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Verizon Finally Advertising Pre Plus your Mom 150

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 01 Feb 2010 1:41 pm EST

Verizon is finally advertising the Palm Pre Plus. This time around Palm and Verizon decided that rather than give you the creeps directly, they'll give you the creeps by scaring you with visions of the past.

We like the target market here, but, well, "The 3G smartphone smart enough for mom" is completely true, accurate, but perhaps a little too Swing of the pendulum, we guess: instead of a vague, hazy brand message we get "buy this for your mom." Roger that, will do, and she'll like it. She may not like the stereotype, though, even if it is presented just to be shoved aside by the Pre Plus.

Women (and especially moms): What do you think?

One more commercial after the break, thanks to windzilla for the tip!



Wow, I guess if they feel it will work and sell phones and they do sell phones then I am in.

Verizon goes all out w/ their "Droid Does" ads, and the best thing they could think of for the Pre Plus is "Best phone for Mom"?

Yes, because Mom also deserves a great phone!

It is great to see Verizon advertising the Palm Pre to women. My wife has a Palm Pre phone and she is mostly text messaging with it, but she loves the fact that her phone can do so much more. I on the other hand am everywhere on the phone, Internet, music, photos, etc.


Absolutely horrible. I think Palm is cursed with bad marketing.

Good point, the droid was advertised towards males. My friends always give me sh!t for having a small keyboard, I could see why Verizon would target it towards women.

LOL, and it fits neatly in your purse and goes with your onyx necklace!

If the Pre sells as a chick phone perhaps it will generate enough sales to fund development of a Preo for professionals and heavy duty users.

You're not the target of these ads. The Droid was marketed as hyper masculine/adolescent with robots and bombs and stuff like that. Their marketing guys probably figured that with the compact keyboard and soft curves this would appeal to women and that this might be a good first push as women are all picking up smart phones these days just like the guys.

Like it or not, I've had a ton of guys say they think the phone looks "girly" with the rounded edges, small keys, and mirror. I think that's kind of a silly and shallow assessment but at some level, most people are swayed by that stuff more than they realize.

wow indeed... did they just compare moms with technology to cavemen with car insurance???

Better than the creepy palm girl!

Agree, I prefer vacuuous to vacant. Thumbs up.

Imagine if Palm hadn't kneecapped themselves with those stupid, STUPID, Creepy Girl "Bing! Bing! Bing! It reads my mind!" ads and just showed off all the cool features WebOS brought to the party? Morons! These waste too much time on the setup, but at least punch out something substantive at the end. You get a feel for what the phone can do. What did a thousand Shaolin dancers tell us about the phone? Idiots!

...Ohhhhhhhk, at least better than the old ad's. Looks good, better than nothing.

haha I kinda like it. It could of showed more multitasking but it's cool

Wow, now there (the box of candy) is an ad I can relate to. It gives the product life. Little sad they pigeon hole it into a "gift for mom" mode, but hopefully the message gets out without staining Pre as an "old chick" phone.

Actually, this is a great Ad. Guys don't think like gals. Remember, the phone has that nice mirror on the back :)

I thought the mirror was for Stimpy to chase his nose goblins ...

Great, I own a chick phone.


I guess now i need to sell my truck and get ... what a VW Beetle?

I drive a VW Beetle and am a guy, what are you saying?? ;-)

1971 VW SuperBug was my first car, lov that car.

Beetle convertible with assertive bumper stickers.

It is one of the reasons I got this phone, my wife has access to my personal google calendar to add events I need to know about. She ads them on her Pre, I see them on mine. Then as the kids all get their own, same situation. And there is a family calendar, if there is a family event, Christmas at my brother's house, she or I add it and we all get it on our calendar.

I think it is a great advertisement.

I agree. Playing on the strengths of the platform ... what could be better?

Palm Pre Plus? Yea, your MOM has a Palm Pre Plus!

there it is, I was waiting for that. ;)

Moms?! What the heck?! Lol, I never would have taken stereotypical "moms" as a key demographic for these phones.

They're probably trying to market it without taking away from the Droid or Blackberry. With the right marketing this phone could really take off.

Indeed, the softer side of smartphones, the anti-droid.

yeah, I agree (said basically the same thing below, but with many more words, hehe).

There's a lot to be said for the "ease of use" factor in WebOS. I thought my techno-phobe wife would prefer a Blackberry when we re-phoned back in August. But she took one look at the touchscreen and gestures on the Pre and said "I want one too". And she was right ... way more intuitive than a Blackberry, and I think easier than an iPhone (and certainly easier than Android).

Re-phoned... Cool new verb. +1


Brilliant!!!! Get the females on board!!! They will buy anything!!!THe trickle down affect will take hold and everyone will know how good this phone is!!! Brilliant....I jsut wished they showed webos a lot more! Like a mom listening to music then writing an email, sending a text to her son when to be home for dinner and then downloading 3 aps bc her girlfriend recommended them.

Palm Pre - The Ultimate Cougar Phone! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!


Hey, don't laugh...I am a cougar and I love this phone. Mind you, I'm also a neophyte techie and somewhat of a geek, but still... And I don't look anything like those moms.

hhmm... then u sound really interesting, like someone i'd be interested to know
maybe in another forum tho ;)


wow these were stupid, they made blood shoot out of my eyes!! didnt even show it multi-tasking....lame

I'll deal with these commercials because its the holiday season and people may be thinking about what to buy mom/sis/gf/wife as a gift, and a new Pre Plus wouldn't hurt.

As a webOS advocate, I'd like to see these phones BOOM on Big Red, and after the 15th, they need to aim at publishing more gender-neutral ads, but thats just me.

I dont wanna chick/mom phone! But it still rocks the socks off everything else. ;)

We're a long way from mother's day. This is a direct campaign at women, for women...

I actually think this is pretty smart. Since the Droid was so Hyper-Targeted at males 18-49 or so, it would be hard to make a focused campaign at any demographic other than mom's for the Pre, in my view (it would overlap with Droid and they would cause confusion in the customers -- this way they can funnel dudes one way and ladies another). And honestly, targeted advertising is way better than vague advertising (which is why I prefer it to Palm's ads). That said, I prefer Sprint's Pre ads to this by a large margin.

And what are you guys talking about with multi-tasking? They didn't say "here's how you multitask!" but the entire second half of both commercials shows all the running tasks in the Card view -- which is such a self-explanatory and powerful paradigm for multi-tasking, I don't think that they need to say anything for it to be clear.

So they're positioning the Pre as the minivan of smart phones... WTF? THERE ARE TONS OF OTHER FEATURES THAT THEY DON'T EVEN BOTHER MENTIONING!

I mean seriously, the lowest common denominator prospective smart phone user (read most, not all but most, people who would want an iPhone) is gonna look at this and be turned off by the "Mom Appeal" of the device, and probably go for a droid (if on verizon). It's the "minivan effect": no one really wants one, they just buy it out of necessity.


but at least they've started advertising it... sure took 'em long enough.

i agree verizon dropped the ball on this one.... minivan of cell phones that great man....

posted on the forums but applies here.

:lol If they are half as successful as the wii with the casual market, Palm should be selling a ton of phones. Brilliant business strategy by VZW as moms were never the target for smartphones before and have a lot of disposable income. And really, it's suicide for Palm to compete in any demographic the iphone already has a lock on and VZW isn't directly competing with the Droid by doing this.

So we have the mom phone. Time to bail. j/k At least I don't have the sheep phone (the phone that everyone else has). Bahh.

But yeah, hopefully they advertise to more than moms later. Like with 3d games as someone else said.

There are a lot of features on the Pre to show off. If you recall the droid only showed off web surfing and youtube. The Pre is showing off its awesome calendar abilities, and it did show card view at the end.

The big goal should get people in the VZW store and try the phone. Sales rep can mention other things.

This is a good starting place, and it definitely shows the phone as cool and stylish, which will help the pre in the long run!

cool now the wife wants one she is a mom. she will get mine when sprint puts out the next web os phone pre 2 or whatever its called

I find it ironic that the stickynote cork board they are mocking in the first video is practically identical to the memo app that comes with the phone...

i don't think that was accidental

Agreed, now you don't have to leave your board of
Post-it notes in the kitchen or minivan. Now you can review and update them while you wait in line to write that $1.99 check for sour cream!

Thanks Ruby!!

Anyone notice the Slacker screen shot at the end of the second commercial?
I'm using it now, great stuff.

Hey Verizon! EFFF YOU!! I like my Pre and I am not a mom.

1+.... fuckin clown shoes

I think that for the next round of commercials (which i really hope they do) they start showing off 3d games and other stuff android doesnt do as well

They should have said "Smart enough to keep up with life" with the same ads. Then they could have expanded after valentines or whenever the market was right. They are great ads but I don't know why they crippled their scope at this point.

It's all about targeting. Targeting a specific market to own and growing from there is a much, much better approach than trying to buckshot advertise.

I think it's a great ad. Funny first and also features the phone pretty well for the duration.

Verizon has chosen the target for their ad campaign. It's not exactly subtle. And, its usually not wise to send mixed messages in your ad campaign. It's about the moms from here on out. Word to your mother!

cuz moms love to play Need for Speed and Assasin's Creed...
I understand valentine's day and mom's day not too far either but at some point they should sell this to the ppl who really are going to take advatage of it, and like other ppl say here.. Who wants to have "mom's" phone?..

Who wants to have "mom's" phone?..

ummm... mom does?

Seriously though... This is a Valentine's day ad, and it does not talk down to regular moms. It makes fun of fluffy moms, and is meant as a "power mom" ad.

Marketing people look for an under represented segment and focus on it. They don't see any smartphones being marketed to "power moms", so they go for it. I bet Verizon and Palm make mint off this campaign.

Eventually, WebOS will be ubiquitous, like PalmOS was years ago, and they can start to mass market again to folks that can use the power of WebOS.

what time of the day are these playing? i hope its during the day and not at night when they is making dinner like the good lil moms they are.....god these ads suck

Doesn't that sound like Demi Moore doing the voice over?

Hm was that Demi Moore? I am not offended by the commercial but I didn't like the "mom" part either. They could have skipped that line. A better way of advertising to moms would be to throw in a real world scenario like a mom of two juggling her kids sports and ballet classes and maybe a parent-teacher meeting, a date with her husband and a local event and showing it all synced to the phone's calendar. The eighties hair and outfit were tacky and just kind of lame. This was more like "so easy your grandma can do it".

lol yea that eighties hair wtf, exactly what i was thinking.

oh well, its going to keep the pot stirred :)

I can understand marketing a phone to women. Although I was predisposed to buy a Pre after a long line of Treos, I can see how the Pre would be attractive to multitasking women who (like me) find Bbs dull. But moms/candy-loving wives? And I'm not even sure this is targeting moms/wives. Isn't the target audience for this ad husbands who are going to buy phones for their wives?

As a mom and a lawyer, I find the emphasis on "mom" as opposed to "busy woman" off-putting. And what about single or childless women? I would prefer to see an ad campaign that marketed the phone to women directly based on its features. Many of us already have employer-assigned Bbs; we have money and buy our own electronics. Given a very good reason to check out a Pre (or Pre Plus), we'll try it out.

This ad isn't creepy, but nonetheless it's odd.

You are a professional and most likely a techie. If you noticed, the Ads capture a 1950's look so people get the idea that it is not entirely descriptive of the modern woman. But I don't think we can typecast women, that is why (I think) the Ad shows the retro Woman. As a male, when I saw the Ad, I thought it was cute and simply a dramatization.

The first Ad shows the lady speaking about a family calendar: piano lesson, pot roast, grocery, and girl

Hm was that Demi Moore? I am not offended by the commercial but I didn't like the "mom" part either. They could have skipped that line. A better way of advertising to moms would be to throw in a real world scenario like a mom of two juggling her kids sports and ballet classes and maybe a parent-teacher meeting, a date with her husband and a local event and showing it all synced to the phone's calendar. The eighties hair and outfit were tacky and just kind of lame. This was more like "so easy your grandma can do it".

when the second ad made the BING noise for an sms message, i thought it was my phone.

Where the hell is the Pixi?

Personally,if I were picking a phone for "Mom" the Pixi would be it. Candybar, powerful and durable enough to withstand the bottom of my mom's handbag.

personally, I think they are marketing the wrong WebOS device.

I so agree! pixi doesnt do stuff moms are not interested in e.g. 3D games plus lets face it, Pixi sounds like a woman's phone (mom)
I'd say save the Pre ads for people who are really gonna get the most out of it. Anyways I'd have fired all the palm marketing dept since the creepy girl dissaster.

OMG! - I did too until I read your post!

Honestly Palm needs to fire its marketing people. I haven't seen a decent commercial with the Palm Pre.

This is Fraken ridiculous! Someone seriouly needs to FIRE THE ADVERTISERS FOR PALM and VERIZON. Seriously...I have a Sociology Degree and I know that the advertising is absolutely awful! Unbelievable...

Seriously....GET A CLUE!

totally agree

totally agree

totally disagree. If you were actually a sociologist you'd know that tampering with the test subjects will alter your results.

I am putting in an application for advertising / marketing / PR tomorrow...

this is just utterly horrible...

What about the Pixi +? A phone for your little sister?

First the creepy girl and now this, Palm cant catch a break.

Just take off the gloves and go right after the iPhone. Can do anything the iPhone can do but its easier and it multitasks.

@miles4000: agree!iphone and ipad backlashed with no MT.This is the time palm should go for the KILL,multitasking!instead went for a gentle mom's ad.Like go hunting lions with a BB gun.

Great now I'm going to have to spend hours on the phone trying to explain to my mom how to use her phone. She has enough trouble with her dumb phone. Not every mom needs a smart phone.

@freeridstylee: what you're saying, you need a smart mom instead? lol' oh! such smart son.

Hm was that Demi Moore? I am not offended by the commercial but I didn't like the "mom" part either. They could have skipped that line. A better way of advertising to moms would be to throw in a real world scenario like a mom of two juggling her kids sports and ballet classes and maybe a parent-teacher meeting, a date with her husband and a local event and showing it all synced to the phone's calendar. The eighties hair and outfit were tacky and just kind of lame. This was more like "so easy your grandma can do it".

I too hate the Demographics that Verizon is targeting! But with that said, I hope it gets phones sold...just makes it hard for guys to go for now that "Mom" is the only person that should get this phone. Weird huh?

I guess because of Valentine's day this may get many phones sold to females, but that is only half the population. I know I am trying to get these phones in the hands of as many people I know so that Palm will be successful, but Palm needs to do some research and do better advertising!!

Believe it or not guys women love these phones, i read an article that said women like the palm pre alot and alot of them were sold to women.

But it doesn't really matter what the commercials say, as long as people know there is a phone called the palm pre on verizon lol.

Then they can go and see it for themselves at the store and both guys and women will buy it, the commercials aren't that bad they show the phones greatest feature which is multitasking.

Also to add while the people are going to the store to pick one of these up for their wives or moms, they will see how awesome the phone is and pick one up for themselves in the process.

The whole point is to get people in the door, then the phone sells itself, and in a little while word of mouth will take over.

Palm has made an innovative product, better then the iphone - the lack of apps which is beening taken care of.

I mean this is the work of Rubinstein however you spell his name, he came up with the ipod, which if you look at apples numbers the most thing apple sells is ipods.

So Palm will keep gaining traction and in my opinion if they play their cards right, dominate the handheld market again.

Unless apple comes up with multitasking and doesn't continue it's love affair with ATT lol

The one has a calendar with March 2010 on it, I would assume its for mothers day. The other one is obviously for valentines day.

Haha, oh man...

I mean, oh mom...

Reminds me somewhat of the old Secret Deodorant commercials that had the tagline:
"Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman"

For the record -- I actually use Secret and own a Palm Pre.

So may be they are on to something here.

I remember those ads. I, too, use Secret and own a could be right. :D

I think there a bit dumb. They still don't show much of the phone. And why would this be for Mothers. I think this phone is for women, men, teens, geeks, everyone. It is a great phone and getting better. Seems they are really closing the market to a small demographic.

thats verizon for ya, tunnel vision... the big red knows best...not!!!

Geesh I just watched those two commercials (via Pre) and I felt like I was watching 1960's commercials. Was that their intent? Easy enough that your mom can figure it out? I don't know if that's even a true statement. Yes, this device does keep everything in life synced and easily flowing...but you gotta learn how to use it first. I got my phone last June and I'm still finding new things about it via YouTube, PreCentral, and WebInternals =) Go Palm and WebOS!!!

Sorry but thats rubbish. Its far far to focused on the one group that will alienate all others. I'm a 20 year old male and I love this phone, yet these ads say that this phone is actually for mothers, which annoys me because its also good for students, people with lives, etc... Yet they focus on one of the stereotypes that will alienate the most people. Good job big red...


When Nintendo came out with the Wii, they showed Ads of old people using it. And guess what, their Ads did not alienate me or millions of people from buying the product. People are intelligent, they don't have a problem seeing their moms in ads, especially if the ads are fun. A stereotype only occurs if a product is predominantly shown in one way. That has not happened with the Palm Pre and I don't see it happening now. This phone is just too cool for only young people to enjoy it.

@ freeridstylee: I think what Palm trying to say is if Mom could use it anybody could.Just like iphone says that even a caveman can use an iphone.Maybe?

I think those ads are quite clever. Playing nicely with old clich

omg i can get a phone every 12 months if i want... and when i do i go for the best.. i doubt that many moms are into the best smartphones.....

Omg wtf is this? Is the pre really a phone aimed at mums? No its not, i think id rather have the freakish women comercials again!

I think those ads are quite clever. Playing nicely with old clich

I find these hilarious because of all the manly-men who had a fit about how girlie the name Pixi was and they would never get one. Now those manly-men are stuck using their Mommy's phone. lol.

Come on guys. You're forgetting one class of moms that will appeal to you: MILFs! Over time, they will probably start evolving the ads, showing some MILFs to sell the Pre to guys. That's when sales will skyrocket.


yum,yum! be gentle.....

Get ready for people to start asking you, "Is that your mom's phone" when you pull it out

What did you say about my Mom?


Ok, now we see Verizon doesn't want the Pre cannibalizing Droid sales. We KNOW AT&T doesn't want it cannibalizing iPhone sales, which means that if they ever get it it will be targeted toward toothless quadrapalegics. Sprint doesn't have any sales to speak of, ad TMobile doesn't have any coverage to speak of.

What's left?

honestly this is a much better commercial then any of the others.

It's catches you off guard.
most of all it shows off the Pre's features.
I get it unlike any other Palm ad.

I agree with that. It's actually the contrast in tone between the first and second half of the commercial that catches you and makes the commercial stick in your mind. Very clever.

The next Verizon Droid called "The Devour" so I think they are definitely drawing the line with their marketing. They have their manly phones and their mommy phones.

and i thought the sprint pre commercials were bad.. jesus christ palm

How about freaking anybody market this to a guy? I understand that no one really markets cell phones to women so they're going after that demographic. But something like half of all humans are men. That's got to mean something, right? Sprint marketed to women with their creepy girl ads. Now Verizon with their mom ads. I guess the Pixi on Sprint was sort of ambiguous, but it's a Pixi.

Now I just hope they do a "dad" version come Father's Day to balance out the obvious gender target with these 2.

they should have put pixi+ in these first line of commercials...n keep the pre+ towards a neutral target..showing pre+ running 3D games...and other eye catching and great looking apps.

After watching the "can your phone and network do that?" commercial from apple I think Palm should have made a similar commercial receiving a call while playing a 3D game checking a txt msg to confirm something during the call hang up the call and return to the 3D game (which was paused while doing all this) right where it was b4 the call and then ask them if they can do that! with a cool but simple look.

First off, the whole notion that moms are the only ones that do the scheduling in families is antiquated, just as the presentation this commercial they are trying to mock. Secondly, maybe it's just me, but this thing is so short, and you see so little of the Pre, that I think it's hard for those who aren't very tech savvy to pick up on what they are saying. Synergy is one of if not the big reasons I got the Pre initially, yet this doesn't do any justice to explaining its power. I understand wanting to grab some attention by being funny, but still. I guess they are counting on people seeing this a bazillion times so that it entrigues them enough to wonder, hmmm, what's that all about?

I also think it's perfectly fine to be marketing the phone in this way, as long as they ALSO market it in others. The big problem in my opinion with marketing in general is that it often is supposed to target a specific demographic, whereas most products appeal to multiple demographics and only trying to speak to one is a good way of shooting yourself in the foot. Carriers of course have it worse because they are trying to sell lots of phones with lots of overlap in terms of demographic potential, and who knows what kind of strange deals they make with the various manufacturers to sell or promote one phone over others. It's inherently a screwed up situation. There's the whole issue of how prominent displays are in stores. I don't know about cell phones, but with bookstores I recall a friend who worked at a publisher told me once you have to pay the big booksellers to get your book prominently displayed in one of those tables of new books near the front of the store. I can imagine there are similar deals with carriers.

I listened to the tag line in the video and it says, "The smartphone that's SMART ENOUGH TO KEEP UP WITH MOM". Meaning MOMS ROCK, THEY ARE SMART, THEY MULTI-TASK and finally A PHONE CAN KEEP UP. The print tag line doesn't infer the same feeling.

I like the ad; It's smart, if you're listening. So, dudes, don't tune out the voice just because it's female (like you're wired to do).

Verizon has a good ad that I hope will bring more women into the Palm smartphone fold. Perhaps if Verizon matched the print tag line with the commercial tag line, the guys wouldn't be making fun of it.

I think we all forget that the "creepy" lady ads were from PALM not a carrier. Palm hasn't come out with any commercials for the Pre Plus yet, have they? I rather enjoy the Sprint ads for its network that feature the Pre and have uptempo music to assist in making me look to see what's being advertised.

I also like the HTC Hero commercial too.... So much, I bought the song.

If the Pre is a "mom phone," how come the Pixi has all the cute accessories? I want a wool phone pouch!!!

@MaggieScratch: you got Palm there!

Well,the reason Verizon is targeting women,or,because,it could go the the following link. (37signals are nice guys and I really admire them. I love backpackit):

Read their comment on a post by someone who actually talk nice about the ipad for not having a "full" OS in a tablet (I kind of agree, Id love to see a webOS tablet).

Check this phrase extracted from there:

"Men don

advertising the calendar gives people the "I need it" feeling instead of the "I want it" feeling that only leads to buyers remorse. Smart. Also, if video recording is coming in a month, wait till then to advertise the "cool" features and it turns out to be this big hidden gem.

advertising the calendar gives people the "I need it" feeling instead of the "I want it" feeling that only leads to buyers remorse. Smart. Also, if video recording is coming in a month, wait till then to advertise the "cool" features and it turns out to be this big hidden gem.

advertising the calendar gives people the "I need it" feeling instead of the "I want it" feeling that only leads to buyers remorse. Smart. Also, if video recording is coming in a month, wait till then to advertise the "cool" features and it turns out to be this big hidden gem.

Word to your Moms.

And to the fact that the pre shits on the droid

My masculinity is very threatened. The only way this gets better is if VZ follows up with a commercial for Dads/Men on why THEY need a Pre. That could actually get pretty funny. Or even a Dad who admits to being threatened by the Mom ads. But I doubt they will spend the $ or be that clever, based on what we've seen so far. I will have to get comfortable with my inner mom, I guess.

Ummm, MOBILE HOT SPOT, how about showing that off, real world scenario, play a 3D game, minimize card to send a text, etc.

you are welcome Verizon, now implement it in an ad!

It's better then nothing. But come one Verizon, you guys thought of "Droid Does," which, in my opinion, was one of the best (if not the best) marketing campaigns last year. Come on, you can do better then this. Mobile Hotspot? Multitasking? Email? Gestures? Keyboard? Apps?

Maybe this is why I scoffed at the Droid commercials - targeting a phone at geeks is easy. They're easily swayed by what others consider to be "edgy" and "raw" when that's just industry shorthand for "beta tester".

Now if you can get a mother to buy a phone for its features and how it makes their lives simpler? That's a really smart phone.

Right on, cause that is the true test.

So many complaints. If Verizon had not done anything there would have been complaints. If they had done a droid-like complaints, people would have still complained about the they used F14s instead of F22s and so on.

A lot of people here just like to complaint. If your manhood is based on people's perception of your phone, then go get a Droid and let go of the Pre as it is too small.

These ads are great and I really don't care that my mom has the same phone I have.

The point of the message is go get your mom, your wives and sisters a Palm Pre.

I like the ads.

I think the ads are decent, much better than the creepy lady ads anyway, which isn't saying much I guess. However, they really need to vary their target audience. So instead of just going with the mom theme with every ad, they could do one for each member of the family, the dad, the mom, the hot daughter and the bad boy son.

First of all I like creepy. Those commercials could have been very cool.

Valentines is coming up; I guess if your mom or wife is into smart phones this could be a good gift. The problem with this commercial is I think of 50 year old moms and I do not know why. I am sure the commercial is targeting 25-40.

I think I would have targeted some of the features that the pre has and the iphone doesn't. I don't understand why they are not capitalizing on the name PRE. Something like Pre-fered becuase the Pre is, Pre-formance, Pre-tastic, Pre-fection. Pre-sistance is futile. OK maybe the last one was over the top.
It has a tone of integration so why not have it morph into your life style. I would love to see a rigged iphone morph into a flexible Pre.

That could backfire. The competition could come up with plenty of words that are negative and begin with Pre to counter. Pre-mature, Pre-mitive, etc.

Great now my mom wants one now and says that my pre is cute, I wonder if i should show her Assassins creed and see if she feels the same way lol


... Unbelievable. Well at least its better then Sprints Pre commercials.

I really hope these mom commercials end after valentines Day, and Verison dishes out some better ones for 18-24yr old men. Just the right age group that has purchased the original PRe

my mom has had her pre for a couple months now, and loves it.
although she brings it to me to do the patching and homebrew.


Great. I have kids. But I'm not a "MOM". I don't wear high waisted jeans and sweat-shirts with airbrushed pictures of my kids on them. Damnit. Now I feel all awkward with my Pre.

Horrible marketing, imo. No one wants to be pigeon holed like that!

The ads should have shown a classic mom and then a new hip mom as contrast who needs a Pre. I'm ok with this as long as a more gender neutral or guy oriented ad comes down the line. People may not consciously remember ad but at least Pre may trigger some brain cells.


Still creepy, just not AS creepy.

hmm i was jealous of the pre plus... at least i know sprint has a better ad for the pre :p

Here is what they should do next for a commerical.

Show mom in the Family Van, with 4 kids in it, they are stuck in traffic and they need to do there home work. Mom pulls out the Palm Pre Plus and turns on the Mobile hot spot and all 4 kids pull out there laptops or netbooks and start doing there homework using the Wifi hot spot on the Palm Pre Plus, or the 3 P's.

While she is waiting for one kid at the soccer pratice in a parking lot, she is busy doing a text to her husband and then entering a New item in her calendar and the picture goes back to dads Palm Pre Plus and he sees that he has a Date Night next Saturday that the wife just put in and also the piano lesson that is on the same day.

While she is doing that she answers the phone and start talking to her friend. Then she updates her Facebook account when she is done then gets an e-mail from her child and checks his work using Word.

Nice little comerrical showing the powers of the Palm Pre Plus.

I dunno . . . I just watched the ads. Obviously a huge improvement on the ads of last year.

Still, I think that making "moms" your target audience is a risky proposition because kids, esp teenagers, want to differentiate themselves from their parents. Maybe Palm should go balls-out and target grandparents next. After all, that demographic is least likely to be saturated with smartphones. The advertisements could be a play on the movie Cocoon. But seriously, I don't think that Palm should be establishing the Pre as the "mom" smartphone. I doubt that women, moms included, like the idea of being grouped together that way. Attributing the phone so powerfully to one demographic will alienate every other demographic.

The Pre's form factor, in my opinion, always was a good looking alternative to the aesthetically staid iPhone. I think Palm should have emphasized the sex appeal. Maybe depict an outside scene where everything, cars, buildings, have boring rectangular shapes -- and then introduce the Pre into the narrative to emphasize its looks, and its equally good looking, fluid operating system.

I've read several recent stories about GPS problems on the Pre Plus. A review in The San Jose Mercury News noted that the Pre Plus is buggy, that it is sometimes slow to respond to gestures or ignores them altogether.

I'm starting to think that, unless the Pre catches on in foreign markets, the future doesn't look too bright for the Pre. And I say that as a fan who was looking forward to buying it as soon as my current contract on another carrier expired.

Targeting mothers was a very good approach by both Palm and Verizon. Where can you find a phone or a smart phone that can get your mom's approval in buying? Or best your mother buys one for you. In buying phones as what I experienced, my mom is always the one who opposes to it. I want to buy IPhones, mom says no! its not a phone but its a toy. Now try showing your mom the ad and you don't need to ask her for one. She will automatically say "you know what, lets get some for the entire family so that we will be connected everytime!" Imagine if palm and verizon adds the 3D gaming feature in the ad... Would mom buy it? I guess not! For now lets keep the 3D gaming capability to ourselves and let mom know what we want her to know! hahahha.. pEace to all moms in the forum.

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