are they going to do with this message when the Pre3 comes out?

Not everyone has a tablet or wants to carry one everywhere they go. For those people the Pre3 might be more suitable.

It's about giving the consumer choice. This is a good thing.

I couldn't agree with you more, bmacfarland. It just seems that the tag line in this particular ad doesn't seem to validate that sentiment. The implied answer to the rhetorical question, "...who needs a big phone?" is "no one!", which is simply not true. I know I'm probably focusing way too much on semantics, but it seems slightly contradictory, and I hope consumers aren't confused by the two different messages.

Then again, I do believe that the tablet/phone coordination is what will attract people to a small phone like the Veer. I see the point HP is trying to make and I applaud them loudly for starting to put some great advertising in place.

You are focusing on the latter part of the marketing message and not including the point about the "world of tablets."

If you are a tablet person then it may make sense to get a small phone. If you have a tablet with you all the time, why would you want a Pre3 over a Veer? I can't think of a single reason. The Veer seems like it would be better for talking, better for storing in a pocket, better for using as a music player while on a jog.

However, if you aren't a big fan of tablets, you probably want a phone with the bigger screen of the Pre3 over the Veer. This way you can hop online at Best Buy and check Amazon's prices. You can use the bigger maps to get more detail.

Ideally, they'd come up with a way to seamlessly transfer your contract to both a Veer and a Pre3 so that you could pick up whichever one was right for you that particular day. Of course they'd have to make the devices cheap enough so that someone could buy both.

the Pre3 isn't that big compared to the bricks that the Android camp is churning out.

Well, it could go like this...

"In a world of tablets...who needs a big phone?"

Potential Customer: But I don't have a tablet...and I don't want one.

"Then you are not in the world of are in the world of slab phones...may i interest you in a Stingray! (Or was it Mantaray?)"

And if that doesn't interest you, take a look at my selection of Rolex watch knockoffs!

Great point, Rockbeast. Sounds like you should be in sales!

I believe the Veer does have touch to share capabilities.. But that support would be coming in a later update. Can anyone confirm or correct me?

Yes, correct. The update will come with 3.0. It will be in a couple of months, most likely post-Pre3 launch.

Actually, it will come with webOS 2.2.

Anyone got the specifics on how Touch to Share will work if you have 2 phones but one TP? On the TP HP page it says both devices must have the same "account" (reading this as profile). I thought I remembered reading that HP was working on a way to login and out of profiles on the TP. Can anyone else confirm this?

I don't see why not. As I recall HP already added Palm profile sharing across devices. There should be no need to login and out of profiles.

Said both the TP and Pre3/Veer need to be logged into the same profile. So I am thinking the TP would have to be able to logout of one and into the other (say for me to use it with my phone, then my wife to use it with hers).

I see you mean two phones with two different profiles. That's a good question. I haven't heard of this scenario presented before but I am guessing they would have thought about putting some kind of profile switching mechanism in place. I guess we won't know until the Touchpad comes out or they release more solid information about it.

I do see how this could be a problem though for those that share a tablet and if Touchpad doesn't have some kind of profile switching they would definitely have to add this with a software update.

Then its already here because I have the veer and my version says webOS 2.2.1

Your Veer says 2.1.2.

You need two compatible devices to use Touch-to-Share. HP only has released one.

Touch to share will come as a software update from coming......months

like the add

The Veer has the hardware (coil) for Touch-to-share. It won't work until 1) it gets a software update and 2) you can actually buy a TouchPad.

I guess the good thing is it's only on AT&T and they already know an update is planned, so maybe the update won't take 6 months to roll out.

People look at this ad. Do you see the day and date Monday, June 20, 2011 somewhere ?

Ah! So I'm not the only one who noticed that!

Is that the last day of spring, or the 1st day of summer ? :)

Astronomically June 21st is first day of summer... and we already know the TP is in the WalMart computers.

I could be tempted to buy two Veers on AT&T for free, then a TP, then when Pre 3 comes out save up for unlocked developer Pre 3. HMMMM, thinking the switch to GSM might happen for me and the wife.


Hahaha, that is great. I hadn't even noticed that. It does seem rather peculiar that they would use that date on their marketing page. I'd like to think it's not a coincidence but I'm not sure if they would be that bold before actually announcing the date.

Bravo, HP. I really like this ad campaign.

Good to see, just not sure why the final image of the phone is so bad. Hire a good designer so your product looks nice...

Yeah, I noticed that too. It has the bad edges around it like it was cut out of another photo in Paint and just thrown in there.

It makes so much sense.

I can't wait for mikah and his many incarnations to tear it apart.

"With two billion visitors daily" That figure has got to be marketing BS. There's less than 7 billion people in the world. I can't believe that nearly a third of them look at you tube once a day.

According to these stats there isn't even 2Billion people connected -

Besides, it Doesn't show up in Europe so I presume it's just a USA ad, which has got to be less than 350Million.

maybe 2 billion visits daily by USAmericans. Now that makes sense.

Like. Such as. Us US Americans, like, watch YouTube all day, such as. Like.

It's the only explanation for Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga, and Rebecca Black.

I think two billion views is the proper term, not visitors. I could easily believe views, or maybe they are counting refreshes of the main page?

I'm thinking views/hits, since people can embed youtube into many website/forums/etc.

Embeded YouTube videos on other websites wouldn't count towards this kind of advertising, so it would still stand that the 2 billion number is not an accurate representation.

Perhaps they get their numbers based on how many times the front page gets viewed or any link for any video that gets viewed. I would find it hard to believe that as well.

I really like the cards metaphor in this add. Very cool! This is finally shaping up into a decent ad compaign.

Bash me all you want, but the graphics on that Flash Banner are simply horrible. I'm not talking about the concept, but the GRAPHICS. I really don't understand how HP puts stuff like this out?

I'll give them kudos for finally getting their marketing machine moving, but they really need to get some quality control. It looks like their kids are doing the graphics.

- They obviously scaled up that Veer image, and boy does it look sickly.

Actually, one of the things I liked about the ad is I didn't have to wait for it to finish loading before the rest of the site was useful. The lower graphics means the flash file loads faster.

You can make it look nice and not be a huge file. The designer just has to know what they are doing.

In the end you want your product to look nice, not like it was grabbed from a low res file and photoshopped in.

Very cool. GO HP!

VEERy cool!

i was watching an unpacking video on youtube of the veer and noticed that the wall charger strill says PALM on it. thought that was funny.

Still selling Palm branded touchstones as well.

Palm hasn't gone anywhere. It's still the company that manufactures the phones. HP decided that their name would be better for marketing rather than Palm's.

On the HP web page, footnote 1 for the two phones includes, "Required data services sold separately; unlimited plan recommended and may be required." Does any carrier other than Sprint "require" an unlimited data plan for smartphones?

edit to add:

That footnote is for the Veer and the Pre3, not for the TP (which may be only wifi and not need any data plan).


So are you implying TPs are landing with the Sprint first ? Possible, and now that HP has a piggyback fee-based wifi service with Sprint. So then Pre-3 will land with Verizon

They just don't want people to blame the tablet for hitting data caps doing all that streaming that they are advertising. That's all. It's just telling the user that if they use too much data it's on you.

..How about a little response poll?

- I _do_ need a bigger phone, much more so than a toy one.
- ...and a _smaller_ tablet, the size of a jotter pad, with most of it's front face area being touch screen, and not an awful black strips.

No one gives a kcuf to an iCult member's needs here !


iCult? You mean ME? Oh, well, probably because I dare to criticize your beloved and best and one and only little (quite literally, given display sizes) world?

The smaller (7") tablet (Opal) seems scheduled for September.

I think we can somewhat reliably believe this because this document from months back seems to have been pretty accurate. It hit the June date for the 10" that most everyone has and the pricing that was leaked by Wal-Mart:

I think this would make it the only hardware manufacturer who owns the OS (and hence can control the ecosystem unlike Android) to offer both 7" and 10" models. Maybe Apple has changed its stance on a 7" iPad or RIM has a 10" Playbook coming out that I'm not aware of.

Mich Bushi, your bigger phone is coming in the form of the Pre3.

It has still small screen for today's standards. It would be totally awesome as Pre+, good as Pre 2, but it is barely "well, what can you do, let's stomach it" as a Pre 3, unfortunately.

I've made the same mistake with my original Pre - screen resolution was nothing "wow", but barely "acceptable" the day I bought it. And just weeks (and months, and counting) later, phones were released, which just wiped the floor with Pre's display quality, and ease of reading. In droves. Why, oh why it took Palm whole two years to get there, resolution's wise - I have no idea. But I know they are very late to the party, again.

So, I am not making the same mistake twice - especially that both LG & Samsung announced recently 300+ DPI IPS displays available for third party manufacturers later this year, in all sizes and shapes. We are talking about qHD resolutions for small screens (Pre 3 size OR smaller), and 2560x1600 for a 10" tablet, and probably something like Full HD on a 7" tablet. Galaxy Tab 8.9, scheduled this summer, will have 1280x800 resolution on a less than 9" screen, and it's also better equipped than TP, and it has, you know, apps and developers on board. And it might be even cheaper than TP, given the recent trend with Honeycomb tablets.

It will leave TPs/Opals weeping in the dust, this year, and please take into account we are talking about 2yrs+ product life cycle with HPalm. And it is not even the case of "well, I am content with that hardware, please just keep me supported/updated" - they are not exactly showing too much love for their prev-generation hardware users, too.

As a potential Pre 3 owner, well... I would again need to stomach "passable" screen quality, versus "awesome", that will become a new high-end standard, soon

You are interacting 99% of your time with the device with it's screen, so it is too important piece for me to get on with "passable", for the second time.

And I absolutely adore Pre's form factor, with portrait slider keyboard, Pre 3 also looks fantastic, but, but... it is just a teensy little bit too small, too little resolution, to be considered high-end today - I want it to have 4" screen with Retina Display's quality (...sigh - well, I know, I will be thumbs-down'ed by the idiots who's blood pressure rises whenever they read anything "Apple"). This would also allow for a bigger battery and bigger keyboard. And trust me, professionals don't care about slight more bulk, but they do care about slightly improved functionality - and both bigger & higher resolution screen, and bigger keyboard would improve things significantly.

I just want it to be BETTER than market leader where it counts, and not constantly playing catch-up, and loosing, each time.

Although I am not a fan of the Veer, I can now see why HP released it first.

The idea is a phone tablet combo package that is appealing. What is the biggest gripe about smartphones? Small screen size, small keyboards and portability. This is particularly true for older people that are still using feature phones.


Use a tablet for all you real power needs and keep a small very portable device for messaging and lite tasks. For this market, the Veer and Touchpad combo is ideal.

Need wireless access for your tablet? Just tether thru your phone. Wireless on a tablet makes no sense right now. The wireless market/technologies are in flux. 3G, 3G+, 4G, LTE etc.. Sure, your phone is subsidized by the cell carrier and can be upgraded ~ every 2 years. What about your tablet?

Do you get 3G now and upgrade in 2 years for another $800? Just tether it and when you want LTE, buy a new $99 Veer and your tablet is upgraded. No huge expensive phone needed.

This might work.

This tablet vs phone thing doesn't make any sense unless you carry a tablet around with you all over your house, work, and in places like restaurants. Are you really going to pull out a tablet every time you want to check the weather radar, look up a movie times, or check directions on a map? Then why would you want a small phone screen when you could pay $100 more over two years to get a bigger one?

Wasn't the Palm Pilot built on the idea of an ideal size device to fit in your pocket and still be useful for browsing content? What is the benefit of a small phone? More room in your pocket or purse? No bulge in your skinny jeans?

It may not make sense for everyone, but I think it will for a lot of people. A lot of the things you mentioned can still be done with the Veer (checking directions on a map may not be that great). People who have tablets probably do so because even a 4" slab does not provide a comparable web experience in which case they rely less on their phone. Also, think about people you use their tablets professionally like real estate agents and other marketing professionals who most likely will have tablets with them all day. Do they need to lug around a 4" phone? No, the veer should work just fine. When the weekend comes around and they don't need the tablet, they still have the ability to quickly check the weather, look up movie times, etc..

I had to turn off AdBlock to see the Ad :)

People like me won't see this Ad, unless they are looking for it.

That's true of every advertisement for every company on any website. Not much that HP can do about that.

I suppose that's why there are print ad campaigns. Hopefully television ads follow too.

Wow my comment just got marked as spam because I was trying to put down how negative this site is... Apparently way too negative for me. My Pre- just took its last **** and I am off to a Nexus S. I look forward to returning to the platform.(SPrint Hello)
Hopefully there wont be so many Negative Nancys on here in the near future!

I just came back from my local Best Buy store (San Juan, Puerto Rico), they have the Veer on display, a dummy one, I asked the two reps about taking a look at a real one, they looked at each other, confused. THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE VEER IS!
I took a deep breath and walk away. Reality sucks.

Adblock for the win. I don't see ads on any of these sites.

Yeah i love how clueless everyone is on the veer. when i call att they are like "the what" and im like the new phone you just sold me yesterday numnuts. lol.

I have the veer, and im waiting for my touchpad. I think the veer is awesome and it can do anything a big slab can do. It just needs more apps.

i bought the veer just to play with it on intention of taking it back and now its pretty much here to stay...

My only worry is that i want to buy the pre3 as well, and if we can share profiles please please palm don't limit it to just 2 devices. I want to be able to rock my pre3 one day, my veer the next, but always have them talk to my touchpad all on the same profile. Right now im on my pre2 original profile and using the veer on a new profile, Id like to use one profile for all 3 devices, but if i can't i might just stay with the veer and skip the pre3.. big and little baby all the way!

and for all those big slab lovers here is a tale, we all went to watch the pirates play the tigers the other day. My friends all have the new awesome super powerful thunderbolts.. well a little tailgaiting, a little baseball.. 4 hours later all of their phones died all on queue.. all after they talked trash on my veer. then they were all lining up to use my phone and hog up my charger.

Thunderbolts?.. big slabs?... big pain in the rear if you ask me.

is a cool ad - I had to watch in in Chrome though, since Firefox steadfastly blocked it, lol!

I LOVE the tagline.