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Verizon makes Pre 2 official after HP; $149.99 with contract from Big V 114

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 15 Feb 2011 10:25 am EST

Sure, we already heard HP announce the Pre 2 is coming and saw it go up for preorder, now we have official word from Verizon. Unlike HP's Wireless Central, Big V is charging an official price of $149.99 with a 2-year contract and one of those mail-in rebates we thought was going the way of the dodo (boo). Otherwise it's just Verizon telling you what you already know: Pre 2 lands on Verizon on Thursday running webOS 2.0. If you want webOS 2.0 - the Pre 2 is currently the only way to go.

Presser after the break in case you need that.

BASKING RIDGE, NJ — Verizon Wireless, the company with the largest and most reliable wireless voice and 3G data network, announced today that the Pre 2 smartphone by HP will be available in Verizon Wireless Communications Stores and online at on Feb. 17. Pre 2 is the first device to run on HP webOS 2.0, allowing quick and easy multitasking of e-mail, games, music and more.

Key features:

  • 3.1-inch glass multi-touch screen with a vibrant 24-bit color, 320 x 480 resolution HVGA display
  • Slide-out physical QWERTY keyboard
  • Support for Microsoft® Exchange e-mail, as well as personal e-mail support (Google Gmail™ push, Yahoo!®, POP3, IMAP)
  • Integrated IM, SMS and MMS
  • VZ Navigator® capable – Receive audible turn-by-turn directions to millions of points of interest and share the directions with others
  • TI OMAP 1GHz processor with 512 RAM
  • 5-megapixel camera with LED flash, extended depth of field, geo-tagging and video capture
  • Wi-Fi connectivity (802.11 b/g/)
  • Bluetooth® wireless technology 2.1+ EDR with A2DP stereo Bluetooth support
  • 3G Mobile Hotspot capability
  • Dimensions: 2.34 inches (w) x 0.66 inches (d) x 3.96 inches (h)
  • Weight: 5.1 ounces

Lifestyle features:

  • Contact Integration via HP Synergy – Customers can keep contacts and calendars up to date automatically with built-in integration for Facebook®, Google, LinkedIn®, Yahoo! and Microsoft Exchange.
  • Customized Inbox – Customers can view all of their accounts together or separately to access work e-mail alone or combined in a favorites folder with personal e-mail from places like Gmail or Yahoo! Mail.
  • Full HTML Browsing – Customers have access to full websites just like on their Macs or PCs. They can play video, upload photos, access online banking and much more. webOS also now integrates a beta of Adobe Flash Player 10.1 in the browser, which provides access to rich, Flash-based Web content.
  • With Just Type in webOS, customers can start an e-mail, create a message, update their status and search their favorite websites – all before they even open an app.
  • Mobile Music Store – Customers can buy and download music right from their webOS smartphones using the Amazon MP3 app when on a Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Skype mobile™ – webOS 2.0 supports Skype-to-Skype calls and messaging while in the United States to anywhere in the world, and low-rate calls to international landlines and cell phones.

Pricing and availability:

  • Pre 2 will be available from Verizon Wireless for $149.99 after a $50 mail-in Verizon Wireless rebate with a new two-year customer agreement. Pre 2 customers will need to subscribe to a data plan. Unlimited data plans are available to customers starting at $29.99 monthly access. Customers will receive the rebate in the form of a debit card; upon receipt, customers may use the card as cash anywhere debit cards are accepted.
  • For additional information on Verizon Wireless products and services, visit a Verizon Wireless Communications Store, call 1-800-2 JOIN IN or go to
  • Source: Verizon



    What happened to $99?

    should be $49 if they want anyone to actually buy it.

    Or free.

    And no contract. Free with no contract requirement

    With the junk that HP has announced and the way they have treated their customers, that's the only possible way that webOS can ever survive and be profitable. HP should give away the Pre2, and also the Pre3, especially to all PreCentral members. That's the only way to make up for their evil ways and their stupidity, and the only way for them to possibly ever succeed at anything in this world.

    Either than, or please please please come back to Sprint? I'll pay whatever it costs. My Pre is better than the iPhone 4 or any Android. I must have the Pre3.

    To be honest, our dissent probably won't matter very much in the bigger picture.

    New fans will appear, and I'm happy for them.

    I only hope they don't get screwed over like we did.

    Thanks for getting the Pre2 sprint....

    hopefully they are holding out for the pre3... you know at first i was like im not getting it, but the more i look at it the more i want it. i rly dont get why people need a HUGE screen on a phone, but then again im not a train commuter or a blind person. the other day i saw this smaller guy (prob about 5/3 or 5/4 take a droid x outta is pocket and i almost laughed. it look sooooooo big in his hand haha. i thought "if that isnt compensating for something idk what is"

    don't matter if sprint had it i wouldn't buy it for that much. Its basically a pre + with webOS 2.0

    And of course Sprint never picked up the pre+ so it's still a major update compared to the Pre that Sprint offered.

    Thanks for not getting the Pre 2 failure Sprint.

    someone said this on a different forum:

    "not sure where to put this comment but just got off the phone with sprint and ask the rep about pre 3. He put me on hold and went to ask a supervisor. Came back and said sprint is definatley getting the pre 3 just not sure when...:) "

    Please, no more I called the Sprint rep stories.

    What happened to $99? Or is that just through HP?

    I hate mail in rebates.

    Too expensive!

    Yeah, should be free with $100 cash back for buying one.

    this just proves VZW isn't interested in webos and will do anything to ensure it doesn't sell. Same price point as iphone 4 is just crazy.

    The iPhone 4 starts off at $199 for the 16GB model.

    Seems silly to charge $149.99 or even $99.99 WITH a 2-yr commitment when the Pre3 is coming "this summer", not to mention the numerous Droids available. If they really wanted to move units and build webOS userbase, they should price at $49.99 with 1-2yr commitment.

    Should be $1.49. How much more can HP do wrong?

    Pre 3 is going to come out in 4-6 months. Droids seem to come out every week, yet some older models still sell for $200 with 2 year contract. Hopefully it will drop quickly, just like pre plus....

    You are looking at this from the perspective of someone who already has a Pre or Pre Plus and wants an upgrade. What is the current price for a phone with a 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM, and 16GB storage? $100-$150 seems like a normal price for those specs compared to other devices, even those with a 3.1-3.2 inch screen.

    We will see prices come down in the next few months once we see new devices released with 1.2GHz or faster processors. Remember, when the original Pre came out, the iPhone 3GS was still the current iPhone, the iPhone 4 was NOT released yet, so the price was higher. Once 1GHz phones became common, the Pre and Pre Plus lost having competitive specs and the price on the Pre Plus dropped.

    why would anyone pay 150 for this when you can get an iphone for the same?

    Am I missing out on something? The iPhone 4 costs $199 for the 16GB model.

    i think 50 bucks is insignificant when u are choosing a phone for the next 2 years

    the pre 2 is $199 without the rebate, so yea, it is the same price as the iphone. rebates won't last long and are ridiculous when you have to mail them in. the argument is what everyone is referring to - take away the rebate and HP is pricing this phone the same as the iphone. That's ridiculous since you can't even compare the iphone 4 with this phone. the iphone 4 is in a whole different league - a better one too.

    That's generally not how carrier (at least Verizon) rebates work. These rebates last the life of the phone or at least until they are converted to instant rebates when they are trying to clear stock. I don't know about online but if you purchase in store the store sends in the rebate for you, at leasts the ones I've been in have.

    No, HP is NOT pricing this phone the same as the iPhone 4, Verizon is pricing this phone $50 less than the iPhone 4 and HP (on their wireless site) is pricing it $100 less than the iPhone 4.

    Pfft. iOS? A whole better league than webOS 2.x?


    I understand that the butthurt is going around in major quantities now, but keep things in perspective. webOS is still an amazing OS.

    In terms of hardware, I'd say they're both equal (unless you're a screen freak).

    tried and under verizon only option io got was the pixi plus

    Just checked again and it showed up for me. Pre 2 on Verizon for $99 - new or renewal contract.

    I just ordered mine a couple minutes ago (as a contract renewal.)

    where did you order this?

    I just got a message sent to my phone for an upgrade to "1" of my phones in my account (I have 2) for "our best promotional price with a 2/yr agreement". I didn't call the number yet. I don't know if this is the "Special Something" that Verizon was going to offer Pre Plus owners or not.

    "Supports Skype-to-Skype calls and messaging while in the United States to anywhere in the world" -->

    Maybe Im reading too much into this, but surely Skype to Skype calls should be from anywhere to anywhere, not just from the US to anywhere.

    might be from the US to anywhere because Verizon is only in the US and some of Canada

    Well hopefully this does not imply the calls have to originate through Verizon's 3G and that WiFi originated calls are OK too.

    Somebody will still buy it and be upset this Summer with the 3 comes out.

    Wow really? Weak, at least make it 99

    I would get this if I could simply hand them my pathetic, falling apart Pre Plus and $100 and get a Pre 2 without extending my contract. That way, I could get the Pre 3 this summer.

    agreed...that's exactly what I was thinking!

    right behind you on this... i have a nasty crack near my usb door even I'm afraid they will say to bad so sad

    If you bought yours within the last year - I did the first day they came in in January - they'll replace your phone for a bad crack. Had an intermittant battery problem and they traded me for a new Pre Plus in December.

    I forgot how spiffy, stiff, and pretty they are when new. And the new keyboard was better than the old one had ever been. ASK. They have a bunch of things through the store that aren't on-line. The repair people are really helpful. Go to a real store, not an 'almost' Verizon store at a mall.

    couldnt agree more. I still have a year on my contract so I may have to wait for the Pre4

    couldnt agree more. I still have a year on my contract so I may have to wait for the Pre4

    why would HP do that, even though they said they'd be working on something that we haven't even heard yet?

    that would make sense and really help their loyal customer base. Instead, they'll think of something small and petty - like a $50 rebate on a phone they'll likely charge $300 for.

    but don't worry, I'm sure they'll think of something "in the coming months"

    They kept there word... you never heard of the price being $150 did you.

    Does the GPS work?

    I'm wondering the same!

    "in the coming months"

    What about the 'hot spot' for free?

    great question re: hotspot. This was the reason i moved from att to verizon: free mobile hotspot... is verizon still offering this? do they plan to offer it with future webos devices?

    btw- thanks for all the reporting, Precentral. You guys really do a great job, and you have to put up with all the whining and complaining...

    It was reported earlier this week that you still get the free hot spot - for life. That is a WONDERFUL deal. I wouldn't have sprung for it, but love, love, love it whenever I'm traveling.

    Skype through my HP notebook computer from the airport.

    AND is it $149.99 before the rebate or after?

    It's still $99 on HP's web site.

    "Pre 2 will be available from Verizon Wireless for $149.99 _after_ a $50 mail-in Verizon Wireless rebate with a new two-year customer agreement."

    why would anybody who walks into a VZW store, buy this phone over the DroidX at the same price, The Droid Pro for just $30 more, or the iPhone for $50 more? Maybe people who know and love webOS MIGHT grab one, but at that price, I wouldn't blame them if they didn't. It should be a FREE phone with a 2 year contract, IMHO.

    I strongly agree and throw in a fifty dollar gift certificate just for looking at one and $100 if you buy one.

    I'm not on VZ anymore, but I'll go and check it out to see how webOS 2.0 looks. Would be interested in seeing stacks and Just Type features plus flash.

    What in the world is Verizon thinking? I would pay $149 for Pre3 but not for Pre2, come on Verizon you got Iphone and making lots extra $ for charging a premium fee of $30.00 just to have an Iphone on your netwrk....People wont buy! Again false advertisement!

    Beware when renewing your contract with Verizon. Under the old (prior to Feb 3, 2011) contracts, the unlimited data plans won't be subject to the "data throttling" that Verizon has introduced. If you buy this phone and renew your contract, Verizon will then be able to slow your data transfer rate if you exceed their unspecified data consumption, and, worst of all, the slow data transfer rate will continue into the next billing session until you "fall into line."

    That's false. Verizon has always had a stipulation in their contracts about "unlimited" data use that goes over the 5GB mark. They've only just now decided it was worth enforcing that "fair usage" policy.

    Plain and simple everyone. Verizon thinks anyone stupid enough to have bought the original Pre would be stupid enough to buy the Pre 2. From beta users to master beta users.

    This failed phone is for fanboys and suckers.


    Verizon is offering the iphone 4 for 700.00 on their website. I went the route to upgrade to the iphone and the system told me I had to pay the full price for the iphone. What a rip off from Verizon.

    I think if HP really wanted to off-load some Pre 2's, they should drop the price of the unlocked version by another $100 at least. I was ever so close to picking two of those up just before the 9th. Alas, I'll be holding off until June, July or August. I have no idea what HP's inventory of the unlocked Pre 2's is but keeping them at the same price point won't help them move units especially with the Pre 3 right on its heels.

    $99 for the Pre 2 is the absolute highest it should be. If Verizon was really invested in webOS, the price should be $49. In either case, HP and Verizon needs to spend money (i.e. absorb costs/take losses on phones) in order to make money in the long run.

    Make it a $49 upgrade with no contract renewal and turning in my third Pre+ in less than a year!

    I swear to god I have NEVER seen such a uphill battle in any product in the electronics biz like I have seen with webOS and it's phones. I'm actually glad (and disgruntled) I'm getting a different phone today.


    Some people are posting about the iPhone has 16 GB at this price point. It might be misleading in the article since it mentions 512 RAM. This unit has 16 GB as well. The 512 is RAM and separate from that.

    I had a Pre- for a while before my Pre+. The Pre+ was alot faster which surprised me because I don't think the processor was much faster but I found out the RAM had doubled. Nice that Palm doesn't list the RAM in the tech specs at all. Nice way to confuse things.

    In this article, the Memory should be listed as well.

    If somebody out there thinks that this phone has 16 GB of RAM, they deserve to pay $149 for it! Also, if they think that it only has 512 mb for a hard drive, they're retarded, and shouldn't be allowed to own a phone! The article isn't misleading, or confusing.

    If that's the case, why bother posting specs if people are retarded if they don't already know them?

    Only good thing about the Verizon rebates (I hate them too) is that when you get the card, you can go on-line and immediately have it deposited in your bank accounts.

    It's one of the easier ones to use.

    If they want $149 for the Pre2, then the Pre3 is going to cost the same as an iPhone. That's crazy! As much as I love what's left of my Pre minus, I will not get sucked into to paying iPhone prices again. At least not until the form is as brilliant as WebOS, the App catalog is ridiculously huge and the Pre is actually considered cool to own.

    Another thought, if V wanted to sell these before Pre3 comes out, they'd price it accordingly, say $99 or $49. But just because the Pre3 is coming out in the summer, doesn't mean it will come to V. This is the time of year the Pre+ came to V in the first place, so it's upgrade time.

    Summer would be a good time for ATT and any time would be a good time for Sprint. So the 3 may only come to Sprint and hopefully ATT.

    I'd be interested in a deal to get the 3 for a discount in order to get WebOS 2.0.
    I have the + on ATT, bought on the first day it was available, and my 2 year contract won't be up until next May (a year from now). (By deal, I mean sweet deal, because I bought this phone expecting the OTA promised updates.)

    Hope that happens...

    wonder how long it will take a Verizon store to kick out a sprint Pre user for hanging out at the Pre2 display :)

    Come on sprint... please.

    I think for as many polls and challenges on this page we should hold the pre minus challenge. I wanna see if anyone still has their day 1 launch pre without a replacement.. anyone?

    I do! Original Pre(-) never replaced! Overclocked and running beautifully!! No cracks (some minor scratches) Although, I really want to get my hands on the Pre3!!

    I do - and I've never had a replacement either. It shuts off on it's own though, so I don't know how long I have until I need a replacement.

    Got mine August 2009. Overclocked with Uber @ 500/800 and lots of patches. No problems with phone but the battery is starting to crap out. Hoping the phone holds up until I have better options on Sprint.

    Not me, on my 5th one! Go equipment replacement program!

    who cares about the pre2?

    didnt leo say there was another big announcement in mar? could this be carrier or even another phone? thought there was talk of a canybar phone. if it has 4g i'm sure sprint would snatch it up since they are pushing hard on 4g devices.

    Hey HP, LISTEN UP! For VZ Pre Plus owners how about $49 for a 1 yr contract? "What's that you say?" "You want me to put what, where?"....No problem, I will wait patiently for my Pre Plus contract to expire in Sept, which happens to be just in time for an Iphoney 5. HP, you had the chance to build an HP "nation" with help from the Palm-fanatics but you seem to be blowing it.

    From a technical perspective, bad marketing doesn't make Palm's phones less adorable than they are. Because they are!

    I have a degree in supporting insanely bad marketing for my technology of choice: I once was an amigan...

    just another note, HP. Pre 2 is about as relevant with a Pre 3 coming sometime/place in the "summer" as Brett Farve coming out of retirement and wanting to play for the Packers.

    I Think I could live with my pre plus till I can upgrade in the fall....but not on 1.4.5.


    This needs to be at 99 bucks or even 49 consider the world knows there is better coming in 6months and VZW slamming that 2year upgrade policy.

    Just talked to Verizon.
    was told Pre 2 is $199 - $100 mail in rebate.

    With my (last) new every two it would be $49.99 if ordered on line. Available to order in two days and they expect no back orders "like the iPhone or Droids" so I'd have it Friday.

    Asked about the free hotspot, the rep said he was pretty sure they were going to continue that feature like they did on the old Pre as an incentive to get people to buy it, but wouldn't know for sure until the 17'th when "all the info hits our system".

    That's a pretty damn sweet deal.. $50 WITH the free hotspot.

    It's not 100% though but if true it would be a great feature when traveleing to tether to my laptop. Although you can do just about the same things on the phone itself...

    Any webOS device available on any carrier is a good thing, IMO. No, I don't agree with the price-point, but I won't say that it's not tempting. I have a developer Pre2 that I got from the NYC dev day and it's just awesome in comparison to my launch day Pre-.. I wish I could use it as my everyday phone but I just can't justify switching to AT&T =/

    Pointless. Now HPalm is is just "circling the drink". Eeven apple is rumoured to be making a 4" size phone, a smaller phone and maybe even perhaps a keyboard phone. Wow, and these guys are selling old hardware at top level prices. The arrogance.

    Oh forget that, I'm going for the iPhone. =)

    Don't ya'll see that verizon doesn't care about WebOS? HPalm should see that too.I don't think Verizon is getting the pre3 any time soon. Why are they even coming out with the pre 2 and then have a veer,and a pre 3 coming?

    I wonder if HP will be able to keep verizon from crippling the GPS again. If they do cripple it, there is just no way I can stay with a Pre, it eliminates being able to use many location based apps.

    Gmail push?? Since when do we have that? I thought all was pull.

    as for skype, it doesn't do wifi or data for calls. It uses minutes! (last I heard.)

    I'm sure the 3.x version w video calling will be data-only, as verizonn has to make the costs behind that exclusive contract meaningful.

    usually the exclusive applies to the US, but I wonder if in this case HP will not provide skype/calling to other countries. (no other pre2 has it.. Is that a yet?) bogus if so..

    Gmail can be push or pull..its just a matter of configuration

    not that I want to go back to at&t, but they are selling the iPhone3Gs for $49 right now. Just sayin.

    what a waist of time this will be, an other black eye to the WEBos.

    btw, this doesn't have the free MHS service, but only the option for verizon's "new" mhs plan, $20 for 2gb and $20 for each 1gb geyind that. Gotta keep babying my Pre+ to keep my free MHS.

    oh no. I thought when I check out the details last week (using the HP link), it listed HotSpot as $0. If you are correct, then that would indeed be a big loss.

    dear HP, please cut a deal with T-Mobile and MetroPCS. That is all.

    U.S. Cellular would be sweet. It's provides the only decent 3G mobile coverage here in rural Missouri.

    I'll keep waiting for the Pre 3. ... hopefully on Sprint.

    Per the Engadget Web site, Verizon CEO Tony Melone at the Mobile World Congress currently happening in Barcelona says he thinks that "right now the three OS players we see for our network are Android, Apple, and RIM." Sounds like the Pre 2 is gonna be the Pre's swan song at Verizon.

    I'm sure a little patience will pay off. They'll make their money on the die-hard Pre fans, but within a few weeks, we'll see this heavily discounted on WireFly or similar site. They'll have to if they want to clear out inventory as we move closer to Pre3.

    If HP dropped the unlocked version by $100, I'd buy two and pony-up for the Pre 3 when that comes along to AT&T. While I want to be optimistic, I have a sick feeling that the summer planned availability for the Pre 3 translates into aligning with a Black Friday release.

    HP is being careful to avoid another Pre hardware mess. However, they just need to announce a specific date and stick to it. Also, HP really needs to revisit their pricing scheme so it reflects current market demand - or the lack thereof in the case of the Pre 2.

    If I could horsewhip Jon Rubinstein as part of the purchase, then I would buy it.

    NO THANK YOU! Two years attached to an already outdated phone, that would be a very dumb idea indeed. Silly HP/Verizon

    I'm amazed that it is apparently shipping with 2.0.1 instead of 2.1 that they showed at the feb 9th event. I notice that there is no mention of Skype, so I'm afraid that will be added in an OTA update and not included in 2.0

    Same with Exhibition. Grrr. Knowing how much VZW hates updates and takes forever to release them, that could mean that those features don't arrive on the Pre2 until the Veer or Pre3 are released. Ouch!

    If this is the same webOS version that comes on the unlocked GSM versions, we can expect some bugs and missing features...