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Verizon Palm Pre Plus MMS & WiFi: Not Friends 36

by Dieter Bohn Sun, 31 Jan 2010 1:06 pm EST


The thing about putting a phone on a new carrier - even if the hardware is virtually identical - is that there are always a handful of bugs that pop up. We have two from our forums that are looking something like confirmed. They aren't critical, deal-breaking bugs, but they are a hassle. 

First up, long-time member dutchtrumpet points us to this thread about Verizon MMS and the gist is this: when WiFi is on, MMS messages aren't able to be sent. It looks as though the issue is that MMS message need to go through Verizon's EVDO network, but the Pre Plus is attempting to send them over WiFi. This isn't an issue for Sprint users thus far. The good news is that there is an easy workaround: just turn off WiFi before you attempt to send an MMS message.

The second bug is a little more worrying: it's starting to look like there is a fairly serious issue with GPS on Verizon Palm Pre Plus devices. The concern is that full, tower-assisted AGPS is only working for VZ Navigator and not other apps. The Fear, with a capital F, is that Verizon is playing their lock-down shenanigans again, but from what we can tell in this thread that's probably not the case, as Verizon Palm Pixi Plus apps are able to get quick GPS locks and also because Bell Pre phones are also having some hassles. A workaround that seems to help some comes from m0sim: open VZ Navigator (even if you haven't purchased it on your plan) before using GPS on other apps. GPS is a finicky feature, so diagnosing exactly what's happening here is going to take some time. The good news is that the massive and massively helpful PreCentral Forum community is on the case.

Either way, we're looking forward to webOS 1.4 and hoping it'll address these bugs.



Dude, it's Verizon, of course the GPS is locked. They are known for locking stuff down, just the thing you want on a Pre lol.

Read the link to the forum thread on this topic. Folks on Bell in Canada are also experiencing this issue.

Looks more like a software bug to me, not an intentional hobbling of GPS functionality.

I agree. If it were VZW locking things down then invoking VZNav *without subscribing to it* wouldn't fix the problem.

I haven't had any problems with my pre plus. I haven't been using location based services that much but the little I've used them no problem at all. But if the issue goes to all pre pluses then I hope they'll fix it soon.

I used Google maps this morning to get to my local MVD and my GPS location was extremely off the place. I live in NYC and I was going to Yonkers on Broadway most of the time and my GPS location never showed that I was on Broadway, usually parallel streets to it but never on it. By the time I got to my location it didn't refresh my position who knows for how much time but I was in Manhattan according to it. I got really piss off. So forget what I wrote above and let me claim a fix for this. Palm needs to fix the GPS ASAP.

come on palm we need 1.4 to address these issuses,looking forward too 1.4 like last week .keep the good work.

I think even if it is a software bug the fact that it only affects verizon and bell leads credence to the idea that these providrrs may have tempered with the code. They are allowed to make adjustments.

You would think they would want to route the MMS via wi-fi if available. That would mean less traffic on their network the have to route.

I haven't had the MMS problem. I had wifi on most of yesterday (just to test it out) and was messaging like crazy. I just turned on wifi again and sent a test text and the recipient received it. Weird.

Launch Pre here, I have troublke sending email while WIFI is on, anyone else?

Sprint Pre here: MMS does not work on a Sprint Pre when you turn off 3G and only run with WIFI.

I'm constantly turning off 3g to save battery life when I don't need it as I'm regularly around a WIFI network. I've gone multiple days without turning on 3G. Then that one time I need it ... BAM... I receive all the MMS that I missed when I was running only WIFI.

The same goes for sending MMS over WIFI, it doesn't work. If you turn off DATA the recipient will not get your MMS until the next time you turn it back on.

I seriously don't think this is a Verizon issue. This is just the way MMS works, correct me if I'm wrong.

Multimedia Message System works via data connections only. And it is pretty obvious that it doesn't work via wifi ports... If you turn off EVDO (or in the case of GSM, the HSPA 3G) the media will not have any port to go out... Same in receiving...

I was having the same issue where I couldn't send MMS at my house, where I was connected to wifi. I went to Verizon to see if they could fix the problem and it suddenly worked again, since I wasn't connected to wifi there. It makes sense now...

1.4 won't fix any "bugs" on the VZW version. If it did, since the webOS just came out on VZW, this would delay 1.4 for all of us since they would have to investigate the bugs on the VZW webOS devices.

I'm willing to bet they will get some sort of updated update later down the road. Maybe a kind of update.

i just turned on my wifi and used it to send a message worked just fine palm pre on the now network

did you try sending a picture? I was able to send messages while connected to wifi, but not pictures.

im a idiot it was sms that worked not mms

yea as nightburn stated above; i have never been able to receive an MMS while just on WIFI while using my sprint Pre. cant send MMS either unless on 3G.

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I can't believe Buckley is paying full price "sticker" for Sprint service, and bragging about it! And I can't believe this ####ing moop slips into tourette mode every time he makes this off topic point!

Any ####ing mobile, any ####ing time.

i dont pay sticker price i have a 25% discount, i put up the prices that they charge, and whats your big deal. im just informing verizon customers that the grass is greener on the other side and alot cheaper.... people are talking about not paying for verizon navigator so i looked up the price and was shocked that they charge for that!! verizon is over priced! everyone knows that.... and u sound like a very angry person, u should look into getting that sand out of your vagg.....

Why do you have your panties in a twist over people using Verizon? Especially in a thread about MMS.

Do you really want all of VZ users sucking up sprint broadband? They've already ended 3G buildout. No new towers coming. Take a Midol and use your head!

And have a nice day! Anger?

looks like a lot of people seem to be confused between text messages and MMS (multimedia) messages.

I actually have a similar GPS issue sometimes with my Sprint Pre, but the other way around. Navigator won't get a GPS lock. I close it, use Google Maps to get a lock, then switch back to Navigator and everything's fine.

Used to see this on a previous WinMo device where one program was better at getting a cold lock while all others would just idle out. *shrug*

Can anyone 100% confirm these things, this is a straight dealbreaker if so. Was set on switch but now I don't know.wifi spots are everywhere

That's a pretty strange comment. If you need such a feature so bad, then your current phone must already have it now.

So what magical phone is this that sends carrier MMS messages over a non-carrier network (local wifi)??

If you disconnect service with Sprint, do you still expect them to deliver MMS data for you forever??

You have stated the best point/explanation in here. THANK YOU lol

I am having a slightly similar issue that supposedly Palm knows about and is working on. I got a new Palm Pixi Plus for Verizon and everytime a non-Verizon phone sends me an SMS, it comes through totally blank. SMS from other Verizon users works fine and MMS to and from anyone also works fine, just plain txts from other carriers are totally blank. Really annoying but I totally dig the phone otherwise...

I have the GPS problem on my Verizon Pre Plus; the location on Google maps is about 2- 3 miles off. I didm not purchase the Verizon Tracker, also I am not getting notifications when I have a Voice Mail.

I also had a problem with my location being off in Google maps but after opening VZ Navigator (without purchasing) the location is spot on. Thanks to pre|central for this article. My pre plus rocks!

The Bell mobility faulures "must" be deal breakers... A $2,700.00 three year commitment on Bell Mobility for a device that is getting progresivly worse? It is a shame, when working well the Pre is in a league of it's own. Sadly the carriers are destroying Plam's good works and the inevitable class actions are probably not to far off.

How sad:

You guys that are having GPS problems need to turn your Pre into a *real* GPS device that doesn't require a data connection, as all stock Pres do.

Sprint seems to be the way to go.

I notice this same problem with my HTC Hero, interesting how they share the same problem. Wonder if something can be learned from it.

Actually, I'm having this issue with email and photo attachments with Wifi on or off. I get an error message and the email is not sent.

However, if I sent the photo via MMS with wifi off it works fine.

Anyone else seen this issue.