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Verizon Pixi Plus for $60 off-contract until midnight tonight (Update: Sale over) 65

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 24 Jan 2011 4:03 pm EST

If you're in the hunt for a webOS device right now and don't want to wait to see what HP is bringing next month, here's a deal. Daily Steals is selling the Verizon Pixi Plus for $59.99 without a contract to sign. The deal is good until midnight eastern today (that's 9 hours from this writing) and for that you'll get the little webOS wonderphone that - yes - will still allow you to turn it into a WiFi hotspot on Verizon's network at no additional cost.

If you didn't believe that carriers and HP were trying to run down current inventory on webOS devices before, well, do you now?

Source: Daily Steals; Thanks Chris!



I am tempted to buy one just for the heck of it.

lol same here.

damn why couldnt this be done weks from now?

any link would be appreciated :)

Still to much... it should be free.

You idiot.


A once in a lifetime deal! Plus, FREE Wi-Fi tethering!!!!!

Thanks for the clarification moron i'll still pass.

I like how you are calling him a moron when everybody is down ranking your comment :)

darn, I just spent the rest of my play money on hopes and dreams.

Why does the picture show an AT&T pixi?

Good point haha

Can this phone work on Sprint? My pre is dying and I need something to hold me over until the new phones come out.

I'm in the same situation. Dying pre on sprint and I need a new device now. I'll either buy another pre from ebay or try to stall by taking advantage of Sprint's free 30 day trial program with an android phone.
Come Feb 9th, if no phones for sprint are mentioned I don't know what I will do :(

I have the same question. My wife is hating her BB and this would be great for her. However, can I use it on Sprint? Anyone know?

Unfortunatly no, though both networks are CDMA you cant activate this phone on Sprint's network, sorry.

What a steal!

I just contacted Verizon and they don't know anything about this deal. It's published through Daily Steals and I have never used that site. It's asking for a credit card number. Is this a reputable site?

I really, really wish I could get one of these. I need a Pixi for development but don't have $60 to drop on it.

That is radicals if I had a Version account I would bye but unfortunately I do not because they are a CMDA network and I do not soport CMDA networks.

I sent this in last week. Its was in last week

I bought some cheap head phones off this place. They shipped just took forever. Might be something looking into.

Just ordered one. I'll let the credit card company figure out if they are legit or not. $60 is a small price to pay to tide me over with a backup phone until HP releases the new phones in March or April or whenever.

Wow! My lowly Sprint Pre only has 0.25GB's of RAM (memory). For $60 I get 32x the memory! Lol. I wish this silly people would learn the difference between storage space and memory. /Hah

RAM vs. ROM -- both are memory. Maybe it is you that needs the education.

Actually, it isn't ROM. It is flash storage (also called flash memory).

ROM stands for Read Only Memory, which means you can't write to it (and we all know we CAN write files to our phones)

You Fail

Holy ****! I'm getting one just for the hell of it. I'm moving to verizon for the next palm device and won't have any backup phones that work on verizon. This is perfect for going to the beach/amusement park and not wanting to bring my brand new phone!

You are gonna switch activations on phones every day depending on where you go? you have fun with that.

off topic but im due for an upgrade, i have had 5 windows mobile touch pro 2 phones crash on me and im done with it. The sprint store i go to has the palm pre availabe for $50 after rebate n contract of course. I dont like any android phones out there and well tired of windows issues so is this a good deal for the 2 year old pre phone or do you guys recommend waiting not sure how long till new hp phones hit the market??

That's cool that the Pre is still available at your Sprint store. I got my first Pre at a Sprint store about three months ago for the same price. I'd say go for it. The Pre is a good phone, which can become very good once you do all the homebrew enhancements.

you didnt think about waiting for that big announcement both sprint and hp are going to make?

I got it three months ago, they just made the big announcement three weeks ago, so no, I didn't think about waiting. This was also my first Palm phone, so I wasn't as desperate as everyone else here for new hardware.

But everybody knew it was coming. Just not a date.

DEFINITELY wait until feb. 9 for the announcement at least, dude!

the only thing i see as a possible downside of waiting, is that they could make a great announcement only to hear that there phones will be "arriving" in the next couple of months without a concrete date and by then the sprint store wont have the pre in stock..Then again you could be right, maybe there big announcement they start selling phones early febuary...decisions,decions.

you would b silly to not wait. dont buy a pre through sprint. buy one on ebay so you arnt stuck in a contract. they are pretty cheap

So does anyone know - can this be used on Sprint?

Well, yes it can be flashed. But in the end, its sprint's choice if they will activate it for you. Sprint has a history of not activating outside(verizon phones) So, likely, no. It can't hurt to call them and ask though.

That doesn't make sense at all. Why skip on a customer willing to pay for a contract? The way I understand it, they make more money off contracts than phones anyway.

I'm not saying it makes sense. It's just that Sprint's policy doesn't let them activate a ESN that's not in their database.

yuup. its a little thing they call security. they dont want stolen phones on their network.

I had to chuckle at this bullet point:

"Fast access to Google Maps and YouTube"

Well, at least the YouTube point is correct.

haha yeah. i dont even bother using google maps on the pre cuz whenever i need it i need it riight at the moment, not 2 minutes later.

Where's the AT&T version of this deal? I'd like to get on for use as a back-up/development device.

Just bought this for my girl who has a piece of s**t phone, she doesn't care about phone's too much and her contract is up in June anyway.

Hate to spoil the party but my Verizon Pixi Plus was bought on eBay for only $50

Do you have more for everyone who wants to buy one?

When will HP do the samething for the unlocked pre 2? I'd still get it eventhough I know the are upcoming new model this. If the price is right of course.

Wrong!! Verizon Does Not allow wifi tethering on Any off contract smartphone. This feature, although it's on the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus, only works On Contract. Sorry folks....

You don't have to buy the phone on contract to take advantage of the free wifi tethering. I bought my Pre Plus off eBay and still get free tethering through Verizon. Verizon unlocked it directly on the phones. It does not go through any verification process. It's just seen as standard data usage on Palm phones.

I thought the Pixie didn't have Wi-Fi....Oops...never mind. Pixie Plus!

When they're offering a Pre Plus, I'll be excited. :(

I'd consider getting one as a wifi-only remote. Except that as soon as Palm puts out the next new thing I'll have a Pre for that.

i just called Sprint. they said they can't activate a VZ phone because their serial wouldn't be recognized by Sprint's system. Even though the network is the same and they would work on each others towers (like roaming).

lol. What did you expect them to say? Did you want them to send you a URL on how to unlock their phone too? I have a better idea! Maybe Sprint should just unlock their phones in the store for you.

True, it would. If you use the metadoctor, I believe you can flash it over to sprint.

correct, however that still does not mean sprint will/can activate it. as mentioned the serial may not work in the system.

i bought one!

I bought my mom one. Really curious to see how the battery life is compared to my pre plus!

I called around to probably about 10 places to see if they'd unlock my phone to make it on the Sprint network. All but ONE! place said no. Called about 4 Verizons, 3 Sprints, 2 Wireless Toyz, and the last and final place... BEST BUY! I asked to speak to TWO different employees, They both understood what i wanted to do and they both said that they do that... Also just as important.. they said my favorite word.. FREE. I said, no way, and they chuckled.. I don't care how dumb i may have looked. Whenever i receive it, I'm getting it switched over. Getting sick of this Palm Treo Pro running Windows 6.1. I should have took my cousins advice.. Windows phones SUCKS! Anyway, hope that helped at least someone. I asked the people there name to make sure i have someone to blame if they don't do it. but i'm convinced they do. Ask your local BB and find out. Good luck.

you will have to worry about the device still being activated on sprint's end though.

xBlackxBlood - sorry, but it won't work no matter how well intentioned the BB rep. The SN MUST be in the Sprint db for it to be recognized by the network... BB can't load a SN (been there) and actually, neither can the VP of Customer Experience @ Sprint-- even if they want o make it happen. :(

Called BB again to make sure. They said it will work but i can't get any updates for the phone and i can't use applications based on verizon like the store or whatever. but, Web, Messaging, and Voice will all work. I'm not saying they're right or wrong. we'll just have to wait and see what they mean. I'll post an update when i receive the phone. even if it's doesn't still a good phone and wouldn't mind using it for wifi purposes or just to get used to WebOS before my new phone/tablet purchase. :)