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Verizon Palm Pre 2 available today only for $75, no contract required 59

by Derek Kessler Sat, 30 Jun 2012 8:55 am EDT

Verizon Palm Pre 2 available today on for $75, no contract required

If you're in the market for a new Verizon smartphone, want webOS, and don't feel like stalking eBay for a rare (and potentially expensive) Verizon HP Pre3, then we've got the next best option for you: a Verizon Palm Pre 2. And it's cheap, which is something with which we'll never argue. Today and today only, has the Verizon Palm Pre 2 available for $69.99, plus $4.99 for shipping. That price is for the straight phone, no contract required - heck, you don't even need Verizon service if you don't want it. Being that this is, this less-than-$75-shipped price is good only through the end of today, so if you've been sitting on the fence about upgrading that old beater of a Verizon Pre Plus or just want to grab a spare smartphone should your current one give up the ghost, you should act quickly.

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Just saw this posted over at Fatwallet. I can't believe the Pre2 is so cheap when Verizon was selling it for like $149 with 2yr contract only a few days ago. Off contract was like $349.

Temped to get one as a spare.

How hard is it to update the Pre2 to 2.24? Did Verizon ever update the software OTA?


Being a palmer, from palm tx to centro, to palm pre plus, I wish this sale the best. But I will pass it. I am using free android phone w/ verizon and happy w/ the choices of apps.

2 quick questions. 1) Does the stock browser contain an "auto refresh" feature like dolphin or opera mini? Where i can automatically reload a page in set intervals? 2) What alternate browsers are usable with WebOS.

Thank you in advance!

Ah, yes, Universe. Forgot about that. If you're looking for Dolphin, Chrome, or Firefox and the like, Universe is all you've got.

1) No.

2) There's "Universe Browser", which is pretty decent, but apart from that there aren't any other viable alternatives to the default browser in webOS.

I have been on Sprint for years. Can I unlock a Verizon phone to use on Sprint?

(Future Franken Pre project coming up)

Hmm, I just ordered a Pre2 (used, for $90, sigh) that was GSM. I thought I was reading that the GSM versions were the ones that were having the doctoring done and just using the Verizon software.

Does it matter whether you are getting an O2/ATT&T or Verizon Pre2 device to do doctoring on if you are swapping out the comm board anyway? Man I hope I didn't just hose myself. Should have the Pre2 in my hands next week!

Is that CDMA or GSM and is it locked?

Does anyone know?

It is CDMA and so therefore it is not unlocked and will only work with Verizon.

cdma locked to verizon

Thanks guys

Verizon or PagePlus are your options for a Verizon CDMA phone.

typo in headline:
"Verizon Palm Pre 2 available today on for $75, no contract required"; that implies the new permanent price for the Pre 2 from today on is $75.

You of course wanted to say "Verizon Palm Pre 2 available today onLY for $75, no contract required".

I was poking around and noticed that Daily Steals' sister site has a dwindling stock of Verizon Pixi Plus phones for $40:

pixi plus has a better keyboard than the pre 2. great for messaging!

Apologies if this is a naive question, but what's the advantage of getting this phone on verizon without a contract? Won't a data plan be required in order to activate and use it? And won't that be cheaper with a contract? Is it possible to activate this on verizon without a data plan?

All you have to do is activate it an it will take the place of your pre +. Since you didn't get a subsidized phone from Verizon you won't reset your contract. Your upgrade will still be there! Ordered my pre 2 can't wait for open webOS!!

need a data plan on verizon to use this phone

in theory you can activate and use the phone with no data plan (though the initial activation without data is a little tricky... you have to bypass the initial activation like the phone is going to be a developer device, then setup wifi and go through some steps to activate) . in practice, Verizon won't let you operate a smartphone without a data plan... if verizon wasn't so douchey about this, I'd grab a Pre 2 or Pixi Plus for my wife to replace her Samsung feature phone that's gone a bit wacky, but she doesn't want anything that requires a data plan since she has no use for it.

as to being cheaper, Verizon charges the same for service whether you have a contract or not, so it's actually a bit silly to be on Verizon and not get a new phone every 2 years: you're paying for a new phone whether you get one or not!

Boy I am tempted here. I have a launch day VZ Pre+, and the keyboard is getting pretty bad...crack from USB door area creeping up towards the front, another crack along the side further down.

If I buy this, can I just walk into VZ store and say "I need to switch out my current phone with this other one I just happen to have" and it won't cost me anything from VZ? Will it restart my "new in 2" discount (my contract has been up for 5 months now)?

I know Mobile Hotspot will no longer be free (I am on an account for my office, I don't know if they will change to the new everything Data plans or not), so I guess it would be FreeTether time for me. Any thoughts on me doing this? Does it sound like I'm forgetting anything?

go for it .....this is a great deal you can't go wrong and Verizon will activate it

don't know about the data your provider....

I paid 296.00 for a used pre2 on ebay about six months ago and it was a fair deal

Do it! You don't even have to go to a store, you can do it online. Just type in the IEMI number in their website, call the activation number, and you are good. One thing to remember though is SMS don't transfer from 1.4.5 to 2.1, unless you do some homebrew gyrations first.

Trust me, I did it last year (for $150). You won't regret it.

I hope you went for it. I upgraded about 1 year ago from my Pre+ (when they were getting rid of the unlimited data so my wife could qualify for the unlimited data - not that she needs that much data but who knows with more advancements what the data use will be). I got my Pre 2 from someone else's upgrade and I just switched no questions asked. The benefit of getting a no contract phone is that it won't reset your contract so you will essentially be running month to month.

Be aware that they are phasing out the unlimited data so that unless you buy an unlocked phone, you will be forced out of the unlimited data and onto a new data plan. (I believe the date just passed to upgrade without losing the unlimited data. I guess for me it is unlocked phones from now on.

As for the mobile hotspot, I have been using freetether without a problem. It is easy to setup and use. The only difference I noticed is that it runs my battery down faster and the phone runs hotter (as compared to my pre+ running mobile hotspot).

As compared to the Pre +, it is by far a better phone. The screen is so much better and there is less lag on the phone. I don't use a screen protector and the screen looks as new as it did when I got it. Although it is always in the sleeping bag from my pre plus when not in use (which incidentally is a more snug fit than with the +). The only thing I miss is that I can't change the launcher to have 4 icons across.

I picked up 2. One to upgrade my wife's pre+ (screen is starting to get scratched and it is not as sensitive) and one to upgrade another pre+ on the account.

yea, there is one big catch! Before you activate your new phone, be sure to get everything off your old palm device, as once you activate it, your old device gets wiped! I didn't catch this fast enough and lost alot of things on my phone that I needed (program data, etc)

it is much faster tho!

I bought it but I really hate giving up the free (Verizon hassle free) 5gb hotspot that was included with my VZ Pre+.

use freetether from preware. if you have unlimited data plan, then you will have unlimited wifi tethering. easy to use. no hasles

Don't forget about the $30 upgrade fee Verizon now charges

are you sure they charge that if you bring your own phone? i don't think so.

upgrade fee does not apply if you buy your own phone from third party

sprint new smartphone 10 dollar fee was avoided when I franked my pre2....I saved 60 bucks so far so my overall price will be zero someday....that's how I justifed the 296.00 I paid for her

love to go to and see my pre- still listed under my devices....I like to gloat to the store employees when I pay my bill

I don't know about Verizon, but I know with Sprint the upgrade fee is now levied on any previously unactivated phone, regardless of where or how it was purchased.

I've never had a palm phone, but I got a touchpad and I love it. I bought one of the pre 2's just so I could try it. Plus when open webOS comes out I want to be able to try it. Some might say its a waste but if open webOS ends up where I think it can it will be an investment.

is the GPS crippled on this
hone like it was on the pre plus?


You mean...i will be able to use gps apps, and actually get fixes, when I need them, showing me where I actually am, and be able to navigate my way around in places unknown to me? Is that what you are saying?

Where's the fun in that? I won't know what to do with myself now.

my Verizon Franken pre 2 is crippled so that is why I asked. Went for it and hope it works. Will now have to use free tether.

I was just joking around with Derek there...I too have a Pre+ and the GPS has been very sketchy on it. In fact, the only time it worked most of the time was when I was using the 30 free trial of Verizon Navigator a couple of years ago. It still wasn't perfect, but it worked 95% of the time versus 40% which is about what I usually get.

I'm getting one. Can't wait for it to arrive.

I just grabbed one! My pre- will be converted to a verizon frankenpre 2!
With any luck (and help from you guys here) I can do it.
I bought a refurb Sprint Photon (android) but I it compared to webOs.

It's a significant improvement. You'll enjoy it. There's plenty of help around here to get it going for sure.

Grabbed one. Thanks for the heads-up Derrek.

I got one too! My 2.5 year old Pre+ with Verizon has served me well...but it's a new day for me too.

You guys will love it. I have a GSM Pre 2 and there is nothing like this multi tasking phone right now on the market.

I missed it bummer.....wanted one!

I could not figure out if this was GSM or CDMA :( My email to customer support @ dailysteals is still unanswered. Research revealed that Verizon unlocked has to be GSM, Pre2 pictures at dailysteals website showed 3G which has to be GSM i think (?). So i ordered 2.....if it turns out to be CDMA after all i'll resell at cost since i have no use for CDMA.

Verizon uses CDMA so the phone is a CDMA phone. 3G refers to both GSM and CDMA phones. The Verizon unlocked refers to a phone that is unlocked to your contract (doesn't renew it), however, it is still locked to the Verizon network. You can't even use it (straight out of the box) on another company's CDMA network.

Sounds like you may be either cancelling your order or reselling them.

Thank you for shedding this light and insight. Apologies for my ignorance. I guess indeed i try to cancel unless someone else on here needs / wants them.

I'll take one off your hands if you aren't able to cancel your order. I missed my chance to buy one yesterday.

You can buy it from ebay account for just $5 more.

Thanks! Just grabbed one.

Thanks, I just picked up one today (Tuesday) from your link. Still available for $79 (free shipping).
Also thanks to everyone who posted about Free Tether. I have a Pre Plus and was hesitant to lose my mobile hotspot (I have to admit that I don't use it all that often, but I hate to give it up).

Apparently Verizon doesn't sell Palm Pre 2 phones new anymore - not listed in the smart phones available, so buying one elsewhere is the only way to have it on Verizon now. Wish I'd seen this yesterday to pick one up just in case mine is lost/broken before any better phone choice is available.

Picture is an original Pre!

I will take one as well! Very interested. Thanks.

I had a pre2 on Verizon about 9 months ago and the GPS on it was horrible. It was literally off by a few blocks making it pretty useless for navigating around. I upgraded to a Pre 3 and GPS worked great so I'm not sure what the problem was. It may have been HPs fault not Verizon's.

They are still available for $69 now under "Last Call"

i was able to cancel the ones i ordered (before i knew this was CDMA only). Indeed they are still available under 'last call' in case you want them.