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Verizon CTO: "webOS developing into a strong player" 45

by Derek Kessler Tue, 15 Feb 2011 2:42 pm EST

While some Sprint executives might not be all big on Palm products, Verizon CTO Tony Melone sees a place for webOS in the smartphone world. In his chat with CNET, Melone mostly talked about the big three of the future, which he sees as iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. We’re surprised too - if anything we’d have thought he’d have picked Windows Phone as número tres. But Mr. Melone doesn’t see a place for Microsoft’s darling OS, even with the support of Nokia: "I do want a strong third OS out there. It gives the carriers more flexibility and balances the interests of all the parties. But I still have doubts whether Microsoft will get the traction they are hoping for with Windows Phone 7."

As for HP webOS, Melone sees plenty of potential there: “If HP decides to license webOS that could also become a third or fourth player that is used by OEMs. I'm more optimistic with webOS developing into a strong player, just based on the strength of the OS. It has some very unique and good characteristics."

Thing is, we don’t see HP ever licensing webOS. They bought Palm so they could use webOS to build an inclusive ecosystem through all of their products, to be more like Apple. Licensing doesn’t fit into that kind of thinking - that’s why you haven’t seen Apple license iOS or Mac OS, and conversely it’s why you don’t see a strong product ecosystem like the Mac OS/iTunes/iOS trifecta present in the world of Android.

Source: CNET; Via: Engadget; Thanks to jimijames for the tip!


Too funny. Hpalm making bad strategic decisions: bad hardware, failed opportunity with Nokia. HTC would have been also a great partner, excellent hardware with product refreshes/life cycles. Now, Apple is upping the game with rumours of keyboards, larger screens and, ohh, my, Choices!
Wonder when Hpalm will get the message: People don't want vaporware, printers with webos, "PC's" with webos, small screen phones and hardware-less tablets.
The more Hpalm tries not to be Apple, the more they end up being just like them, except dying. go 1.7% market share!

You're not making much sense.

Of course people don't "want" vaporware. Nonetheless people have fallen for it for decades in the tech industry. And Apple enjoys the fruits of vaporware every time people hesitate buying alternatives based on what Apple might bring out in the coming months.

There was never a message that people don't want printers with webos. And webos on a printer by itself is not the point. The idea is the integration between a range of products.

"PCs" with webos - it seems you haven't read any of the messages on this forum and all those reviews that enthusiastically wonder what that might be about.

Some people want big-screen phones. Some people want small phones. Some people want in-between compromise sizes. It depends on the size of your fingers, your pockets, your wallet, your eyes and what you primarily use it for.

What's a hardware-less tablet?

You make the common mistake of assuming that your personal preferences are universal.

Last but not least - *of course* Hpalm *wants* to be more like Apple. That's why they bought Palm. That was the quickest way to get to a similar integrated, inter-connected and inter-dependent range of devices.

What market share of the smartphone market did HP have a year ago?

It's called Satire. It's what Hpalm does best, rant and rave about the sliced bread they'r selling, but not actually feeding anything to anyone. Ohh look: free flour!
If hpalm's market share went from 10% to 1.7%, what does that mean to you about their CORE product? Does that means one should branch off their core product and move forward with other items, like printers? If THAT is their/your idea of an ecosystem, go for it! (while your at it, are you going to disregard ALL other prodcut to your expensive printer ink?) Heck, why not sell Webos toasters! make the perfect toast!
"enthusiastically wonder" is all that were ever left with. Period. I "enthusiastically wonder" about my trip to the moon someday. Who cares, heck, they didn't even spend FIVE minutes talking about PC's and webos. They showed pictures of cameras, video cameras and toasters, but who cares, really, who cares. Is the appliance section of Circuit City at Hpalm now? Thank God it's not, look at Circuit City.
If your "idea" of the bar is HP's smartphone market share, "how much" market share of the smart phone market does DeLL have? in comparison with how much money they have spent? I'd rather be a DeLL stock holder.
HPalm took the time to do a -special- presentation, all by themselves. this was not worthy.
The video below tells exactly the state of the issue: were not 7-year olds, were not android update me every month. Interconnected devices is the wrong path, when your actual device doesn't even actually exist. The path is good quality hardware with features that complement the software, that's what Apple has done so well.

And Apple also does ecosystem very well. I think that is the part you are missing. Look at Windows Phone 7 this week. They were trying to showcase the Konect and Xbox 360 connectivity.

The point is to create an ecosystem of very good device that the consumer buys into. Apple has done an excellent job at this and if you think that HP doesn't have the financial might to create an interconnected phone, tablet, printer, netbook, toaster, etc I think your sorely mistaking. And I believe interconnected devices is the right path in that you never loose your content or context as you move from one device to the next. And obviously Apple thinks its a good idea too. :)

webOS smartphones might have a better chance could buy one. The marketing failure of the Edsel might just be eclipsed by HP's bumbling of a great product.

Let's get into our time-machine and travel back in time to early 2008 over half a year before the first Android phone was launches. According to your logic Google has no chance because they don't have hardware to sell. Fast forward a few months around launch time and notice that many if not most armchair analyst at the time gave Android low to no chances to enter a market already dominated by several other players and with Apple way ahead.

I don't profess to know whether webos will be a success or not - but the rampant "fail" prophesizing around here lately is very silly.

HP uses the best currently available mobile CPU - but it's old-tech already.
Nobody has used a released Pre3 or Touchpad - but the battery life is already sub-par and horrible.
Nobody has used the final Touchpad - but it's already horribly laggy.



Like you said people seem to know about a product before touching it. I remember seeing the Playbook's original demo and it definitely had some lag. Now in demos it is snappy as hell and people have it running 2 games at the same time (which doesn't make a lot of sense but a cool show of processing power). I see people on the forums hailing it as the second coming, calling out all haters. LOL

HP has just as much chance as Android and iOS did to make and impact on the market. And, with there coffers they definitely have a good chance to make it work.

I agree with your finally thought people are very Silly.

HP will win the Franchise Wars!

If only we had new hardware out to test that in the real world, not in coming months....

great new name fo next HP smartphone line..The HP-EDSEL...

I believe that's their new Tablet.

I'm tearing you a new one today. A third OS? iOS, Blackberry OS, Android OS, Windows Mobile 7, Symbian, WebOS That would be 7 and while 2.0 is better, it is still by far the most fragile as the company just went under and it lack developer support of major applications. Secondly thus far it has turned its back on original WebOS users as well which are primarily on sprint, meaning returning customers are unlikely.

Then we have the issue of a 1.4 ghz processor, when they could easily go dual core to something around 800 mhz or less or use the new standard 1 ghz dual core which is found in several devices out now/very soon. These would be faster and use less power. HP is trying to push this like it does something like no other. >2hr of battery life during typical use. Does it take x-rays? Then it isn't worth the grief and near endangerment.

If they didn't fix the missed call notification issue of speed dialing the most recent number out of a list of calls they will be hearing it. Not to mention launching profiles from user contacts. Doesn't make sense, why their add it I need you all to yell to them most recent status in their contact profile. This will create a real profile approach to contacts.

Your post is a bit confusing.OK, totally confusing, but your middle paragraph makes sense: Hpalm is pushing mediocre hardware and telling us it IS sliced bread!
I think I got your point on the last paragraph: Hpalm missed your call! heck, they missed everyone's!

Please explain how the 1.4 Ghz Pre3 CPU and the 1.2 GHz dual-core CPU of the Touchpad is "mediocre" hardware.

Hmm, oddd: "NVIDIA announces quad-core Kal-El SOC, promises it in tablets by August" . That's August, as in the Summer, the month that is within Summer. Yes, not just "mediocre", but behind! Maybe Hpalm should learn something from the past, not announce products and ship them 6-months later. FYI: screens and CPU's are not Palm's., they merely solder that thing onto the pcb. The mediocrity comes from the total lack of design of the product itself, and if i dare might mention: features such as Bluetooth 3.0, HDMI or at the minimum docking station out, SD card inputs. I think one could go on for days about the items "left on the cutting room floor" (for you apple wants to be's) by Hpalm. Ohh, your right, they have "Beats audio". wow. "beyond".

Dont' buy it...

its not going to get any better 3 phones to choose from one already way outdated another one small underpowered and yet another pre good luck is all i can say.i loved my pre on sprint but nothing new ever came so i got a Evo way happy with it now hp shows us there new stuff and this is it sorry you lost me forever ill never buy a hp product.

If HP can get some market saturation and mindshare, webOS will pick up serious traction. I don't see it happening for a year or so, but if anyone out there can do it, it's HP. I used to fight vehemently against the "walled garden" approach to hardware and software. As the smartphone landscape has evolved, I've come to the realization that that approach has some serious upsides if the manufacturer can balance the controlled environment for the typical Joe User with a respect for the homebrew community. I think HP is going to approach this the right way.

I know I'll take heat for saying this, but from a developer perspective, the utopian-device-orgy that is Android is a f*cking mess. Right now, you have handfuls of hardware OEMs hacking apart an open source OS, adding in their own custom APIs and services with varying degrees of skill. While this may sound great from a customization standpoint, the fragmentation in the market makes it a nightmare for developers. Not only will you shortly have FIVE (not counting pre-2.0 versions) vanilla versions of the OS out in the public sector (2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 and 3.0), you have OEM-specific implementation subsets of those versions as well. That, coupled with Google's flat-out refusal to put any controls on app submissions makes it an even more slippery slope. How do you develop for that? How can you guarantee 100% that your app will work on ALL current devices. It's virtually impossible. Even big software houses like EA can't get it right.. how easy will it be for a small-time developer to do it.. hell how could he/she even handle the support?!

Sorry for the long rant, but I'm really anxious to see if HP can live up to the promises. If they can, it'll be a developer's paradise. I've got my Enyo early access ready to rebuild my two apps.. just a matter of time now.

This strategy is where HP fails. Palm was a hardware company, that failed because it could not compete with OEM offering different OS.
HP is a hardware company, and remember they made PDA's as well. They just never made it to phones.
Now, if HP licensed WebOS, and each of these WebOS enabled devices could integrate with each other and of course the Touchpad...
Could you imagine how many Touchpads would be sold? I would buy one.
And if they integrated Windows and WebOS, imagine how many Palm phones or WebOS phones would be sold? And the revenue from the licensing and sales of Palm devices would give HP the opportunity to build more creative mobile devices, upgrade the WebOS operating system and more. They could even sell the WebOS software to use on Windows.
Imagine if Microsoft didn't license Windows?
Now imagine a world where every mobile device could communicate and integrate with each other like WebOS does.
Imagine an HP Touch computer running WebOS. I am not a big fan of their computers but I am sure other manufacturers would follow suit.
That would be the world I would want to be in.

They don't need to license to OEMs as long as they provide various form factors and spec levels to consumers. That, essentially, is what the various OEMs would do.

If HP would offer a high end slab, a mid range Pre 3 and then the Veer they could do well. If they threw some more form factors in there like a landscape slider it would help matters even more. Clearly they can't launch 6 phones on a network at once but they should consider diversifying their offerings rather than providing the same solution over and over.

In this article, Verizon's Tony Melon doesn't sound encouraging to customers who want the HP Pre 3. (Sigh) I miss my Treo keyboard but I guess I'll have to stick with Blackberries.

what i found interesting was he says "if they license webos".

i've always thought that was the best plan to gain market share and minimize costs of supporting and developing hardware. Regardless i don't think the "if" is going to happen though.

I also thought it was funny that even with these comments they are still releasing a windows 7 phone. But i'll forever maintain that Palm should have licensed it from the beginning and let others worry about hardware. Luckily for them at least now HP is basically a hardware company.

most of you really have no clue and ur all acting like spoiled brats not gettn wat you want. Fact is although the phones they're releasing aren't ground breaking and were havin to wait they're still good fphones and on par for wats out.... I don't thnk hps intention is to have the bigest baddest phone out there. They are focused on building an ecosystem n my opinion it will be the best out... Besides that did hpalm ever say these are the only phones were releasng cuz I don't think they did. The operating system is the selling point for hpalm because there is no one out there rigt now that can touch it on that level. If you want stellar hardware then switch by all means go and good ridance because right now all ur doing is whining and bringing negativity to the community and I'm tired of hearin it... You don't like what hpalm is doing than go get one of the other superphones with great hardware and sub par operating systems.. Frankly I won't be sad to see any of you go cuz we don't ned ya

Booo, more water cooler talk! This blatant stupidity in thinking is exactly what people hate about apple users: blind allegiance!
What Hpalm came out with last week was barely up-to-par. no phones that were inspiring, no hardware for developers for go "Wow, no i can do this with that!", no actual useful designs, same junk different box.

Man, that was the most quite phone introduction ever... it was like being in a library.

if their "ecosystem" is printing over the internet then sorry that's not as appealing as an ecosystem of streaming hd video, audio, and for some people purchasing music and tv. Nobody is clamouring for printing tech.

"I'm more optimistic with webOS developing into a strong player"

While I love webOS, we must be realistic and not dreaming like Tony Melone.
WebOS is dying year after year due to Rubenstein and HP poor management! They wouldn't even be able to sell water in the middle of a african desert in summertime! Shame on them!

Look at this video:
and cry... :-(

oh snap!

So sad. I'm that guy, with everyone else just simply pointing and saying: you didn't learn the first few times? Hilarious video!

Hopefully Sprint sees this.

Verizon is probably still a little mad at Microsoft for what happened with the Kin, so I don't find it surprising at all that Verizon isn't enthusiastic about WP7.

HP PRE 3 is an awesome phone and I am in love with the hardware. It perfectly fits everything I want in a smart phone, but that doesn't mean everyone else is going to feel the same way. They need to make different form factors that will give consumers variety in choosing a webOS device. Thats the ecosystem they should be targeting. That is why Android sells, they have variety. And soon enough Apple is going to offer variety and that will spell doom for HP. They're only chance is to now get hardware out there is different form factors before Apple does.

If you look at the picture at the top of this article...which one doesn't fit? Which phone looks like it doesn't belong? Obviously it's the Pre. If HP wanted/wants to be successful, and wants to compete with the rest of those companies, they MUST release a slab phone! When I saw the slider on 2/9/11, I almost cried!

I love webOS so much, but I DON'T WANT ANOTHER PORTRAIT SLIDER!! Just like Lobo319 said "PRE3...perfectly fits everything I want in a smart phone, but that doesn't mean everyone else is going to feel the same way." Form factors will be the key to HP's success or failure in this webOS venture. I hope that they figure that out SOON!!

Does the pre in the picture look a lot thinner then mine, or is it just an optical illusion.

I also think that HP should really considering partnering with T-mobile being that they are the only carrier without dying focus on just one operating system. At&t will always primarily focus on Iphone, Verizon wil now also become a posterboy for the Iphone and second place will be their "Droid" android phones meaning they will never even bother with a marketing effort for webOS. And Sprint seems to the one that has closed the door on webOS. That leaves Tmobile and they don't have a specific phone or OP that they support. They currently have about 34 million customers and I would assume they are loyal customers since they have not jumped ship to other carriers yet even though the other big three have more interesting phones to offer than Tmobile. Together HP and Tmobile can start a marketing effort that will establish webOS and their devices as Tmobile's posterboy.

Tmobile was the smart one out of the bunch... they stayed away and let everyone else play with Palms beta program. AT&T CEO said they will advertise heavily on Android since losing their exclusive on Iphone. Verizon CEO said he will do the opposite but they are both heavily investing in Android. Look at all the new Android phones they both getting....They're at war. The Pre is a waterboy on the Battlefield.

if HP licenses webOS? Well, that's a silly thing to say. Gonna tell apple that? Or RIM?

I love reading non-stop QQing post, please everyone continue coming to PreCentral to complain and type fail repeatedly. It's so much fun to read.

in the coming months...

Oh yeah, and fail. Happy?

wish HP would license to HTC or Motorola or some third party on smartphones. WebOS needs a bigger footprint and push IMHO.

Maybe Palm would have been better off if HTC would have purchase it?!

We might of have at least 3 webOS phones now!

wow crybabies, if you don't like it don't buy it.. get htc phones and put ur money in htc. korea loves your dollarski.
i am looking forward to the pre3, and now just hang in there. if you buy some other hardware as a webos lover, you will regret it. i lost my pre+, then i bought a mototrash defy - didn't like motocheese ui and motoblur. sold it 3 weeks later, tought i save some bucks and bought a nokia, 1 week later sold that f*cker. got a pixi for a few bucks from a friend. the hardware is old, its slow... but man i'm happy again. screw u ios, andropee and whatever os out there.. webos here to stay!
now grow up and stop crying u babies!!