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Verizon Pre 2 in CelleBrite system, smells slightly less of vapor 66

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 02 Feb 2011 1:56 pm EST

Ah CelleBrite, we love how you sit in carrier stores and easily move contact data from old phones (Treo 270 FTW!) to new phones. What we really, love, is how you act as a potential harbinger for upcoming phone releases. To wit, a tipster just sent us this blurrycam shot of the "Palm Pre 2 CDMA (Verizon)" on the system. Will HP and Palm actually release this thing as promised? Those "coming months" are starting to run out. On the other hand, well, we're exactly one week away from their big ThinkBeyond event - where we'd like to think that a Pre 2 successor is in the works.

Thanks, Anonymous!


There better be a Pre2 successor in the works. My wife is pregnant and she wants the VZ iphone. As the man of the house I told her no. Think about that. I told a pregnant women NO! That's suicide.

It doesn't matter how nice you are to her, once she goes into labor, everything is your fault. You are a condemned man!

You may not live to see the "big announcement" on 2/9. I feel your pain - my oldest kid & my wife are leaning toward a EVO slider on Sprint. I told them to hang on a few more days to see what's coming.

well if u pay for their lines they dont have much of a choice do they haha

Doesn't matter if you're the "man of the house." You don't get to control others, so if she wants it, let her have it.

well if he pays for it i think he has the right. no?


You haven't been married yet, have you?

I think what he really meant is, "You don't get to control your wife, she controls you."

Um, I think it was a joke...

I just hope that they will announce that the Pre 2 will be arriving on multiple US carriers in the “Coming Days”. How can you have a successor to a phone that was never released? The Pre 2 brings a better build with a faster processor and a glass screen in a great form factor.

The Pre 2 WAS released, just not by any carriers here in the USA.

Same here. I'm sure the majority of webos fans will freak out over this but I'd be perfectly happy to just get a Pre 2 on sprint, especially if it's overclockable to say, 1.2 or 1.5 - I mean yeah uber high resolution and 4G would be nice too but honestly I'm still perfectly happy w/my current Pre except for some sluggishness and the craptastic build quality.

If she wants an iPhone, what's that to you? lol

has to do with support and teaching her how to use the device and stuff. I spend more time teaching people about stuff that I recommended against originally but they were sure was the way to go than I do fun stuff -_- . It's better to say we probably shouldn't rather than I refuse to support it if anything goes wrong or if you have any questions.

Ah, fair enough.

just get her an iphone, why not? they are good for girls cuz they are really simple to use

That's true, but then when she sees all the "cool" things I hope it does, she'g going to envy it and want MY phone.

they will announce the Pre2 and indicate that a new phone is coming in the "coming months"

Were that to be the case, it would suck enormously. I'd buy the Pre2 if it were on Sprint, but it would still suck.

God I hope not. Let that Pre ++ die.

If they mention Pre 2 at the event the buzz will be negative. They can't be that stupid... Can they?

i bet the pre 2 will b their lower-end phone in the new line of hardware they release

There is absolutely no way that will be the case. The Pre 2 on Verizon has already been announced, and they've already mentioned new smartphones coming, and that the hardware is ready. And I don't think HP is suicidal.

i still think the Pre2 will be released on Verizon hopefully w/ additional device(s) and other carriers will get other form factors at the same time as well, just not the Pre2

On the other hand, it is rather difficult to understand what the deal is with the Pre 2... One would think they would have either released it back in december or not at all at this point.

This has me nervous, I just hate how that Pre 2 hangs around in the news.

I think they were going to but decided to make it the new mid-level phone since all it's missing on a flagship device is front facing camera and a bigger screen. it'll be the $99 wonder (or less) probably.

I'm hoping that's the case. They can keep the Pre 2 around all they like, but it should definitely be the midrange offering with something real neat above it.

i wouldnt worry too much it has been said that when they announce any new hardware it will come in weeks rather than months. so anything announced on the 9th should be here by march

That is actually my nightmare scenario. They announce the two tablets, WebOS 2.X, and the Pre 2 before offhand mentioning new phones are in the works.

Now that def wouldn't be worthy of its own event so let's hope its more than that!

Well the tablets themselves would make it news worthy but I'd be a lot less enthused if the Pre 2 was the only phone they trotted out there.

'Hardware.' I don't think I've heard anyone from HP say explicitly that 'phones' would be announced on 2/9.

I know that little poem about the event references phones. WebOS netbooks weren't overtly mentioned either, though when people looked under the hood they found references to them.

So, with the Honeycomb announcement coming today, wouldn't this be a good time to release WebOS 2.0 to the faithful so we can distract our wandering friends and family?


The release of WebOS 2.x for all of the "older" devices on all carriers on Feb 9th would make a pretty big splash, considering all the Android phones that never got updated from 1.6 to 2.1, and how many never got the 2.2 release. Palm in theory COULD just push it out, no matter what any carrier might say at this point.

I think the smartest thing would be to release the pre2 fully subsidized (especially on sprint) and announce the successor on feb 9th.

I was first in line for the june 6th original pre release. I like the pre2 but im ready for the next big webOS device.

If the pre2 is one of the "new" devices I am going to buy an Evo Shift.

People relax... the Pre 2 is not one of the new phones coming out. HPalm will anounce two new phones on the 9th... one will be slightly bigger than the Pre2 with a slide out keyboad and the other will be smaller than the Pre

I'm not trolling but, No big slab= fail and perma-android for me.

aw, man. That,ll suck big black mexican working mountian pack mules butt if they bring anything to the event about pre 2. Announce a pre2 that's been announced with no enthusiasm to begin with. Oh wait maybe thell announce the pre2 in color pink on sprint! OH Boy! (oh god)

I think HP needs to re-release (if that makes sense)the Pre 2. Make it heavily $49. It needs to be a footnote to whatever is in store to remind people that it still exists. We need webOS to be accessible for everyone if HP wants to gain mind/marketshare. HP needs a multi-tiered/multi-platform approach if webOS is to go anywhere in the "upcoming months".

Along with whatever flagship phone is announced, there also needs to be less costly options for those who don't need the latest, fastest, auto-focus camera, front-facing camera, etc. To put my post into context, I'm coming from a dumbphone and have yet to make the leap into the goodness of all that is webOS. I was going to get the unlocked version but will wait until the big reveal occurs.

now that would be a good idea. Release pre2 as a bargain base phone to where any ol joe would get it cheap cheap, just to try and get the WebOS out there in the market again.

The only part of this article that excites me is "we are exactly one week away from their big Think Beyond event"! Can't wait!

If it's on Sprint I'm game!! Hopefully its not a Pre 2. Although I just want to get out my Pre(-) to be honest. I love WebOS! Now I need to love my hardware!!(I mean I love my hardware but... Haha) Come on HPalm!

Pre2: Great form factor, physical keyboard, good power, #1 OS. Perfect phone for me.

I still have my Day-1 Sprint Pre(-), and I absolutely would prefer the Pre2 over the Evo or any other phone on the market. I know several people who traded from an original Pre(-) for an Evo, but most said it was a close call. Add some processor speed and ram, and they also would prefer the Pre2.

You would pay money to go from a Pre- to a Pre2? If your Pre- is still working how can you justify buying the same form factor (effectively) with slightly modified guts?

I do notice lag at 500mhz but 800mhz is safe and easy and gives no lag.

Only way I'm paying for a new phone is a larger screen and iphone or droidX sized/shaped.

Going from 256MB of RAM to 512MB might be worth it for some people if the Pre 2 is going for $99.

How many times can I thumbs up this?

I could see some wanting the Pre 2 (not myself) I'm just praying they don't even mention it on the 9th. It doesn't come close to meeting the expectations users and media have for the event. The Pre 2 wasn't well received when it was announced to begin with, now it's just old news.

All the CPU and RAM in the world will not bestow a robust app catalog, developer support, collaborative tools, and all the perks that go with a skyrocketing market share. It also doesn't give you the API's to use the hardware to it's full potential.

I like my Pre, but don't kid yourselves -- it'll take more than just hardware to make the next WebOS device worthwhile.

How many Apps are needed? I would say the Major Apps are needed, and if the phone is awesome enough to take over the hardware/OS heap, people will follow.

It's widely accepted that WebOS is the best Mobile OS, but it's also known that the hardware bites the choad. Fix the hardware and just watch the reviews.

Hype is why many developers jumped on the iPhone back when it first was released, and that is what has been lacking in the WebOS world. The event on Feb 9th MAY be big enough with enough new product launches to get some good developer interest going as long as we see some GOOD TV marketing to hype the new devices.

ugh! I don't want a Pre 2! Thats old technology now lol. I want the new stuff that "suppose" to be announced next week! However, we'll see how "cool" it really is!

guys,c'mon and stop with the complaints. Palm messed up with their original strategy, but HP
is not gonna follow Palm's mistakes. Remember they promised many different phones, i think they went as far as saying they would release a phone every 2-3 months, or something of that nature. The Pre 2 was probably in the works before Hp even bought Palm, so it was delayed, then released overseas, and now they are holding it to have it as one of the many devices that they'll release this year.
Imagine how cool it would be for them to show new devices on the 9th, and then say: "oh and the Pre 2 will be available in verizon wireless stores starting tomorrow". Kind of like when microsoft announced the "xbox slim" for the first time, and gave one to each person present at the conference. And then they could follow that by announcing the Palm "x" to be released the following month on sprint.
It would make HP seem like they are being aggressive and they are indeed working to push many devices at a fast rate.

I just checked the Palm page on Verizon, and it's just blank. There's not even any placeholder text.

Enough with the dang teasers! Just tell us a release date hp/palm.

the pre or anything with that name will be DOA. do you honestly think a verizon sales rep will recommend a pre phone over the iphone4?

please stop the madness. hp give us a new phone, anything, but for pete's sake stop with this pre thing...

With that thought in mind, clearly Motorola and RIM need to remove their phones from Verizon, since the Verizon reps are obviously going to only recommend the iPhone 4. I mean, seriously, who would possibly consider any other phone?

Ever thought of the fact that only a certain percentage of smartphone users have any desire for an iPhone? I have zero desire for one. I will be eligible for an upgrade in another month, and I can 100% guarantee it will not be an iPhone. The reason there are so many choices in phones is because there are that many different opinions on what phone best suits various individuals.

If HP does anything like trying to say webOS 2.0 and Palm Pre 2 are new products. Then they have already lost. I will loose all faith in this game were playing.

Go ahead say the Palm Pre 2 is available starting tommorrow on Verizon. Thats fine, introduce webOS 2.1 to the world. Thats fine. But DO NOT make it the highlight. Those should be little side shindigs.

1 more weeek....i believeeee

Just got myself a nice used Pre Plus. That and Uberkernel will hold me over for quite a while.

P.S.: Raspberry

they better not think of announcing the pre 2 on verizon of feb. 9. They just need to startd giving the remainder stock of that phone away for free and release a new super device....

Yeah, stick it to the man, you tell them what they can and can't do, industry-leading analyst!

Pre 2 should released as a mid-ranged webOS device on all carriers if they hope to see success with this phone. With a subsidized price of $99, it should sell like hotcakes.

See for me a bigger screen is important. I wouldnt jumpt to buy a webos phone without it. I have bad eyes and i use my itouch more then my pre due to the small screen. The palm pad will alieviate some of that but i also would like a camera with auto focus and digital zoom so i can see things from far away. I use my itouch for now, but the res is only.7 and no auto focus so its not as helpfull as a good camera phone would be

Well the Palm website is boasting the Pre 2 as coming soon to Verizon so I guess it's no big secret.