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Verizon Palm Pre 2 gets handled 43

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 29 Oct 2010 1:58 pm EDT

Phone Scoop managed to snag some hands-on time with a pre-production Verizon Palm Pre 2, a flavor of Pre 2 that has yet to be seen in the wild. It looks as though the glass front of the Pre 2 is indeed Gorilla Glass by Corning and it sounds as though the keyboard is much improved over the Verizon Pre Plus' keyboard - though given the issues with the Pre Plus' keyboard, that's not necessarily high praise.

Hopefully the rumors that "Coming Months" actually means "November 11th" pan out.

Source: Phone Scoop; Thanks everybody!



Hey Phone Scoop, does gps work??

Argh! Why didn't they know this would be the first question any existing customer will ask?!?

Or prospective customer - I only got my Pre Plus on AT&T about six months ago, but if Verizon's Pre 2 has a working GPS then I'll be all over it!!

the pre2 does look very nice with the matt finish..

Do we know yet if the Pre Plus 2 has an internal compass? That was one of the items missing from the original Pre (and Pre Plus) that I really missed.

It's Pre 2... no plus... not yet at least

Some basic science...
The touchstone works through the use of a magnet.
A compass points towards magnetic north. A magnet held near a compass will cause the compass to always point at the magnet, rendering it useless.
Inductive charging may also screw with a compass.
You will never see a compass in a touchstone compatible phone. And it's unlikely that a phone that uses inductive charging of any sort will have anything resembling a reliable compass.

The magnets are only in the charger base (the Touchstone itself, not the Pre's back cover). You probably don't really need the compass to work when it's sitting on the charger.

The magnet is on the touchstone. That just means that if the phone were to contain a compass, it would not work on the touchstone. That doesn't mean that it could not contain a compass.

Holy frap. Some basic science AND technology...
The compass' on smartphones? They're electronic/solid state. They don't fracking get affected much by regular magnets.

To wit:

Sorry I just had several beers and raring to prove a point.

Have a good day.

damn dude. You must not look at responses to your posts as you've responded to someone else before with your non-educated answer about the magnet issue(non-issue).

It's in the touchstone man. Not the phone.

Geeze. You gotta stop acting so smart ass if you're gonna get it wrong.

I just wanna know when I can get one on the sprint network... I have a launch day pre and to see crappy verizon getting it first is horribly irksome.....

Que the SCBC (Sprint Cry Baby Choir).

Que the SMDSP (Suck My Dick SweetPete).

the real quesion is what does this mean for when my pre will get webOS 2.0. If it's going to be real deal in november than it should be ready for my pre.

The open search feature is NICE! I so want that.

That slider looks really Slick.... HW quality looks great overall....

it'll probably be a qpst hack at worst to get it on sprint

please tell me that the just type at the top is able to be turned off. I realize that it was inserted for when we get out slab and you need to hit it to iniate the virtual keyboard but that was one thing I hated about android was having that search bar at the top. It takes away from the elegance of the OS by having that slapped across the top if you ask me. I'm sure it will be patched up though if it doesn't so don't even know why I'm worried, lol. Ahh the beauty of webOS. If you don't like it, patch it.

+1. When I first saw "just type" my first thought was it had better have an option to turn that box off or that had better be one of the first patches that someone is working on.

agree hopefully the patch will fix that. Long live homebrew!

Damn the Pre 2 is fast. I really want one. It's going to be hard to resist the urge to switch from Sprint to Verizon to get it, despite the possibility of better phones on Sprint in early 2011. Verizon is more expensive, but they do have a better network. Talk me out of leaving Sprint.

I'll definitely wait until I know about GPS before I buy one. I hope they don't cripple it on the Pre 2 and that they uncripple it on the existing phones.

I like Telenav which is free on Sprint but I can just get a standalone GPS which will be cheaper in the long run if I switch to Verizon. Unfortunately this won't do anything about the crippled GPS which affects things like foursquare and Google maps.

I want proof it's Gorilla Glass before I believe it. This guy sounds like he doesn't really know what he is talking about to me.

NEXT UP...(drumroll) the Pre 2 Plus!!!!!!

Well if that were to happen, the only carrier I could see that on is Sprint so that it's not the same as the original Pre2. But by that time, we will be in CES2011 with mention of 5 new devices(maybe) so I doubt there will be any Pre 2+s

I can't wait for quick actions. I don't know how many times i've unknowingly started typing something thinking it was in the messaging app, but really I was in universal search.

also it's ingenious the way they've implemented open search into the OS. They are clearly making the web a seamless experience on this phone.

you know what? The more I see this phone, the more I want it...ON SPRINT! HPEEEEEEE!

And I have the Pre minus and have had it for over a year. I like the form factor.

sigh.... I don't think people that currently own a pre care for this device. It's still thick and still a 3.1" screen.

I'm torn...If Palm doesn't announce a thinner phone with a bigger screen at CES then I'm considering jumping ship to the EVO, but I really like WebOS.

I've had my phone since launch day of the original pre. i'm becoming impatient.

Any word on whether or not the browser will support bookmarklets in WebOS 2.0?

Waitaminnit! What that guy says at 4:40 about being able to post to Facebook by Just Typing and posting via FB without having to open the app...that doesn't gibe with what the webOS 2.0 reviewers have said. In those reviews, they said that Quick Actions worked by having you type, then tap the Quick Action for, say, Facebook, then it would open the FB app with what you'd typed in the status field in the app, and, to post it, you'd have to still hit the app's Update button.

I'd actually prefer the scenario that this guy describes, but I suspect that he is simply slightly mis-speaking or mis-describing the same interaction that the reviewers have described. He's probably just thinking that "well, you don't have to first open the app and *then* type in your post, just start typing and tap the Quick Action...(which will then open the app and give you the chance to Update)"

I'd love to be wrong about my interpretation, though.

Posting on FB via Just Type was already discussed some articles back...

There's an option in Just Type just for that.. Post on Facebook something something.

No links for you now, sorry.

Well, u can see his id at the very end, he works for palm, so he probably knows what he's talking about

What's the deal with Palm Pre not giving Sprint the upgraded phones? I like Sprint service and all my family has it. It's not worth moving to Verizon but I WANT TO HAVE THE PRE 2! Come on Palm, get your head out of your butt and GIVE IT TO SPRINT!!

Again, this is not on Palm, this is on Sprint. Email Dan and you will get a rep to call you. I told her I want it on Sprint and it adds to the consideration.

"Spec Bump" whatever you want to call it, regardless, This is BEAST!!!! so freakin smooth and fast and sexy and compact.

sexy and compact? What's your definition of compact? This is the thickest smartphone to be released in years (excluding the pre/plus)

While my phone is slightly thicker I can put in my pocket and do not have to wear it on a belt buckle.

You forget that there are two more dimensions.

lol some people only think of thickness.

Next video I wanna see is a Sprint Pre, overclocked with WebOS 2.0..... my hands, of course. :-)

Phone looks nice. Should have been the original pre. I feel a lil bad for palm. Webos has the best browser feel. But I like androids fast scrolling and settings.

That's super awesome for me. I'll keep this babe until something else comes out.(That interesting to me)

[i]--Sent from my pre2

so looks like they still havent figured out how to make phone screens finger print proof haha... that thing is covered with them