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Verizon Palm Pre 2 to launch February 17th for $100 on contract 220

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 04 Feb 2011 10:48 am EST

Looks like the Verizon Pre 2 is a mystery no more: if you believe our tipster's screen above (and we do), then we are looking at a February 17th launch at $100 on a 2-year contract. This comes four months after the original announcement. During that period we've seen the Verizon Pre 2 appear in Best Buy's inventory system, heard many-a-rumor that display units had been sent out and then pulled from Verizon stores, spotted in the Celebrite system, and even saw it on a soon-to-be-irrelevant Verizon rebate form. All of which is to say that this looks like a "better-late-than-never" release that was intended to happen a lot sooner.

In any case, mark the 17th on your calendars and anticipate a pretty quiet launch coming so soon after the Verizon iPhone extravaganza we find ourselves in the midst of.

What does this mean for the February 9th Think Beyond event? It's all speculation at this point, but right now our money is still on an inexpensive, "teen phone" for an unknown network, a tablet or two, and perhaps a Sprint announcement as well. It may also mean we might be living with the idea that the Palm Pre 2 on Verizon and the unlocked GSM Palm Pre 2 are both the flagship, top-tier webOS phones for a little longer than expected.

Thanks Anonymous!


Pre2 seems okay but HP needs something more for a "flagship" device.

In all of my years in the business world, I have never seen such poor marketing & business decision as I have seen come from Palm in the last two years.

This phone is already a failure before it even launches, because it is launching right after a superior product.

Iphone 4 will outsell the Pre 2 100 to 1.

If it had come out in November a completely different story.

We can only hope the rate will be at least 10:1.

The Pre2 is a really great phone. It's very fast and has plenty of memory for multitasking the apps you want to run. I think most negative comments about the Pre2 really stem from a desire for another form-factor. I can certainly understand that but for those who like the original Pre format, the Pre2 is a very worthy successor.

i wouldn't call it fast. Not with those load screens.

Load screens? I'm not sure what you are talking about.
I WILL SAY THIS WITHOUT A DOUBT: The Pre 2 will not be Palm's flagship device after the Feb. 9th announcement. Didn't you all see the teaser video that HP put out. It shows a phone that is different than the Pre 2 and HP's CEO said gone are the days of waiting months after a device is announced. HP knows what they are doing. Mark my words, a new device released in early March.

I agree.


Verizon SOLD OUT their 6 million iphones in 17 hours. You're talking 1,000,000:1

I'm speculating that this is not HP's flagship phone. Why would they sell a new phone release for just $100? I think HP has a bigger/better phone to be announced on the 9th, and they're keeping the Pre2 for the ones who say they're happy with that size.

The problem is their release dates. If Palm is releasing the Pre 2 on the 17th, when are they going to release the new flagship phones? December? (Yea, I know - let's await the "in the coming months" remark yet again).

Now, if Palm DOES NOT come out with a better phone than the Pre 2, that actually rivals the iphone (and I'm not talking same/equal parts), then for the love of all mankind, just close up shop because for 2+ years, you still haven't figured out the market yet and they will never be more than 1-3% of the market share.

I've decided to wait and see what happens on Feb 9th. If it's the same old crap, I'll be placing my order for the iphone very soon.

Verizon actually sold out of iphone 4's in just two hours of preorders. And those pre orders were only placed by current verizon customers. Also the preorders took place between 3am-5am.

not in 2 hours I know a friend who ordered theirs at 12 the next day they stopped taking preorders around 1 est.

10 to 1? I think you could multiply that several times over. This is indeed a weird strategy by Palm, if you can even call it that.

At least I'm on Sprint, so there is some hope of a better new WebOS option being announced.

Engadget: "It took Verizon only two hours of having the iPhone 4 available for pre-order to break its all-time record for first day sales of a single device. That's in spite of the fact it only opened up pre-orders to its own subscribers and did so at the dead of night. To be clear, between 3AM and 5AM yesterday morning, more people ordered up the iPhone 4 than Verizon has been able to get through its doors on any full product launch day."

Yeah, I think more than 10 to 1 is a pretty safe wager. :)

Phone manufacture actually have no control over the release date of phones. They sell the devices to carriers who sell them to us.

Apple had a lot of "say" in this........

No control? What the hell are you talking about? Lets see, "We are releasing your product on January 2nd."
"But it is not manufactured yet."
"We don't care, you have no control over this matter."

10 to 1?

"it needs to be at least..... THREE times biggger than this!" - Derek Zoolander

I really don't think HP is taking Pre 2 seriously.. To me it's the last "palm" phone.

Feb 9th is going to be an entirely new beast with webOS, and I'm excited for it.

You don't release the "last Palm phone" after your rebranding Feb 9th "think beyond" event.

The Pre 2 has been released for quite a while now. This is just Verizon deciding to finally release it. I bet it has nothing to do with HP/Palm.

I guess the release date is the "beyond" part.

"in the coming months"

That would be disappointing if their goal was to perform well against the iPhone. Maybe if it came out in November it would have been 10:1. Either way, they didn't really care. They just want it out there and out of their hands.

Sprint Industry First: New flagship webOS Phone PAIRED with tablet that is capable of seamless integration of devices and wireless sharing of music, video... They come together with tons of cloud storage.

Look how long we had to get just this. I guess Jon never said what year February was in for getting flash.

Life moves fast, dont get run over waiting for Palm.

Maybe I'll get one for my wife to make up for the 4 inch slab phone I'm gonna get in March!!

oh thats just great! It gets released on the 17th and the iPhone4 is already having record pre-sales.... Good luck pre2! I have a bad feeling about this.

That's no moon...


once again a Verizon/Palm fail. It's bad enough that the Plus was launched on VZW after Droid, but now they're going to try to sell devices against the iPhone? Oh, and compete against themselves w/their 2/9 product announcements. This is how you screw up a product launch, disolve brand loyalty and eventually become irrelevant. Far too little, far too late.

Well said

"This is how you screw up a product launch, disolve brand loyalty and eventually become irrelevant."

Spot on.


"now they're going to try to sell devices against the iPhone? Oh, and compete against themselves"

Yes, they plan to sell devices against the IPhone. This is why they will be announcing new devices on the 9th.

Yes, they plan to have more then one option for people, as you put it "compete against themselves".

Competing against oneself is common. If you can't take an entire market with one product, you release many competing products, and the more variety there is, the more likely you are to bring a few more people over. Think cereal and soft drinks.

Think Nokia.

Ok I dont normally curse but....

Somebody F'd up!
The price point is pretty cool but its just retarded to launch it that late after the iPhone. But hay maybe its not Palm/HPs fault. After all Verizon knew they were getting the iPhone and wanted to direct more of their attention towards it. Can't say that I blame them for that move tho.


The IPhone doesn't need any introduction or attention it sales it self.

The IPhone doesn't need any introduction or attention it sales it self.

In Russia, iPhone sells itself!

You messed up, it's In Russia, iPhone sells you.

Once again, Palm/HP launch timing is terrible. The Pre 2 should have been launched months ago, NOT after the launch of one of the most anticipated Smartphone in years "THE VERIZON IPHONE".

Agreed, but I think the problem lies more with Verizon than palm/hp. I view this as a good omen for Sprint, however, that this means there is an even better chance that new palm hardware will end up on their network.

Relax folk, I don't see this as the Flagship model. It's a $99 model. The iPhone is a $299 model. That's not an apples to apples comparison. Let's hope HP has something up their sleeve.

I agree.

This is either shifting inventory, or recalibrating the Pre as one of the base models along with a candy bar as a teenphone.

I expect we'll see a couple of new phones, maybe a landscape slider and a slab, to go with the tablet.

That would give HP a well rounded line up of phones.

Agreed, I think that this is just to fulfill their promise that it would be out on Verizon. With the pricepoint of $100, it is very hard to believe that this is going to be the Flagship WebOS device. I dont believe the Pre form factor is gonna ever go away, it is their base model. They will have others as well, but they will always have the portrait slider. I have to believe, especially with Leo saying get ready to throw away your iphones and ipads, seeing the strikingly similar form of the topaz, and that they are straight up calling out apple, that a slab phone has to be in the works as well. I believe that it will be announced at think beyond, but if not, then it will be announced in the "coming months." But I do expect that their will be multiple form factors announced on Wed. All we can do is hope for the best, and for a Sprint announcement ;)

Yeah what they are doing does make sense. Palm manufactured a whole bunch of these phones that were supposed to be shipped during last summer but with HP takeover things were held back till now.

They have to shift this inventory so they are gonna sell them at $99 first and then probably free with contract.

This also means the new flagship device is most likely going to be launched on Sprint for two reasons. One it wouldn't be wise to compete with iPhone on Verizon right now and Two Sprint hasn't had a Palm phone refresh in a while. The fact that pre2 is being launched on Verizon means Verizon won't get the flagship device for at least another 6 months or so.

fail (flower) wallpaper choice.. way to limit the purchases to chicks..


As a chick, I loved the original release with the coral. One of the striking attractive things about an elegant phone.

Droid had a great operating system and ugly scary graphics. R2D2 was cute. Droid looked like the death star.

If it includes Mobile Hotspot for free, it will be the best phoone/plan combo on Verizon, iPhone included.

Well the price point leads me to believe that they will be releasing a more competitve phone to the iphone for $200. The Pre2 might be attractive to some for half the iphone price plus it may also be eligbile for cheaper data plans. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

All smartphone have the same data price on Verizon.

Wow....this is depressing.

Aww, do you want me to make it better? Should I get a counselor in here to make the pain go away?

The price point isn't the problem. The launch window is. The sitting next to 3.7-4.0-inch (Droid Incredible, Droid 2, Fascinate)screen devices with much higher resolution that ALSO sell for $99 on Verizon is.

Relax guys, not everyone even wants an iPhone and not every even wants to jump on Verizon. I know more people that wouldn't get an iPhone or have left the iPhone for other phones. What if the Pre 2 IS the "teen phone" they are talking about? What if HP/Palm wants to concentrate on Sprint instead of Verizon? Im pretty sure there are good reasons why HP, a smart company, would launch a Pre 2 on Verizon after the iPhone. I highly doubt they would make that kind of move just to throw money away, especially after the billions of dollars they spent buying off companies last year.

"Not everyone wants an iPhone" - The prior Pre failed on Verizon quite ably with no iPhone in sight.

"What if it is the teen phone" - See Kin. Kin One, specifically. They bear a striking resemblance.

"What if HP wants to concentrate on Sprint instead of Verizon" - Yes, let's give the number two carrier our lowest end current phone. Makes perfect sense,

While you're trying to argue that HP knows what they're doing, your rationalizations make it appear that the exact opposite is the case.

The prior Pre failing had nothing to do with HP. That was all Palm's fault for lack of advertising.

Im not the one that came up with the idea that HP was making a teen phone, that has been a rumor for quite a while. Im just stating that what if the Pre 2 is the teen phone people rumored about. It was a question, cuz the fact remains, we dont know what HPs plans are yet.

Giving the number 2 carrier (numbers wise) a low end phone would not be a bad idea IF HP was also going to release higher end phones to the same carrier somewhere down the line. Again, we dont know what HP has planned.

I only brought these up to show possibilities. We dont know what the plan is yet everyone is ready to bad mouth HP / Palm without even having a clue whats going on.

Clincher there is we don't know what HP has planned. I propose we stop all this ridiculous speculation until we do know.

WOOT - glad to see some webOS phone at Verizon and the Pre 2 on a US carrier.


I just get depressed knowing that I am only halfway through my Pre Plus 2 year contract renewal. I can't even afford this for another year, and then it's my wife's turn for a new phone. Grrr....

I know what you mean on that one. I would walk over an iphone to get to a palm 2; unfortunately, my next choice doesn't come until Jan 2012. If Sprint has all the good webos devices I may have to switch. But I do like the Palm 2 just as surely as I like the Palm Pre Plus right now.

This is why everyone needs to start using Verizon's one year contract offers. It is only $75 more and you get a one-year deal. That's what I did for my Pre Plus and now I am sitting pretty able to upgrade to the iPhone 4 or the new WebOS phones coming out.

AND the kicker is my Pre Plus will have a higher resale value now than in a year so it pays for itself.

SO.... what we are looking at here is potential for the pre 2 being the flag ship and some junk teen phone for the announcement (and some tablets) and thats it? You've got to be kidding. HP has hyped this so much I think they have something better, guys. If not, then bye palm. I'm taking a break for a very very long while while you get your sh*t together! The Pre 2 can't be a flagship anything. Oh well, a few more days and we will see.

I already did that and have been enjoying my EVO. Even if the 2/9 announcement shows something great, it will take a while to work out the bugs and by the time my upgrade comes around again in December (hard to believe that's only 10 months away now) I may have something to come back to with Palm.

Calm the hell down. You don't know anything about anything about what's coming from palm. This is just a Verizon screencap. Maybe pre2 is coming, maybe it isn't, but either way, More webOS phones equals nothing but good for us. Wait 5 days to see what else is in store, then pull out your whiny "you've got to be kidding" and "bye palm" garbage. Don't just run with the writer's baseless conjecture.

My thought exactly, and then some.!!!!!!

You're right, I don't know. That's why I said, "Oh well, a few more days and we will see". I wasn't flipping out, I was just giving my opinion that the Pre 2 shouldn't be a flag ship device. You're basically saying the same thing I said, that I don't believe that the Pre 2 is all they got I think they have something better. I only said "bye palm"(temporarily) IF thats all they have. I wasn't buying into the writer's baseless conjecture, I was deflecting it.

That price point does seem to indicate that something else must be coming. Top tier devices dont usually debut at 100 bucks.

The Palm Pre 2 will NOT be the "flagship" device. I refuse to believe that.

Remember a week ago when the CEO of HP said "Get ready to get rid of your iPhones and iPads."? Who the hell would get rid of an iPhone for a Palm Pre 2??

There will be a better flagship device(s) announced next Wednesday. I guarantee it.

Absolutely Agree!

WOW... great it HP/palm or Verizon setting up the Pre to fail erverytime


Shh...wait for wednesday.

If the Pre 2 is the only "adult" smart phone announced on the 9th I will be incredibly disappointed. Spec wise its fine I guess but I want new form factors. Theres just nothing exciting about a phone that looks like the one I've had for nearly two years.

Shouldn't iPhone owners say that every year?

Do want. Will get. Unless something crazy is unveiled Feb 9th that has a release in a month or so.

Pre 2 is the speed/form factor that works for me. Not a fan of the big Droid style phones.

Yeah, if those webos internals guys figure out how to frankenstein a Verizon Pre 2 with a Sprint Pre 1 then I'd definately get a Pre 2. I'm not ruling out other models that may be released after 2/9, Im just saying that the Pre form factor has worked well for me, and if what I've read about the Pre 2 is true, then I really wouldn't mind the upgrade.

I thought I heard that the Pre 2 has already been frankensteined to a Pre- on Sprint. Hmmm

the pre2 better not be the "flagship" device...not at $100 and not in the lineup with other devices on the market. it would be a huge let down if that is the case...

SO.... what we are looking at here is potential for the pre 2 being the flag ship and some junk teen phone for the announcement (and some tablets) and thats it? You've got to be kidding. HP has hyped this so much I think they have something better, guys. If not, then bye palm. I'm taking a break for a very very long while while you get your sh*t together! The Pre 2 can't be a flagship anything. Oh well, a few more days and we will see.

HP/Palm is just clearing out their stock of Pre 2s, this is good news for everyone with Verizon because this is an indicator that Verizon will be selling HP/Palm products.

Exactly. Mustve been some VZW contractual release obligation for the Pre2 - holdover really from before HP's acquisition - that got fuzzed & muddled & mucked up amidst all of HP's real focus...Feb 9th, new devices, new horizons, bigger ambitions

WebOS is still the best. Too many whiners and naysayers around here, delayed gratification is hard but c'mon, it's only a few days away. Anyway my Sprint Pre is still going strong.

so hopefully the webOS 2.0 (or newer) update for existing Verizon customers by the 17th as well?

And on what do you base that assumption?

Interesting theory

I'm hoping Feb 9 will reveal two new phones - one being a new 'superdevice'.

Flagship? I thought it was going to be the other way around. Pre 2 comes in to refresh the Pre 1 and sits at more of an entry spot (not as entry as the teen phone) then better devices sit above it. We shall see.

one can only hope they have maybe, three tiers of devices:

tier one, teen phone
tier two, pre 2
tier three, something new (flagship)

Could it possibly be a spot holder?

Or possibly the cheaper device or a dual launch?

Does anyone know any other phones being released on that day that might seem suspicious?

On a more concrete note . . . One of the nice things about pre plus on Verizon is that they gave us the free tethering. If you upgrade your phone, do you lose the free tethering?

It's also bad timing in that I got the pre plus on Verizon's launch day (end of January) and am not eligible for upgrade until next September. And everyone else is going to be after me. So they can't even work the brand loyalty angle.

I agree with other posters - not a comparable phone to iphone and this is too inexpensive to be a flagship.

This is why everyone should do 1 year deals with Verizon (see above comment). I must be one of the only current WebOS owners on VZW that can upgrade!

I said it before, the Pre2 is why Apotheker said devices were ready to ship right after the announcement. It makes him truthful, but not what we really wanted or expected.

And not on Sprint, which leaves me out in the cold android world!

Yes, but the Pre2 has not only already been "announced", it's been available for sale (unlocked) for quite a while. Apotheker said that the devices being announced *at the Feb. 9th event* would be ready to ship shortly thereafter.

Making the Pre2 one of those devices by "re-announcing" it on Feb. 9th would be a cheap cop-out, even in the world of marketing.

all true, but it hasn't been released (CDMA)in the US. I just think it will be announced on Tuesday and they will say it's available right away, as promised. Other phones will be announced, but may not be available right away.

We will find out on Tuesday!

The Palm Pre 2 BETTER NOT be HP's flagship phone. If it is, I will be aggravated beyond belief. I mean, in all honesty, how can HPalm expect a power user to suffice with a phone that has specs which seem to date back to 6 months to a year ago?

I'm hoping the Pre 2 will be HPalm's solution to the teen demographic or, at the very most, a mid-range between their teen-focused product and their flagship device.

But flagship device? The Pre 2? No way. Can't believe it. Won't believe it.

Why are so many blaming HP/Palm for this? Clearly, this is a Verizon decision. Whether it was done to intentionally sabotage HP or not will come out in the future, but it appears that the Pre2 is available, but for their own reasons, Verizon chose to not release it until AFTER their iPhone launch. Not HP's fault, but Verizon has made it HP's problem.

Would that be necessary for Verizon to "sabotage HP"? It seems HP/Palm have been doing themselves in quite well all by themselves!

Palm? Agreed.

HP? To be determined! :)

Your use of "sabotage" doesn't make any sense... If they wanted to "sabotage" they would just say, "You know, HPalm, I don't think we're right for each other. It's not me, it's you."

I agree, IF Verizon has no axe to grind with HP/Palm. However, maybe there is bad blood between the two for WHATEVER reason, and they are trying to make them look like chumps. If they are, then releasing the Pre2 AFTER the iPhone would be one way of doing that.

Not saying that's the case, mind you. I am just trying to theorize as to why they waited months to release a phone that was clearly available to them.

Verizon doesn't want to show off the latest and greatest webOS phone right now. Think about it. Verizon spent years and lots of $$$ trying to get the iphone. And it's been very successful with android models in the last year. It's not going to trumpet any other flagship right now that would confuse the consumer or clutter up the high end and most costly phones. VW wants a compact, competent midlevel smartphone like Pre 2 that is different from all the other smart phones out there. The pre2 is a logical midlevel replacement for the Pre plus almost exactly a year later. Phone companies want a full portfolio of feature phones, midlevel, and high end phones. VW choose this lineup for business reasons alone. That's it. The fact that $100 is the price means they don't intend for it to be a flagship phone at all.
So HP can work on other carriers to showcase its newest and advanced smartphones. Ok? Wednesday will show us the roadmap.

That sucks.
Why would they get the pre 2 when there are supposed to be super phones announced on 2/9/11?
This tells me there are no super phones coming :(
(or at least not to verizon anyway)

Seriously, IOS has nothing natively over webOS. It's sad that a lot of people don't see this.

except for a couple hundred thousand apps..

When did Verizon first release the PrePlus? My guess is nobody that owns the PrePlus (the most logical buyer for a Pre2) is up for an upgrade. If they really wanted to move them they would do something for existing Pre users.

Verizon reps dont like the Palm Product, there is very little advertising to pull people from other OS's and they arent even offering a special deal to existing customers. I can't imagine they will be moving to many of these.

PS - I would get one if my contract was up, another 14 months to go.

How do you know whether or not there will be a special deal? This is just a screencap of an inventory screen with very little data. Perhaps we could wait until it comes.

Released last January. I bought it first day. Earliest renewal is next September.


Not true if you got a one-year contract from Verizon...

Couldn't get this phone on Sprint at least? I would have bought it on Sprint!

maaaaaybe, verizon isn't gonna get hp's flagship. i believe that 8 second teaser was a phone.. and it didn't look like any pre 2 i've ever seen... soooo my speculation is that hp wanted to wait to launch devices on multiple carriers.. there's no room on verizon for webOS.. they just got the iPhone and i'd imagine they've already invested millions into it's advertising campaign.. and they're also heavily invested in the droid brand.. they don't care to push lil' ol' webOS.. if i/we can see this, hp can.. so, i believe they'll launch "low end" pre 2 on verizon and at&t and the flagship will be on sprint.. and all will be announced on the 9th.. i surely hope so..

extreme wishful thinking: sprint will announce the industry first 4G HP Superphone and Tablet on Feb 7 which will be a precursor for the 9th which will be a precursor for MWC... a fella can dream huh?

"i believe they'll launch "low end" pre 2 on verizon and at&t and the flagship will be on sprint.."

I hope HP doesn't follow Palm's strategy with Sprint as the exclusive carrier like they did with the Pre. If they do, this will be a major failure like the last time...

I think the 4G is unlikely, but as you so adeptly put it, a fella can dream. (i am)

Pretty maddening that "in the coming months" ended up being 4+. There is going to be quite an uproaring if they try and use that "in the coming months" term for their upcoming products announced next Wednesday! They'd better choose their wording carefully!

sigh.. the pre 2 needed to be on Sprint lie 6 months ago and the 2/9 announcement should have gone to everyone

HPalm should go out in the desert and pile these Pre 2's on top of the Apple Lisa's.

Just give them all to Charlie Sheen so he can get his new adult movie career going.

The 9th would be better but we finally get a date.

Wow seriously? If this truely means that the Pre2 is their top-teir phone than way to fail HP, way to fail.

But the teaser pic of what by all accounts is a phone makes me happy- I do not mind the pre's form factor- it just needs to be bigger...mostly wider just about 10-15% wider screen and keyboard (like the BB Tortch) and you got a winner with the better slider/keyboard and glass screen- use a new 1ghz+GPU processor and 1gig ram and yay- make sure webos 2.X is cleaner than expected also.

the good news is that the Pre2 is NOT what they showed in the sneak peek video. This has the original Pre power button & silent mode slider.

Why don't all of you "chicken littles" wait until Feb. 9th before you start running around screaming "the sky is falling, the sky is falling" lol....

Can anyone who has a Pre2 compare theirs to the screen shot in the video? Could that phone be the Pre2?

(Obviously that phone in the video could be the "teen" phone too).

Teens are cool. They get all the best stuff...acne, low paying jobs, boring semi-smartphones, late model Mitsubishi Eclipses...

I have a Pre2. The teaser is definitely not the Pre2, but a newer phone we will see on Feb 9th.

Why would you put out a teaser of a product that is already out anyway?

"Why would you put out a teaser of a product that is already out anyway? "

You forget how HPalm's marketing can't seem to get out of the way of themselves... ;-)

Anybody think that maybe this is being launched February 17 because Verizon expects a shortage of iPhones and could steer impulse buyers with their eye on the pocketbook to a Pre2? Think about it--it would be foolish for Verizon to introduce the next WebOS PHONE so soon after the iPhone, and, frankly, the announcement will likely focus much more on the tablet and ecosystem than an individual phone, so this might be a way for WebOS enthusiasts to dive immediately into the new WebOS experience, let the iPhone mania die down a little, and let the WebOS brand grow for a couple of months before releasing a new hero phone.

Why bother with the Pre2 when we are going to know what is coming on Feb 9?

I'd just like to say that this is my only line...

People, don't act like this is as much Palm's fault as it is VZW... they are nearly ALWAYS the criminal when stuff like this happens. Remember the GPS fiasco? VZW is and will always be out of line.

I think this is good, they are going to have a three tier approach for phones.

- Teen Phone (an upgraded better spec'd Pixi (hopefully with a different name))
- Pre 2 (Portrait slider, which will receive spec bumps (perhaps including a screen size increase) but be the bread and butter and a long-term phone style, like the Treo)
- Slab style phone with larger screen and high specs, to be popular.

+ the tablet.

They may also produce a landscape slider, which might have been [one of] the teased phone[s].

They could also be shifting inventory, or making the Pre2 the new base phone especially given the very low price.

Look here folks, look at the back of the phone it say's Palm and not HP,
so it can not be a HP flagship device.

Also putting a phone this late on, is good for business, this will give people a chance to get to know webos better, weil HP hype up the next big thing. Also think about it,
return you palm pre 2 and get a
new HP phone for free or pay a certain amount.

Business folks it's all about business.

do you people honestly think hp will hold their own event just to come out and say 'oh btw, the pre 2 will be available as our flagship phone and will be available shortly'.. Honestly

and whos to say this is either palms or hp's fault? why isn't the blame on verizon.. After all the device was available 4 months ago..

Okay, so Verizon will sell the Pre 2. Maybe AT&T as well, since they've lost the iPhone monopoly. Makes me hopeful that Sprint could get a 3-4 month exclusive on a new 4G super phone from HP. This is the thing in the teasers. Something with the build quality of a Treo. It don't see HP releasing LTE devices until Q3.

quit whining. at least SOMETHING new is coming. "oh but its not a SUPER PHONE" psshhh whatever, jump ship for all i care. god this place is full of whiners. be happy anything is coming. thats whats wrong with the world today, nobody is happy for anything. go cry on another site. im happy something is coming. im happy HP didnt just shut palm down. IM HAPPY FOR WHAT IVE GOT!

did you all not see the teaser video.. I am pretty sure that is a phone and its not the Pre2.. so relax..

If that teaser phone is a slider phone, they better have slapped a 3.5"+ screen on it.. 3.1" was great for an entry into the smartphone space, but not for 2nd gen, and not for the current market where 3.5" in the minimum.. below 3.5" = fail, because it doesnt look like a "smart phone"

In fact, they need a Slab style phone for webos.. or they fail..

But i have faith, Webos event will announce a Slab phone on (hopefully!) all carriers at the same time..
...or atleast sprint (because their whole userbase has been waiting FOREVER!) then verizon/at&t a month or so later.

this is good for business, HP did the right steps, you guys will see later on down the road, first give people a option to know WebOs even if they
did not buy the phone,they at least can see what the hype is about,
when HP starts it's ad campaign of

I think its a smart move to add this phone to Verizon's line up, but they should release it to every carrier in the US for $79.99 to see similiar success Palm had with the Centro. As far as flagship goes, no way Pre 2 is flagship worthy unless HP plans to target only mid and low-end market. Nonetheless, Pre 2 is a great phone and and many people will be happy with the form factor it offers, but webOS needs different form factors to make everyone happy in order to be a winner.

People act as though there only need to be 3 phones in the world, whatever the latest and greatest Android phone, the iPhone and whatever it is STUPID people use. Think about demographics, niches, high-end, mid-end, low-end. There are plenty of niches out there to drive sales for people who don't want or can't afford 300-500 HTC/Motorola/Sony phone du jour. There are also plenty of people like my wife that don't want giant slab phone to watch movies on or play first person shooters.

It's entirely possible that HP decided that there were enough existing Pre users, as well as potential new users in the market that the Pre form factor and Pre 2 updated hardware makes sense as a low to mid range phone in an ecosystem of products. Just like they have Mini, Every Day, Ultra-Portable, High Performance, and Envy lines for their laptops. Just like HTC floods every niche of the market with their TWENTY ONE DIFFERENT PHONES!!! (13 android, 8 windows mobile) Edit

OK, HP has 5 days to give me a reason not to switch to Android. If they actually have the balls to make the Pre 2 their flagship after this ridiculous wait (releasing it when it should already be EOL) then it shows a total lack of respect for their customer base.

Palm fanatics must be a seriously masochistic bunch...

this is exactly what i was talking about above. quit your whining and jump ship. jeez. yeah, give them a timeline, and another, and another...

You are exactly the kind of person/idiot I was referring to when I suggested that Palm fanatics must be seriously masochistic...

Most companies don't seem to go out of their way to piss off customers, that's considered bad business, unfortunately some customers love to bend over and take it, and that my friend, is you.

Why should the PRE2 be EOL? Because it looks similar to the Pre? Or is the vertical slider itself that makes you think that? It can't be the specs because it is quite competitive with most phones in the marketplace. The processor may not be cutting edge, but it is very current.

The Pre 2 should be EOL based upon the usual timeline for smartphone release. EOL simply means that the device will no longer be sold, not that it is "no good". If you look at devices slated for the same initial release period as the Pre 2, such as the Droid X and Droid 2, they will be hitting EOL shortly after the Pre 2 release. That means that a new generation of Android devices will probably ship alongside the Pre 2 release.

The world we live in has very small product release windows. This isn't 1996. Companies have to move quickly and keep up with change.

What a complete failure. Seems true that HP is more concerned with tablets than phones. I'll be moving to Android on the 10th I guess.

this is exactly what i meant above. quit whining and leave.

bradenfontaine, are you a spambot, do you work for HP, or are you just a complete tool who does nothing with his sad little day but post inane comments in an attempt to silence people's valid complaints about a phone company?

So sure of what's coming, are you? Then jump ship today.

That's not very Cool!

Sprint and AT&T don't have the coverage I need where I live. I need Verizon. I got the PrePlus in February 2010, a couple weeks after launch. I like the form factor - it's just what I need. I don't like the big thin slabs - doesn't feel like a phone to me. I would get the Pre2, but my upgrade date is October 19. I believe most current Verizon PrePlus users in the same boat as me.

I'm hoping that this is a bogus news plant. Didn't HP warn us to watch out for things exactly like this in their poem?

If it's not bogus, then it's the new mid-tier phone. $99 is a dead give away.

maybe it's not hp/palm.... Ever think it could be verizon putting it right after the iphone launch? That's why I think palm should just stay where they started. Good ole sprint

I'll be more than happy to recommend it to friends. I'm on Pre minus and it works like a charm and I absolutely love its functionality, reliability, form factor, etc.

Funny how all of you trolls come out from under the bridge after any kind of announcement.

Do you have evidence that this was Palm/HP's fault? What if it was VZW's fault? Maybe they didn't want to release any devices to take away from the iPhones thunder, whereby not having the launch like they just had.

As others have said, shut it until the 9th. And if you're leaving Palm after that to hop on the bandwagon, go for it. The rest of us don't give a crap. Just quit complaining here. You're wasting bandwidth.