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Verizon looking to release a $99 unlimited plan 178

by Robert Werlinger Wed, 18 Aug 2010 4:24 pm EDT

A good number of the PreCentral readership are Sprint subscribers, and for good reason: the company offers a $99 unlimited calling/texting/data plan that's the cheapest of the big three wireless carriers in the US and lets you upgrade to new phone hardware yearly.  According to research firm Current Analysis, Verizon is looking to introduce an offering matching  its CDMA competitor and is currently testing a $99 unlimited plan in select markets. Folks have long complained about Verizon's pricing and have used it as a factor in their decision in staying with Sprint. Now that the pricing hurdle may be removed, how many of you just might switch to the Big Red?

Source: Engadget; thanks to everyone who sent this in!


If verizon's pricing for our usage was the same or less than Sprint, I would be highly motivated to switch.

Here is the thing with this that is not being said. Most Sprint smartphone users don't have the $99 plan, they have the $69 plan, which gives you unlimited mobile to mobile so you basically have unlimited minutes anyway.
Still though, if Verizon does offer this plan to all it's customers then Sprint might have to cut their Simply Everything plan down by $10. That, in my opinion, would be Sprint's answer to this.

This also doesn't speak to the "Flick 3" (free unlimited calling to 3 landline numbers), yearly upgrade, unlimited free roaming, and UNLIMITED DATA USAGE (outside of gross cases of abuse).

There are other things besides the price.

And yes, I too am one of the $65 plan subscribers and I have not once gone over my monthly limit. ... and I talk A LOT.

Even if Verizon does this, Sprint is still the better deal.

deafinoneear, can you give more details or a link for this "Flick 3"? I'm not taking advantage of this, but it sounds amazing.

I'm sorry, I said that wrong. It's apparently called "Pick 3" and it's an instrument of retentions. I remember calling a while ago about a billing snafu and when I resigned my contract they gave that to me, plus another 2 numbers. I thought it was already part of the contract.

Good luck with that.

Are you referring to "Sprint to Home"? Because it looks like that service costs $5 per month per cell phone that's taking advantage of Sprint to Home.

I don't know why Verizon doesn't advertise it more publicly, but they DO have annual upgrades for pricey enough plans, just like Sprint does. And the Verizon version is applicable after only 10 months. Additionally, I believe it is the case that ANY plan can be given upgrade status after one year for a $20 fee. You have to sign another two-year contract, but there's nothing to stop you from getting a new phone every year at the cost of upgrade pricing plus $20.

Why do you all keep acting like Sprint is the only carrier that upgrades yearly? Verizon does this to AND you dont have to be a premier customer. Every 12 months you can renew your contract and get a new phone for the 2 year contract price.

haha, it takes nothing to be a Premier customer at Sprint... Everyone is a Premier customer! I've been one for so long now and I only just made my first year in July. There's nothing to qualify for or whatever, just so you know. Sprint practically gives things away. I love it, never a problem, never a tear in the wallet. A solid $67 a month to do absolutely everything I want without counting.

It does take something to be a Sprint Premier customer. In fact, it takes exactly the same minimum monthly plan price that Verizon does to grant your annual upgrades.

+1. I had the $69 plan then moved the Family Plan, with 3 lines. How much is that @ Verizon?

Yeah, the 99 is the 'old special'. The new value is the 70 with any mobile any time, which make 99 pretty pricey, and sounds just right for VZ and frankly, it's about time they lowered the idiot tax. Any most of my gang is paying about 55 for the 70 plan so until Sprint comes up short on performance, I'll let the others have the ATT/VZ pricing and the pride of paying more while getting less.

I'd look at Sprint to counter with free sanctioned tethering, free premium Sprint TV channels and maybe even cheaper data plans. Sprint will always stay one stwp ahead because they have to, to remain relevant.

Verizon already has free tethering (up to 5 GB/month) on Palm devices through Mobile Hotspot.

I try not to limit my focus to single, unpopular device. Lets not confuse a promotion with policy. Its complicated enough watching people rack up a $159 bill "matching" Sprints $70 all data plan.

Wonder if the $99 "special" will include navigation and Vcast.

Well, to be fair, it's currently limited to two unpopular devices :) That said, I'm looking forward to (hopefully) grandfathering in my free Mobile Hotspot when I get my Palm Roadrunner at upgrade pricing after the first 10 months of my one-year contract are finished in December. Or at least that's what I hope will happen!

My family had a sweet deal going with Sprint until we realized that cell phones could actually...gasp...make uninterrupted and reliable CALLS in any of the places we frequent if they were to operate on Verizon's network instead. Unfortunately there is no one-size-fits-all cell network, and Sprint just doesn't cut it in NH, VT, ME, or central PA. Fortunately for my family our Verizon bill comes to only $5 more than it would on Sprint (before my school's discount kicks in) because we don't need or want a lot of the features that Sprint includes in their base pricing. So you might say that we are paying more for less, but once you factor in that our phones actually get reception now and the fact that we don't need unlimited messaging or Sprint Navigation (let's hear it for TomTom!), the choice becomes clear.

Geopgraphy is a valid reason to pick pick a different carrier. Sprint wasn't my first choice four years ago in Southern New England, but they're the only ones that survived the trial period by finding a tower from the house and in a commercial park where my wife works. We have the opposite problem, where we are, VZ struggles terribly if they're not LOS with a tower. Sprint for us has been rock solid, running circles around ATT for quality and continuity of signal.

And sorry, I consider the Pre and Pixi synonomous at VZ where they offered the free hot spot because they wanted out of the Palm game, not because they're really nice guys.

Thank goodness for choice, eh? At least we can both find a carrier with solid coverage in our respective areas. Without that, pricing and features are irrelevant.

you need the ROAM ONLY patch!

Thanks, but I enjoy my 3G data, too!

You should probably limit your focus to the unpopular device considering you are on PRECENTRAL... and the pixi can do it too so its two devices...

So, VZ will be charging less to break GPS and hold back Palm updates? (Cheers!!) Take a bow Big Red! Your loyal contractees appreciate the "premium care."

Finally, things are going in the right direction for th VZ users! Now their best rate will only be 45 more than my current rate.

Sprint's cheap because there's no other way to attract and/or retain customers. I don't know how much has changed in two years, but in September of 2008 both their reception and their customer service was lousy, and they were bleeding customers at an ungodly rate. I'm sure the advantageous pricing has stopped the blood-letting, but if their service still stinks who cares? Sometimes you have to pay more to get more.

Sprint lets you roam (on Verizon) for free, has Any Mobile, upgrades every year... Why would you switch? You already have Verizon's network included! Also, there are other perks you'd be losing that you don't realize.

Sprint users can roam on Verizon's voice network, but data roaming is stuck at 1xRTT 2G speeds.

Verizon also has upgrades every year, but they don't seem to advertise it very well.

That's not true. I use to roam on Verizon's network all the time while I was back home in Georgia and I had 3g data.

Sorry, I did leave out one detail. Sprint does get 3G data roaming in areas where Verizon has acquired Alltel towers. However, those areas are the only places where that is true. Elsewhere the roaming agreement extends only to 1x data speeds.

Sprint has been bleeding customers for the last two years but has finally turned that around this last quarter by gaining more than 100,000 customers. As far as customer service goes, they have turned that around as well. Sprint actually got an award for being the most improved corporate company in America for the last two years.

Sprint's customer service has improved by leaps and bounds since 08 (it took them a while to recover from the Nextel merger). They're customer service has been rated #1 in a few surveys I've seen since then.

Like any other network, there are areas where their reception is great and areas where it's not so good. Here in Colorado there are areas where the only network with reception is Sprint or, even stranger, T-Mobile. VZW and ATT users are SOL.

Even in it's darkest days of CS, you could throw a blanket over all four carriers in the substandard service pool. Sprint had a grade of 62, VZ was like 64 or 65. So VZ was allowed to ride the front row of the short bus for a while. That has changed. 'Our failing grade is higher than their failing grade' makes a lousy ad slogan. Hope VZ keeps pace in the coming year.

meh. I'd want a new phone every year.

Verizon does this, too, they just don't seem to tell anybody about it.

And you hit on a key point. People are paying through the nose to be with VZ, and you pretty much have to quit to get this secret early upgrade. At Sprint, they list its as a perk of their service, all while being the value leader. DD, you really clarified the difference between the two programs. I know we've been only getting half the story on VZ upgrades for the last couple days. Thanks for clearing the air.

As I mentioned above, not everyone is paying a lot more to be with Verizon. For some family plan configurations Verizon is equal to Sprint or cheaper.

Sprint does seem to promote their Premiere plans infinitely more than Verizon promotes its equivalent options, but hey, business is business! VZW is a very successful company. Sprint is improving, but they're still way, way behind Verizon. If Sprint had the market share and mind share of Verizon, I think that they, too, would not be so vocal about one-year upgrades or cheaper plans. They're not offering more value out of the kindness of their hearts, they're doing it because they must in order not to bleed any more customers or money.

All that said, I think if one is willing to do a little investigating, one will find that Verizon's one-year upgrade options are actually superior to those of Sprint. First, Verizon gives anybody the option of getting a one-year contract (independent of phone type). Sprint does not give that option to those outside the Premiere club. Second, any phone that's on a two-year plan can pay a $20 fee at the one-year mark to get upgrade pricing on a new phone. Again, Sprint customers do not get this option. Third, a one-year contract with Verizon is actually only a 10-month contract. I don't know this for sure, so correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that the only one-year upgrade option with Sprint requires the full 12 months of the contract to be fulfilled.

In conclusion, yes, in general Sprint is cheaper and gives you more bang for your buck if you happen to live in one of their good service areas. However, in a number of cases Verizon offers more choices (e.g. contract length, data for some but not all phones on a family plan, etc.), more towers (yes Sprint can roam on Verizon, but not for 3G data), and more company/educational discounts.

Sorry for the long post. And by the way, I'm no Verizon fanboy by any stretch of the imagination, I'm just taking the opportunity to argue for the other side. If Sprint can bring some decent coverage to New England and PA along with cheaper plans and good smartphones then I'll gladly switch back. Until then, my Verizon phone gets good coverage in my area and isn't costing me any more than a Sprint plan would, and that's really what matters.

Great insights, but VZ definiteloy seems challenged to express them at the retail level. Was doing a comparison both on web and in store for a similar device, comparing with what I had for services and capabilities, comparing with my 70 package, before discount that they would not match. The phone was on and doing data for about 95, but then moving "night/weekends" up, nav, text, etc being added...I never got around to asking how much tethering would be on this other device. I tried making it work for a friend that has no money to spend on wireless. As you know TMobil is useless in NE unless you're in one of ten cities. She had another pal telling her Sprint was death ten years earlier and would not even consider trialing Sprint. She wound up with ATT for about 20 less than VZ, I think they found a discount for her. So if VZ can be full service at or below 100, they gotta find a way to get that info to the street. I'm not with Sprint because I can't afford double what I pay, I went with Sprint because when I joined, I was barely using 50 minutes a month for voice and didn't need 500 anytime and a 100+ bill each month for minimal talktime. What I wanted and what I got four years ago, didn't need a calculator to figure out.

I hear you on the whole not needing a lot of minutes thing. I'm mostly in it for the data, myself. The way my family plan and discount have worked out, I'm contributing 23.50 for voice (1400 pooled minutes plus unlimited calling to 10 friends & family lines), 24.00 for data, and 5.00 for 250 text messages. So I guess that puts me at $52.50/month before about $5 in taxes and fees. Works for me!

Uhhh, You have Verizon. Your posts here have promoted Verizon and bashed Sprint. Sorry, but that makes you a "fanboy" by definition. No shame, just is what it is. Your argument is compelling, and I appreciate the insight. Yet, nothing in your conclusion would make me reconsider my current carrier? If the contract works for me. If I can care less who has data on his/her phone, because I have unlimited. If my coverage is good, then why would I care about towers. Finally, if I get a discount, than why would any of your arguments make me reconsider Sprint? I would like to hear real concrete features to cost comparisions that will make me see an advantage to switching. No disrespect. I do appreciate your input. Yeah, I am a Sprint fanboy. Thought I'd call it out before someone else.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to convince anybody to switch carriers. The fact is that most of the PreCentral readership is on Sprint because that's where the Pre hit first, and this seems to have led to a lot of misinformation about Verizon as well as a prevailing opinion that Verizon customers are less intelligent for being duped into paying more for less. My point is that there are valid reasons to choose both carriers. Both companies have strong points and weak points. I use the carrier that works for me because the price and coverage are right, not because of some kind of loyalty to an entity that exists only to take my money. It sounds like Sprint is the right choice for you, and I'm glad! Definitely don't switch if that's the case. I know if a better deal comes along I will have no qualms whatsoever about leaving Verizon behind. After all, I was a Sprint customer for over 6 years before moving over to VZW.

That's a fair statement. I have to admit that I completely agree. I keep Sprint because it works for me. If at some time another carrier would work better, I

Sprint's customer service is much better now. Coverage in central NC is better than Verizon. Plus I get a 30% discount on top of their great rates. Not going anywhere.

How do you get 30%? I thought their discounts only went to 25%.

I've seen as high as 27%, but I only have 25%.

When I added my son to the account there was a recurring issue where I was being overbilled for text msgs. After I talked to customer service a couple of times (a couple of billing cycles), they offered me the 30% discount for my trouble. Now that is great customer service. I've had the discount for over 2 years now. No way I'm giving that up. I get 30 off base plan & all add-on lines.

I get 27% off bill from a work discount. Verizon would need to add Sprints other benefits, others have pointed out here, to get me to switch. The price change is a good start.

yeah but sprint offers a unlimited plan for only $69 (unlimited calling to all mobile phones) and so I would still be saving $30/mo. I will stick with sprint.

I concur and Verizon aint tryna match that.

yes they are, if you read the engadget article it says 69$ for the ulimited plan and 29.99 for the data smartphone addative. so its basically the same no?

No-- we pay $65 for the plan straight up. This includes the smartphone charge. Sprint's the better plan.

engadget has that slightly wrong.. It's 69 bucks unlimited everything including data (which is capped at 5gb a month.. Still more then Verizon).. The 29.99 at Sprint is if you have an EVO and want tethering.. Plus also with the Evo you pay an additional 10 bucks for the 4G data even if yu don't have 4G in your area but it's a truly unlimited data package.. No cap.. I pay a flat rate of 69 dollars.. That includes unlimited mobile to ANY mobile, unlimited DATA, unlimited text, unlimited pic mail, free GPS, and 450 landline daytime minutes that are free from 7pm-7am and weekends are free.... Also I get to upgrade my phone with full discounts every 12months.. I don't pay 29.99 extra for data.. That's for tethering which the original Pre dosent have at Sprint unless you do it yourself in which case Sprint doesn't know unless you take the phone in for service

Engadget was talking about Verizon, basically saying that it's 69.99 for talk and text. An extra 29.99 for unlimited data (5gb), which brings Verizon's plan to 99.99. But yes sir, as you stated, Sprint is still the winner here.

Still not enough for me to switch. I am more than happy with Sprint and being able to upgrade to a new phone every 12 months seals the deal for me.

how does that 12 month upgrade work. im eligible now, but i called and asked them. and they said it was like 75 bucks off retail.. thats not really anything. for the full 150 you have to wait the 2 years. the lady confused me like no other

you have to be a Sprint Premier customer to get the $150 per year upgrade otherwise is only $75 and $150 after 2 for the other comments their is a 5Gb cap on the Big three except sprint is the only company that cuts you off @ $120 double the $60 a month fee VZ will let you rack up your bill as high as you can get it not to mention you only get 3days to return a cell or air card as opposed to Sprints 30 days return policy without paying early return termination fee...side note I average 22Gb a month on my aircard and 8Gb on my Pre and my bill never changes ha! bc I'm grandfathered in, they had the cap except they weren't charging overages @ the I can tether for free and use my pre as a router for free :) Go Sprint Fuck VZ & ATT! Ha!

i am SP customer, so thats why i questioned why it only says $75. odd ill have to call someone... no rush. they dont have a new palm out yet hahah

I have been on sprint for 8 years, and I never almost never have reception problems (probably depends on what part of the country you live in, Washington DC area is good). I also have had decent experiences with customer service. That being said, if big red wants me with a comparable plan to sprint, I would be tempted. (especially since I would get a pre plus, although, at this point maybe an Android would be in order...)

People are forgetting that you can not upgrade every year with a new phone with VZ

Yes you can.

Yes you can. As previously stated you can get one year contracts on VZ and even if you didnt you can pay 20 bucks to get upgrade pricing at the year mark.

I've been a Sprint customer continuously since 1994. I've never had a customer service problem or a coverage problem, at least in the places I live and travel. I also get a 30% discount, and that on top of their reasonably priced "Simply Everything" family plan means I will stay as long as they have phones I can live with.

2nd person with 30%? How do you get past 25%?


Diferent companies get you diferent discounts. Also If you call and complain, threaten to leave, Sprint will do some crazy stuff. Like my daughters phone broke for the third time. I caled up Sprint ready to fight. The wind was let out of my sail, because they told me my daughter could upgrade to any phone she wanted. Plus they reset my contract so everyone on the family plan was eligible for upgrades. They must be truely in pannic mode.

I've been a Spint customer for a LONG time - customer service use to be terrible but has been great the last 2 years, and coverage/reception has been pretty good. Verizon's reception is still better, so if they can match prices I'd consider switching. But the unlimited plan doesn't excite me. I'm on a family plan and we don't come close to using our minutes.

I don't pay anything near $99 on sprint. I get unlimited mobile to mobile, data, and texts with 1500 shared lanline call minutes between 5 of us. My share is 36 bucks.

with verizon each person in a family plan pays there very own separate data fee for 30 bones alone.

that plus the fact that my service is just as good quality as verizon (my previous provider) means i'm happy where i'm at.

if I wasn't on a family plan though the comparison looks like it will be a lot closer if you don't count the fact that you only need to pay 69 with sprint if mobile to mobile is good enough unlimitedness for you.

I like Sprint. For a lot of reasons.

If VZW matched them in pricing, I might have switched a few years ago. But I just trust Sprint more now as well.

So no. I'll stick to Sprint. But VZW ain't shabby.

I've been with Sprint and Nextel since 1999. I have the $99 unlimited plan with Sprint. In NY, Verizon has better coverage. If they release an apples to apples plan for $99, I will make the switch. Even better if they accept a corporate discount on their unlimited plan, where Sprint does not.

still a no got for me, I have the 69 dollar plan and it is practically unlimited. if they had one like this one I might consider it

Yeah, this too. On Sprint, the 7pm evenings and any mobile to any mobile calling make the 450 minute plan practically unlimited everything for $30 less. Skip the $100 static.

I'm already on a $99 unlimited plan. Maybe I have to pay a few bucks to add txt messages. But $69 voice + $29 data is what I've been on since January. I'm guessing it's just repackaging that with unlimited txt...?

I don't care if all of Verizon's plans were free I'll never use them again, simply put Verizon sucks

I don't care if all of Verizon's plans were free I'll never use them again, simply put Verizon sucks

$69 Sprint plan is good enough for majority of customers.

The only time the $69 plan is not good enough is if you have to call lan lines over 450 minutes a month between mon-fri 7am-7pm

Here is why i think Sprint is better besides pricing.

* Ability to roam on Verizon towers when there is no Sprint service! (Yes i see the irony here)
* Free turn by turn navigation. (other carriers charge extra)
* Sprint TV (for those who take a bus or train to work this comes in handy)
* Hardware upgrade in a year. (Comon Palm give me something to upgrade to!)
* From my experience Sprint has the best customer service (Also from my experience ATT is the worst and Verizon is OK)
* Nights and weekends start at 7pm, not 9pm (on other carriers you have to pay extra for this)
* Unlimited to any cell phone carrier, not just the carrier you are on!
* If you don't have good service in your house their Airave solution is cheaper than Verizon's and AT&T's.

Personally I do prefer GSM because CDMA does drain your battery more when searching for service and because you can use internet while talking but AT&T sucks balls and I will never give them another dime.
Plus once we have a 4G Palm device and we get 4G in our cities we will be able to do this over 4G anyway.

So Sprint... For the win!

You actually found something to watch on Sprint TV? Mind if I ask what? I've never found anything.

Also, I've found myself hardly ever using 7pm nights. 7-9pm is generally when I'm eating dinner and I don't make any phone calls then.

I'm on Sprint, but I have to say I've never found much use for all those highly touted add-ons I hear so much about. Don't get me started on that NASCAR app that just refuses to die.

I have 3 shows (full episodes)I watch regularly when riding the bus: NCIS, NCIS:LA, and Rookie Blues.

Sometimes I watch old episodes of A-Team or Miami Vice. Of course watch snipets of AMerica's Got Talent, Letterman, Leno, etc. One of my sons watches a ton of the kids shows. They had CSI for awhile then dropped it :-(

If I could get CSI and Numbers I'd be set.

Ya man, full episodes of scare tactics and the news. I was also watching world cup games at work, while the phone was on my touchstone.

I think Janter covered it.

I'm also using the $69 plan and only call mobile to mobile, rarely landlines so never over 450 minutes.

Even if Verizon made their Everything plan $69, I'd still stay. Sprint has gone through great improvements since I originally signed up with them back in - 97/98.

Add in the ETF fee that VZ customers insisted Sprint would copy.

So far, Sprint is the market innovator. Sprint users ride first class while VZ and ATT customers slowly get upgraded from box cars to coach class, as their carriers learn to follow Sprint's lead and give them half a bone to nibble on a year or two later.

It gets them so excited to get anything, they feel like they've equalled Sprints best offer. :)

Switch? LOL And wait longer for Palm updates? I'm not "smart enough" to sign on for that.

That's the second-to-last area where Sprint had an edge on VzW, but Sprint still has the advantage on family share plans if everybody on the plan has a smartphone. Other than that, the old wives' tale about Sprint being meaningfully cheaper than Verizon or AT&T is bogus.

As for me, I'm probably stuck on Sprint until I die because I'm on a 4-line smartphone plan with 25% discount. No other carrier can match the price on that, or even come close.

Verizon has a share plan now.

And my current Verizon plan is $99 - although I may be paying another $5 for texting.

I'm confused.

I know Verizon has a share plan. They've had it for years. My point is that Verizon's Share plan is way the heck more expensive than Sprint's.

It's been a while since I've priced it out, but I think it would cost me over $100/mo to switch to Verizon. Hahha, yeah right.

What would 4 Palm Pre Plusses run me on VzW? Here's what they cost on Sprint:
Everything Data Share 1500: $129.99
Line 2: Included
Line 3: Add-a-line: $19.99
Line 4: Add-a-line: $19.99
Subtotal: 169.97 - 25% discount
Total: $127.47

Can Verizon come close? I doubt it, but let's see:
Nationwide Talk & Text Family SharePlan

This man knows what he's talking about. That's a great explanation. Even WITHOUT the discount, Sprint's prices are more reasonable.

Where do you get $129.99 from? $69 voice + $29 data = $99. What else are you including? Just curious.

BTW, I'm not confused as to why you are on Sprint, I'm confused about what is different between the current VZW unlimited plan I have and what this story is about.

I already have an unlimited plan for $99 (text might be $5 more... not at my PC to check.) It's truly unlimited other than the mobile hot spot, and that shouldn't be considered because Sprint doesn't offer MHS - and I've never come close to the 5gb limit.

So I ask again, what in this article is different than the $99 VZW plan I have right now.

Ps, I have no love for VZW other than great coverage. My phone charges are covered by my employer, or I'd probably be on Sprint...

Sprint's "Everything Data Family" plan is $129.99/mo and includes 2 lines. There is no extra data charge.

I didn't include anything else. Just talk, text, and data. Sprint includes everything else, and I didn't bother pricing other features out on VzW because VzW was already so ridiculously more expensive than Sprint, I didn't bother.

sorry, that was a typo. I meant the $139 on the verizon list. Just asking. My unlimited plan is $99, not $139.

I think he is looking at verizions current closest plan to the Sprint Everything Data share 1500 which has 1500 anytime min.
He is probably looking at the Family share 2000($129.99), I would argue that the Family share 1400($119.99) is actually closer, your probably on the Family Share 700($99.99).

That said, If I was a new customer on either network my breakout would be something like this:

Sprint Everything Data share 1500 ($129.99) for two phones.
--data included
--free mobile to mobile
===Total = $129.99/month

Verizon Family Share 700($99.99) (my wife and I together average about 400 min/month.
--data (29.99 x 2 = 59.98
--free mobile to mobile
===Total = $159.97

So Verizon would cost me approx $30 more per month.

I am on a non-family individual unlimites plan. $69 unlimited voice. $29 unlimited data. That's $99. Sounds like what the article is describing...

Ok, have it your way, four phones at Verizon, $400 every month, without navigation and unlimited text.

Why do VZ users love to spend money on wireless and think they getting more for spending more? Do we let VZ customers vote?

Yes, but

1. lorcha made a post referring to share plans
2. you replied that Verizon has a share plan
3. lorcha replied with a breakdown of Verizon's share plan vs. sprints
4. you questioned his numbers because your (apparently individual) plan did not match the share plan he was talking about.
5. I replied with my thoughts on what lorcha was talking about and giving what my breakdown would be on a share plan
6. You finally revealed that you are talking about a individual plan while this whole branch of the thread started with a comment by lorcha that "...Sprint still has the advantage on family share plans..."

does that help.

The $139 was for Verizon's Nationwide Talk & Text Family SharePlan 1400. 1400 minutes of talk time and unlimited texts.

It's the closest Verizon plan to Sprint's Everything Data Family 1500 plan.

When I pulled up Verizon wireless just now that plan is $119.99 not $139.99.

workerb the plan on sprint is 69.99 dollars FLAT there is NO 29.99 data plan.. You get UNLIMITED(5gb capped) data INCLUDED in the 69.99 plan at Sprint.. Once again the only add on that's 29.99 at Sprint is TETHERING for the EVO. Look it up.. At Sprints site not Engadget they got their numbers confused.

oh, please don't forget to add all those nice hidden charges Verizon slaps you with.

All of the postpaid carriers ding you with surcharges. I didn't include Sprint's or Verizon's, but I assume they are more or less similar.

Whether Verizon or Sprint has more surcharges is irrelevant to me. It would more than double my monthly bill to switch to Verizon, so who cares about a few bucks in surcharges? It'd cost me over $130 just in normal fees!

Verizon "unlimited" plan for 99 bucks? Pffft ya ok.. It's Verizon and hidden charges.. I'd like to see ALL of the fine print on this one. Probally a 1gb cap on their internet with .50 cents for every Mb after the cap with no warning you reached your limit.

I don't trust Verizon.

I don't trust Verizon (or any of them) but there isn't anything hidden. There is no cap on data from the phone (browser, email, etc).

The only thing you could call "hidden" is the GPS app, which I have no interest in because I prefer my Garmin. I also think I pay another $5 for txt messaging.

That's it, I have the advanced insurance, too. I think my total bill is under $120. I'll have to check for sure. But, nothing hidden. But, I have truly unlimited minutes - mobile or otherwise. I use mine for business, so 450 minutes wouldn't be enough. However, if this was a personal phone... I'd be on Sprint...

ya after my surcharges and the insurance..(WHICH AT SPRINT COVERS WATER DAMAGE! So my nephew can drop my phone in the toilet and it's covered btw) I pay 91dollars a month that's 69 dollars plus all the surcharges and insurance and I have unlimited EVERYTHING (well except landline minutes but I average like 100min a month calling land lines)

Unlimited Mobile to Mobile alone makes the Sprint plans a much better deal.

Well... shortly after Sprint came out with Unlimited Mobile to Mobile on any network guess what Verizon did... the exact same thing.

I've been with Sprint for over 5 years now. And I've been eligible for another upgrade for over 6 months now, and believe me I'm waiting on new Webos hardware, just like most of us. To be honest, if Verizon is first to give us the Pre's successor, then I'll be jumping ship!

It doesn't matter to me what Verizon does as far as matching Sprint's pricing. I'll be staying put. Big Red is like Apple to me, don't like 'em, won't join 'em, won't buy their products. I have a family share plan with my wife and our two daughters for 129.00. We have a high school senior and a 7th grader and they live for texting, surfing, picturemail, and calling all their friends who have Verizon and AT&T without racking up charges. We are staying put. Sprint service & customer care has improved tremendously.

I've been with Sprint for over 5 years now. And I've been eligible for another upgrade for over 6 months now, and believe me I'm waiting on new Webos hardware, just like most of us. To be honest, if Verizon is first to give us the Pre's successor, then I'll be jumping ship!

I have the $69 plan (that includes unlimited any mobile to any mobile), not the $99 plan so this does nothing for me. :)

I've been with Sprint for 10+yrs and I don't see myself going anywhere. Sprint has always been good to me.

Sprint is a no brainer for my family AND they accept our corporate discount! No way Verizon can touch what Sprint offers. I'm stickin!!

I've been with Sprint for over 5 years now. And I've been eligible for another upgrade for over 6 months now, and believe me I'm waiting on new Webos hardware, just like most of us. To be honest, if Verizon is first to give us the Pre's successor, then I'll be jumping ship!

How about family plans?


'....that NASCAR app that just refuses to die.'

I'm not sure how some ppl aren't able to get a corprate discount through sprint... I work for one of the largest Security services in the counrty if not the world and still get my 20% discount. With my company I could go to any of the big 3 and get my corprate discount sprint being the highest at 20, Verizon at 18, and ATT at 15. Another thing ppl are failing to mention also is if you don't have great credit sprint only has at highest a 250 deposit. Sprint works for me.

wow...all the hatred for the

I've been with VZ for 7 years and never had a problem with billing or service. I get a 22% corporate discount on my plan & 25% discount on accessories. Most of my family is on VZ so I never hit my plan minutes. The only thing I'd say I'm jealous of Sprint for is the yearly upgrade, but I have a connetion to get phones so that's not a biggie for me.

I don't hate Verizon. But my bill would more than double if I switched from Sprint to Verizon, so I'll stay put, thanks.

If Verizon gets a new WebOS phone and Sprint is still peddling only the Pre, then I might very well switch. I am out of plan so there would be no penalty.

If Sprint also gets the device, no way I would switch.

Healthy competition is good. However, Verizon is good at hiding the details and disguising the real cost. As many have pointed out before, Sprint's plans are still cheaper and includes more in the package. I guess we'll have to wait and see what Verizon offers, but I wouldn't hold my breath for a cheaper or equal apple-to-apple plan from Verizon vs. Sprint.

I was averaging 6-700 anytime minutes on Sprint, then they added the free mobile to mobile. My monthly average since then is about 60 minutes with a high of 188. The anytime m2m makes the 450 minute $69 plan as good as unlimited and for $30 less (before my discount).
As far as customer service goes, I've never had a problem (and I'm not the type to hesitate to bitch about customer service, there's no excuse for poor customer service).

I agree with the other $69 Sprint plan users here. I wouldn't consider switching until VZW matched all aspects of this plan, including the yearly upgrades, free mobile to mobile, etc. I always laugh when I check my usage on the Sprint website. I think I used 12 minutes of my 450 last month. Who calls landlines anymore? I think every person I call is cell-only, unless I call a work number. And my Sprint Pre gets great reception where my girlfriend's VZW phone has nothing.

got the 25% off accessories to but can find it cheaper on-line, and also don't have to worry about an activation fee when adding a line ty sprint. When I was with ATT I didn't get half of this and paid 500 deposit and ended up paying about $200 a month for everything plan, nights and weekends, texting, and data.

Also I can't go anywhere with a data cap I use about 10g of data a month alone. With my wife now it will probably double that.

Also I can't go anywhere with a data cap I use about 10g of data a month alone. With my wife now it will probably double that.

FYI, Verizon doesn't cap data on the phone, only the mobile hot spot. Not defending VZW, just want to make sure we are all on the same set of facts.

actually there is a data cap at verizon.. Think it was CNET talking about it one morning on one of their podcasts. They were a little bummed to find out there indeed was a cap.

nope. I can show you the terms and conditions. The actual phone has no cap on the $29 data plan. They cap the hotspot, but hat is complletely different and your phone usage doesn't count against your MHS usage. This wouldn't be the first time CNET was wrong


I have had sprint for 3 years now and my wife has had verizon for 2 and my service and speed has always been much better than hers. We have lived in 3 different markets in the 2 years and it has been the same in each, it would take a lot for me to leave sprint.

Workerb33 I think the biggest difference is if there is a data cap or not...or anyother hidden feed. Really not enough details about it yet to answer your question...I'm just saying.

well it would have to be at least as good as the current unlimited plan I have now for $99, and that has no cap on data or minutes. The only thing I can think of is that they must be planning to add unlimited texting to that.

I read the original Engadget article, and I think the author must be leaving something out, because what he describes is what I have now, except a couple of bucks for text.

And the premise of the article is that this is somehow intended to "match" Sprint as if $99 is matching $69.

Go figure.

opps lol

Verizon's great. I receive 2 discounts one for 15% and another for 20% every month for great payment history and for registering my corporate email. It's about 30$ monthly for 2 years now. It's like I receive my data plan for free. So if this is true then I'll pay even less then 99$.

I have been on Sprint for 7+ years now.
A couple years back, I put my wife on ATT as an experiment.

The Results? ATT customer service blows and the reception was worse with more dropped calls.
I know that is not Verizon, but the point being I have found Sprint service to be quite good and have also found the customer service to be fine and quite good for the last several years.

You used your wife as a guinea pig? LOL!

dude southbaypalm are you and your wife fighting and your mad or hate her? That's low putting her on a service that's overpriced, hidden charges and has weird reception issues.... But has an IPhone. Lol

Infidelity and Divorce is one thing, but putting your wife on ATT?

I've been with Sprint for over 5 years now. And I've been eligible for another upgrade for over 6 months now, and believe me I'm waiting on new Webos hardware, just like most of us. To be honest, if Verizon is first to give us the Pre's successor, then I'll be jumping ship!

Cost and 1st availability of the Pre are my reasons for Sprint. If I can get the same cost of a simply everything 1500 minute family plan for 3 people, I will be tempted to move. Sprint does seem to upgrade phone software/firmware more often than other carriers, and that is also another reason for me to stay with Sprint. I still favor WebOS, so that is also a factor in choosing a carrier that indicates long term support for WebOS devices.

I've been with Sprint for over 5 years now. And I've been eligible for another upgrade for over 6 months now, and believe me I'm waiting on new Webos hardware, just like most of us. To be honest, if Verizon is first to give us the Pre's successor, then I'll be jumping ship!


I wouldn't be surprised if Verizon comes out with a $99 unlimited plan. I wouldn't be surprised if that plan includes even more hidden fees.

If Verizon did $99 plus 10 dollars per phone beyond 1 I'd be on this in a heartbeat.

Well I would actually have to think about it as I'm paying 189 for 3 phones with Data on 2 of them. That's of course after taxes

makes it about 63 per phone.

If they do it $99 per phone I wouldn't switch as it would cost me more in the long run.

Depends on who gets the Roadrunner ;)

if verizon matched the $69.99 deal same as sprint, I would considering switching, even though I get 25% discount with sprint.. just because verizon has better overall 3g coverage..

Sprint needs FREE Roaming DATA, to go along with their free roaming minutes on verizon, lmao >:)

that would be perfect!

You DO get free unlimited roaming AND data. It's included. You should probably check your plan and see what you seem to be missing.

hey deafinoneear yes roaming is free with Sprint.. But if your roaming you CANNOT use data. Trust me I travel alot.. And when your in the middle of no where and roaming you can't access data.. I've been there.. Lol

Sorry, but you should probably do some research before you post.

It's in the phone prefs menu. Enable data roaming.

I just checked Engadget while in forced roaming. (that part is a patch.) WiFi turned off. It wouldn't have worked without data roaming, my friend.

Sure it's only 1x, but you get free data roaming regardless.

Feel free to call Sprint and confirm. I did a year ago and that's when I found out.

I researched how to spell your screen name. Other then that Ive been with Sprint 11yrs I don't know nothing about m service.. Sorry I don't classify 1x as data service.. Lol forgot about the 14.4 speed.. Lol

If you've been with them for that long then you most likely are familiar with 1x. I remember my Treo 600's on Sprint ran on that, and that phone got me by just fine. Just because you can't watch youtube all the time doesn't mean it's a horrible experience-- you still check email, launch a somewhat low-bandwidth app like engadget or woot and enjoy yourself just as well until you get into a Sprint service area.

We did it before.

I'm roaming VZ data right now. Fix your prefs on the Pre, you may have been "there", but now you can be "here."

I've been with Sprint for over 5 years now. And I've been eligible for another upgrade for over 6 months now, and believe me I'm waiting on new Webos hardware, just like most of us. To be honest, if Verizon is first to give us the Pre's successor, then I'll be jumping ship!

been with sprint for almost 10 years now. Right now I have a family plan with unlimited data text,1500 mins. Mobile to mobile. 200 bucks a month. Can't beat that.

everyone talking about sprint's early upgrade option, you do know that vzw has annual upgrades too right? Any line 59.99 or higher can upgrade every 12 months at the subsidized price. Though if you do wait 20 months you get an additional ne2 credit. So...

Not good enough, Big Red. $69/mo plus 20% employee discount, free navigation, free data roaming and fully discounted upgrades every year. And let's not get started on VZW's horrid $350 ETF.

Start by giving me free unlimited mobile to mobile at $69 and then maybe we'll talk. Until then, nothing is going to pry me away from Sprint.

A couple of other thoughts/questions...

What is Sprint's ETF? Is it as high as Verizon's?

Also, talk about hidden fees... let's talk in insurance. When I need an insurance replacement, it's $50 deductible on Verizon. I think it's $100 for Sprint. That's a big difference.

Sprint's ETF is (up to) 200 regardless of what kind of phone you have. The fee is reduced by 10/mo starting on your 6th month into the contract. Sprint uses Asurion for insurance as do most if not all major carriers. It is 50 for regular phones and 100 for smartphones. Don't forget Sprint is really the only carrier that has Full Service and Repair stores so you can get your device fixed, updated or exchanged same day...which is a huge benefit IMO.

don't forget Sprints insurance also covers WATER DAMAGE.. 100 dollar deduct? I was told 50 for my Pre.. Ah at any rate because of the corporate stores havin service and repair alot of times they just order a new one and I don't pay a penny.. Only I'd it's physically damaged would I have to pay a deduct