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Verizon Pre 2 again drops to free, still requires your signature 13

by Derek Kessler Thu, 31 Mar 2011 10:49 pm EDT

A few weeks back Verizon dropped the price of the Palm Pre 2 on their network to free with a contract. While the carrier contract price has gone back up to $149.99, HP has stepped forward to offer their own discount on the Pre 2. If you purchase online through the HP Wireless Central store, you’ll be able to nab a Pre 2 for free, and they’ll even cover shipping for you. There’s no telling how long this, or any other price, will last, so if you were on the fence about signing a new two-year contract with Verizon and picking up a Pre 2 in the process, now might very well be the time. Then again, depending on how long you're willing to wait, you might be able to grab one for cheap off-contract, if the ridiculous prices we've seen for the Verizon Pixi Plus are any indication...

Source: HP Wireless Central; Thanks to brawest for the tip!



I think I'll wait for the Pre 2 to hit 1saleaday.

Pas$ . 3.1" is too small of a screen for me.

I really want a pre3 to replace my pre... but I suspect that I won't want to pay the asking price when it does come out (my guess is $199 with 2 yr contract) or it will not come to Sprint.

My ultimate scenario is getting my hands on a free - or deeply discounted - pre2 and do a frankenpre. Yes, I am that cheap, er I mean frugal :-)

Got the Verizon iPhone this month and have not missed my Pre Plus once. If the Pre 2 gets cheap on Verizon off contract, I would consider getting one as my backup phone to keep up on the platform. Failing to provide an upgrade path for the Pre Plus owners was the last disappointment for me. Palm and HP have lost a 10 year+ user.

as i also have interest in seeing where the platform goes, i probably wont be saving my upgrade that i just got today for a webOS phone.

I so agree my contract is up June w/Verizon unless HP/Palm gives the current/loyal Pre customers a great discount(another promised that probably wont come thru) I will be changing to either the Iphone or Android..I tried of crappy apps and its like they totatlly forgot about the Original Palm/Pre customers. Pre3 sounds great to sync up w/the Touch pad but looks like the Asus EEE Pad/Transformer is winnging the bids along w/Google/Android

It'll probably take a year or so for us to see discounted off-contract Pre2's...

If Pre3 comes to Sprint I'm in!... If not then I guess I'm out. I've priced with Verizon and it's over $100 more a month. I love WebOS, but I simply can't drop another $100/month to stay on a certain platform. Hopefully worse comes to worst I can snag a Pre2 and FrankenPre it up. I'm not doing it myself though haha. Where do we send away to get it done?? will do it for you for a fee.

Still waiting for that "SOMETHING SPECIAL" from HP for legacy users...

Yeah me too, if its like their promise of WebOS 2.0..the SPECIAL is NULL & VOID..They have 2mths for me or Im gone!

I'm going to end up getting the Pre3 hopefully, It's the WebOS phone I've always wanted. Early renewal on Verizon in december so maybe a couple new high end devices by then? Either way sticking with WebOS. Still looking to see what HP has special for "Legacy users." Maybe discount for new phone?

I was hoping the price of the unlocked GSM Pre 2 would go down. Despite the news, I'm not sure I want to commit to two years of data via CDMA when LTE will become more mainstream during that time. More and more it's looking like I'll wait for the Pre3 and see if hp gives it competing carriers.